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All I Want

by Jo P.

Chapter 20: Holiday Spirit

The only superpower here

That makes us strong

That kills the fear

The only superpower here is love

The only superpower here is love

-- Rachel Robinson; "Rescue Me"

Lilly watched the ground fall away as the jet climbed into the sky. It was still early here, just after eight in the morning, and with the time zone change they'd be back in Malibu before nine there. Getting ready once they got there might take a little longer, but they'd definitely be back at her parents' house for Christmas morning there. Saying goodbye to Miley's family had proved harder than she'd expected. In the week she and Miley had spent in Tennessee, Lilly had developed a strong bond with her fiancée's family. Even family members who disliked their relationship in the beginning had accepted them for who they were, a young couple in love.

The business with Luanne had also touched Lilly deeply. Discovering that Miley's nemesis was actually her sister rocked everyone involved, but both Lilly and Miley were extremely grateful that Luanne had realized how much help she truly needed in coming to terms with her abusive childhood. Dolly and Luanne had left shortly before Lilly and Miley had, heading back to Nashville where Luanne was going to spend some time in Searchlight, a private psychiatric facility specializing in helping children and teenagers who had been abused to deal with their past and move forward. Hannah's money was going to be paying for all of Luanne's care, and Dolly was going to call Robbie Ray with the particulars once she had checked Luanne into the facility today.

Luanne had hugged Miley and Lilly goodbye when they had walked her to her car in the dark of the early Tennessee morning. Robbie Ray and Jackson were loading suitcases as the girls briefly talked. "Thank you for stopping me, Lilly," Luanne had said. "And thank you to both of you for giving me a second chance at life."

Lilly considered Luanne's words. Not everyone got a second chance, after all. Maybe Luanne would make the most of hers. Lilly felt the couch shift slightly as someone sat beside her. A hand whose warm touch stirred all sorts of feelings deep inside Lilly rested on her back, soothing away any lingering doubts or worries. "I'm really looking forward to seeing your parents again," Miley said with a smile.

Lilly turned to look at her lover, still beautiful even in sweats and with her hair pulled up under a cap. "Me too," Lilly said in response. "Your family has been great, but I want to get to show you off to my extended family now."

"You'll get to," Miley promised. "As soon as we get to the house and take a shower."

Lilly grinned. "Deal," she said. Washing away the fatigue from the trip back to California sounded wonderful. And being able to do so with the woman she loved scrubbing her back sounded even better. "Want to lie back down?" Lilly asked Miley. She really didn't have any lascivious thoughts right now, it was just that she always slept better with Miley next to her.

"Sure," Miley said with a warm smile. She got up and held out her hand for Lilly, helping her girlfriend up as she took it. They tossed their hats on the sofa and fell onto the bed, settling themselves against each other. "Have a good nap, Lilly Bear," Miley said as she closed her eyes.

Lilly yawned. "You too, Miley," she muttered as her own eyes fell shut.

Unfortunately, the flight back to California was much bumpier than either had expected. The near-constant turbulence proved difficult to avoid, even with the pilot changing altitudes when possible. Holding each other seemed to keep either Miley or Lilly from getting airsick, but sleep was still impossible, so the girls just chatted about whatever came to mind as they held each other comfortably. Three and a half turbulent hours later, a knock on the cabin's door woke Miley and Lilly. "Wake up, you two! We're gettin' ready to bring this bird in!" Robbie Ray called out from the other side of the door. Miley and Lilly quickly jumped up and hurried to the couch, where they buckled themselves in next to each other. Lilly leaned across Miley's lap to catch a peek outside.

"Almost back to Malibu," Lilly said happily. She quickly looked at Miley as the plane began its descent. "Miley, I had a great time and Tennessee was beautiful, but..." Smooth, Truscott, why not just say that you like where you grew up more than where she grew up?

"Lilly, it's okay," Miley said with a smile. "I know what you mean. Tennessee was where I grew up, but Malibu has something going for it that Tennessee could never match."

"The ocean?" Lilly asked.

