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Bits and Pieces

Chapter 1- First Year

"Finally!" Fred exclaimed as the red Hogwarts Express pulled out of platform 9 ¾. He grinned wide at his twin brother as they made their way down the middle of the train, looking for a compartment. "We're finally gonna get to learn more then what mum and dad have taught us."

"And what we learned from Bill and Charlie." George added with a grin.

"Right you are bro."

"And don't forget we won't have to be tailed by Ron and Ginny all year."

"Another good point." Fred agreed as he opened the door to the next car.

It was September first and they were on their way to Hogwarts to start their first year of wizard training. Both Fred and George had been looking forward to starting Hogwarts ever since Bill had come home from his first year, gloating about all the stuff he had learned and all the things he had done at school. They had watched three older brothers start, waiting and waiting for their turn. Now it was finally here and they were both excited to get there.

"Ah here's one." George said, sliding open a compartment door. Fred turned around and followed his brother into the compartment he had passed. The compartment however was not empty. Inside sat a boy with dreadlocks, a girl with auburn hair, and a second dark skinned girl. All three looked toward the door when it opened. George gave them a friendly smile. "Mind if my brother and I join you?"

"Naw, of course not." The boy replied, smiling, as one girl nodded and the other shrugged.

"Great," George said walking in. Fred slipped in behind him and closed the door. "I'm George and this is my twin, Fred." George stuck out his hand to the boy.

"I'm Lee Jordan." The boy replied shaking first George's hand and then Fred's.

"Nice to meet you Lee."

"And who might you two lovely ladies be?" Fred asked turning to the left, his eyes stopping on the taller, dark skinned girl.

"I'm Alicia Spinnet," the auburn haired girl introduced.

"It's lovely to meet you." George said shaking her hand.

"And you are?" Fred asked still gazing at the unknown girl. There was something about her that made it so that he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

The girl glanced up at him. She looked him over and tried to read him. His gaze quickly began to make her uncomfortable. "Angelina Johnson. Nice to meet you." She said somewhat curtly. There was just something about him that spelled trouble.

Fred stuck out his hand to shake hers but she kept them in her lap. After a moment of awkwardness, he reached down, took her hand and shook it.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Angelina," he replied softly.

Angelina's eyes narrowed as she pulled her hand away from Fred's. "Yeah, you too." She said annoyed. Fred's smile fell. He nodded and took a seat across from her next to Lee and his twin. Angelina went back to her conversation with Alicia.

"So Fred, George what are you?" Lee asked.

"Pureblood. Mum and Dad both went to Hogwarts. Both in Gryffindor in fact. So far the whole Weasley clan has been in Gryffindor." George replied sitting back and making himself comfortable.

"Yeah mum hopes we'll continue the tradition." Fred added.

"Are you two the first to start?" Lee asked.

"Naw," Fred said shaking his head. "We'll be numbers four and five. And there's two more after us."

"Bloody hell seven kids." Lee replied, amazed.

"And only one girl."

"Holy crap. You're parents must really like kids."

Fred and George laughed. "Yeah it would seem that way. Many a time we think that they only stopped because they finally got the girl mum wanted." George said.

"All jokes aside though," Fred added. "They are good parents. Besides having a big family isn't all that bad."

"He's right." George put in. "While they are annoying at times, it comes in handy when you want to play a little backyard quidditch."

"Excellent." Lee smiled.

"What about you? What are you?" George asked.

"Half and half. Dad's a wizard, mum's a muggle. I have an older sister but she took after me mum. She goes to Cantabury Secondary school. Mum and dad thought I'd turn out like her. Both were really proud when I got my letter. My dad was in Ravenclaw, though his father was in Gryffindor, so who knows where I'll end up." Lee explained.

"Well hope you're in Gryffindor with us. Our brother, Charlie, is seeker on the house quidditch team." George interjected.

"George you don't know for sure that we'll be in Gryffindor. We might end up in Hufflepuff or something." Fred said, pulling out a deck of exploding snaps and began to shuffle.

George stuck his tongue out at his brother. "And disgrace the family more then we already have, never." He said. "Besides, like I said, the whole family on Dad's side has practically been in Gryffindor."

Fred shrugged as he dealt out a couple of cards. "Anyone up for a game of snaps?" he asked looking around the compartment.

"I'll play Fred." George said, sitting forward.

"Count me in." Lee added, with a smile. "I love this game. My dad bought me a deck when we were in Diagon Alley. I've been playing my sister ever since."

"Great," Fred said with a smile. He looked up across at Alicia and Angelina. "How about you ladies? Would you care to join in?"

