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Chapter 5- Year Five

"SHE SCORES! SHE SCORES! Gryfindor leads by eighty points to twenty!" Lee shouted into the megaphone. "Take that you bloody cheating bastards."

"Lee Jordan!" McGongall barked. "Detention Mr. Jordan."

"Sorry, professor, it won't happen…" Lee began then suddenly noticed the two seekers taking a dive.

"Malfoy dives. Potter's on his tail. Look at that Firebolt go! That's one bloody fast broom." Lee yelled jumped up and continued to cheer. "Go Harry go! Go!"

The Gryffindor seeker threw himself forward on his broom, reaching out with both hands for the shiny gold fluttery ball. Suddenly Harry pulled out of his dive, threw his hand up in the air, and the crowd exploded. Oliver Wood and the rest of the Gryffindor team rushed at their seeker and began to thump him on the back. Wood began to sob and Fred and George shot fireworks into the air with their wands.

"Gryffindor wins 220 to 20. Gryffindor wins the Quidditch cup." Lee screamed into the megaphone. "We've won the cup!"

The crowd rushed on to the fields as the Gryffindor team touched down. "We've won the cup! We've won the cup!" echoed across the pitch as Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw celebrated along with the Gryffindors.

The common room was alive with noise even though exams were approaching. The Gryffindors' couldn't help but celebrate. They had just won the Quidditch cup.

It was Saturday night, right after the last Quidditch game and the party was hopping. There was loud music, snacks from the kitchens, and even some butterbeer from the Three Broomsticks that Fred and George had gotten somehow. Around the room, students recounted the match play-by-play. The team was clapped on the back by every member of the house at least a dozen times. It was a wild party until curfew came into effect. At that point the music got turned down, and the voices got quieter and some students trickled up stairs but the party did not stop.

Fred, George, and Lee were reliving the game with Harry and Ron as they enjoyed a game of Exploding Snaps. Angelina, Alicia and Katie sat in one of the cozy corners in the high backed maroon chairs near the boys' dorm stairs, talking about the match as they enjoyed the butterbeer.

"You made some awesome shots today Angelina." Katie said pulling open a chocolate frog and glancing at the card.

"Yeah, way to kick some Slytherin butt," Alicia agreed.

"The way you two are talking, I was the only one playing. You were there too. And you made some great shots as well." Angelina replied popping a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean into her mouth. "Katie, you made a good penalty shot and Oliver had that great save. Not to mention, it was Harry who made that awesome snitch catch."

"Yeah, and there was that beater club Fred chucked at Flint." Katie said with a laugh.

"Yeah, but he so deserved it." Alicia replied taking a swig of butterbeer. "Flint tried to knock you off your broom. That bloody cheater."

Across the common room a boom could be heard as the stack of cards in front of Fred, George, and Lee exploded and floated gently back down to the coffee table.

"Bloody hell, tonight just isn't my night for snaps." Fred said tossing his remaining cards down on the table. "I think I will head upstairs to read over my transfiguration notes again. I'll see you guys later." He waved at his friends as he stood up and headed toward the boys' dorm stairs.

As he passed the girls sitting and talking in their chairs, he gave them a wave and smile and continued through the arch way to the stairs. As he took the second step, he heard his name mentioned and stopped. He knew he shouldn't eavesdrop but he was just too tempted to hear what Angelina might have to say about him.

"It was considerate of Fred to try to knock Flint off his broom." Katie added, repositioning herself in her chair. "Hey, speaking of considerate Fred, what's up with you and him? You've been mighty chummy with him lately. What's going on with you two?"

Angelina's face began to flush.

On the stairs, Fred smiled and quietly sat down a few steps up, enough so he was out of the way and sight but close enough so he could still hear clearly. He had to know what Angelina would say in response to Katie's question.

While Fred adjusted himself to hear better, Angelina sat up straighter, trying to hide her flushed face. "Nothing is going on between us," she replied nonchalantly. She shifted her feet, uncrossing and re-crossing her ankles. "We're just friends."

"Yeah, well that's something," Katie commented. "You weren't friends before."

"Yeah, there's been a lot less yelling at him," Alicia added. "And you and him have been out on the pitch a lot this week. What's up with that?"

"He's been helping me relax about my O.W.L.s by playing goalie while I practice my shots. Quidditch relaxes me so I don't get so worked up and nervous about my O.W.L.s." Angelina explained.

