Castlevania:The Unknown History

From the chronicled history of Trasylvania, as kept by the Master Librarian.

-Throughout history, the Belmont family has always risen every century to topple the evil of Count Vlad Tepes Dracula. Beginning in 1094 A.D. with Leon Belmont, a young nobleman whose wife was taken from him by his best friend, Mathias Cronqvist. Mathias was angry at God for taking his beloved, Elizabeth, from the world. Leon traversed an enourmous castle belonging to a vampire by the name of Walter to claim his wife, only to find Mathias was using the vampire to hide his true intentions. Mathias wanted Leon to kill Walter so he could obtain a powerful relic that would make him immortal. After battling Death himself, Leon called out to Mathias.-

Leon-You have become a cursed being and I will never forgive you. This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday. From this day on, the Belmont Clan will hunt the night!

-Mathias dissappeared into a foreign land only to return later under the name Count Vlad Tepes Dracula. Since then, every time he arose to wreak terror upon the land, a Belmont was always at the ready to destroy him.-


-What some historians DIDN'T know was that after Leon, one of the most honorable and noble men in Tansylvanian history, the following Belmonts did not seem to live up to Leon's nature. Every one of the following kin just got wierder and wierder. The following chronicles the truth of the Belmonts after the great Leon throughout the centuries. Read with caution, for a lot of it may sound absurd from what you MIGHT have heard.-

The Belmonts:
(In chronological order)

Leon Belmont-Nobleman

Sonia Belmont-Complete Ditz

Trevor Belmont-All around nice guy

Christopher Belmont-Total wuss

Simon Belmont-The Dude

Juste Belmont-The most depressing person you will ever meet

Richter Belmont-MORON

Julius Belmont-Crazy hermit

Authors note:
Sonia Belmont and her story was originally intended to be the origin of the Belmont family. When Castlevania:Lament of Innocence was created, Leon was written as the originator of the Belmont clan of vampire hunters. The producer of the Castlevania series, Koji Igarashi, stated that Sonia Belmont's story was not a part of the official storyline. It is written into my story in humor and is not meant to be taken seriously. Now with that out of the way, enjoy!.


Chapter One:
Dracula's Acsension


1450 A.D.

-It had been almost 400 years since Mathias' betrayal and rise to immortality. Transylvania had little vampire trouble since then, at least nothing a good cross, holy water, and steak to the heart couldn't clean up. What the people of the land were not ready for, was the motherload of all vampires that small annoyances such as those would not be able to harm in the least. It all began in a small village.-

-Dusk was falling on the small village. Young children were playing along the roads leading to the village. A man covered in a cloak approached the children, an aura of darkness surrounded him.-

Man-Excuse me, young ones?

-The children looked towards the man and instantly became frightened.-

Man-Tell me, what town lies a short way down this here road?

-The children could not speak for they were stricken with fear and ran back to the village. The cloaked man frowned and proceeded towards the village. It was a fairly small village, with people commuting in the streets, purchasing food from street vendors and bartering livestock. At the entrance to the village, the cloaked man stopped next to a older bearded man standing in a doorway to the inn.-

Man-Pardon me, but would you mind telling me what village this is?

-The bearded man took a quick glance at this stranger. He raised an eyebrow and took a puff of his pipe.-

BeardedMan-Small Village.

Man-I gathered that, but what is the name of this village?

BeardedMan-I just told you, lad. Small Village. can't be serious.

BeardedMan-I am serious. We've been trying to think of a better name. If you'd like to help, you can participate in the village vote for a new name.-

-The cloaked man looked towards the center of the village to see a large kiosk with a banner over it reading "Small Village needs new name! Vote for a name today!". The man tilted his head, perplexed.-

BeardedMan-What might your name be, stranger?

-The cloaked man turned back to the bearded man. He throws off the hood of his cloak, revealing long, black hair dark as the night.-

Man-My Mathias.

BeardedMan-Hmmmmm, nice to meet you.


BeardedMan-Not really. Mathias is a nice name.


-Mathias scratches his head and looks around.-

Mathias-Did I say Mathias? I meant...uhhhhh...

-Mathias mumbles a bit more. The Bearded Man raises and eyebrow and tilts his head in question at Mathias.-

Mathias-Uhhhhmmm...hahaha...give me just ONE minute...

