Written by Tessa H.

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I watched her sleep in my arms. Listening to the slow steady beat of her heart, her even breathing, watching her body grab me closer anytime I tried to re-adjust myself. She was my angle. Her chest pressed against mine felt like destiny. I traced my finger tips lightly over every inch of her flushed body. Trying to memorize every millimeter of her; the way her hips matched to mine, the size of her small innocent hands, the way her eyelashes covered her delicate cheeks when she slept. She shivered, and once again and I tried to pull away but she sighed "No" in her sleep. That's all it took and I was her slave; I would do anything for Bella- My sweet angel.

But could I really do anything for her? Could I take her life away? To never see her blush all over like I had tonight, to never hear her heart race every time she even thought I was going to touch her, or what about the way she made me feel warm?- when I was the furthest thing from it. I didn't deserve someone like Bella to be laying here in my arms; to be her husband and her be my wife. I glanced at the ring on her left hand. It sparkled in the dimming candle light and I realized then that Bella was my sparkle. She was my life and I was hers. I wanted it to be like that forever. Forever is a lot to ask of someone with so much potential, such as Bella.

I felt sick to my stomach as I braided my hand into her hair and pulled her face up to mine to kiss her delicately on the lips while she slept. She sighed and smiled lightly. I put her head back down on my shoulder like she had been. For the first time in the hundred years that I've lived I never thought I could feel as selfish as I did now. I was going to change Bella because I wanted her forever- Not because she wanted to be with me forever.

What if I couldn't do it? No, I would do it. There were no 'what if's'. I just didn't know if I could lose all the things that I loved about her now. The candles finally dimmed to nothingness leaving the room almost completely dark. Soon it would be morning. I could tell from looking out the south window. I needed to hunt before our trip to Chicago, especially if every night was going to be like last night. I smiled to myself as I pushed Bella to me and kissed her forehead lightly. I pried her fingers, and legs, from around me to cover her naked body with the blanket. She sighed in distress and hugged the closest pillow to her small frame.

With that, I left.


I knew I was alone when I woke up because I couldn't feel Edward as my hands roamed the bed all around me. I opened my eyes and quickly shut them from the gray haze that blinded me. Gosh, I totally forgot about that wall window thing. When I knew I could, I opened my eyes again and sat up. I was right; Edward was nowhere to be seen. I looked down at myself and noticed my bare chest out in the open so I quickly grabbed the sheets and covered myself. That's when I noticed the red rose laying in the place of Edward.

I picked up the delicate red rose and sniffed it smiling to myself. He would be back soon then. I smiled to myself remembering what had happened last night and sighed as I laid back down on the comfortable bed. I felt my body blush as I thought of Edward's exposed body. I don't know how long I laid there, but was interrupted by my stomach growling. Stupid human needs. That would all change soon. I stood then and wrapped the huge sheet around me like a toga dress. No one was home- no need to get dressed. As I was wrapping the sheet around me I noticed the two purplish bruises on either side of my hips-I knew it. Edward had left his love mark on me.

This made me smile as I walked slowly down the stairs into the kitchen. I knew Esme always had milk and cereal here for my 'sleepovers' with Alice. I got a bowl, a spoon, & poured the cereal into the bowl. Just before I went to pour the milk in, I was stopped by a knock. Was that the door? I walked slowly to the living room, starring at the door- It knocked again. What do I do? Who would be knocking? I took another step towards the door and just as I was about to put my hand on the handle the door swung open almost knocking me in the face.


My God- her scream made my head throb. She wouldn't shut up. Was she naked under that sheet? She wouldn't shut up even after I told her to 'Shhh' twice. I had no other choice: I put my hand over her mouth and she instantly melted into me, wrapping her arms around my torso. I could tell she had stopped screaming and moved my hands to wrap my arms around her as well.

She began to tremble; her whole body having convulsions against me. I don't think she would have been able to stand if I didn't pick her up and sit her on the couch. She wouldn't let me go. I realized she was crying when her tears drenched the front of my chest. She curled closer up into a ball in my lap. I rubbed her back gently trying to calm her down. She continued to just cry and cry.

We sat there until she composed herself. "Wha- What are you doing here Jake?" Her face was swollen from crying and her eyes were red as she tried to rub the tears away off her cheeks. To be honest, I didn't know why I was here. I just knew I had to see her again. Her face suddenly got dead serious- It scared me. "What are you doing here Jake?" She asked again as she stood up on her own leaving me on the couch, I still couldn't reply. "Where have you been?" Her gaze was locked into my eyes. "Where have you been?" she was about to cry again. I couldn't speak knowing I didn't have the answers.

She screamed at me letting the tears fill her eyes again. I stood up to hug her again to try and clam her down but she yelled in my face. "Don't touch me!" and she pushed me away. "Where have you been?!" She screamed at the top of her lungs crying. I don't think she realized it, but she began lashing out on me- Hitting me, punching me and slapping me on my chest. "Where have you been?" Screaming it over and over letting her tears fly everywhere as she thrashed against me.

I let her. I knew I deserved it, but I knew that she needed to stop or she was going to hurt herself. I grabbed her elbows stopping her abruptly and saw her face go into shock. She tried to pull away from me- "Don't touch me!"- She screamed. I held her harder and pushed her to my chest and wrapped her arms around my torso.

I held her there until she stopped screaming and her 'don't touch me' became quiet whispers into my chest, and she willfully hugged be back. I let go of her arms and wrapped mine around her; gently running my hands through her hair. We stayed like that for what felt like hours and she finally pulled away completely in control.

