Title: We're all MAD here

Anime: Death Note

Pairing: Misa Amane / Kiyomi Takada / Hal Lidner


Warning: yuri, possible lemon

Summary: The science of hatred is very complex. For Misa Amane, hers is the greatest form of all.


A Forlorn Company

The science of hatred is very complex. There must be a reasonable amount of it in the world that varies in form and intensity. Misa Amane wasn't really that smart to understand concepts such as science and frankly she didn't care. All she knows is that whatever she feels for this ugly bitch is the greatest form of hatred. Science, she believed, could not possibly explain the rarity of her emotion or withhold the intensity it purges out. She hated Kiyomi Takada. It was an innate, hideous feeling. She knows that adjectives near to "murderous" would only suffice it. More than anything else, Misa wants her dead and wanted it slow and torturous at the same time. It must be a typical exaggeration for any girl who becomes acquainted with her boyfriend's other girl but nonetheless this is a personal vendetta. And hell, it's on, all right.

Who does she think she is? Just because she is a famous journalist she could go around strutting her body in those formal feminine clothes even though to Misa's opinion she lacks the luscious curves most men craved. Kiyomi Takada was hailed as Kira's spokeswoman and Misa's gorgeous boyfriend and soon-to-be spouse Light Yagami has to get close to her and all so he could gather information for their investigations. That still doesn't give her the right to be clingy and all lovey-dovey to Misa's Light. She is so disgusting, a woman with no shame whatsoever. Misa would like to stomp her feet in her face and let her well-manicured nails sink into the blemished flesh. She hated the goddamn whore! Misa doesn't only want her dead, no. She wants her to suffer five years before death. The beautiful blonde model is determined to make sure it was her who would give Takada that taste of sweet perdition.

After the shared dinner they have Misa kept having nightmares of her. She could see Takada in a bright violet dress, screwing her boyfriend as she watched in shocking horror. She had these nightmares for a very long time and it was destroying her self-worth, eating away her whole intestinal dignity. Misa wishes that her fear would not become a reality and there is only one way to do that.

Misa stalked Takada feverously. She wasn't insecure. She knew Light was just using her but she has to draw the line and become territorial. It's time to show who is the boss. So she went to shows and concerts where Takada is a host. Mogi, her manager, was kind enough to organize her revenge fare silently. He didn't approve it altogether but he was always the wise gentleman that complaining with make him a nosy idiot. So he allowed the petite beauty to have her way all the time. The only exception was when there are strict orders from authority that he should draw back and control Misa Amane and be in charge. Fortunately he was just asked to stick around and be a bodyguard.

The young model was shaking hands and signing autographs, impatient to get out the crowd to find Takada. She wasn't impolite to fans and publicity but she really needs to get out of here. She gave Mogi a defeated look and he quickly understood her urgency. He asked the people to step back because they will be leaving. As soon as Misa was out of mob grasp, she breathed a sigh of relief and started to feast her eyes on her target.

"Misa-Misa," Mogi spoke calmly. "Shall I take you there so you could talk to Takada-san herself?"

Misa crossed her arms stubbornly and blew her bangs away from her eyes. "That's crazy talk, Mochi-chan. Misa doesn't need you to always supervise her."

"But you could remember the last time when one of her bodyguards, the tall blonde, restrained you."

Misa scoffed louder. "Misa can take care of herself now."

She was accused of being a criminal, tortured by a perverted detective and let us not forget to mention her family was massacred. Misa knows darn well how to take care herself. "Wait for me here, Mochi."

She was wearing a sensual, low-cut blouse that hugs her breasts firmly in place. Her pale skin was luminescent. Her smooth blonde locks were loose on her waist. The leather mini skirt was exposing the deliciously edible flesh of her thighs a little whenever she starts to move about. She was looking so hot indeed. Add her touch of simple make-up and cherry lip gloss and you get a perfect cosmopolitan cover for the year's issue. She confidently walked, her boots gliding effortlessly. She turned heads as expected. She heard praising murmurs. And god, isn't she the most desirable woman on earth. Light wants her. Not Takada. Just look at the beyotch.

As she got closer, she took in every simple detail in her opponent's appearance. Kiyomi Takada is attractive, Misa would admit that, but in a different league. She has a clean, short hair. Her skin was okay. She wore little make up. Her smile was skilled friendly. Her peach blouse was buttoned only to the extent of her collar, exposing a lovely white neck. The skirt was an inch high on her knees. Her white sandals matched it. She was tossing her head teasingly when she laughs at the jokes of the director. Misa slowed her step, trying to gain some strategy to immediately assault her cleverly. Takada noticed her when she craned her head a little. Her soft blue eyes flickered and she regarded Misa another professionally kind smile that the model also loathed.

"Good evening, Amane-san." Her voice was so polite that it hurts Misa's ears ten times fold.

Misa did not bother greeting back. She simply tapped her foot impatiently. She is used getting things her way. Takada knew the spoiled-brat tactic and she didn't encourage it. She pretended to engage in another animated conversation with the director. Misa knew what she was doing of course and she won't win.