-Mathias turns around and begins talking to himself.-

Mathias-Okay think, Mathias, think. What name just screams out "FEAR ME"? You'd THINK 400 years in seclusion would help me think of a better name...

-Mathias starts to quickly look around for some sort of inspiration.-

Mathias-Oh man...I didn't think it would be this hard...

-As Mathias thinks, he notices two women pass in front of him.-

Woman1-So what did you do today?

Woman2-I had to visit the town doctor today.

Woman1-Ack! Is everything alright?

Woman2-Yes, it was just a little scare I had this morning. But ooh-la-la he was a cute one!


-Mathias strokes his chin and and quietly mumbles to himself.-


BeardedMan-Somethin wrong?

Mathias-Uhhhhhhh NO! HAHAHA! I have my name for you!

-Mathias strikes a pose and points to the sky.-


-Mathias continues his pose. The Bearded Man just stares, confused.-

BeardedMan-That's a strange one...

Mathias-Errrrr...I mean uhhhmmmmm...

-Mathias scratches his head. After a bit he strikes another pose.-


BeardedMan-Is there something wrong with your head?, certainly NOT! My name is...

-Mathias paces a bit, starting to worry. He finally strikes one more pose.-


-Almost the entire town went quiet and look in Mathias' direction. The Bearded Man's eyes shot wide open. Mathias looked around, perplexed.-

Mathias-Did...that strike fear?

BeardedMan-Well...I felt something...might have been fear.

Mathias-...good enough for me!

-Mathias, errr.., DRACULA struck a few more poses. The townspeople stood back, chills creeping up their spines.-

Dracula-NOW, whooooooooo is the leader of this SMALL VILLAGE?!

-From the crowd, a tall, dark haired, respectable looking man emerged.-

Mayor-I am the Mayor of Small Village. What can I do for you?

-Dracula thrusts his right arm towards the Mayor. His hand plunges into the Mayor's chest. A spray of blood rockets from the wound as Dracula pulls the man's heart straight from his chest.-

Mayor-Oh, I see...

-The Mayor's body hits the ground, a puddle of blood surrounding his corpse. Dracula cackles as he holds the pulsing heart.-

Dracula-Hahahahaha!! I AM YOUR LEADER NOW!!!

-The villagers scream and start running frantically in all directions.-

Dracula-No! No, don't run! I was expecting more kneeling and worship! STOP RUNNING!!

-When Dracula notices the riot will not stop, he growls and raises his arms in the air. Pillars of fire rise from the ground, preventing the villagers from escaping.-

Dracula-Eh? Wow...didn't know I could do THAT!

-The villagers run back in Dracula's direction and fall to their knees.-

Villager-Please do not hurt us! We will do whatever you ask!

Dracula-YESSSS! That's more like it! First...GET ME A WASTE BASKET!!

-A villager quickly gets up and brings a basket to Dracula. He drops the heart in the basket and shoo's the village away.-

Dracula-From this moment on, I am your lord and master! Soon the entire land will come to know me and fear my name!

-Dracula wipes his bloody hand off on a villager as he continues his monologue.-

Dracula-You will build me a grand castle for me and my demonic army to sleep during the day, and rule during the night.

-Dracula finishes cleaning his hand off on a villager and pushes him away. Dracula turns and points to the Bearded Man.-

Dracula-YOU! What is your name? Bram...Bram Stoker, my lord.

Dracula-You shall chronicle this glorious day and the years to come. So that all generations will know the name of Count Dracula!

Bram-Ye...yes, my lord. Uhhmmmmmm, my lord?

Dracula-Eh? What do you want?

Bram-Is your name JUST Dracula?

Dracula-Well...uhhhmmmmmm...well my hero is Vlad the my name will be Count Vlad Tepes Dracula!


Dracula-I think that was a sneeze, but it sounds cool. Leave that in.

Bram-Very well, lord Dracula.

Dracula-As for the "new name" for this small village, from this point on this small village will be know as...

-Dracula raises his arms into the air and he begins to levitate. The villagers fall to their knees and bow to him and he floats higher and higher.-

Dracula-CASTLEVANIA!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Uhhhh...he...hey! This is gettin' a little too high!

-Dracula continues to float into the air.-

Dracula-Errr...a little help!