"Well I know I'm thankful you're not screaming and biting my head off over studying and shouting about how you are going to get Trolls in every subject and then breaking down into tears like you do every year." Alicia replied. "Of all the years I thought this was going to be the worst. After all, it is our O.W.L.s. Our grades on them pretty much tell us our future."

Angelina began to fidget with the box of Bertie Bott's in her hands. The memories of her parents demands of good grades falling down on her instantly. Katie immediately noticed and hit Alicia on the arm. "Now look what you did," she said glaring. "Angelina, you are going to do fine. Don't worry about it."

"Oh, I'm sorry mate. I didn't mean to get you worked up. You are going to great. You always do. And you've been studying loads. You know your stuff. You're going to get "Os" on everything." Alicia apologized. "Don't stress over it. I'll go find Fred and make him swear to go out on the pitch with you tomorrow and everyday until the end of the year." She stood up and took a step toward the boys' dorm steps. Before she made a move, Angelina put out a hand to stop her.

"No, don't." Angelina shook her head. "If it seems like I want to see him more, he might get the wrong idea. We've became friends this year." She said, not realizing what she was admitting.

"Friends, huh?" Katie said.

Alicia sat back down and looked across at her friend. "Wait, what? Friends? When did this happen? I mean I know you've been hanging out and playing Quidditch and you haven't yelled at him for every stupid little thing he's done like you used to but… friends?" Alicia said her face cloaked in disbelief.

Angelina looked from Katie to Alicia. Bloody hell, now I'm going to have to tell them what I've been feeling.

"All right, fine. I think I've begun to like Fred Weasley as a friend." Angelina let out. Alicia and Katie's mouths dropped.

"Did she just say what I think she said?"

"Fred Weasley, friend?"

"Yes, all right! Fred Weasley a friend." Angelina said with a huff as she crossed her arms.

Fred, who was still hiding on the boys' dorm stairs, stumbled as his jaw dropped. He couldn't believe he had heard right. A friend? He thought to himself. A smile spread across his lips as he slide down a stair and leaned forward so that he could hear better.

"There, I admit it," Angelina continued as she crossed her arms. "But don't you dare tell a soul or I will make it so you can't speak a word ever again. And you both know I can do the mute charm very well. I suggest you not tempt me." She glowered at her two best friends. She meant business.

"I don't know if I can believe you. I mean I know it's coming out of your mouth but I don't know if I believe it. You've hated Fred for the past 5 years." Alicia exclaimed. "I mean I always felt bad about the way you treated him but still. I didn't actually think you'd give him a chance to be your friend."

Angelina directed her glare at Alicia. "Whose side are you on? You know how bad it's been. Ever since the day I met him. How could I not dislike the bloody prick?"

"Well if you like him as a friend, something must have changed." Katie put in, excitement in her smile. Angelina looked over at her, not sure if could answer that question. "So what's happened? Tell us!"

Angelina sighed. She didn't really want to do this but she knew she owed it to them. They were her best friends and they were always there for her. "It started last year. He offered to help me relax with Quidditch."

"Yeah but you got really mad at him. You blew up at him at the study session. You were really pissed." Alicia interrupted, remembering the incident quite well.

"Yeah but I got a letter from him that sort of said some things that made me have a small change of heart." Angelina explained, twisting the box in her hands into even more pieces. She didn't want to tell them everything. It was too embarrassing. And forget about that kiss on the cheek. That was never getting out.

Just around the bend, Fred looked up curiously. Letter? He mouthed raising his eyebrows. What letter was she talking about? Suddenly it hit him. The letter he had written last year when he had just about given up. That was why she came up to talk to him. But how had she gotten it? He had folded it up and hidden it away. Just then the answer hit him like a tone of bricks. George! Fred glared in the direction of where he had left his twin. He was going to get it.

Meanwhile, Angelina continued. "And he was so pitiful after our study meeting. He genuinely seemed hurt. I felt bad for yelling and for being mean. He really was only trying to help me and be nice. So I said yes to playing Quidditch and I've tried to look at things differently."

"What do you mean?" Katie asked.

"I know that I haven't had a high tolerance level when it comes to him. I realized that the smallest thing he does pushes me over the edge while if anyone else does it, it doesn't bother me." Angelina explained.

