Damsel in Distress


Summary: Over the summer, Ishida had had his chance as a knight. It was his turn to be the damsel in distress.

Disclaimer: I don't own it. I probably never will. But, I can dream, can't I?


A tall sophomore sat in his seat at the beginning of sewing club. At that moment, he wasn't exactly paying any attention to the quilted skirt he was currently making, not that he needed to pay any heed to it. He could do the blanket stitch forwards and backwards blindfolded with one arm behind his back. Since his mind was not on his project, it was obviously elsewhere. His mind was on the past. Two months ago, to be exact.

He was remembering having his Quincy powers, before he'd lost them. He could feel them coursing through his veins, but he could not use them. He became frustrated, the face of the thing that'd done this to him flashed before his eyes. He couldn't get that maniacal grin out of his head or the heavy laughter that sounded a bit to girlish to belong to that… that… Death god.

"Ishida-kun…?" The soft voice of one of his classmates brought him from his angry thoughts. He set the needle on his desk and pushed his glasses up higher onto his nose.

He glanced quietly at the red-haired beauty. "Hai, Inoue-san."

The girl pointed a long finger to the fabric still in his left hand. The skirt was ruined as bloodstains were across the outside of his stitching. He looked to the girl, who'd spoken again. "Hn?" he wondered aloud, turning his head towards her once again, keeping his face stoic while his mind ran rampant.

"Ishida-kun, may I see your hand?" she asked him quietly.

He outstretched his hand as he watched her rummage through his bag to get out his first-aide kit. She look his hand in her own and held it firmly, thinking it would jump out of her hands and escape through the open door behind her. She pulled out a alcohol wipe and cleaned the blood from his wounds. She unwrapped a bandage with only one hand and wrapped it around his finger.

With a soft smile, she brushed her lips against the wounded appendage and let him have his hand back "There." With that, she flashed a grin and held her hands behind her back as she rocked back on her heels and stood up. "All better, right, Ishida-kun?"

"When did you learn to do first aide, Inoue-san?" he asked, avoiding her question. Things were most certainly not 'all better'. He was a Quincy without use of his powers. He had just abused his own finger with a needle while his mind wandered. He, in fewer than five minutes, had become Inoue-san's damsel in distress.

"Watching you." She flashed another grin and swayed back and forth on her heels. "Are you feeling a little better?"

He glanced at his finger then at the girl before him. "Hai," he replied with a little thought. It wouldn't be so bad being the 'damsel' for this young woman. After all, he knew eventually she would become his knight.


I, Hotari-chan, have discovered, I AM NOT A WRITER OF PLOTLESS FLUFF!!!

There, I said it! Ugh… I tried hard on this one. Please don't hurt me. I wrote this one, then rewrote it four different times! At first, Ishida was quiet and mad because 'his' skirt was ruined. Then, he was mad, then he felt better because Inoue had fixed his finger and made it 'all better'. Then, he was mad, then sad, because the skirt was for Inoue. Ugh… This fluffy thing is getting harder and harder.

I envy anyone who can write fluff without three rough drafts.

Lurve to those who read!