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Set in Alternate Universe.

Chocolate Milk
By: Hiki-chan
Chapter One: Memory lost

"Sasuke-chan! Sasuke-chan!" A young blond boy around the age of seven ran towards his best friend in the entire world. "Sasuke-chan!"

The young boy had golden blond yellow that looked like purely spun sunshine threads had a smooth tan color, a small body, three unique whiskered marks on his each cheek and the most amazing clear azure eyes.

Uzumaki Naruto ran as fast as his short legs could lead him towards his best friend.

Another young boy, maybe slightly older than Naruto, turned and smiled a small smile that was only meant for Naruto. The boy had dark black hair that looked like purely spun threads of the night sky, his hair stuck out at the back of his head like a duck tail, his skin was of the of the pale and milky color and his eyes were the color of black with a hint of dark blue. "Naruto-chan!"

Naruto ran up to his best friend and literally jumped on him and hugged him tightly and started sobbing terribly. "Sasuke-chan, Sasuke-chan! I'm sorry, but Iruka-sensei decided for us and I can't do anything to stop him!"

Sasuke held on to Naruto tightly, "What is it Naruto-chan? What are you talking about? Please stop crying, Naruto-chan…"

Naruto shook his head violently, "It's Iruka-sensei, he wants to move away!"

"What?" Sasuke's dark eyes widened as he stared at Naruto incredulously, "Are you positive, Naruto-chan?" Sasuke's vocabulary was more refined for someone his own age.

The blond stopped rubbing his head into Sasuke's shirt and nodded. "And you know what that means…"

Sasuke knew, Sasuke knew, but he hoped he was wrong. He begged it was wrong.

"I-I… I have to move away." Naruto choked on his words and Sasuke knew his nightmare had just begun.


Uchiha Sasuke, now age 19 woke up from his dream, though he wasn't sure if he could call it a dream. But ever since Naruto had moved away all those years ago, he never allowed anyone to get too close to him. There was only one exception of that was his own brother and Kakashi. It may not have been a nightmare, that dream, but Sasuke was covered with sweat, drenching his well-muscled and defined body.

The Uchiha wiped sweat from his brow. He thought he would be able to forget about Naruto, he thought he would be able to forget about Naruto. But it wasn't possible, every once in a while, his dreams would consist of the small boy with golden hair, blue eyes and three-whiskered marks on his cheeks. "Why is Naruto still haunting me?" Sasuke asked himself, his voice deep and husky with sleep as he sat up and put a hand to head. Outside, it had started to rain heavily.

Shaking his head, Sasuke got out of bed and headed down the stairs for a glass of milk. It wasn't like he really liked milk or anything, but sometimes he didn't know what to drink so he settled for something close to what Naruto used to love to drink.

"Chocolate milk…" Sasuke's head started pounding as those childhood memories swirled around his mind. "Damn you Naru-chan…"

Sasuke quickly finished his glass of milk as he walked around his empty house. Sasuke was rich, no doubt about that, but he didn't want to own something so huge and call attention for himself, it was bad enough that he had many fangirls. So a simple standing house with a few rooms is enough. He had used the other rooms as his study rooms and such.

He could never forget his best friend from last time, he himself knew that, and he knew the reason why.

He remembered being so hurt when Naruto left, because Naruto never shed a single tear when the truck brought him away.

Sasuke clenched the plastic cup in his hand and cursed fluently. He swore to himself, if he ever met Naruto again, he would keep Naruto with him, no matter what.

Then there was a loud banging on his door. Whoever could it be in this time of the night? It was 4am in the morning; no fangirl would be that crazy to find him at a time like that. With a resigned sigh, Sasuke made his way to the door.


Yanking the door open, Sasuke prepared himself to start yelling at the idiot who was waking him up at this time of the night. Though he was already awake, but you get the idea.

His words almost came out of his mouth until it got stuck. In front of him was a boy around his age, he looked bruised and wobbly. He was drenched to the core by the heavy rain. But that wasn't what made Sasuke stop altogether. The boy had golden mop of hair which was soaked with rain water, but there was some blood at the side of his head.

'No way…' Sasuke almost said it out loud. 'It must be someone else.'

Then the boy looked up and Sasuke almost collapsed in shock as he enthralled by beautiful azure eyes. Wait azure eyes? Sasuke's dark eyes trailed to the boys cheeks and sure enough, there were three whiskered marks on each cheek.

The Uchiha felt his heart start to beat faster. Was this who he thought it was? Could it really be? But the evidence was there and that was all he needed.

Uzumaki Naruto was standing in front of him, right now. His childhood friend, his long lost childhood friend, was actually standing in front of him, right now!

"N-Naruto…?" Sasuke couldn't help but say softly, his words etched with astonishment and slight fear.

Then the reply from the boy made his blood turn cold.

"Naruto?" The boy replied after a moment, "Is that who I am?" then his eyes rolled up and he promptly fainted.


Sasuke knew something was wrong, damn it he knew something was wrong. He paced up and down his house as he stole another glance on his couch. Damn why did the boy grow up to be such a beauty?! Sasuke didn't want to admit it, but Naruto had grown into a fine man. He was much taller than the young boy he once was, but still shorter than Sasuke.

Sasuke was a little worried when he spotted the blood at the side of Naruto head dripping down, but he was glad the blood flow had stopped altogether and had carefully bandaged up the side of Naruto's head.

Naruto… still had the most beautiful golden hair and eyes that Sasuke had seen just now and he had felt when he ran fingers through Naruto's hair to dry the wet locks. He still hasn't lost all baby fat and that made his cheeks still slightly round and to Sasuke, adorable. Naruto also still hadn't lost those soft red pouting lips that Sasuke had missed when Naruto had left all those years ago, leaving behind only the memories of Naruto gently kissing his cheek. The blond still had his natural creamy dark tan and was still as thin as can be but Sasuke didn't miss those lean muscles when he tried to help the boy change out of his cold clothes.

Seriously what could he have done when Naruto collapsed at his doorstep? He was just glad he caught the boy in time. He had brought Naruto inside his house noticed the boy shivering almost violently. Of course he was, it was freaking cold outside. So Sasuke had done his best to change Naruto into some dry clothes, without actually looking to preserve the blonde's pride.

He wasn't a pervert who would take advantage of any situation, but he wouldn't be able to deny the lean muscles he had felt when he rubbed Naruto dry from the rain water. That itself was inevitable. And it definitely wasn't him that thought, 'Mmm, nice…' when he was rubbing Naruto down. Sasuke flushed lightly but quickly shook those thoughts out of his head, he had a more important thing to worry about.

How could Naruto not remember his own name?!

Seriously, how could Naruto not remember his own name? What has happened? Why was he at Sasuke's house? Why was so many things happening at the same time and the same night where Sasuke had to wake up from a dream about his childhood friend?

Was this fate? Sasuke thought dryly to himself before he let out a snort.

Sasuke knew that he had to wait until the blond woke up, then he would hear the other boy's story and then he would decide what he wants to do next.


To be continued


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