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Julie bounded down the grey sleek corridor, the door ahead of her sliding open as she entered its sensor sphere.


A young woman, curled over a padd, looked up from the mess of glass containers; scientific gadgetry and a set of petri-dish like objects lined up on a contraption that was similar to the side of a mountain gouged out for planting crops. Each of the dishes sat on the layers, lights and numbers bleeping past on display panels. At one end of the room at a raised desk sat a middle-aged Vulcan woman. At Julie's brisk jog into the room she frowned.

"Miss Crawford, I advise that when you are in a hurry use speed, not haste. The time you save running is usually spent in injury."

She sighed, "Yes Ms. Sermak!"

Julie slowed down, reaching the desk where Elly sat.

Elly looked up from the scattered mess of instruments and padds that was her exo-biology assignment, cherried by a squat, multileveled regulator, stocked up with round hemispherical canisters, in each one numerous variants of the same frilled brain-like hot pink fungi. Elly sighed irritably. It could be read in her face. It was hell, and whatever her hyperactive marvel of a friend was going to spew at her in a mass of incomprehensible babble was going to sail right past her, as her brain was filled to burst with numbers. Numbers of size. Numbers of cell division. Numbers of radiation exposure. Particles per million. It squeezed any patience or reason from her mind and she nearly hissed as she shot a sigh through clenched teeth.

The new cadet was due this morning.

She had to be on about him.

"What is it?" she asked, humouring her companion.

"I know you're gonna kill me for saying anything about this but you gotta listen - it's the new cadet-"

"Oh Lord, not you too!"

Julie shook her head franticly.

"N-n-n-n-no, you don't understand-"

Elly placed down a tricorder firmly, causing a 'clack' that stopped Julie from saying another word.

"Yes I do," she said, "I understand that this exo-biology prac must be finished by the beginning of tomorrow morning's class, 9 am, on the dot! And while I'm in here, slaving over this fucking regulator, making sure each of these stupid ugly pink fungi grow the way they have to, Mr. Jamison is feeding his ego showing off some hot shot stuck up cadet!"

"But you haven't even met him!" Julie scoffed, "How do you know what he's like?"

"Most members of the opposite sex have not disappointed my assumptions thus far!" She picked through the array of instruments scattered on the desk and growled, "Dammit! Where's the damn inducer?"

"Most of them are next door I think," she said with a sigh. She thought for a moment, and smiled. "You know… he's kinda cute. He's got these big brown eyes that-"

Elly dropped an instrument and smacked her hand against her forehead in exasperation.

"I don't care! I don't want to know! All anybody has been talking about this week is new cadet this, new cadet that! He's from the Enterprise! Well whoopdie God-damned doo! Some cocky, weaselly, louse Jamison clone is not going to consume my concentration!"

"How do you know what he's like when you haven't even-"

Elly shot her a dead pan look, ceasing her friend's rebuttal.

"I know, I know," Julie rolled her eyes, "Most members of the opposite sex have not disappointed your assumptions thus far!" Julie sighed.


Jamison swung open the door and did a complete 180° sweep with his arm with an eager grin.

"And this is your living quarters. Look after it well, you're a lucky chappy cause you have-"

He strolled over to the wide decoratively paned window and tapped it. It made an unexpected musical 'tong' sound, not unlike the noise a set of timpani drums made. Transparent aluminium, Wesley thought.

"Real windows," said Wesley, and Jamison nodded.

"Yes, when you look out the window, you are actualy looking at what's goin' on out there. Everyone else inside the building has a sort of – holo window. They're okay – you can get a view of the campus from it, as well as anywhere else that takes your fancy."

Jamison gave a self-impressed smile and made his way to the door.

"Dump your stuff, have a quick look around and then we can get going cause uh-" he winced, "If I don't turn up Elly's gonna kill me!"

Wes smiled with understanding.


"That's okay," Jamison shrugged, "I'm just getting my padd from my room – I'll be back in a minute to collect ya."

At that he ambled out the door. It closed with an unexpected 'clunk'. Old style doors, Wesley thought, taking note. He let out a puff of air through his cheeks, looking at the room around him. It was a nice room. Roughly rectangular in shape, along the left was a lounge, a coffee table, to the front at the windows was a desk, with console and lamp and numerous chairs (for visitors he assumed), to the right the bed – slightly bigger than the regular single size. To the right of the bed was an open door to what he presumed was the bathroom and next to that set in the wall – a replicator.

He smiled. The view was pleasant – the city blue-tinged in the distance with the stretching red fronds of the Golden Gate Bridge reaching out to the fuzzy, incomprehensible horizon. The living space was also much more spacious than expected.