Alicia looked over and smiled. "That…"

"No thank you. We are other wise engaged." Angelina interrupted giving Alicia the eye.

Fred frowned. "Alright then. Maybe later." He replied disappointed.

"Yeah, later." Angelina retorted and pulled Alicia back to their conversation.

Fred watched her for a second, feeling let down. All he was trying to do was to be nice to her and offer friendship but it seemed that she didn't want anything to do with him. Well if she was going to be rude to him, maybe she deserved one of his and George's "special" chocolate frogs. He grinned to himself and turned back to Lee and George.

"So Lee you into Quidditch?" George asked, picking up his cards and arranging them.

"Oh yeah. Me dad and I listen to the matches on the WWN. He's a big fan of the Kestrels but I'm pretty partial to the Tornadoes. They've got a really good team this season." Lee said laying down a card on the trunk they had placed in front of them as a table.

"The tornadoes are a good team. I root for them on occasion. Though lately I've been watching the Magpies. They've got a really great Keeper. Did you read about his save last week against Puddlemere United? It was unbelievable." George replied adding his card to Lee's.

"Yeah. Unbelievable. Down and out then hanging by his knees. And the chaser took it and scored too." Lee said in awe.

"Both are excellent teams gentlemen, but the Harpies are doing admirably well this season." Fred put in.

At the mention of the Holyhead Harpies, Angelina looked over. They were her favorite quidditch team because they were an all women team and quite high up in the league.

"Quite right you are Fred. They are doing well. Especially that new chaser they just signed, Katherine Cutter. She's a whiz on that Cleansweep she rides." George said nodding to Fred to play his card. Fred thought a moment, made his pick and put down his card. Just as he let go of the card the game exploded in front of them. The boys chuckled and George collected the cards to shuffle.

At the explosion, Angelina looked away. She didn't want the precocious, red haired Fred to notice. As she looked away, Fred looked up because he had noticed. He looked her over again. Her skin was shinning, almost glowing. It gave her a very alluring aura. Angelina took noticed of his gaze and turned to him.

"Did you want something?" She asked forcefully, her eyes bearing into his.

"I was wondering if you girls were up for a game yet?" Fred replied quickly. "You seemed quite interested in this last one after all." He sat back, relaxing a little, being slightly cocky. Angelina brows furrowed.

"I'd love to play." Alicia exclaimed before Angelina could answer for her.

"Great," Fred said looking over at the dusty brown haired girl.

"What about you?" George called to Angelina as he began to deal.

"No, thank you." Angelina said with a huff as she reached for her transfiguration book in her book bag.

"Studying already?" Lee commented in a low tone to Fred and George. "She'll definitely be in Ravenclaw." Angelina scowled at him over the top of her book. "As long as I'm not in his house." She thought glaring over at Fred. She huffed again and turned to her book.


Around midday the trolley came around. "Anything off the trolley dears?" the trolley witch called, sliding open the door to their cabin.

Fred jumped up and walked up to the trolley. "Five chocolate frogs please," he asked, reaching into his pants pocket for his money.

"3 sickles, 4 knuts please." The elderly witch replied, counting out five chocolate frogs.

Fred counted out the coins and handed her the exact change. In return she handed him the five frogs. He took one frog in the hand with the money bag and slipped them both into his pocket. He exchanged the real chocolate frog for one of his and George's altered one. He pulled it out and added it to the pile in his other hand. He then turned around and smiled at the rest.

"Chocolate frogs for everyone to celebrate new friendships and our first year at Hogwarts," Fred said passing out the frogs, making sure Angelina got the one from his pocket.

"Thanks Fred." Alicia said with a smile.

"How generous Fred." George said, recognizing the switch his twin had made. While they had done a great job with repackaging the frogs after they had 'altered' it, they had been unable to get it sealed exactly right. If you looked really close, or knew what/where to look, you'd notice that the ends didn't quite meet up.

"Yeah thanks Fred," Lee said catching the frog that was thrown at him.

Angelina nodded her thanks as Fred flopped down into his spot.

"Who did you get?" George asked his brother.

"Cornelius Fudge again. You?"

"I got one from the quidditch series. It's Petrova Porskoff."

"Awesome. We don't have that one yet." Fred said leaning forward to look at the back of the card his brother held out.

"You collect chocolate cards Lee?" George asked.

"I've got a few." Lee replied, opening his wrapper.

"Need Cornelius Fudge? We've got at least four." Fred said handing Lee the card. "Not to mention that I never really cared for the guy that much anyway. Dad always said he was kind of a softy."

"Yeah I'd heard that too." Lee replied. "Thanks for the card though. I'll add it to my collection."

"No problem." Fred said with a nod.

