Demyx liked to smile.

He liked the modicums of sincerity and attention it would
fake for him. Instances stretching ever longer, from the
burning (beating, rejoicing, singing, lusting) need for
hearts, to the sympathetic ear he bent to Axel's tirades of

Demyx smiled slowly and laughed on cue and Axel took
what he needed, and Demyx lost nothing at all. A fake
currency in a fake world, and perhaps, without knowing it,
Demyx was the most human of them all.

Plasticine features hiding the niggling, ugly, insecurities.
He smiled. He played the bumbling clown and expressed
himself in the lying lines of far too much flesh for his
empty carbohydrate smile.

"My name is Demyx when I choose to have a name."

There were times when he was that smile, his mind was
blank and his grin was his gauze and his opiate.

(One by one the lights dimmed, leaving ruinous archways
to empty realms. Perhaps, if one did not know where one
was going, the arch would be as empty as the world inside
it. Perhaps one might not go anywhere at all.)

Demyx liked to smile, liked to get others to do his dirty
work; like feeling and killing and betraying.

"I made no agreement with you."

The Superior thought otherwise and Demyx realized where
he had gone wrong.

A Marriage

"If you can just get your mind together
Uh-then come on across to me
Well hold hands and then well watch the sunrise
From the bottom of the sea"

Demyx's mouth grew wide and fanged as the ocean
nexus snarled around him with pleasure.

Schools of fish wriggled tightly around his body,
humming deeply with fraternity and a painfully intimate

The others were afraid of this, for as long as they breathed

Afraid of drowning. Afraid of finding a visceral
conqueror in the waves of their death. Afraid of drifting
skeletons with darting vitreous eyes…

Demyx was cold and clammy to their touch and he—

Flickering dart of scales, perfect blue-and-green
flittering fins.

The moons wavered in thrall, he looked up at them
through the broken mirror of many. He smiled and
touched her jagged edges, blood billowing into red
clouds and then into nothing.

Moon and moment and nothing more, he had learned to

"(well) I know, I know, youll probably scream and cry
That your little world wont let you go
But who in your measly little world, (-uh)"

The others were afraid. Afraid of still-life

lungs and his gentle smiles, which were no different

until the moons came and those silent demands became

The little dead boy was the most curious, his sunken
empty eyes so lacking in its creator's original intent.
They were rather like a strange set of

Demyx reached out achingly and breathed the waterlog
from the little corpse's lights.

The pastel creature smiled bravely but grew rigid as the
summons rippled through them, tickling the inflamed
edges of the gaping wounds in their chests.

Demyx began to move, bound by writs far older than
hearts and their heartless siblings-and-selves.

Roxas's hand clamped over his wrist, rigor mortis tight.
His lips moved soundlessly, each syllable formed
erotically around his labia pink lips.

Demyx would never quite forget his words.

"Uh, let me prove it to you, yeah
Trumpets and violins I can-uh, hear in the distance
I think theyre callin our name
Maybe now you cant hear them,
But you will, ha-ha, if you just…" Ha-ha.

Demyx sat watching Johnny Cash and Bryan Ferry
rutting desperately against a backdrop of enormous
orange goldfish and miniscule blackmoor fish.

The waters shifted, impatient and displaced and Demyx
looked up.

Xigbar was the only one who was not afraid (even
Roxas, who feared the questing lips of hungry little

Xigbar moved easily through the spaces where Demyx
ruled and Xigbar's lips moved, snarling. Demyx
thought carefully on Roxas's words.

Pacts and exchanges, a soul-centering market,
conducted beneath the darkness and beyond the third
sky of the End of the World.

At the cynosure of desire and twisted superstitions…

Low tide has little strength, but with the counting of time it

He moans deep in his throat and then wakes, screaming
for breath.

He bends his ear for what may be Jimi Hendrix, but
might just as likely be Menudo, the white noise of his
thoughts is intense.

Gone-and-back-again boy cradles his face in his hands
and thinks about Roxas's words, the words he had
formed with his Persian red lips.

A snail and a Siamese fighting fish were married in a
vase on his desktop as he wept, terrified.

Standard Disclaimers. Lyrics by Jimi Hendrix. Ha-ha.