"Um, Director-san," Misa placed her fingers around the man's forearm. She added some soft brushing of her bosom for the appeal. He noticed and was courteous enough not to drool. He was gone after some cooing from Misa's part.

Now it was just her and Takada.

"I must apologize for the brief dinner last time, Amane-san. I do not wish to appear rude to you but I was really upset with the way you talk to me at that moment." Takada was so eloquent with opening remarks, isn't she? Her insults are covered with shrewd politeness.

Misa did not say anything. Not yet. Don't retort any bitchiness just yet. She knew that she is that stereotype blonde girl and she was not going to prove that right. So she kept her mouth shut for now and listened.

Takada blinked twice, amused of the gait the model is trying to possess. She was actually trying to be cool and serious. How interesting...

"Is there anything else you want to tell me, Amane-san?"

"Let's dine together again, Kiyomi-chan." Misa tried to sound sincere and surprisingly she did sound exactly like that. She now managed a casual smile. Takada was a little taken aback.

So this is how she wants to play then…

Takada chuckled mildly. "I am honored to do so...Misa-chan."

The next thing both women were aware of is that they are riding on the limousine being driven by Mogi himself. Takada placed her hands on her lap the whole time. She was looking straight ahead, watching the lights blur as the car passes them by. Misa on the other hand had her legs crossed, exposing some more flesh. She was fingering the strap of her red tank top and was taking sneak glances at the other woman. Takada decided to humor her so she looked back. Misa knew she could not just avert her gaze. She is going to see this one through. The blonde angel smiled. Takada smiled warmer. They held each other's gazes for a long moment then they finally looked away together.

Mogi was looking at the front mirror once or twice, wondering what could possibly be happening to those two at this moment.

"Where should we be dining, Misa-chan?" Takada was a good, engaging conversationalist. It almost sounded like she was interested. She must have learned it in her Mass Communications. Misa tried not rolling her eyes.

She switched back to her cheerful demeanor. She also made sure it was just the right note of being happy. She didn't want to appear too excited. Misa clasped her hands together in a gesture of enthusiasm while opening her mouth to show a bright set of white pearls. She knows this pose is effective since she commonly uses it on people who bore her. "You would like it there, Kiyomi-chan. It's also a private dining area. It would only be just you and me."

"I thank you for this invitation, Misa-chan. I was afraid that you will decline my friendship." Takada looked at her hands shyly. She was acting too. Misa has a far better experience in that expertise.

She surprised Takada by taking both her hands. Misa knew she was an idiot last time when she got drunk. There is no room for being retarded this time.

"Kiyomi-chan is a nice, pleasant lady and Misa—" The model paused abruptly and knew that she has to act well-adjusted since she is after all three years older. She gave up the foolish cute talk and repeated. "You are a nice, pleasant lady, Kiyomi-chan and I like you."

Takada could not stop herself from smiling coyly. No more "Misa-Misa" references then? This is better than she anticipated.

The limousine came to a stop. Misa got out first and asked Takada to wait inside the car for a while. Mogi held the door and waited, not exchanging a word with the other woman. Takada was absorbed with observing Misa from a far. This may sound rather unbecoming of her but how she envies that girl's body. She is a doll. Takada is intelligent and she knew how to carry herself. She has beauty too that ravishes men but not like Misa's. She wanted that kind of aura in her beauty. It's almost killing her when she sees the cute model bouncing around with her stylish clothes and childish pace. Takada sometimes wishes she could be like that for just one day. You see, she has an appetite for raw sex and if she looks like Misa she will get that. Being respected and looked up to because of your wit is great and all but sometimes a gorgeous woman like her wants a fuck.

The talented journalist allowed her thoughts to wander some more as she tolerantly waited in her seat. She was keenly aware of how Misa is being treated like a sex object. It made her think of possibilities. Maybe Misa is a village bicycle. Girls like her usually sleep around. Since Takada is a good judge of character she could tell Misa is loyal to Light alone. When that man entered her mind, her heart skipped a beat and then she felt warm all of a sudden between her thighs. This is a good sensation.

Misa returned and asked Takada to come out. They walked side by side together like real friends. Mogi opened the door for them. They stepped in. Takada glanced around with eyebrows up.

"This is not a private restaurant, Misa-chan." Takada glanced at the area. There was a tablecloth on the floor and the food was there including the wine.

"Of course! I want an inside picnic and it's cozy and private at the same time." Misa removed her boots and placed them neatly aside. She sat on the floor and giggled. Takada knew that this is part of her scheme. She also took off her sandals and sat down opposite her.

"I have to admit and complement you, Misa-chan. This is completely new and creative." Takada did not forget to place the napkin above her lap, running her fingers on it to smoothen the wrinkles. Misa did the same.

"Let's eat then, Kiyomi-chan." Misa took her silverware and started slicing. Takada took her time slicing and chewing, tasting the food thoroughly. Misa was casually gulping down the contents and she was careful not to drink wine. Takada offered it at last and she poured them a drink.

"You are a very interesting girl," Takada was looking at Misa through her wine glass. Misa was just sipping a little from hers. She took note of that.