"I always thought you judged him unfairly." Alicia interrupted again and received another glare in return.

"But he annoyed me and I hated him. Ever since that first day we met back on the train. It's been like a constant train that keeps messing with me. Ever since that first incident I had made up my mind to hate Fred Weasley and therefore every little thing he did wrong added to that hate making me hate him even more and never giving him a chance.

"Now I've decided to give him a chance to be my friend by trying to be nice to him and trying to treat him like everyone else." Angelina finished with a sigh. She felt her shoulders lighten a little but also felt a little queasy. It was out in the world. She was being friends with Fred Weasley. It felt a little ominous.

"Angelina, that's sure something else. I still can't believe you are friends with Fred. I never thought I'd see the day." Alicia stated, shaking her head.

"Well, I for one am excited to hear this. I'm glad you're gonna give him a chance." Katie said smiling. "He's really a nice guy and he's hilarious. A real hoot and a half."

"Yeah well I'm trying not to encourage him too much because I don't want him to get the wrong idea and think that I might like him enough to think of him as more than a friend." Angelina said her eyes darting toward the boys' dorm stairs. Her skin had prickles like someone was listening or speaking her name.

Little did she know that someone was listening and his hope was returning. Fred had been enjoying being friends and hanging out with Angelina. It felt right, natural when they were playing Quidditch and laughing. Sure, she still lost it sometimes but it was a lot less than every time. That was definitely a step in the direction toward more than a friend.

As Fred's hope rose, he did a little dance. All right, things are looking up. Fred thought as he stood up and did a silent dance on the stairs. Suddenly his foot slipped down a stair and he heard Angelina say, "What was that?"

Bloody hell! Fred thought but ran the rest of the way down the stairs. As he exited the stairwell he stretched his arms above his head and faked a yawn.

"Hey gals, I was just upstairs going over my transfiguration notes and I was thinking how I could use a study break tomorrow. You three going to Hogsmeade tomorrow?"

"Well, I wasn't planning on it. I was going to spend the time studying." Alicia replied.

"Yeah, me too," Angelina added.

Fred frowned. "Well I was thinking a good stop a Zonko's and The Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer might be the best relaxation for the O.W.L. nerves I've got. What do you say? Would you three ladies like to join me?" Fred offered.

"I'll be there," Katie replied smiling. "I've got nothing better to do. It sounds like fun."

"Excellent," Fred smiled. He rose his eyebrows at the other two. "Any other takers?"

"I admit that it does sound nice." Alicia said.

"I'll take that as a yes," Fred replied. "Bring her along with you, Katie."

Katie nodded with a smile. "I will."

Fred turned to Angelina and looked her straight in the eyes. "That just leaves you, Angelina," he stated, his voice softer and gentler. "What do you say?"

Angelina looked into Fred's deep blue eyes. For a second, she allowed herself to get lost in them before she shook her head and gave Fred a reply.

"I'm sorry. I really need to study. I've been spending a lot of my time practicing for the Quidditch final that I'm behind on my studying." She explained standing up. "In fact, I should try and get some studying in before bed tonight." With that, she took a step toward the girls's dorm stairs.

Fred stepped in front of her. "Please Angelina," he begged. Angelina skin prickled again with Fred's quiet pleading. She instantly felt annoyed but she took a deep breath, trying not to fly off the handle at him.

"All right, I will meet you there but I can't stay long. I have to get some studying done." She replied, stepping around Fred and continuing on to the girls' stairs. "I will see you tomorrow. Right now I need to look over my history of magic notes." She gave a half hearted wave and disappeared up the stairwell.

Just as Angelina disappeared, George and Lee appeared.

"Did I hear something about The Three Broomsticks and Zonko's?" George asked.

"Yes," Fred replied. "I just invited the girls to meet me in Hogsmeade tomorrow. Would you two like to join us?"

"Sounds smashing," Lee replied with a laugh.

"Agreed," George added.

"Wonderful!" Fred exclaimed. "I will see you all tomorrow then. Right now it's back to transfiguration for me. Have a good night all." And with that, Fred rushed up the boys' stairs, a smile across his face.

"Don't you think that Zonko's prices are getting a little up there? I mean 9 sickles a dung bomb is a bit much." Lee commented.