He tossed his suitcase onto his bed, leaving it there for its contents to be packed later. He went to pull at his tunic, but only felt stretched para-silk like fabric. Ah, he thought, cadet uniform. The Starfleet Officer's uniform he was accustomed to had a top half that had the unfortunate tendency of insisting on sitting about one's armpits and thus had to be discreetly tucked down during the action of rising or walking. The cadet uniform, black and sleek, the only colour sported being the blazing burgundy shoulders, was a real jumpsuit, not the pseudo-jumpsuit of a full-fledged officer. Against the deep red of his uniform a tiny gold sliver of a rank-pip shone – one in it's number. He strolled into the bathroom, the wall opposite the door sporting a long mirror. He gave a short smile at the reflection before him, the slender young man tucking at his suit nervously in anticipation of the day ahead.

"Come on, Wes!"

Giving his front a final swipe he turned, striding to the door.

With a thump he rebounded off the closed door, and he let out a muffled moan.

Ow, he thought to himself, knowing with the warm heat of embarrassment that he had forgotten that the doors were manual in this centuries-old complex. He opened the door, blushing bright crimson. Jamison's expecting face was on the other side of the door.

"What you bashing in the door for?"

"I wasn't bashing in the door," Wesley said quietly, "I ran into it."

Jamison cackled, slapping Wesley on the back roughly, "Hahaaaaa, ya doofus!!"

"The ones on the Enterprise open for you that's all I just-"



Julie had kept surprisingly quiet since her last rebuttal against Elly's anti-new cadet tirade. She was saving her breath – Elly was as stubborn as a goat when she had an idea in her head. Especially a stupid one. She sighed – worth another try.

"You know Elly, you haven't talked to him yet… You haven't even met him. I mean he's-"

"Probably like every other toffee arsed trumped up top-brass offspring in the fleet."

From the desk the young woman took her padd, bounding with a spirited defiance to the door.

"But Elly…"

"Listen, Julie, I really don't have the energy or time to talk about this guy, okay - he's just a GUY! I can't be bothered with the seeming obsession running rife about him!"

Julie opened her mouth - but closed it again, shaking her head. Different tack, she thought.

"Why can't you just ignore the hype and listen to what I'm saying? I've had a chance to talk to him and he seems really nice."

Eleanor sighed, spinning on her heel to look back at her. "I've met enough of these top-brass people to know what they're like. You know they forget about what it's like to really be out there? All they care about is 'Fleet politics! I swore to God when I went to the last summit I ever had to go to with my father that I'd never, NEVER - end up like that!"

Eleanor frowned. Julie's expression had gone blank and the twinkling blue eyes were locked on something behind her. She growled.

"What's wrong, you never heard someone give their opinion before?"

"No," came an unexpected male voice, "It's just that Elly giving her opinion is such a spectator sport."

Eleanor spun around, hair flailing wildly as she did so, and upon regaining her bearings she just about choked.

"Hi." Wesley smiled nervously.

Two people. Two people in the room that she thought weren't there. New person. New seemingly rather nice looking person - good God look at those eyes - what the hell was she thinking and even if she liked those eyes and the nice mouth and sweet smile she just went ballistic at her best friend in front of him. Oh God, Oh God you suck so badly. The girl's cheeks burned viciously as they turned bright red and she huffed. "Ohw... shit!"

"Uhm," Jamison let loose a chuckle, "Elly, this is Wesley Crusher, Wes, Eleanor Ruddesford."

"Pleasure to meet you," said Wes.

She frowned, her insides seizing sickenly at the thought of speaking after - damn it. She backed away a little, taking her bottom lip in her mouth.

"That's nice," she said, voice tremulous, "Excuse me..."

She took a swift step, slipping past him and out the door without looking back. He couldn't quite believe the rudeness of it all. He looked to Julie and Jamison, absolutely stunned looks on their faces and he swallowed.

"I don't think she likes me very much," he croaked.

Jamison and Julie exchanged a glance, their jaws hanging lax.

"I dunno what she thinks of you but you did something to her...." Jamison rasped. Julie shook her head, disbelief splashed across her features.

"Man, you broke my friend! You just like…" She gestured wildly with her hands, "zonked her!"

Wesley frowned, "Zonk?"

"Yeah like," Jamison said, "Spaced her out - you know what I mean?"

Wesley nodded with some uncertainty.

"Geeez," Jamison said, shaking his head again, "I can't believe you cracked the Ice-Maiden!"