Miley shook her head.

"The awesome weather?"

Another negative head shake.

"Hannah's career?"

"Nope," Miley said. She looked into Lilly's eyes as the plane touched down, only a slight lurch indicating they were on the ground. "It's where I met you."

Lilly's eyes watered at the simplicity of her girlfriend's statement. "That is so sweet," she choked out. "And it's true for me, too." She leaned over and kissed Miley as the plane continued braking, continuing to look in Miley's eyes as they pulled apart. Lilly licked traces of Miley's grape lip gloss off as she spoke again. "This is where we're going to make our lives together. As much as I loved Tennessee and as much as I'll love going back and visiting Misty Valley with you, this is where our relationship started. This is where it grew strong and became something so much more than we ever thought it would be. Because of that, I'll always love Malibu."

Miley leaned closer and held Lilly. "Amen to that, girlfriend," she said softly.

As soon as they were back at the Stewarts' house, Miley and Lilly ran upstairs, quite literally, with Lilly nearly stepping on Miley's back when Miley tripped going up the stairs. Thankfully, she caught herself before she stepped on her true love, and instead she helped Miley up, both of them laughing. Once in their room, they stripped off their traveling clothes and ran into the bathroom. Lilly started the shower while Miley brushed her teeth. Lilly quickly used the bathroom while Miley finished with her brushing, then they traded places. Once Lilly's teeth were brushed and Miley's bladder empty, they stepped into the hot spray of the shower.

While they started with good intentions, the distractions offered by each other's naked bodies proved too powerful to resist, and a long break was taken to reacquaint themselves with each other in an intimate way. Following that pleasant interlude, they proceeded with shampooing hair and washing bodies in their cooperative manner, helping each other at each step of the way. When they were done, they stepped out and dried off. No towels were snapped at bare bottoms, but only because Lilly caught Miley peeking at her before she could draw the towel back. As they hung up their towels, each girl put on deodorant and then they stepped out of the bathroom to get dressed.

"What to wear?" Lilly muttered. "So many choices, only two bodies..."

Miley laughed at her girlfriend's unintended humor. "How about something wintery?" she offered.

Lilly gave Miley a look. "Miles, after a week in Tennessee with snow everywhere, it's gonna be hard to feel the winter spirit with the temperature seventy-two degrees outside."

"Oh yeah, I see your point," Miley said. "Something red or green?" she said, perky once again.

"That'll work!" Lilly exclaimed. "Now why didn't I think of that?"

"Um, because you're still jet lagged?"

"That works," Lilly said happily as she stepped into their closet. She began rummaging through the shirts, finally settling on a dark green half-sleeve shirt that she handed to Miley. "This'll fit you perfectly," she said with a smile. As Miley took the shirt, Lilly added, "Plus it makes your boobs look really nice."

Miley stepped back into the bedroom, calling over her shoulder, "Oh, so that's your real motivation for picking out that shirt!"

Lilly answered, "Uh hm," her tongue peeking out the side of her mouth as she tried to decide on a pair of pants to go with Miley's shirt. "Your dark brown slacks out there in the dresser?"

"Yes," Miley called from the other room. "And so are your cute jeans with the little snowmen on them."

Lilly grinned. "Is that a hint, Ms. Stewart?"

"Yes, you could call it that," Miley said as she walked back into the closet. "Here's your underwear for today, my dear." She handed Lilly a lacy pale green set of bra and panties, whose matching pair she was already wearing.

"Thanks hon," Lilly said as she took the underwear and stepped into the panties.

"You're welcome," Miley added as she walked around Lilly and fastened Lilly's bra as she slipped it on. She grabbed Lilly's butt with her left hand as she walked back around her girlfriend and to the closet door.

"Felt that," Lilly said with a soft smile as Miley went by her.

"Good," Miley added as she walked back into the bedroom.

Lilly chose a bright red spaghetti strap shirt and a dark green button-up shirt to go over it, leaving the shirt completely unbuttoned. She walked out into the bedroom and saw that Miley already had her pants on and was putting on her shirt. Lilly took a moment to admire Miley's flat stomach, her navel as cute as she could ever remember it. "Hey Miles?" she asked.