As the boys talked chocolate frog cards, Angelina slowly opened her frog. She glanced at the card, Helga Hufflepuff, then grabbed her frog and broke it in two. Just as the chocolate frog broke, green slimed exploded all over her. A loud shriek escaped her lips and everyone looked her way.

Lee, George and Fred all burst into loud booming laughter. Alicia's jaw dropped then spread into a wide smile, as she tried to hold back her own laughs.

Angelina stood up, glared at all the boys and stomped her way to the door. She threw it open and stepped into the corridor. She turned around and glared directly at Fred. She knew he had done it. She knew it was all his fault that she was covered in slime. She then stamped her feet and marched off.

Alicia jumped up. "I better go and help her." She said, making her way after Angelina, pulling the door closed behind her.

"Man that was so great. What was that?" Lee asked as his laugh slowly faded.

"One of mine and George's "special" chocolate frogs." Fred replied still smirking, as he made air quotation marks around the word special.

"They're full of slug slime." George added, standing up and moving to the now empty bench across from Lee. "We've been testing them out on our younger siblings."

"Yeah it's quite fun to give them one that's been sitting around a bit. We've found that the longer they sit, the more explosive they get." Fred said biting into his chocolate frog.

"Well that must have been an older one because that squirted everywhere." Lee put in as he began to laugh again.

"You're right it sure did." Fred grinned slightly twisted. "That'll teach her."


When the laughter had subsided, the boys talk turned to Zonko's Jokeshop and then Quidditch again. They spent the rest of the train trip talking about the up coming season and who they foresaw as being the lead players. With a few games of exploding snaps thrown in, the time flew by. Angelina and Alicia never returned.

Fred was the first to realize this when a voice came over the intercom system announcing that they would be reaching Hogsmeade in 15 minutes time.

"Hey the girls never came back," he commented as he watched George push aside a dark purple trunk with initials A.J. on it.

"Angelina must be really pissed at you. That glare she gave you before she stormed off was ice cold." George said as he pulled out his faded black Hogwarts robes from the five inch opening in his dark green trunk.

"Yeah I saw that look. It could have frozen rain." Lee added as he slammed shut his red trunk.

"Shit," Fred murmured as he stood up. He flicked open the locks on his worn blue trunk and rummaged around for his school robes.

When the train stopped Fred, George, and Lee grabbed their trunks and pulled them down the corridor and out on to the platform, where they placed them next to the pile of other student trunks.

"First years over 'ere," they heard a booming voice shout. They looked toward the voice and saw a burly man who stood way above the crowd.

Fred smiled. "Must be Hagrid," he said leading the way to where all the other first years were gathering around the overly gigantic man.

"Who's Hagrid?" Lee asked as they joined the mass of students.

"He's the games keeper." George answered pointing up at the half-giant. Fred and Lee looked up at him.

"Hiya Hagrid." Fred yelled. Hagrid looked toward the voice when he spotted the twins. "Hello there. You must be the Weasley twins." He said walking up to them. "Your brother Charlie warned me about you two. Troublemakers he called you. Am I gonna have to keep my eye on you two?"

George chuckled. "Naw. Charlie was just exaggerating. We're little angels." He said with fake innocent eyes.

Hagrid gave them a suspicious look. "We'll see about that." He replied, his voice doubtful.

"I see our reputation has preceded us." Fred murmured to Lee. Lee smiled

At that moment, Fred caught a glance of Angelina with Alicia trailing behind her, over Lee's shoulder. He watched as she walked determinedly past, paying no attention to him or George or Lee. Alicia, however, gave him a sorry shrug.

"Alright first years, follow me." Hagrid shouted waving the first years toward the exit of the Hogsmeade station. Fred, George, and Lee followed the crowd as Hagrid led them to the lake to make the traditional crossing.

Fred, George, and Lee climbed into one of the boats with a sandy brownish blonde haired boy. After they had sat down, their boat took off, trailing after the ones that had already left.

The castle came into view after a few moments causing Lee's jaw to drop. "Holy crap it's gorgeous." He breathed.

At that moment a boat skated past their's and Fred glanced over. He spotted Alicia, who smiled at him, and Angelina, who crossed her arms and looked in the opposite direction. Fred frowned.

"Maybe I should have thought more before I acted." He thought as he watched the moonlight play upon her hair.

Suddenly she turned back and glared at him. She had felt his eyes on her and it infuriated her. Didn't he get the point?

"She's gorgeous," he muttered under his breath as her boat speed up and she looked away again.

As Fred turned back to the looming castle, the boats in front of theirs began to dock. Within five minutes, all of the students were standing on the ground in front of a set of stairs where a tall, tight lipped, gray haired women stood waiting for them dressed in emerald green robes.

