(A/N) - Just so you know I got some ideas from other stories that at the moment I can't recall. But, just because the ideas aren't that original doesn't mean the story isn't. That's really all I have to say. Uh, and if you are going to criticize, make it constructive critcism.

"Cedric! NO!"



"Get him, save him, he's only just gone through!"

"There's nothing you can do, Harry...nothing...He's gone."


"Aaaaaah...did you love him, little baby Potter?"


"Kill me now, Dumbledore..."

"If death is nothing, Dumbledore, kill the boy..."


"Severus, please..."



"Run !... Run !... Please, Run !... RUN ! HARRY !"



"Who would have thought, that blood could taste like wine?"




"So...After a thousand years, Hogwarts has finally fallen..."

"Along with everyone in it."


"The Grangers are gone.."


"Charlie has been killed.."


"I'm sorry, but, Arthur... He's dead."


"The twins, Fred and George, they died in the Diagon Alley Massacre."


"The ministry has been taken.. Percy didn't make it."


"No!" "Mum!"

"I'm sorry, Ron, but there's nothing we can do. Molly's gone..."






"Remus...don't, please...don't, don't go! Don't die! Please, don't leave me!" "REMUS!"


"Tonks, hold on. You're going to be ok."

"It's ok, Harry. I'm going to see Remus and Sirius again. Please, let me go."

" O...ok..."

"I'll finally see them again, Harry"

"Tell everyone I'll be along soon."


"Give them hell, kid..."

"You got it."


"We found them, or, their bodies."


"I'm too late...Again..."


"So, that's it, I'm the last of the Order."

"I'm sorry."

"Save it. It doesn't change anything."


"You're like a plauge, Harry, and everyone you love, gets infected."




"By the time I am through with you, you'll be wishing you were dead."

"I've been wishing I was dead for a long time, Tom."


"Go now. Gain knowledge, gain power. Kill him."


"He's gone."

"We can start rebuilding now. Get on with our lives."


"Where will you go now, Harry?"



"So, the deatheaters themselves run from death..."


"Please! Someone, Anyone! Help Me!"

"But they never came, because they're all dead."


"Forgive Me..."

Harry slowly began to awake. He was still tired. But when wasn't he these days? Tired of living. Tired of breathing. Simply waiting for the day his body finally gave up and he faded away.But that wouln't happen, he knew. Fate had a thing for him. She always wanted him to be around so she could play with his life, with his heart. If he even had one anymore.

Damn...Another day.

"I could use a drink." He told himself.

Wait. What the hell? That wasn't his voice! What was going on? Harry shot up in bed and looked around almost frantically. For some reason his eyes were blurry. Almost like... but that was impossible, he hadn't needed glasses since he had invented that potion that improved your eyesight.Harry scrambled to the right of the bed and his hand found glasses. He slipped them onto his face and looked around. He was gonna be sick. This room. He knew this room. Of course he hadn't been here in years. It had been destroyed durning Voldemort's second rise. And yet, here he was. In a place he would rather forget. And he had no idea how he got here.

He scrambled to his feet feeling awkward on his legs. It was like they were smaller than yesterday. Like his whole body was. Harry wobbled uncertainly over to the mirror. Only to fall flat on his butt staring at the person in the mirror. Harry swallowed back the bile in his throat. Looking back at him was a little boy, of no more than twelve or thirteen. Green eyes, pitch black unruly hair, small almost lanky form, and ofcourse, the tell-tale lightning bolt scar on the right side of his forehead. Oh my god. He was a kid again! but that couldn't be right. He couldn't have just miraculously gone back in time without knowing he had done it! Could he?

All of a sudden, Harry felt himself or his mind being pulled somewhere.

And there she was. Professor Sybil Trelawney in the process of giving a lecture.

"Now," she said,in her airy voice, pacing infront of the students. Some were not even paying attention. But she didn't seem to notice. "There are many kinds of seers. There are the intuitive seers. Now, Intuitive Seers are simply that. They have strong urges about some things. Many times they do not even know they are a seer. Some times they will know or have a strong feeling that something good or bad will happen. Or, say, they come across a book, and get a strong almost desperate urge to read it. Because, They will need the information in the future."

"There is also the Present Seer. A Present Seer know things of strictly what is happening in that very moment. Perhaps you ask them what time it is, and they instictively know the exact time. Or they know what someone in the other room is doing. Etc. Etc."

