Author's Note: Why did John leave Dean? Why did it take 4 years for Dean to reach out to Sam? (I know the pilot said two, but if Sam had an interview for grad school it has to be four, so I am going with that) Why did John fight with Bobby, which ended with Bobby threatening John? Why did John not run to Dean's side in the Faith episode? Why was it too risky for the boys to be with John on the hunt for the YED? Want answers? They will be told here, along with more surprising secrets along the way.

Black Days

"Damn it, Sam. Drop it. Okay!" Dean barked at his brother.

"No…No way, Dean. This has got to be the stupidest stunt you ever pulled."


"And I said NO!"

"You know, I have about had it with you avoiding…"

"It my life Sam… MINE!"

"It's your death."

"Just leave it alone…Dammit Sammy…I"

"You what!? Come on. I thought we were in this together. Don't shut me out. I got this lead and it could save you." Taking a folder paper from his pocket, Sam waived the possibility like a dangling carrot.

"No.. Give that to me Sam. Now."


Dean grabbed at Sam's arm, which held another farfetched scheme of Sam's to break the deal. The advantage of his brother being taller kept the item just out of reach. Still that did not stop Dean from attempting to wrestle his brother down. He twisted on Sam's shoulder to pull Sam down unharmed, but his brother counteracted and grasped the pulled muscle in Dean's shoulder. The eldest Winchester winced.

"STOP It. You know you are in no shape to fight me on this. That injury still has you not up to par. "

"Nice Sam. Really nice. This is my choice. Mine."

"You are a selfish bastard, you know that."

"We'll this selfish bastard is going to kick your ass into next week." Dean fumed in frustration and lunged towards his brother, knocking over a stack of books.

Two stubborn Winchesters were about to exchange words and blows, when the ruckus caused an intervention. "WHOA!!!!!" Interceding between the boys, Bobby pushed back Dean's charge. "What the hell is wrong with the two of you? I don't know who pissed in your cornflakes, but I will whip the both of you. Back off! Now!"

Nostrils flared. All three men were alert and razor-backed with tension.

"Nevermind, Bobby." Dean grunted.

"Hell No, son! "

Sam stared down at Dean, frustration boiling. "Yeah, Bobby. Just a misunderstanding."

"Do I look stupid…? You boys were noisier than a mule in a tin barn."

"Sam just thinks he can decide what best for me!"

"Oh.. yeah.. Dean… pardon me for wanting to help. I see your point, but I still think you're full of crap."

Dean's foot stomped forward.

He found Bobby doing the same. "Boy, don't try my patience. You are going to cool off. What the hell is wrong with you?! You're goin' up fool's hill on the slippery side."

"I don't even know what that means!"

"It means you are acting like a jackass, Dean." A hint of smugness tainted Sam's words. "When are you going to let me help…"

"How about never? Is never good for you?"

"Nice Dean!"

"Dean, your brother is trying to help you."

"He doesn't care, Bobby. He just wants to disagree and fight with everything. Pushing everyone away."

"Okay, how about this..uh…Bite me! Sam is a freaking travel agent for guilt trips."

"You boys are about as useful as a windshield wiper on a goat's ass right now. I never thought anyone could hold a candle to the foolish bullshit your father pulled, but you boys are damn close."

"Don't… Shut up about my Dad….And if this is something you can't deal with then….We'll I can fix that for ya!" Fuming and looking hurt, Dean stared at both men before he turned and walked out Bobby's door.


"Sam, let him go."

"He's just…just."

"You need to cut his some slack."

"What! Bobby… I.."

"He's got a lot on his mind. "

"Dean doesn't even care how I feel about this."

"Are you kidding! That boy cares.. Always has. Why do you think he kept watch over you after you left?"

"He told me Dad and he use to swing by."

"Huh!" A deep chuckle escaped Bobby. "You really have no idea why Dean came back for you."

"Because Dad was missing and he..."

"Part of it. Shit, you are freakin' clueless and about as stubborn and dense as John. Maybe some buckshot in your behinds would keep you both occupied.

"We'll Dad probably deserved it."

"Yeah, he did. The way he left that boy. It wasn't right."

"You fought over Dean?"



"And you.