"They have raised their prices this year." George agreed as the three boys walked down Hogsmeade's main street towards The Three Broomsticks on a bright almost summer morning. There was just the hint of rain in the air.

"We could totally sell them for cheaper and make more profit. It's the whole supply and demand thing. Since so many want it and they are the only ones that sell it, they can charge whatever they want." Fred put in. "They need competition."

"Agreed," George replied. "Not to mention the competition would make a whole lot by selling the products cheaper, even just slightly cheaper. It would draw the customers away from them and in the long run they could charge more for their unique products and make up the difference or even surpass the difference. They could make a lot of gold."

"You are so right George," Fred said, his face lighting up as if a light bulb had appeared over his head. George took one look at him and ginned from ear to ear.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, dear brother? Because if you are, I think you are bloody brilliant." George exclaimed as they stepped up to the door of The Three Broomsticks. He grabbed the handle and held it open for the other two.

"Come on guys. What are you talking about? I have no ideas what's going on between you two because I don't speak your crazy twin mind language." Lee demanded as they crossed over the threshold.

"Later Lee, I see the girls waiting for us." Fred said as he pushed past him. "Howdy ladies."

"You're late," Angelina pointed out as the boys joined them at the round table.

Fred smiled at her. "Right you are. My apologies. We were discussing the raise in prices on dung bombs at Zonko's," he explained. "If I bought a round, would that make up for it?"

"I'd forgive you," Alicia said with a smile.

"Me too," chimed in Katie.

"A round it is then," Fred said, "Rosmerta a round of your finest butterbeer please." He shouted with a wave at the bar maid. Rosmerta smiled and nodded as she began to fill up mugs of frothy sweet beer.

"So talk about a great match the other day." George said as Rosmerta placed the mugs of butterbeer on the table.

"I know! Oliver was so bloody happy he was crying like a girl." Katie laughed.

"It was hilarious." Alicia commented.

"Agreed. It was hilarious," George said, taking a drink from his mug. "But that dirty rotten Flint. That was a rotten move he did with claiming he didn't see you."

He was just jealous of that awesome score by Angelina," Fred added putting a hand up in the air to high five Angelina. "All that practice paid off."

Angelina smiled and high five him. "Well that was some nice aim with the bludger bat on your part Fred. Flint was bleeding so bad, I thought maybe he had eaten one of the famous Weasley Nose-Bleed Nougats."

Fred and George laughed.

"Yeah, apparently I'm talented in multiple areas of life." Fred said acting hoity-toity and snobbish. George elbowed him and Fred broke into a smile.

"I just wanted to push Flint off his broom. He was throwing cheap shots everywhere." Alicia interjected.

"Well he sure taught his team well. That shot he took at you, Katie, was low. Grabbing your head like that." Lee said lifting his glass of butterbeer.

"I know. You sure said it yesterday Lee. 'Dirty cheating' and I assume your were going to say scum." Katie replied after a swallow of her drink.

"Well something along those lines. But if I had said it, McGonagall would have booted me for sure." Lee replied.

"And we can't have that. Qudditch just wouldn't be the same without you mate." Fred said clapping Lee on the back. "You lovely ladies did make some nice goals yesterday. Particularly you Angelina. You had some great moves yesterday."

"Yeah she did. Guess those extra practices paid off Angelina." Alicia smiled with a wink. Angelina blushed a light shade of pink as she gave a quick glared at her friend. She picked up her glass and took a drink, trying to hide her blush from the others.

"Naw, it was nothing." She mumbled.

"She's right. It was natural talent." Fred said.

Angelina blushed even pinker. "Okay, I do have some natural talent," she began, "but a player is only as good as her team. I couldn't have done it without the rest of the team."

"That's true. Without us," Fred said indicating himself and George. "you all would have been knocked to the ground by bludgers. We beaters make the team what it is. Without us, you'd be nothing."

With that, the three female chasers at the table hit Fred as they called him names and told him he was full of bologna. Fred just laughed as he tried to dodge the hits.

"Wood did make some spectacular saves though yesterday. I don't think we give him the credit he deserves sometimes." George said seriously as he finished a drink of butterbeer.

"Yeah, those penalty saves were pretty amazing." Katie commented.

"Agreed," said Alicia and Angelina together.

"Oh but those bludgers to the gut. If I ever catch Bole and Derrick down an empty hall, I'll show them a thing or two with a couple of bat boogey hexes and a serious stunning spell or two." Lee said punching his right fist into the palm of his left hand.