"There is also many other seers. But some of these are not grouped. There are those who can see hints of the past, present, and future by reading Tarrot Cards. Or gazing into a crystal ball. Reading tea leaves. Interpretting Runic bones. There are some, who catch glimpses of the future. Some who see the present. And those who see the past. And ofcourse those who are sometimes known to speak a prophecy."

"There is also what is known as the Royal Seer. Not much is known about the Royal Seers, as they are very, very, rare. All that is known is that they have two ages. You see, apparently, they will live their lives to the exact, and then they will wake to find that they are younger but feel and exactly remember being older. They also usually have another Seeing Talent. Though, it varies. Now, this doesn't really make sense to those who are not Royal Seers. But that is all I can tell you."

"Now, on to interpretting the signs around us to determin the future..."

Harry gasped as he came out of the vision. That made perfect sense. So that is what he was. A Royal Seer. But, if that was the case, than his life, his entire life, it had all been a fake...a lie. He had went through all that pain and it hadn't even been real. But it couldv'e been. And it still could be. But he wouldn't let that happen. It was going to go right this time around. Or this first time...or,... Whatever. The point was he was going to make sure things ended up a lot better than they would if he wasn't a seer. But first things first. When in the hell was he?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As it turned out, it was the summer just before his third year. And, thank the gods, Marge had not yet come. But he was unlucky enough that she would be here in a few days. Joy. Note the sarcasm.

But at least this gave him enough time to get things ready. And Vernon had already given him a warning about no funny buisness with Marge around. Hah!

Ok. So this is how he had it worked out. He could somehow let it slip that he was a seer along with a couple of other talents. Maybe. But he wouldn't let on how much he knew. Yeah. That would work marvelously.

It was a good thing he had worked on Aura manipulation during the war. Or he would. Or would have. Whatever. He would probably never get used to this. Either way he wasn't going to let them know everthing. Especially his abilities or how strong he was. It was better that way. And he wouldn't let them know what kind of seer he was. Hell No. People would be hounding him enough wanting to know their future as it was.

Harry sighed. He might as well get started on a few things. Considering he had a lot to do. He figured he could let a few things run their course for now. Like, for instance, Marge was still going to end up a baloon. And he was still going to laugh about it later.

People in the future knew him as a heartless man. Mainly because his heart had been broken so much it just couldn't take it any more. But now that he was here. Now that he had a second chance. (sorta)

He had never felt so alive. One thing was for sure. He was going to have fun this time around. But he was still going to do what he needed to. One thing was for sure, the world wouldn't know what hit it.

Harry quickly stretched and headed downstairs. He had some shopping to do. He figured he could head to Gringotts and cash in some galleons for some muggle money. Then he would head out to muggle London and get some shopping done. He would probably look around in the Alley while he was at it.

When he arrived downstairs his aunt, uncle, and cousin were all seated in the living room watching tv. And of course they happened to notice that he was there.

"Where do you think you are going Boy?" His uncle bellowed.

"Out." He intoned emotionlessly.

"I'll be back in time to fix dinner, don't worry."

"Very well, Boy. But no funny business. And you better be back on time."

Harry didn't give him a reply and instead continued his way to the door. He knew he would be back in time. Honestly, his relatives were such asses. But he had no need to worry. If he had it his way, this would be the last time that he ever darkened the Dursley's door. And he knew he would have it his way. No one would stop him.

Harry picked up his pace in determination. ' No one will stop me' he silently promised. He reached the end of the street and disappeared without a sound.

When Harry appeared in the alley beside The Leaky Cauldron he quickly donned a cloak before making his way around the corner and quickly slipping through the doorway. He quickly glanced around the room surveying for possible threats and exits, a habbit he had picked up during the war, one that had saved his life many times. There weren't really any threats at the moment and people barely spared him a second glance. The only person they had to fear at the moment was the escaped convict Sirius Black, and they, apparently, had enough confidence in the ministry to trust that Sirius Black would not go gallavanting around Diagon Alley.

Sad really.

He quickly made his way through the room and to the back. He went into the alley behind the Leaky Cauldron and tapped the bricks in the right order before stepping through. He could easily see the tall white marble building at the end of the street and quickly made his way to it. People for the most part avoided him but beyond that paid him no mind. It was kind of refreshing to see people so carefree. But it would also probably take some time to get used to.