"Light really does want to marry me, Kiyomi-chan. And you are definitely invited." It sounded like an attack but Takada did not care about her words anymore. She was concentrating on her face and that pronounced bosom.

She still tried to pay attention as she replied. "Very well. I would be pleased to be one of your bridesmaids."

"How about maid of honor?"

Takada chuckled humorlessly. "That would be generous of you, Misa-chan."

Misa giggled and moved closer to Takada, drinking the contents of her wineglass at last. Takada watched her.

"You know I really wish we could be closer to each other." Misa said, trying to collect her thoughts. "Light does like you, Kiyomi-chan but what you have with him is not romance. He loves me. Only me, Kiyomi-chan."

"I could tell, Misa-chan.""

Bitch. Sure you can. Misa poured some more wine on Takada's glass. While holding the bottle, she clumsily brushed herself on Takada's left arm. She was not yet drunk but she was overcome with the feeling to strangle her senseless. Takada noticed the fault in her action and she placed her own hand around the bottle. "I can do it myself."

Misa pouted. She did not let go of the bottle. They ended up pouring the glass together. They were closer to each other, all right. Misa was leaning on Takada, pressing her whole weight on her left shoulder. Takada stayed completely still, trying to be oblivious. Their fingers were on each other as they held the bottle. They didn't even notice that the wine has overflowed. Misa laughed heartily. She apologized. "Misa is sorry."

"I really like it when you talk using the third person, Misa-chan." This time Takada means it. It was a good thing that the napkin was on her lap or her skirt would have been spilled with the wine. She dried herself quietly. Misa leaned her cheek on Takada's shoulder, peering languidly.

They were too deadly close. At this point Misa could really strangle her. She wanted to give in to the notion but there was something else burning inside her that she could not comprehend anymore. She wonders helplessly if the other woman felt it. When Takada was contented that she was not that wet with wine, she said, "Misa-chan, maybe we should go back to our respective homes."

Misa was not done yet. She hasn't accomplished utter humiliation from Takada. She tried to find a way to do so but her mind was blank from diabolical ideas. She didn't move from her position. Takada used her other hand to ease Misa from her current pose. She placed a hand on her shoulder to push her off gently. Misa unconsciously placed her own hand above Takada's. Both women did not move.

Misa felt really tired. She had been working hard lately and the photo shoots, interviews and fans chasing her around could be very exhausting and draining. Maybe she could ruin Takada some other time. All she wanted right now is rest. She doesn't care anymore if she had her cheek on her enemy's shoulder.

Takada noticed the change in the atmosphere and was not sure if she likes it. "Misa-chan, are you sure you are okay?"

"No, I feel really sleepy, Kiyomi-chan."

"Shall I call Mogi-san?" Takada was unable to think about what the hell is with this girl. Their hands were still on each other. That was the second time for this night. Somehow it felt too intimate.

Suddenly Takada had a plan. She had been thinking about it earlier and maybe she should see the results. While Misa remained paralyzed in her place, Takada moved her hand from her shoulder to her cheek. She tilted her head to get better access. When she leaned closer, she knew what to go for. Misa did not even have the time to react. Takada pressed her mouth against hers, warm breath released and exchanged. Misa muffled a gasp as their tongues met. She did not refuse it. Is this another game?

If it is, she will win.

To Takada's surprise, Misa responded after. She placed her arms around the other woman's neck and pulled her close to explore her some more. Takada took this as an opportunity to run her hands cautiously around those nice breasts. She was unwilling at first and then she finally enjoyed the weight of those breasts. She teased the nipples until they harden within the fabric. Her own nipples were erect as well. She kneaded on them some more. Misa moaned.

This aroused Takada even more to bury her mouth further and push Misa to the floor, scattering about the silverware and the plates around them. The blonde beauty lay on her back and allowed Takada to rest herself on top. She gently grinded herself on the petite girl. Misa teased her fingers down Takada's collarbone. They stopped kissing so Misa could bite the flesh of her neck. Takada then busied herself with gaining entrance to that ridiculously short leather skirt.

"Bitch, I hate you." Misa let out hoarsely as she felt Takada's fingers making their way inside her underwear.

"I hate you more, slut."

"Fuck you."

"Fuck me? Fuck you!" Takada lifted Misa up to a sitting position. They eyed each other angrily. Then Takada smiled and stood up, fixing the creases of her blouse and skirt. She regarded Misa with a nod.

"I am early tomorrow for work." She simply said.

Misa remained on the floor, looking up. She stood up when she realized she should be at the same height as Takada. They couldn't tear each other's eyes away from one another. "I will be around, Kiyomi-chan."

Takada gathered herself as she headed to the door. "I don't doubt that, Misa-chan."

Then she opened the door and Mogi appeared. He looked at the two women curiously but said nothing. Misa ordered him to drive Takada back to her place. Mogi obeyed.

The science of hatred is complex. Misa did not care. Whatever she feels for Kiyomi Takada is the greatest form of hatred. And as she discovered now, it is also something more.

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