"Well if I ever come across that little Malfoy git, I'm gonna punch his lights out and then shoot a few hexes at him." George said his face getting red tinged because of his anger.

"Agreed," added Fred. "That was bloody ridiculous what he did to Harry."

"Yeah, holding on to his broom like that." Angelina said slamming down her drink. "Cheating bastard."

"Here, here," they all exclaimed in reply.

"Sorry I missed the penalty guys," Alicia apologized, looking down into her mug.

"Hey Alicia, don't worry about it. I would have too." Angelina said putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah, me too." Katie agreed.

"I would have to Alicia." George said.

"Yeah well that's because you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn." Fred said in a teasing manner as he made a hitting motion with his hand. His hand flew out across the table and knocked over three of the glasses, half full of butterbeer. The liquid immediately began running in all directions, including directly across from him into Angelina's lap.

"I'm sorry, Angelina," Fred said making a move to do something.

Angelina jumped up and the frothy mess dribbled down to the floor. She pulled out her wand. She mumbled scourgify and her clothes became clean and dry. Then she waved her wand over the table and said the siphoning spell. She checked her seat and sat down again, all while Fred's jaw lay hanging wide.

"Well, where were we?" Angelina said looking around the table at the others with a few stunned faces.

"Angelina, I'm so sorry," Fred repeated his face full of distress.

Angelina gave a smile, turning to him. "It's okay. No one got hurt. Nothing got ruined." She said with a small wave of her hand. She turned back toward the group. "Unlike the game yesterday. Who was Bole kidding when he hit you with his beater bat Alicia because he thought you were a bludger? Maybe his mom would believe that load of dung." She gave a laugh and the others joined in.

"You should have taken my advice Angelina," Lee input, "and poked Flint in the eye. At least then they'd have been a player down. It might have made it easier to take out the rest."

"What are you on about Lee? We could have taken down any one of them at any time." Alicia said.

"She's right," George agreed. "We just chose not to fight dirty."

"Or at least as dirty as they did it," Fred added and the table erupted in laughter again.

Wow, he thought to himself as the talk around him continued about the Quidditch final match. I thought for sure she would yell at me. He flashed back to the big ink spill and a couple other accidents at the house table. All those times, Angelina had blown up on him and stormed off. He had prepared himself for the same just now but she hadn't. Something was going on here and it was looking good in his favor. Maybe what I overheard the other night is true. Maybe she's really trying to give me a chance. With that thought, a smile spread across his face.

"Hey, what are you smiling at Fred?" Katie asked, noticing his face light up.

"Oh nothing," he responded. "I was just remembering the satisfying crack Flint's nose made when it came in contact with his broom handle."

The others agreed and more talk about the game ensued.

After another round of butterbeer, the six students paid their tab and headed for the door. Alicia stepped in line next to Angelina as they exited The Three Broomsticks while the others paired up behind them. Fred and George brought up the rear, traveling a good few feet out of earshot behind Katie and Lee.

"So that was some interesting occurrence earlier with the butterbeer." George said nonchalantly as he walked down the main street next to his twin.

"What do you mean?" Fred asked glancing over at his brother.

"Oh, I don't know, the whole spilling butterbeer all over Angelina and her not blowing up at you." George responded.

Fred's face bloomed in a smile that reached across his face. "I know, wasn't it great?" he said excitedly. "She didn't freak out. She was cool with it. I think she is beginning to come around."

"Well I know I was a little surprised by the whole thing." George commented. "And is it just me or have you two been studying and playing Quidditch a lot lately?"

"We have. She's worried about her O.W.L.s. Her parents put a lot of pressure on her to get good grades. She stressed out about her grades but Quidditch makes her relax. I'm just being friendly and offering to goal for her while she practices her shots. Anything to be friendly," Fred explained.

"So I take it that you still like her?" George asked looking over at his twin. He didn't really have to ask. He was pretty sure he already knew the answer.

"How could I not George?" Fred replied. "She's smart, gorgeous, and so much more. I think I fell in love with her from the very beginning back on the train."

"Now don't go saying that. You're just going to set yourself up for heartbreak again. She may be nice and friendly now but it's bound to change. It's Angelina. She hates your guts." George said. He loved his brother and he wanted him to have everything he deserved. But one could only do some much to change the mind of Angelina Johnson.

