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"I still can't believe it." Danny spoke.

"That you're only fourteen and yet your have to save the world on a daily basis?" asked Jazz.

"No, that Dan's a father." replied the half-ghost. "I mean, he's evil, insane, cruel, heartless, twisted"

Jazz replied, "He seems to being doing pretty well so far"

"Um, Jazz, " Danny pointed out, "Dan carried Sylvester home...IN HIS MOUTH"

Dan frowned, "I can hear you, ya know"

He was busy rocking Sylvester to sleep. The infant clung tightly to Dan's costume as he slowly fell asleep. Dan merely gave a slight smirk in response.

"Oh, I get it." smirked the older-sister, "You're jealous of Dan, aren't you"

The half-ghost blinked in shock, "Me? Jealous of Dan? He's a 400 pound monster"

Dan glared at Danny, "One, I'm not that fat. I only weigh about 385 pounds. Second, be quiet. My son's trying to take a nap"

Danny rolled his eyes in response, "Whatever. But, I'm still not jealous"

Frowning, the half-ghost then gets up from his seat and left. Dan and Jazz silently watched as Danny vanished from view.

"He'll be back." mused the evil future-ghost, "And, when he does"

Jazz replied, "Dan, you can't eat Danny. Besides, he needs some time alone. He's clearly jealous of you"

Dan shrugged in response, "Let him. More fun for me watching him suffer."

Author's Notes: Man, it took me a long time to update this story, didn't it? Anyway, the final chapter is after this one. So, stay tuned!