All Written by Tessa Harper

Names & Characters are not mine but Stephenie Meyer's

All actions in this have been inspired by SM .



I stared out the window for the first time all day today. It was raining, like it always does in Forks, Washington. Two more days. That was it & my human life would come to an end while a new chapter began in my life. However this chapter would be permanent rather then growing older every year & somehow into an old woman & having a family. Of course I would have a family, just not the family I had now.

I hadn't had much time to think about life & what it would be like after I changed since Edward & I delivered the news to Charlie that I would be married- by the end of the summer. We decided to leave out the fact that a much more distinct change would be happening following shortly afterwards as I was off to "college." With all the decorations picked out for today there were only the flowers to pick out tomorrow & the wedding rehearsal tomorrow night. Unless Alice had any other surprises that she wanted to throw at me…like she already had- changing the location twice just trying to get that "perfect" feeling as she liked to put it.

I sighed loudly to myself looking out at the sheeting rain & picked my phone up to call Jacob to try & say goodbye to him, again, once more for the hundredth time just today.

"Hello, Bella" Said Billy Black into the receiver in a bored tone.

"Hi…um" I didn't know what to say. I already knew Jake wasn't home from the tone of his voice that I grew to know. I quickly glanced at my alarm clock & in indicated that it read 10:27 P.M.

"I'm sorry if I woke you but I was wondering if-"

"No, Jakes not home. No one has heard from him since…"he stopped himself from saying something.

"…since he recovered from his last injuries." Billy explained.

"Oh, okay. Well please let him know I called." I sighed & hung up without saying goodbye. I didn't feel it was necessary after how many times I've called the past week saying goodbye. The word itself scared me.

I went back to staring out the window & thought about how "goodbye" seemed to be a painful word.

"Goodbye." I said allowed to practice it to myself. "Goodbye."

S'not so bad when you think a bout it I guess. No. It was that bad. I would be saying goodbye to my family, my friends & Jacob forever & ever. I knew that after I changed we wouldn't be able to speak to one another or rather yet be in the same room as one another.

I sighed again & closed my eyes listening to the rain. I didn't notice when my dad knocked on my door.

"Bella…" He said shaking my shoulder making me jump away from him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you like that…." Charlie said looking at my face noticing my sorrow.

"Bella…if you're not ready for this you can just tell him no." Charlie said for the thousandth time. I knew that tone anywhere. He's been trying to talk me out of marrying Edward since the moment he found out that the gold ring on my left hand was my engagement- more like eternity- to Edward.

I smiled impishly.

"Dad-"I was sick of being nice to him though I knew my sudden wave of meanness came from me being stressed out. "I'm sick of you trying to talk me out of marrying my one & only love. Gosh, why can't you just accept that I'm in love with him already? Are you not ready to walk me down the aisle? Is that it? Well, you better be ready because it's happening the night after tomorrow!" I instantly felt guilty for yelling at him. It wasn't his fault he was a concerned father. His face fell a little bit as he tried to compose his sadness or anger…I wasn't sure which one.

"Dad I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was I'm not a little girl anymore. I will be okay." I said this & meant every word of it & reached up to hug him.

"I know, Bells, I'm just scared I guess."

"I know." Me too I thought, even thought I'd never admit it allowed.

He let me go then, smiled a little smile & walked out of my room.

I turned back at the window then back at the clock. It indicated that it was now 10:53 P.M. Where in the hell is Edward. I've already been gone away from him while he was on a hunting trip with Jasper & Emmett. I guess I shouldn't complain, he was only hunting because he knew he would need all the control he could have for our wedding night.

I stayed at my window until my alarm clock read 11:03 & decided that I would just take a shower & go to bed. Edward would be here in the morning or tomorrow night. He had to be, it was out wedding rehearsal.

I grabbed my towel from the back of my rocking chair & went into the bathroom. I turned the water on to get hot while I got undressed more slowly then necessary & turned to look at myself in the body length mirror on the backside of the door. "Ew." I thought to myself. I suddenly felt self cautious staring at my naked body & covered up my chest by crossing my arms over them. I just stared again. "I'm so white, I guess I better get used to that…" I continued to think to myself & slowly let my arms fall back at their sides.

"Hmmm, I wonder…" I said allowed while turning to my side to look at my profile of my body & sucked in a whole bunch of air into my stomach.

Good God. I let the air come out my mouth in a quick huff. Thank goodness I would never have to see a pregnant me. I turned to the shower- the water should be warm by now- & got in. It relaxed me & let the stress of today's decisions slowly go down the drain with my soapy shampoo water.


I knew she was in the shower when I climbed through her window. I could hear it & smell her favorite shampoo lingering through her cracked door. Charlie was sleeping. I could hear his slow steady breathing from somewhere down stairs. Probably sleeping on the couch again. For some reason this always made him in a worse mood then usual the next day. I didn't understand it.