Julie frowned abruptly and hit him. "Mark! Don't call her that!"

Wesley let a furrow form in his brow.

"What!?" Jamison exclaimed, "All the guys call her that!"

Wesley looked to him with genuine puzzlement. "Why?"

The blonde cadet blinked at Wesley. "Cause she's outwardly friendly and a charmer to be around why do you think?!?"

Julie rolled her eyes, "Mark! You know she's not that bad!" Julie leant to Wesley, "She's got this idea that all male cadets are walking hormones and that they're all after one thing... I wonder where she got that from eh?"

Wesley gave a slight smile of understanding and nodded. "So you don't like her then?"

Jamison did a double take and laughed nervously. "Oh hey no, we're as close as a set of cojoined twins, she's just a little brusque to the opposite sex sometimes..."

"A little?" chuckled Julie.

"Yeah well," Jamison shrugged, "I wouldn't call her names..."

Julie eyed him.

"To her face..." he smirked, and when Wesley didn't looked too impressed, he nudged him. "Jokes man, jokes!" He nodded. "Mostly."


She sank into the chair in the corner, a permanent cringe on her face. She couldn't believe it! WHY? Why did the swaggering horse's ass have to be so damned – decent! – and so... so... Ohw! She couldn't even bring herself to think it. But she felt it. Or her loins did anyway. Her brain knew better, and that she would follow. She watched the vulcan near her work on a similar experiment to her own. Sure enough as she had raced into the room she eyed numerous growth inducers scattered about the place.

The vulcan looked to her with a concerned look as a vulcan could possibly wear.

"Are you certain you are fine?"

"Yeah, fine, couldn't be better."

Sarnak cocked an eyebrow. "I see. You look like you are in a state of mild shock."

Eleanor shook her head with a scowl, "You don't say."

Sarnak eyed her. "I do."

Despite the situation, Eleanor found it in herself to laugh. She thanked God for Sarnak at moments like this. She smiled at the Vulcan, who now was already deeply involved in her work once more.

"You know you're lucky," she said, "That you don't feel emotions like humans do."

"I feel them," Sarnak said, studying her numbers carefully, "I just do not let them affect me." The vulcan now looked up at her. "It is a common misconception made by humans that vulcans do not feel emotions. We feel them, however we dare never act on them nor show them."

Eleanor nodded, "I know - I just forget. It's an easy thing to do to someone who acts like they feel nothing."

Sarnak nodded, obviously again buried in her work.

"Julie must think I'm such an ass," she sighed, "There I was, venting my neuroses in front of the new guy like a complete pillock! Ye Gods - I hope - oh damn... Sarnak..."

Sarnak looked up from her work once more, no sign of amusment in her features.

"I shouldn't have bagged this guy before he even got here huh?"

"It was not wise," Sarnak replied, "Why do you ask?"

"I ask because I'm going to be the laughing stock of the whole damned Academy!"

"I believe you are exaggerating the problem," the vulcan said calmly, "I am sure most people are not concerned with your wild assumptions."

"Oh gee thanks!"

Eleanor looked to her fiddling fingers, the collision replaying in her mind. Those eyes... where had she seen them before? Whaddaya mean seen 'em before? she thought to herself, You've never seen this guy before in your life! But a feeling of humiliation grew in her every time she remembered his face. That and it somehow conjoured up the faint aroma of the tart smell of fruit tea. Why? Of all the stupid Goddam son-of-a-bitch mornings...

She gave a hot sigh.

"Why do I have to be so mean to everybody? I got angry at everybody for getting excited about this guy and now I've made a total idiot of myself! I promised myself I'd hate this guy - I hate this guy - I don't even KNOW this guy! I think I don't know him... Damn why is he so familiar?"

Eleanor looked to Sarnak, who seemed to ponder Eleanor's outspoken inner-monologue momentarily, then continue with her calculations.


Sarnak sighed, glancing to Eleanor calmly.

"You seem confused about your feelings. I advise you talk to this 'Wesley' and find out what you can about him."

"Talk to him?!"

"You are being anti-socail again..."

Elly growled, "Okay okay, you don't have to tell me!"


She sighed, "I'm not talking to him. I want nothing to do with him! I'm too fucking embarrassed to want to have anything to do with him."

"If that is your decision you must live with it. Now - if you have nothing more to say about this, I must finish my experiment."

Eleanor blinked at the vulcan. The beautiful face seemed to express nothing. It did express nothing, what was she thinking? A yikky well of dejection grew inside of her, and mixed with the humiliation that plagued her.