"I wanted to see you before you left." I answered her quietly. "I wanted to say goodbye the proper way." She blinked at me. Her face blanched more and more by the second. "Bella, are you okay?" stupid me, I knew she wasn't. "Where did you go?" she asked sullenly. I gulped. "Away. I had to go be away by myself for a while to think." She nodded lightly accepting my answer. I leaned down to be eye lever with her. "Bella?" "Mmm?" she hummed raising an eyebrow at me; she seemed to be in a haze. "Even though this feels like a goodbye, it's not. Okay?" She looked confused. "I don't care what you are, or what you will be, I'm always going to be right here for you. Okay?" She started crying again, on the verge of another fit. "Jacob" she way crying full on again and clutching me to her. She smelled sickly sweet and it burned my nose. I was tempted to stop breathing. "Don't leave." She kept repeating herself over and over until she began screaming again. The pushing and punching started all over again for round two. I could stand seeing her like this; I began to cry- I had to leave. I pried her fingers away from me. "Don't touch me!" She screamed again. I was crying as I pushed her gently, but with enough force to sit her on the couch. She was screaming at me still as I hugged her and told her "Bye Bella. I will see you soon-I hope." I gulped out the last part and began walking back towards to door.

That was the hardest thing I've ever had to do to anyone; Leave her like an emotional wreck screaming that she hated me as I shut the door and walked down the porch steps. I brushed the tears off my cheeks and continued to walk away hearing her screams get higher in pitch every second. She needed to be alone as much as I needed to be right now.


I growled as I ran to my house in the forest. I could smell a mutt all over the place. I guess it didn't really mean anything since we would be leaving soon anyways- but if one of them hurt Bella, he or she would die. I ran faster to try to get home to my angel. The closer I got to the house the smell became more distinct- It was Jacob. I slowed a little knowing that Jake wouldn't hurt her. Wait…what am I thinking? I ran faster then ever to make it home to my precious Bella.

I crashed through the door of my house nearly breaking it off its hinges. "BELLA!?!" I screamed. I waited a second but there was no answer. I ran into the dining room. "BELLA!?!?!" I screamed again making my way into the kitchen. A bowl of cereal was out along with some milk. I spun around looking in all directions. "ISABELLA!" I screamed again making my way back to the living room to get up the stairs. If I had heart, right now would be the time it beat the fastest. The closer I got to my room, I could hear it.

The shower was on in my bathroom. I sighed with relief as I entered my room and saw the steam creeping out from around the frame of the door. I walked over to the door and knocked on it gently. "Bella? I'm here now…are you okay?" I didn't get a reply. There was silence…"Bella?" I called out again worried. "I'm going to come in." I opened the door and that's when I could hear it- not so silent sobs coming from behind the curtain of the shower. I swallowed hard not knowing what to do. Was I interrupting something?

I slowly walked around the whole bathtub, in the center of my bathroom, listening to the sobbing getting harder. I decided it was time to take a peek- I pulled the curtain half away around the rail exposing a very tiny, naked Bella sitting and wrapping her arms around her knees. She looked up at me with her swollen eyes and her puffy cheeks from crying. I suddenly realized the water was burning her and causing red blotches all over her skin. "Bella…" I reached out and grabbed her out from under the hot water. She was burning against me but shivered against my touch the instant I pulled her against me closer. I refused to let her go. I walked back into my room and grabbed a clean towel wrapping it around her- trying to dry the steaming water off her without letting her go.

I sat down on my bed cradling Bella in my arms. I tried to dry her dripping wet hair. She continued to sob until finally she sat up in my lap and grabbed the towel from me and stood to put it around her. She looked at me: "You left me." She stated. I couldn't say anything, I just nodded. "You left me" She said again before she started to cry again. How many tears can one person have?

"And now you're back?" she choked out. I went to grab her to place her in my arms but she moved a step back away from me. This made me stand, anxious. I tried again to grab her taking a step towards her. She screamed making me flinch. She's never screamed at me…."Don't touch me." She said with horror written all over her face. I didn't know what to do.

"You left me!" She screamed and that's when it hit me; she wasn't talking about my little hunting trip. "Bella, you need to stop screaming." I tried again to take a step towards her but she just took one back away from me. I suddenly heard her heart take a giant leap and go at fifty miles an hour. "Bella, you need to calm down." She screamed at me again, words I couldn't even understand. I grabbed her then cradling her in my arms and sitting back down again. She was trashing against me. It made me sad to see my angel in such pain. I stroked her hot face with my hands until she stopped crying and became relaxed in my hands. Her slaps became soft caresses and hugs.

We were silent after that. I listened to her heart beat go back to normal and her breathing become even again. I rocked us back and forth. "I'm sorry." She croaked out putting her arms around my torso. I looked down at her "its okay." I mumbled. I wasn't going to bring up the fact that Jake had been here- it's obvious what had happened.

"I'm going to get you some cloths." She just nodded as I got up and placed her on the bed. I was back as quick as I could be. Bella was still in the same spot. She just looked at me as I approached her. She looked exhausted and mentally drained. I stood her up then and slowly unwrapped the towel from around her to dress her myself.

She felt so tiny and fragile- even more then normal as I slipped her undergarments on. I felt her blush and knew she was back to normal. I then slipped on her favorite comfortable jeans and one of my shirts that she liked. "I thought you would like something nice to wear for the plane ride to Chicago." I said smiling at her now. She smiled back and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Thank you" She whispered against my lips, her essence fanning over my face, before kissing me gently.

I knew whatever had just happened was over. We were never going to talk about it- but I knew it was over. She was going to miss home, everyone and everything here. Again, for the second time today, I felt sick to my stomach to know that I was causing- Her life to end. Today was just a smack in her face as the realization settled in.

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