I didn't know what to do it Bella's room without her being in it with me. I decided to lie on her bed like I usually do when she's here. Her bed smelled so delicious. Obviously not as delicious as her, but the pillows did smell quit nice, comfortable too. I sprawled across it inhaling a deep breath & let it out slowly. I turned to lie on my back & look up at the ceiling.

I looked at the alarm clock & it read 11:36 P.M.

"Hmmm." Bella & I would be together for ever in less then 48 hours. I smiled to myself, then slowly un-smiled because I knew what she wanted after. That was going to be hard. There would be no way I could live with myself knowing that I hurt her doing what I want to do to her more then anything in the world. She knew that too, but still she insisted.

I suddenly heard the shower go off & the sound of the shower curtain pulling open. A few seconds left & I heard the door open to the bathroom & her quiet steps walking down the hall to her room. I put my arms under my head propping it up & smiled once the door began to open.

She was looking down & walked straight to her dresser throwing her dirty cloths in the hamper on her way. She didn't notice me…& she was wearing nothing but a small little yellow towel. I didn't know what to do. I felt that if she knew I was here she would be mad with me for seeing her- I sat up on the bed then.

My eyes watched her as she grabbed some cloths from the second dresser drawer & let the towel fall gracefully to the floor exposing her back & back side.

I couldn't stop myself from staring longer then necessary. My God, She was beauty- EDWARD! Do something you pervert! My mind told me. I suddenly stood up & coughed a little which sounded like clearing my throat.

Bella froze & turned slowly towards me. "Oh.My.God." She breathed wide eyed at me going to grab her towel to cover herself. I was there before she was putting it in front of her like a shield.


As I was digging through my pajamas I suddenly heard someone cough behind me. No, no, no, no. This can't be happening I thought & froze…I slowly turned around looking at two very wide topaz eyes looking straight at me.

"Oh.My.God." I said shocked. I was so embarrassed. I quickly bent to retrieve my towel that was now somehow held in front of me.

I looked up to see Edward looking completely to the side as he held the towel up like a wall in-between him & I.

"I think you dropped this…" he said looking away still.

"Thank you." I said turning a crimson red that I knew he could feel the heat waves from. I grabbed the towel & wrapped it around my body.

"I'm sorry Edward, I didn't know you were here or I would have gotten dressed in the bathroom like always. I'm sorry." I suddenly felt another blush coming on again & felt so self cautious. I looked down & my red painted toes. I didn't want to look up because I knew that as soon as I wrapped the towel around me he was staring at me.

"It's okay." He chuckled. "I understand. Would you like me to leave? Or just face a wall?" he asked while taking his right hand a lifting my chin up making me look at him.

"I can go in the bathroom if you would like-"He cut me off putting a finger over my moving lips & staring at me before leaning down to kiss me. I felt dizzy in an instant & the room began to spin. I moved my hands from holding the towel up to up around his next trying to get closer to him.

Suddenly I felt a hand near my chest as he broke away from the kiss slightly laughing to his self.

"Might not want to lose that again." He said holding the towel up in his hand. I looked away & blushed again feeling a bit awkward. I grabbed the towel firmly with both of my hands & he let go of it. I went to grab my pajamas off the floor but he already had them in his hands offering them to me.

I grabbed them shyly & slowing then began to turn away to go change in the bathroom when his cold hand grabbed my arm sending a chill up my spine.

"I'll face the wall." He smiled at me & let me to walk to the opposite side of my room facing the wall. I was stunned. I just sat there for a moment trying to decide if I should awkwardly try to change with the towel still wrapped around me or just let it fall. Well, he already saw it, so might as well. I dropped the towel. I was so weird being in my room in the nude with Edward less the twelve feet away from me. I blushed again & felt extremely self cautious. I got dressed & said allowed, "Okay you can look now."

He laughed as he turned around & started walking towards me. When he reached me he just stared at me for a moment. "It's been three days to long. It's nice to see you." His eyes were so gold glittering with the moonlight coming in through the window as he said this. He smiled & picked me up with both his arms & I hugged him back leaching onto him for my life. He then laid me gently into bed prying my fingers off oh him & got into bed next to me & pulled me next to his side.

I cuddled up to his side willingly letting his cold skin send chills through my body. He laughed lightly again & said, "Time to sleep Bella. You look Exhausted. What has Alice been making you do?"

"Wedding plans." I whispered.

He sighed then & kissed my wet hair. I suddenly felt so comfortable laying there in his arms that I felt sleepy. He didn't bother to ask anymore questions. He let me slowly fall asleep there curled up at his side rubbing my back gently.

"Night." He whispered into my ear before I fully fell into un-cautiousness.

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