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Chapter Ten

How They Met


Sasuke and the remnants of his squad stumped through the forest grumpily. Not only had they lost more than three quarters of their team, but their primary target had gotten away.

Though Sasuke was quite smug about the fact he still saw the woman he had been searching for dead. Even if he didn't get to kill her himself.

As he thought of that his mind drifted back to that boy. The one with vibrant green eyes and a scowl that rivalled his own.

'Who was that?'

He was broken from his train of thought when he heard someone call his name.

"Sasuke-sama! Look!"

He raised a fine eyebrow and scanned ahead of them. In the distance he could make out a large building. It lay on a road that curved out to meet it.

"What of it?" He growled.

"It's the Sengoku Inn. They've done trade with us before, so we would be able to stay the night free."

The leader (AKA Sasuke) mulled it over. He wanted to be back in his room, training quietly, but the chance of another night away from that sick, sadistic Orochimaru was too tempting to pass up.

"Fine. We stay the night to recuperate, but be ready to leave as soon as I say, which is whenever I decide." He answered gruffly.

"Hai!" They cried back.

Everyone picked up the pace, and soon they found themselves at the door of the nice inn. Sasuke pushed it open and strode inside, looking around. There was hardly anyone in view, and those around saw them and immediately moved back when they saw the symbol on the squad's hitai-ates. Sasuke had always refused to wear one, but what was left of his squad wore theirs on various places around their body.

He sauntered up to the counter and glared at the manager. "We need rooms." He growled.

The burly man behind the counter glared right back. He saw the symbols on the remaining squad and nodded. "Yeah, yeah. We have four rooms available currently, so you will have to share. Got that?"

Sasuke eyed him with contempt and looked back at his squad. Including himself, there was seven of them, so his squad could share, and he could have a room to himself.

But before he could confirm the arrangement, someone else did.

"We'll take it." Said a strangely familiar voice.

Sasuke whirled back around to see the boy that had been next to that woman. His green eyes were twinkling as he smirked at the raven.

The manager said nothing and handed them the keys. "Don't screw with the rooms. I'm a good friend of Orochimaru's. Got that?" He said. Apparently he liked saying 'got that' a bit.

The boy grabbed the keys and threw three to the squad before grabbing Sasuke by the wrist and attempting to drag him upstairs. But, of course, Sasuke wrenched his wrist back. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" He growled.

He smirked again. Sasuke noticed that the boy, even though he seemed quite small, was actually in fact taller than he himself. "I'm showing you to our room, of course. What else?"

"OUR room?! I don't even know you!"

The boy stuck out his hand. "Hi, I'm Rimo."


Sasuke sat on the bed angrily as he heard Rimo turn off the shower. 'Why the hell am I even allowing this?! I should just kill the fucker and get over it!'

The bathroom door opened and Rimo walked out, gently towelling his dark green hair. It looked black when it was wet, Sasuke noticed.

Rimo noticed the look the assassin was giving him and smirked yet again. "Like what you see?"

Sasuke scoffed. "You wish asshole. I get the bed."

"Aww and I thought we could share."

It just so happened that the one key that Rimo had kept in his hand happened to be the only one that had a double bed instead of two singles. Sasuke inwardly cried at his misfortune, but refused to let the other boy share with him. And after all, he needed an actual bed. Fair enough it wasn't an orthopaedic like his one at the base…

He was broken from his train of thought as he felt a hand slide through his hair. He automatically grabbed the wrist of the offending hand and glared up the person attached to it. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?!"

Rimo chuckled darkly. "You have such a dirty mouth. I was merely seeing if your hair was a soft as it looks. And, also, if you used gel to keep it like this…" The hand moved back more to finger the upraised hairs at the back of his head, despite the pale hand holding him back. He seemed to find no problem doing so, even though you would require the kind of strength that Gai and Lee have, and even they would have a damn hard time moving.

"Get the hell off." Growled Sasuke.

Though, Rimo being Rimo, he did the exact opposite. He pushed the raven back and crawled on top, straddling him. He leaned down and whispered seductively in Sasuke's ear, "Why should I?"

He moved back up to look Sasuke in the eye. His green eyes twinkled with excitement, just like Sakura's used to do whenever she ran into her crush.

To say he was surprised when Rimo's lips came to meet his would be an understatement. In his head, he was completely freaking out. On the outside, he was completely freaking out too.

He pushed Rimo off of him with a heavy shove and moved back, rubbing his mouth. Rimo fell to the ground, and looked at him with an eyebrow raised, still smirking. "What's wrong? Did I take your first kiss?" He taunted.

"You wish! And what the fuck?! Why the hell did you kiss me?!" Yelled Sasuke, remembering his only other kiss, with Naruto. Funny, how a straight (so he thinks) guy has only ever kissed guys…

The green-haired boy shrugged. "It was pretty much spur of the moment. Why? Did you like it?"