"But I don't think she does anymore George," Fred began excitedly as he looked over at his brother. "I overheard her talking with Katie and Alicia last night. She told them that she thinks of me as a friend."


"Yes," Fred replied. "Why so doubtful?"

"Well she's hated your guts for the past four years," his twin retorted.

"Well… maybe. But I think I have you to thank for that." Fred explained.

"Oh, really?" George said raising his eyebrows.

"Yeah. I overheard her say that she got a letter from me. The last letter I wrote her I never intended to give her. And as far as I remember, I never did give it to her," Fred explained. "Therefore I can conclude that you must have found it and felt that loving feeing for me and gave it to her."

"Try pity," George responded.

"Well what ever it was, I have to thank you." Fred said seriously. "I would never have had the courage to give her that note. Especially when I had decided to take your advice and give her up. Thank you George for not giving up on my dream even though you had convinced me to." He looked over at his twin.

George looked over at him and noticed the sincerity in his brother's face. "You're welcome, Fred. That's what twins are for," he said clapping his brother on the shoulder. "Besides you're such a bloody downer when you're moping around about Angelina." He smiled at his brother. "I only hope things continue to look up for you."

Fred smiled back. "I think they will," he said. "Well at least I'm going to try to keep it looking up." A mischievous look grew on his face. "What do you say to a game of Quidditch tomorrow with the gang?"

George's smile grew. He knew Fred was trying to plan another chance to hang out with Angelina. "I'm up for it if the others are," he replied.

"Well, let's go ask the others. You talk with Lee and Katie. I'll get Angelina and Alicia." Fred directed. Before George could respond, Fred jogged off to catch up with the girls.

"Angelina! Alicia!"

"So Angelina, enjoy your butterbeer?" Alicia asked with a sly smile as they walked out of The Three Broomsticks.

"It was just fine, Alicia," Angelina replied.

Alicia looked over at her. "Come on Angelina. Out with it. What happened with the butterbeer? How come you didn't yell and shout at Fred?" she spilled. The last question came out in a more whispered tone.

Angelina gave Alicia the evil eye. She picked up speed and began to walk faster. Alicia gave a jog to catch up with her. They left the others a good distance behind them.

"Angelina," Alicia called as she caught up with her friend. "I just want to know what's going on. You are my best friend and I know that something's changed with you."

Angelina did not speak for a while. "Fred has been really nice this year. And I've been trying to keep my promise and not fly off the handle like I said last night. I haven't yelled at him nearly as much as I used to. I'm trying to see below the prankster and klutz. I'm trying to see the accidents for what they are, accidents, and not malicious attempts to upset me or pick on me. I'm trying to be his friend." She explained. "Like he's been doing since first year."

"I see," Alicia said, some doubt in her voice about her friends true feelings about the red head. "You've seemed awful chummy with him lately. And you've been playing a lot of Quidditch together. I knew you said last night that you two are friends but are you sure there's not something more there?"

Angelina came to an abrupt halt and turned to face Alicia.

"I can't believe you just suggested that. I can't believe that you ARE suggesting that. Me, like Fred? You have got to be kidding me." She scoffed then began walking again. This time she picked up her speed and moved with determination back toward Hogwarts.

"Angelina, come on. I'm not trying to upset you. I'm just trying to tell you what I see." Alicia said, matching speed with her friend. "I see you and Fred playing Quidditch every night for the past two weeks. I see you sitting near him at the house table during meals. I see you talking to him more. I see you two spending hours together in the library studying."

"He's really good at potions," Angelina interjected defensively. Alicia gave her a not-so-sure glare.

"And I see you moments ago tell him that it's okay that he spilled butterbeer all over you. I saw that smile you gave him." Alicia continued. "I know that smile was meant to be just friendly, but I saw something else hiding in your eyes. Admit it, Angelina. There is something else there."

Angelina said nothing and the two girls continued forward, coming up on the gates to the Hogwarts grounds. Suddenly Angelina stopped just outside the gates by the statues of the winged boars. She turned to Alicia and pulled her close. "All right," she said taking a deep breath. "I want you to swear that no one, not even Katie will hear this from you." She looked around nervously and noticed that Katie and Lee were fast approaching.

"I swear."

