I'm very sorry about my lack of updates, and the fact that this isn't a real chapter, but I've taken a long, hard, look at this story, and I've come to a few conclusions. First off, I've painted myself in the corner by making Seras' reaction too over the top. This could only lead to an endless triangle of hatred that would only serve to slow the plot down and create unnecessary tension. Second, I've recently watched my recently-bought DVDs of Hellsing (I'd only seen the fansubs before, about two years ago), and watched Hellsing Ultimate 1-3, and thus am reminded of many, many things that I have overlooked. This also pushes me to create a wider scope for the story itself, instead of being so focused in on two characters, which brings to my final conclusion on the story: it is too rushed and scatterbrained. Granted, I write well when I feel I have a deadline to meet, but this also tends to make my stories, as one reviewer noted, extremely bare bones. I need to put more time and thought into it instead of just posting things hot off the press so I can eagerly await reviews, only to repeat the process over. In general, I realized that this story, while decent as it stands, just doesn't live up to my standards. Now, before you all become enraged with me (some of you may have even stopped reading by now), understand that as I'm typing right now, I am rewriting the first chapter, and planning to add far more to those that follow. Also, Jakes backstory may be changed considerably, as I found much of it to be distracting and irrelevant (don't worry though, the mystery of the finger scars will still be there, and before it is over, will be solved ;) ). All in all, this story needs an overhaul, which I plan to give it in stride. I will probably take down this current story and write it from scratch, I'd like to thank all of you for sticking it out this long. I couldn't do it without your support. Till the next (I mean first) chapter!

(if anyone has suggestions or comments, you all know what to do)