Sasuke answered by throwing a kunai at him. It was promptly caught between his two forefingers. Rimo made a tutting sound. "Don't deny the truth, Princess. It's not good for your health."

"Don't call me that!" He gritted out angrily.

He found himself pinned to the bed again. "Why not, Princess Sasuke? You can't deny the fact that you at least have feelings for me…" He whispered.

True, Sasuke couldn't. He looked away, glaring a hole into the curtains.

He jumped quite considerably as he felt Rimo kiss his neck. He was held quite tightly, his arms pinned above his head. The taller boy trailed light kisses down and around Sasuke's neck, and the raven cursed the fact he decided to wear a wrap shirt that day. It had already been pulled undone, as he had been shoved down.

This kid was extremely fast and super strong. It made him wonder who the hell he was exactly. Or WHAT he was, would be a better question.

This pondering slowly drifted away as Rimo sucked on his neck. Despite himself, he let out a very quiet moan. Rimo brought his face back up to look into Sasuke's twin black pools (as they are currently believed to be) and kissed him full on the lips. Slowly, Sasuke returned the kiss.

It wasn't exactly the fact that it was another guy kissing him that was making him freak out. The thought had never really bothered him all that much. It was merely that it was someone that was kissing him. Anyone kissing him was weird, merely because that person has got to have some extreme courage (or stupidity) to even attempt it. The last person who tried (this one was actually a girl) got themselves decapitated.

What could he say? He was ruthless. BIATCH.

Rimo's tongue flicked out to pry his lips open and moved into his mouth, feeling around roughly. Sasuke met the tongue with his own and they both battled ferociously for dominance, but Sasuke gave in when Rimo ground their hips together. He groaned into Rimo's mouth, and said boy smirked at his victory.

Slowly, he trailed his free hand down Sasuke's neck, dragging his nails also, and slowly brought it lower until he reached the area just above the waistline. He quickly grabbed onto the band of the outer layer and pulled at the string. It came away easily.

As he began to undo the inner layer, which was his actual pants, Sasuke seemed to remember exactly what he was doing. His eyes widened considerably and he began to struggle under the other man's abnormal strength.

Rimo frowned and pulled away, looking at Sasuke. "What?" He growled, obviously annoyed.

"Get… off me!" Panted/yelled Sasuke.

Rimo smirked. "Aww, did you get nervous?"

"Shut up asshole! Let me go! I'm not a fucking gay!"

Rimo laughed and looked pointedly at the bulge in Sasuke's pants. "SUUURE you're not, princess."


The dark green haired boy sighed in mock exasperation and rolled off onto the bed beside him. Sasuke immediately jumped up and glared at him, grabbing his sword. This elicited a rough mocking laugh from Rimo.

"Don't worry, I don't bite." He looked at Sasuke slyly and added, "Unless you want me to…"

Sasuke growled and activated his sharingan, drawing his sword. "Get out." He ground out.

Rimo pouted. "Aww… but I wanted to play a little longer…"

"Too fucking bad. OUT. Or you will face very, VERY painful death, in a way that would make even invincibles shudder."

"Ooh, I'm so SCAAARED."

He was pinned against the wall. Again. Sasuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the now predictable moves. Slam, pin, molest. Rinse, repeat.

Rimo leaned forward and pressed his face into the black bangs on the side of Sasuke's head, breathing the scent deeply. He sighed happily and pressed his cheek to them, lips brushing on Sasuke's ear. He breathed a chuckle and whispered, "Amazing…"

Sasuke gripped Rimo's hips and stared at the wall opposite him, trying to imaging disgusting, utterly disturbing things to try and make his… PROBLEM disappear.

'Let's see… Orochimaru's voice, Orochimaru's 'you dirty dirty slut!' tongue, Orochimaru's "I want your body, Sasuke-kun" talk, just plain Orochimaru, Naruto in a miniskirt, Chouji in a miniskirt, GAI in a miniskirt…


Well, no matter how utterly disturbing Sasuke's thoughts were, at least they did the job. His member was slowly going back down, and he sighed in relief.

Rimo didn't notice the 'lessening of certain areas', and took Sasuke's sigh for happiness of his peaceful act of breathing in the raven's scent. He smiled happily and wrapped one hand around his neck, pulling him closer. He leaned down and kissed the curse seal, refraining from using his tongue. He believed Sasuke was starting to open up to him more, and decided to take it slowly, as that seemed to work better. Well, so he thought.

Sasuke closed his eyes and concentrated on focusing his chakra in his stomach, where it was harder to sense it. When he had created enough for a minor chidori, he shot it as quickly as he could to his hand and slapped it onto Rimo's back.

Rimo yelled in pain and pushed back from Sasuke, near the bed. He twitched in pain as the electricity continued to course through him for a few moments and looked at Sasuke with livid eyes.

"What. The FUCK?" He growled.