Angelina took another deep breath. "I think I may be getting more than friend feelings for Fred." She murmured her voice a little uneven. She looked down at her hands.

Alicia's face burst into a smile. "That's great Angelina," she began. "You know he's …" But she did not get to finish.

"Angelina! Alicia!" Fred yelled as he jogged up to where the two girls were standing. Angelina quickly sucked in air and wiped the look of uncertainty off her face.

"Yeah, what is it Fred?" she asked, forcing her voice not to waver.

"I was talking with George and Lee and Katie and they were thinking a final game of Quidditch tomorrow night would be fun. Thinking we might ask Harry and Ron and Ginny and some others to join us. Maybe get together two teams for a match. What do you guys say?" He asked a little out of breath but smiling at them.

"Sounds great," said Alicia. "It will be the perfect study break tomorrow afternoon and will help me to distress before our potions final on Tuesday."

"Great!" Fred smiled at her and turned to look at Angelina. He caught her eyes and smiled.

Angelina gave a slight blush at his smile but gave a reply quickly to cover it up. "Yeah, all right. Maybe we could go over a few potions before?"

Fred's face gave a small shocked expression that only Alicia noticed before he replied. "Yeah sure," he said. "But you've got them all spot on. You're going to do great. But we can do a quick run through before the match tomorrow if you'd like."

By this time the other three had arrived at the gate too.

"So what's the verdict? We got a match or not?" George asked as he came to a stop near the others.

"We've got a game," Fred said smiling. "I'll work on finding a few others this evening so we can have two full teams."

"Great," said Lee as a bell up at the school rang. "Better get up to the castle. I think that is the dinner bell in hear."

"Right-o," Katie added with a smile. "We wouldn't want to be late like Malfoy going for that snitch yesterday." The group laughed.

With that the six friends headed back up toward the great hall, the talk of last nights Quidditch match following with them yet again.

"Quiet worrying Angelina!" Fred said as they carried out the trunk containing the various balls on to the pitch. A few players were already standing on the field while others were just entering the pitch. "You are going to do fabulous. They will have to give you an Exceedingly Outstanding because you're going to get every answer right and then some."

Angelina looked over at him. She hoped that he was right. She knew her parents were counting on her. They expected her to get nothing below an E.

"I hope that you're right." She replied still feeling a bit unsure.

"Well right now you must put all that out of your mind," he said as they stepped up to the waiting players. "All right, who's ready to play some Quidditch?"

Cheers rang out across the field.

"Who are the captains?" Lee asked.

"How about Harry and Angelina?" George suggested, looking around at the others. Everyone agreed and Harry and Angelina begin picking team members.

"Ladies first," Harry said politely.

Angelina smiled. "Alicia," she called.







"George," Harry finished taking the last player left without a team. That made it 5 against 5.

"Me? Last?" George exclaimed with a fake look of hurt on his face. "What am I? Chopped up beetle brains." The others laughed as George smiled.

"No mate," Harry replied with a small laugh. "Just saving the best for last."

"And don't forget the handsomest!" George added with a wide grin. The teams' laughter roared louder.

With the teams settled, Fred released the balls and the players mounted and sped off into the air.

It was a tight match, full of cheers and laughs. Fun was had by all and the game finished 200 to 240 with Harry's team winning by a catch of the snitch.

"Nice catch Harry," Angelina commented when the teams touched down.

"Thanks Angelina," Harry replied. "You had some awesome shots."

"I'll say. I thought I had broken my fingers on that catch that I barely missed. I mean I was about a cauldrons bottom away so I stuck my hand out to block it. That was my mistake." Ron interjected, as he rubbed his arm. "And my arm still hurts from that one I tried to block with it. Boy Angelina, I'm glad you are on the Gryffindor team. The other guys don't stand a chance against your arm." Angelina flushed a little at his compliment.

"Come on little bro. Man up," Fred said coming up behind his youngest brother and clapping him on the shoulder. Ron grimaced a little with pain.

"I think all that practice really has helped my game." Angelina admitted, smiling.

Fred smiled and turned up his chin. "Why thank you," he said pompously, taking a bow.

"Don't be so smart." Angelina replied as she threw the quaffle she was holding at him.