"Follow me." The women said, turning on her heals and leading the first years up the staircase.

"Must be McGonagall," George whispered to his twin.

"Must be," Fred replied. Noticing Lee's confusion he added, "She's head of Gryffindor house." Lee nodded as he understood.

McGonagall led them up the stairs, across a patch of grass and up the front steps to the castle. She walked them through the giant double doors and stopped before a second set. "Before you can take yours seats for the feast, you must be sorted into one of the four different houses: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor. While you are at school these houses will be like your family…"

"Ours probably already is," George muttered to Fred, who nodded with a smile.

"… and bad behavior will lose your house points, Mr. Weasley." McGonagall finished, glaring at George.

"Wait how did you know my name?" he asked, surprised.

"How could I not Mr. Weasley." She replied with the smallest curve of her lips. "Now if you will all form a line and follow after me."

"Again our reputation precedes us." Fred said as he, Lee, and George joined up the queue.

As the first years entered the Great Hall, the whole school turned to inspect them. As Fred and George passed their brother Charlie, they waved. Charlie smiled at them and gave them a thumbs up. As they got closer to the front of the hall, they passed their other brother Percy and waved too. Percy, however, ignored them. He was still mad at them for having hidden his school robes this morning.

When they reached the front of the hall, the first years gathered in front of McGonagall who stood next to an old patched wizard's hat on top of a stool. When the hall was silent, a stitch at the brim of the hat broke and it began to speak.

The hat spoke of the four houses: Ravenclaw's with their brains and logic, Gryffindor's with their bravery and courage, Slytherin's with their cunning ways, and Hufflepuff's, who are just and loyal, and the founders for which these ancient houses had been named.

When it had finished it's rhyme, McGonagall unrolled the parchment in her hands. She cleared her throat and spoke. "When I call your name, you will walk forward, sit on the stool, place the sorting hat on your head and wait to be sorted. When your house has be revealed, please vacate the stool and join your house table." She instructed. When no one questioned her, she looked down at her list of names and read the first one. "Andrews, Mary."

A mid-height girl with brownish red hair stepped forward cautiously and up to the stool. She picked up the hat, placed it on her head, and sat down. After a moment or two the sorting hat shouted, "Ravenclaw" and Mary Andrews ran over to the cheering table.

After Andrews, Mary the sorting ceremony was on it's way. It wasn't long before they reached Johnson, Angelina.

At her name, Fred looked around for her. When she broke away from the crowd, he watched her walk up to the stool, sit down, and put the hat on her head.

"Let her be in Gryffindor," Fred wished silently. He knew it was the best place for her. Not to mention he was hoping that they would end up in the same house. Sure he didn't know for sure that he'd be in Gryffindor but he just had this feeling that he would be.

After a minute the cleave in the hat opened and shouted, "Gryffindor." The table near the wall erupted in cheers and Angelina walked over to the table with a smile. Fred smiled at her.

"Jordan, Lee."

Next to Fred, Lee stepped forward and made his way through the crowd. The hat took a moment then shouted out, "Gryffindor!" A grin appeared across Lee's face as he got up and followed after Angelina.

After Ks, Ls, Ms, Ns, Os, Ps, Qs, and Rs were sorted, they came to the Ss and Spinnett, Alicia walked up to the stool. She put the hat on and was soon sorted into Gryffindor. Fred smiled as he watched the two new friends hug at the Gryffindor table.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, McGonagall called "Weasley, Fred." Fred smiled at his brother and stepped to the stool.

At the Gryffindor table, Angelina watched as Fred placed the ancient hat on his head. "Anywhere but Gryffindor," she prayed silently. If he was in Gryffindor she would have to spend classes with him, dine with him, share a common room with him. She didn't think she could survive if that were true. The train trip had been bad enough. He was a prankster, a joker, and it seemed that she was to be his new target. "Anywhere but Gryffindor. Anywhere but Gryffindor." She crossed her fingers under the table as she waited.

Fred waited a moment or two then the ripped seam spread wide and announced "Gryffindor." Fred's lips curled into a huge smile. He had, of course, been right. He hopped off the stool and handed his twin the hat. George gave him a high five as they passed.

Angelina crossed her arms and glared as Fred sauntered up the row between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff table. She watched as he passed her and sat down on her right.

"Told ya I'd be in Gryffindor." He whispered as he learned toward her. Angelina grumbled, got up and sat down on the other side of Alicia.

"God damn it. I've got to spend the next seven years with him. ARG!" She thought as George passed her and sat down in her vacated spot. "Seven years with both of them." She had to do everything to keep herself from screaming out loud.