He entered Gringitts and was happy to notice that it just as busy as it used to be. He quickly went up to a free goblin. As happy as he was to see Gringotts busy he really didn't want to spend all day in here.

Harry sighed as he made his way out of Gringotts. That had taken longer than he had wanted but it had not been in vain at least. It turned out that the goblin he had went up to was Griphook, the first goblin he had ever met. He had of course recognized him and said hello. And he was sure that Griphook had appreciated it as though he had at first been suprised he had later smiled and then returned the greeting.

Harry knew why though. Most wizards hated goblins and those that didn't simply ignored them or were very rude. Goblins were hardly ever treated like the proud intelligent creatures that they were. It was very disapointing that the wizards could not notice someone who could help them. Then again, they had been the same way with muggles. To think of all wizards could gain if they were to work with muggles. Or at least use muggle technology to advance themselves. But sadly, it seemed that they would never learn.

Harry already knew that he would not get much while in Diagon Alley considering he would be back in about a week. He could get everything else then but there are some things he absolutely needed to get now.

With that thought in mind he headed into the trunk shop. He would definately need a big, roomy trunk

After that Harry headed over to the Apothocary and bought a little bit of everything and left the store several galleons lighter. He also picked up lots of parchment and ink and quills. After that he went to Flourish and Blotts to check out what books he might want. He picked up a book on obscure charms and defensive spells, a book on ancient hardly known spells, and a book on metamorphmagi. He also saw a book that seemed to call to him. It was book that told about special talents and how to train them, and remembering his vision and the advice on how one would feel a pull to a book, he purchased it. He also got a couple of blank books and a few books on runes from other countries.

He put all of his purchases into his trunk and when he was sure that no one was looking he wandlessy shrunk it. with that he headed out into muggle London.

Finally! He was through with all of his shopping. He had bought a lot of clothes. Most of them were black, black, and black. But he had bought a few other colors but all of them were dark except for the occasional white thrown in the mix. He was currently wearing a pair of black cargo pants and a black t-shirt that said ' I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it .' in white letters. He also had on some converses and had gotten himself a new watch made out of black metal. He had also went and bought some art supplies. As well as a guitar and some music sheets. In the future he had taken up many hobbies to keep his mind off of the war and had found himself quit good doing them. And even though he was actually thirteen, he saw no reason to give them up just because none of it had happened yet. Or would happen if he had anything to say about it.

He was also sporting some new glasses. He figured that until he could make the eyesight correcting potion he might as well look good. He had also gotten a hair cut. His hair was now silky and fell around his face nicely. It didn't stick everywhere and was actually very loose. His bangs came to about the end of his nose and were swept to the right side of his face. They covered his right eye along with his scar. His new glasses were rectangle in a thin black frame. What the Americans called Emo glasses. All in all Harry was wiling to admit to himself that he looked good. Damn good. And he would look even better once he took the eye correction potion along with some nutrient potions. But that could wait a few more days.

Just a few more days and everything would really kick off. He still had a few things to do before he blew up Aunt Marge. But he wasn't worried. He had plenty of time.


Harry carefully stirred the potion fifteen times couter clockwise and then seven times clockwise. There it was done. Now the potion only had to sit for about twenty-four hours and then it would be ready. Thank God.

At least this time around he would have better eyes sooner. But there was still some things he could do. When Harry was older he had been contemplating making a cure for werewolves but after Remus had been killed he had sort of lost the motivation. But since Remus was alive then he could get started on it once again.

He smiled at the thought. Once Sirius had died he and Remus had become very close. Hermione and Ron's deaths had only pushed them closer together. When Remus had died Harry had been devistated and for a long time couldn't bear to face Tonks. Remus and Tonks had been married for about a year when he had died. After his death, Tonks had died soon after. With a smile on her face and no doubt with open arms.

The smile quickly left his face. Good and bad memories had become blurred together in the future. Nothing good would happen without something bad. But there was always more bad then good. And the good times had been few and far between. Sadly. Predictably.

Harry sighed and looked around the room. It looked the same as it always had. A pathetic little bed in the middle of the room. Along with a dingy little desk and chair by the dirty window. Dudley's old and broken toys were still piled up along every wall in the room. Not that that was a suprise. Heaven forbid the Dursley's do anything productive. He went over and sat on the bed and leaned back on it. He might aswell get some sleep. Marge would be coming tomorrow along with her big mouth and disgusting dog. He would need all of his patience tomorrow. Every bit of it.