Fred was caught off balance as he took a step toward the changing rooms. His left foot in the air primed to step over a discarded beaters bat. Instead of stepping over, his foot came down on part of the handle, thus causing it to begin to roll and to take Fred with it. His fall caused him to knock into Harry, who was in the process of hooking the practice snitch back into the crate. Harry stumbled with the lock and the snitch darted off and away.

"Way to go Fred." George commented as he watched the snitch fly off. "Being your clumsy old self again, are we?" He held out his hand to help his twin up.

"I do believe that this time it was my fault." Angelina said, looking down at Fred. A small bit of worry hid behind her words. "Are you all right, Fred?"

Fred took George's hand, stood up and brushed off his legs and behind. "I think I'll live," he said giving her a small smile. Then he turned to Harry. "Sorry about that mate."

Harry gave Fred a grin. "It's okay Fred. I'll just hop on my Firebolt and have it back in no time." He said reaching for his broom that lay on the ground.

"Naw, Harry, its okay. I'll go after it." Fred said.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. It's not a problem," he replied. "I might even make Miss Quaffle Thrower here help me get it back. It seems it's not my fault I'm so clumsy." Fred held back a grin as Angelina turned a glare on him.

As Harry walked away after retrieving his broom, Fred turned to Angelina. "First one to catch the snitch owes the other one 5 chocolate frogs." He anted as he reached down and grabbed his broom.

"Make it 10," Angelina replied with a smile as she kicked a leg over her broom handle and took off.

"Hey!" Fred called as he got a running start and took off after her. They flew around the pitch looking high and low for the small gold ball. Finally Fred glimpsed it flying toward the hoops behind Angelina.

"Angelina, behind you!" he yelled as he urged his broom to go faster in her direction. Angelina spun around and they were off after the snitch. They flew neck and neck towards the goals. Angelina urged her broom faster, pulling ahead of Fred. She reached out her right hand toward the flying shiny ball. Her fingers wrapped around it as Fred's hand covered hers in his attempt to get the snitch first.

"Got it!" she yelled, thrusting the hand with the struggling snitch into the air as she slowed her broom. Fred slowed his broom to hover next to her.

"Not bad. You'd make a good seeker too." Fred said smiling.

"Nah," she replied smiling. "I could never have done what Harry did the other day. I think we'll keep him and I'll stick to chaser."

"Good plan," Fred commented. "I mean all that practice would have been a waste of time if you changed careers now."

"Yeah, well all that practice we've been doing and you still can't manage to aim." She retorted, sticking her tongue our.

"Ouch!" Fred said, playing hurt. "Well I think I have perfectly fine aim." And, without so much as a by your leave, Fred leaned over and kissed Angelina on the lips.

Angelina's eyes widened with shock before they fluttered closed and she released the snitch. Her lips moved against Fred's as she returned his kiss.

Slowly, they parted. Fred smiled sweetly at Angelina. She smiled shyly back at him.

"I guess you don't have that bad of aim," she murmured. Just as she finished speaking the realization of what had just happened washed over her. Oh my gawd! What did I just do? Angelina screamed inside her head.

"I'm sorry, I've got to go." She said grabbing her broom handle and speeding off toward the ground. She touched down and rushed off up to the castle as quick as she could.

Fred watched her go, a worried look on his face. He tried to call after her but she did not respond.

"I shouldn't have done that," he said out loud. "I shouldn't have kissed her." Then a smile crept across his lips. But boy was it nice. Really nice. He thought as his smile got wider. Especially when she… He paused mid-thought. "She kissed me. She… kissed… me. She kissed me!" He exclaimed loudly. He smiled spread from ear to ear as his voice echoed across the empty pitch. In celebration, he grabbed his broom handle and did loop to loops across the field as he went after the snitch.

The cry of yippee was heard reverberating across the pitch.

Back up at the castle, Angelina walked into her dorm room up in Gryffindor Tower looking pale and sick. Alicia looked up when she came in.

"Hey, Angelina did you get everything put away?" she asked before she noticed the sick look on her friends face. "Hey, are you okay?"

Angelina walked over to her bed, and dropped her broom on it. She turned and flopped down next to it.

"Angelina, you don't look so good," Alicia said getting up from her bed and walking over to her friend. "Are you feeling okay?

Angelina looked up at her friend. "I kissed Fred Weasley," she murmured, her face looking like a painting.

"You WHAT?" Alicia cried, her jaw dropping almost completely to the floor.

"I kissed Fred Weasley."