Author's Note: And the end! Hope you like this Bobby secret. I could be way off but it was fun to make all this stuff tie into the show. Hope you enjoy.


Bobby sighed. "Guess I opened the can of worms. I hope you boys can forgive me. I thought I knew John pretty well, but I was wrong. Until you boys showed up that day, I didn't even know he followed through with his stupidity. I have to admit I am ashamed I let a few words keep me from my friend and you boys. Wish to God I had swallowed my pride and anger and called him."

"You couldn't control Dad. He did what he wanted- when he wanted." Dean spouted.

A shock waved with Sam, hearing Dean say something that was almost critical of John. One look at his brother's face showed the sore spot he still carried over the lost of John. He wondered if he would feel the same thing when Dean was gone. He stopped, correcting himself. Dean would be here. He made himself that promise.

"I know that. It's best I just tell you the rest. After we got Dean well enough to get out of that hospital, we spent a week shacked up in the Mesa Motel. I was afraid to leave John and you alone. In fact, you spent a lot of time sleeping that week. When you got so antsy being cooped up, we sent you on a supply run. Then, things just went to hell in a hand basket with your Daddy.


"Death!" John uttered, staring at a faded picture of Mary, who held Baby Sam and Dean. "Before this, I thought me dying was the worst thing that could happen. But Dean and Death...Such ugly words. I've never felt so powerless ever. I can't bear to lose him like Mary. Hell, I lost Mary...then Sammy! Dean was my anchor."

"He's your son, not your support system." Bobby spouted from one of the motel beds.

"Sam was right. I should never have brought them to this life. They would have been better off with a stable person as a parent." John stared blankly at the photo.

"It's not like you had a choice." Bobby reasoned, reloading his cleaned shotgun.

"I do now." He dropped the picture and began packing his stuff.

"You're not making sense."

"Sam's safe. He's got a girl, he's smart, successful. He's doing well. I use to imagine my boys having more than I did, but I have nothing to give him or Dean. But, I can make sure Dean is safe, too."

"No one is safe! These things just don't let you take a holiday or say I quit. I know better than anyone!" Bobby screamed

"But, the demon knows that I am close. They're afraid. They planned to torture me and used him to get me to stop. I am so close to the end. Then, I can get make things right with both of my boys."

"Did you even listen to Dean? Who did he ask for when he was in pain? He wanted his family!! Do you think he would blame you for this?!"

"I blame me for this. Nothing else matters. He could have easily died. They are coming. And coming faster and deadlier. I've sent him off on his own before. He can do it without me."

"You think that is what he wants? Losing Sam still tortures him and he knows how to find his brother. You take off and he'll…"

"Doesn't matter. He'll forgive me. One of the best traits he has from Mary. I can't let him die for me. He deserves more."

"Then you give him what he deserves! Don't just send him on his way like you are kickin' him out of the nest."

"I won't. I'll break him away easily. Send him on a few missions, then I'll just fade away into the shadows. I can move faster and better if I know he is okay. I can focus on this bastard demon and end it all for us."

"You think that Yellow Eyed thing is the only evil in the world. You know better. There's always going to be one more monster- one more demon- one more creature. But there will never be another Dean or Sam. Believe me I know."

"This is my choice."

Not having any plan, Bobby seized John's arm, pulling him away from his mental state. "ARE YOU FINSHED!" He screamed. John tried to sidestep him, but could not. "Please John don't… you will kill that boy. Don't destroy what is left of your family. I can help you."

"I don't want your help. Just get out of my way!" John shoved Bobby back from him. "I think you should just leave."

"Don't press me John! You know my part in this. I won't let it slip away."

"Last I check you didn't have anything."

"John, you are a selfish bastard. You know what those kids mean to me, especially after …" Bobby eyes were dangerous glints in their hard expression. He pushed the long sleeves of his flannel shirt upon his forearms and cracked his knuckles. "Son of a bitch. You don't deserve my help."

A feral half-smirk twisted his lips as he stood his ground, staring at Bobby now, face to face. "You lost your family a long time ago. So don't tell me how to run mine." John shoved his friend again.

Sorrow was ripe in Bobby's eyes. For a moment it appeared John had touched the rawest part of his soul, but he never got out another word.

"Get out!" John shoved him backwards, sending Bobby to crash on the floor, next to the bed. The shotgun that he started to clean earlier clattered from the bed to the floor.

"Dean's not your son and no matter how much you want him to be, it doesn't work. Your boy is dead and you let it happen. You can't have mine."

Bobby flew a fist, sticking the clenched paw into John's mouth. Blood flew. It streamed as John reeled back. When he recovered, John drew back his fist for battle, but Bobby already had a shotgun in his hand.

Dad?" A weak voice called in a concerned, confused tone. Dean stood in the doorway of the cheap motel, holding bags of supplies.

"You ever darken my life again John Winchester..." He cocked the shotgun. "I'll fill you full of buckshot and put your miserable ass out of this world"

"Bobby? What's going on?" Dean uttered.

"Goodbye, kiddo. Watch out for yourself."


"Bobby, what did Dad mean about your family?" Sam asked quietly, not sure if he should ask the question.

"Hmmph… That's a long story. But, you don't become a hunter because it sounds so exciting and cool. We all have tragedies in our past that began our journey on this path. Cost me a lot. Bobby eyes were wet, but no tears fell.

"Why didn't you tell me, he wanted to ditch me!?!???" A small flash of anger boiled in Dean's words.

"It's not Bobby's fault." Sam reasoned.

"Let him speak, Sam. He has a right to be angry. I let John get under my skin. I shouldn't have."

For a second, it seemed like Dean was going to blow the mother lode of vents, but he grew quiet and shook his head. His temper shaded his face bright red. When he opened his mouth, he simply directed a pointed comment to Sam. "Time to go." He stood and stormed out the door.

"I'm sorry. He just…"

"It's fine. But, didn't help his mood to hear all that. He always gets the short end of the deal."

"I'm sorry Dad said that about your son. It must have been hard."

"That's another long story. Go on! Catch up with your brother and hit the road. I don't think he is mad at me as his is about everything. I don't think he wants to admit that John could leave him so easily cause you leaving him ate Dean up inside. He just can't figure how anyone could do it. Damn, I hate pulling the rug from under him so roughly."

"It might be what he needs. I'll call you."

"Sure, Sam."

Sam stood and started walking away. At the door, he turned. "You know you do have family… we..."

"Actually, I do have family. They don't know it yet. But, I have 2 nephews out there. I try to keep an eye on them. One day, I'll tell them all about me and why I kept that part of me hidden.

"I think they are pretty lucky to have you as an uncle. We always were."

"See you, Sammy."

"Bye, Bobby." Sam exited.

Distantly, Bobby heard the car doors slam, the engine purr, and a loud rock tune blare. He watched from the kitchen window as the sleek black of the Impala pulled away. "Kiddos, I am the lucky one." He uttered.