Author's Notes: Inspired by the original Mirage comics, and using the turtles' personalities from those comics. Therefore, yes, Raph is acting a little different. This is a follow-up to something one of the turtles says in one of the comic books. Understandable to anyone who hasn't read them, but will have more meaning to people who have.

"Please," he begged, his shining brown eyes as large as saucers.

Splinter's eyes narrowed, ears twitching with distaste. "Raphael," he said sharply, "I am not interested in pursuing this subject further."

Raphael's face crumpled. "Come on," he groaned, face stretched into an agonized grin. "Just once, Sensei…"

"No, Raphael."

"Just once what?" The voice was Michelangelo's. He had popped his head through the doorway of Splinter's chamber and was gazing inquisitively at them both. His eyes brightened suddenly. "Did you ask him to do it?"

"He's not gonna do it," grumbled Raphael.

"Do what?" asked Leonardo from behind Michelangelo, out of sight. "Oh no, not that thing. Don't waste his time, guys."

"Is he talking about—"

"Yes, Don, he's trying to—"

"Boys," growled Splinter in warning.

Leonardo patted Michelangelo's shoulder. "Come on, guys, quit bothering him. It's undignified, and you know it."

"Raphael," Splinter said quietly as a disappointed Michelangelo was herded away by his brother, "remain with me a moment."

Raphael swallowed—Splinter could hear it even with his back turned toward him. "I am disappointed in you, my son," he said softly. "You should know better than to compromise my authority, especially in front of your brothers. And yet…" He hesitated, then glanced over his shoulder. Raphael was shame-faced, staring at the floor. Splinter cleared his throat.

"You have done well, Weed Hopper."

Raphael's eyes slowly floated up from the floor and fixed, amazed, on his sensei. After a moment of frozen shock, his face broke into a grin that made it all worthwhile. "ALL RIGHT!" he cried punching the air with a fist. Splinter suddenly found himself victim to an overenthusiastic hug. "You are SO AWESOME!"

And with that, Raphael happily flew out the door. "Hey Mike! Guess what?"

Splinter chuckled softly. The things a father will do for his son.