Sasuke smirked at him demonically. "I told you, you would suffer pain if you continued. That was only the very slightest on any pain I could give you. So, take a hint and LEAVE."

Rimo opened his mouth to retort but decided against it, instead raising his hands in a sign of defeat. "Alright, for now I'll give in. I won't touch you for the rest of the night. Promise."

"I don't trust anything you say. Just get out, before I electrocute your ass."

Rimo grinned. "Nah. I like this room. And you have my word. I've never gone back on a promise, so you won't be feeling my hands any time this night. Okay?"

Sasuke continued to glare at him, but he slowly resigned. "If you get in even half a meter of me for the rest of the night, say goodbye to your genitalia."

Rimo winced and nodded. "Gotcha."


The night was awkward on Sasuke's part. He spent the night on the edge of the bed, facing Rimo to make sure he didn't try anything. The older boy was sleeping peacefully, his face not betraying any dream he may have been having.

Once his eyes were closed and he was asleep, not much reminded Sasuke of Sakura. When he was awake, even just the way he would tilt his head or wave a hand would remind him pitifully of the pink haired girl. And when their eyes locked, he had to try his hardest not to be pulled into their deep emerald depths. He silently cursed himself for being so weak, and for being this poetic and sappy and cliché and above all, CORNY.

I mean, come on. Who actually said 'I tried my hardest not to be pulled into the deep emerald depths of his eyes'?! We can leave that to the romance novelists and Jiraiya. And Lee.

He looked up at the clock on the wall. In the moonlight, he could just make out that it was one in the morning. He was beginning to feel tired, as he had spent countless days awake. Yawning, he closed his eyes and tried to drift off into his usual half sleep.

He was about to fall asleep when a hand reached across and stroked his bangs. He opened his eyes quickly and saw a still asleep Rimo reaching out to him. He thought of chidori-izing the hand, but decided he was too lazy for such a thing, and just let it be.

Technically, seeing as it was morning, Rimo hadn't broken the promise, so he could stay like that for now.

Just as he drifted off, he heard Rimo murmur, "My crow…"


I was sitting between Sasuke's legs, holding one of his hands and rubbing soothing circles onto the back as he told me the story of their meeting with as much detail as he was willing to divulge. I could tell he was leaving out important information every now and then, because he would break off in mid sentence and pause for a moment, before continuing on with a new line.

"…By the time I woke up the next morning, he was gone. There was no sign of him ever being there, and none of my subordinates or the innkeeper remembered him even being there. At the time, I just believed it must have been a sort of disturbing dream or something, but I remembered it too vividly for it to be even a genjutsu."

"So, what did you do?" I asked him quietly.

"I returned here and continued on as if nothing ever happened. It was pretty easy, seeing as I am so good at hiding my emotions." He drawled.

We sat in silence for a while, staring ahead of us at blank expanses of wall.

After a few minutes I spoke up again, bravely asking the question that had been thundering around my head.

"…When did you realise that… you loved him?" I murmured.

He was silent for a long time, but finally answered, "The fifth time we met. I stayed with him for a month then, and I finally realised it one night when I got drunk for the first time, and he didn't take advantage of me. I truly respected him for that, and finally noticed how far deep my emotions had gone for him."


He scoffed at me. "Don't treat my love life like some corny romance novel. Now get off." He growled, though not angrily, pushing me over to my side of the bed. I slowly rolled to my side, and looked up at him. He refused to meet my eyes. That fact hurt me a little, but I understood why. It would take a long time before his deep running wounds would heal, and he would be able to look me in the eyes fully again. I was usually a very patient person, so I decided to give him his space.

Well, as much as I could while helping him recover from his alcoholism.

As the thought drifted across my mind, I saw him shiver lightly, even though the room was quite warm (for some unknown reason).

I leaned over to him and quickly examined him. His hands shook ever so slightly. I checked his pulse and it was higher than normal, though not by much. I had noticed his hands shaking a bit when he had been talking, though I had passed it off as nervousness or embarrassment.

I looked at him worriedly. "You okay?"

He closed his eyes and nodded quietly. "I'm fine. It's nothing." He replied in monotone.

"Do you want me to get you something?"

"Water would be nice."

I nodded – though he couldn't see it – and hopped off the bed, heading for the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and walked back, passing it silently to the Uchiha. He nodded his thanks and screwed off the cap, downing a fairly large quantity.

I crawled back into the bed and pulled him down to lay beside me. He stared at the ceiling blankly. I wanted to snuggle into his side, but decided against it. He probably just wanted time to think to himself, after relaying all that information to me about his past lover. Not to mention the amount of words that came out his mouth in that time would have been more than he had said during the entirety of me being here.

I leaned over him and flicked off the main light switch, pulling us both into the sudden darkness. I was momentarily blinded, and felt my way back to my place. At one point my hand landed on top of Sasuke's, and he quickly pulled away. I didn't blame him.

"Goodnight, Sasuke-kun." I whispered.

He didn't reply.


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