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He liked thunderstorms. He had never been sure why he did, they just appealed to him. Perhaps it was the louder-than-normal pitter-patter of the rain, humming its songs of lands far away. Perhaps it was the black skies that every storm brought, creating long and distorted shadows. Perhaps it was the tornado gusts, which, at full power, could uproot a century-old tree within minutes. Perhaps it was the elaborate lines of lightning, illuminating the sky with intricate patterns.

He didn't know why, but he did, and that was why Raimundo Pedrosa had yet to fall asleep, despite the late hour. A thunderstorm had appeared, and Raimundo couldn't resist watching. Sure, he probably wouldn't be able to get up tomorrow, and Master Fung would be mad – but he didn't care. Something about storms made the Shoku Warrior feel peaceful, ironically enough.

His eyes widened as an extra-bright flash lit up the sky, throwing everything into light. "Wow…" He whispered, a grin appearing on his face. As the light faded, he heard thunder – and a small flash appeared.

It wasn't like lightning – it was small and round. Raimundo watched, his eyebrows furrowed. What was that? It wasn't a comet – comets made arcs, they didn't go straight down. It was falling unusually fast. He saw it disappear behind a mountain – and a white dome appeared.

The Dragon of the Wind clutched his arm as a sharp pain seized it. And, yet…he knew he had only taken a fraction, the smallest amount. He looked at his arm, then at where the "comet" had crashed. Was…was it possible? Logic said no, that maybe it was some mythological being like a dragon or even a phoenix, but everything else screamed, "IT WAS!"

"No way…" He whispered.


The next morning, Raimundo had managed to wake up early. He quickly ate breakfast and headed out to the shen-gong-wu vault. As he was about to open it-

"Raimundo? Is something troubling you?"

He turned around to see Master Fung, blue eyes piercing him. "Well, I…" He groaned. It was impossible to lie to the elder monk. "Sorta. I saw something last night, and it crash-landed in the mountains. I was hoping I could take a quick look." He left out the pain it caused.

Master Fung mulled over his words before saying, "I expect you back in one hour." The brazilian nodded, opening the vault as he did so. It didn't take long to grab the Longi Kite, Shroud of Shadows, and Kimiko's camera phone.

Walking onto the grounds, prepared, he paused to look at the rising sun before taking off into the mountains.


Kimiko, Omi, Clay, and Jericho had just finished breakfast, the three Dragons now ready to train. Since Raimundo had become a Shoku Warrior, he was usually training before all of them, wide awake. But this morning… he was nowhere to be seen. The Wudai Warriors looked at each other and shrugged, with Jericho not appearing to be troubled. Strange, but not strange enough to make them go look for him. He'd probably be outside, training with them, soon.

Omi had only taken a step when something black, red, and green swooped by, knocking the young monk off his feet. "Wah! What in the-"

"Sorry!" Shouted the 'something' as it skidded to a landing not too far away. Kimiko stared at Raimundo as he took off the Longi Kite while Clay and Jericho helped Omi get back up. Immediately, Omi dashed over to the brazilian, rather angry.

"Raimundo, what were you doing with the Longi Kite? And why did you knock ME over?!" He shouted, glaring. Jericho made several gestures, all of them rude. Raimundo held his hands up, protesting, "Hey, it was an accident, and I was checking something out."


"Yeah, the Fungmeister knows I took the Longi Kite…and the Golden Tiger Claws and Shroud of Shadows." He pulled out the other two wu, tossing them to Omi. "Ok, we good? Just gotta put something in my room, and I'll be right there." He started to walk past them, when Jericho noticed something bright pink sticking out of his pocket and snatched it.

"Hey, dude-" Jericho ignored the Shoku Warrior, handing the device to Kimiko. Kimiko stared, then glowered at Raimundo.

"You took my PHONE?!" The Dragon of Fire shouted, glaring at the brazilian.

"I needed it! It's not damaged or anything!" Kimiko groaned, flipping it opening and checking the picture gallery. She swore, if any of her photos were gone, she would kill him. She stopped after a few seconds.

"Rai…what is this?" Clay peered over her shoulder to look at the picture. Omi jumped on Clay's back, with Jericho peering over his shoulder so they too could see it. 'It' was a picture of a large crater, with something metallic in the center. This wouldn't be so odd, except that the crater was easily 20 feet in diameter, with a faint glow around the edges.

Raimundo shrugged. "Something crashed in the mountains last night, and I went to see what it was…but all I found was that crater – and this." He pulled out a blackish metal, about half a foot long, torn and twisted. "Wanna know something? It reacts to the Tiger Claws."

Omi dashed over and snatched the metal from his hands, scrutinizing it. Nothing about its appearance seemed strange – it was cold to the touch and not particularly shiny. "Most strange…" He tossed it upwards and shouted, "Wudai Neptune – Water!" A fist of the element sprung up, punching the metal deep into the ground. As Omi recalled the water, the metal was still whole and twisted, glistening like scales from the moisture. Nothing else had changed.

"Most mysterious," Omi remarked, "It doesn't break!"

"Let me try," Kimiko said, flames sparking to life in her hands, "Wudai Mars – Fire!" Fire shot out, striking the metal and surrounding it. The tongues of fire licked the metal as Kimiko poured in as much heat as she possibly could. Everything heated up at some point, especially metal. After several minutes of intense heat, almost too hot for the other warriors, she waved her hands, making the fire vanish – but the metal was unchanged, just surrounded by scorched earth. It wasn't even glowing. 'Strange…' An idea sprang to mind. She walked over and touched it.

"Um, Kimiko?" Clay started.

"It's not even warm!" She exclaimed. Jericho stared in astonishment. "I don't get it. What is this?" Raimundo looked to the ground.

"I tried all that stuff too – throwing it off the mountain top, striking it with wind. It's way too strong for any kind of metal we have. I kinda came up with this theory…" He said quietly, "But it's pretty stupid." He didn't dare look up. The three Wudai warriors exchanged looks, with Jericho looking at him in confusion. Raimundo was rarely so self-conscious about anything.

"Theory's better than nothin'. What is it?" Clay asked. The Shoku Warrior took a deep breath, staying silent for another minute. Omi started to feel impatient.

"I demand you spill your internal organs!" The young monk shouted, shattering the silence and creating a brief moment of awkwardness.

"Spill your guts," Jericho quietly corrected in his rasp voice.

"That too." Omi turned back to the Shoku Warrior.

"I think…" Raimundo mumbled something, not caught by any of them.

"What?" Clay asked.

"Aliens." He looked up. "I mean, I saw it, and it was like it was falling, not like a comet, but like a rock. I think something from outer space crashed – and it's never been on Earth before." The other four people just stared in astonishment.