"Yeah?" Miley said as the shirt fell over her head and onto her shoulder as she put her arms through the sleeves.

"Don't ever get one of those belly button rings, okay?"

Miley thought for a second, then she said, "Okay. Wasn't thinking about it."

"Good," Lilly said with a smile. "Your belly button is just so cute the way it is. I want it to stay that way."

Miley walked over as Lilly sat down on the bed and pulled her pants up. Lilly then stood and buttoned them. "Wow, those still fit you perfectly," Miley said.

Lilly checked herself out in the mirror. "Yeah, the soccer really did wonders for my legs, but it sure made fitting into some of my old jeans harder."

"That's because you still had your jeans from when you were thirteen!" Miley said in disbelief. "You were a girl then, Lilly."

"And what am I now?" Lilly said, a smile on her face as she turned to look at Miley.

Miley walked to her and wrapped her arms around her partner as she gave her a deep, warm kiss. After nearly a minute of the sensual kiss, Miley pulled back and said with a voice heavy with desire, "You're a woman now. My woman."

"Right on both counts," Lilly said, her eyes still closed from the kiss but smiling. She opened her eyes and said, "Your raspberry lip gloss would go perfectly with both our outfits."

Miley reached behind Lilly and opened a drawer. She had to push Lilly slightly to reach inside the drawer, but she didn't want to let Lilly go just yet. She pulled out a handful of tubes, holding them in front of Lilly. Lilly happily snatched the correct tube out of Miley's open hand, opening it as Miley put the others back in the drawer. Lilly deftly covered Miley's lips with the lip gloss, then she covered her own. "Mmm, now for the best part," she said.

Miley grinned as she said, "Evening it out?"

"Mm hmm." Lilly tilted her head back slightly and kissed Miley, gently working their lips together. As they pulled apart, she flicked her tongue across Miley's lips. "Wow, I love that part," she said breathlessly.

Miley held Lilly for a bit longer. "Lilly, I'm going to ask you to let me do something, and I want you to really think about it before you try to argue with me, okay?"

Lilly looked into Miley's cobalt blue eyes and said, "Sure, Miles, what is it?"

Miley swallowed as she likewise looked into Lilly's bright blue eyes, the match to her own. "When we get married, I want to change my last name to Truscott. I mean, Lola is already going to change her last name to Montana. I want to do this for you and your family."

Lilly was struck silent for a few moments, then she said, "Are you sure?"

Miley nodded her head. "Yeah, I'm sure. We share everything, remember? Hannah proposed to Lola, and Lola is taking her last name. You proposed to me, so it fits that I take your last name. Plus, I think it'd be nice to make sure your family's name continues. I mean, Jackson and Kaela look pretty serious, but your brother, bless his heart...well, let's just say it ain't lookin' too good for his chances to continue your family line."

Lilly laughed. Her brother truly was hopeless when it came to girls, and everyone knew it. She looked at Miley once again, searching her partner's eyes for any sign of doubt, but there was absolutely none there. "Okay," Lilly said. "And thank you."

"My pleasure," Miley said, hugging Lilly tightly. "Now let's get over to your parents' house. I bet they're already openin' gifts and eatin' breakfast, knowing them!"

Lilly laughed as they walked out of the room and down the stairs. "What time are they delivering our present to Mom and Dad?"

Miley kept walking as she said, "I asked them to deliver it right at ten this morning."

"I think it was worth the extra money to have them deliver it and set it up today," Lilly said as they walked across the living room, Miley going to the closet and Lilly to the door leading to the carport. When Lilly reached the door, she opened it and waved to their car. "Hi Stella!" she said cheerfully. "Your mommies missed you!" She closed the door, leaving a slightly surprised Robbie Ray out there doing something.

"You are too much, Ms. Truscott," Miley said as she gave Lilly another look. "Here," she said, "come get one of these bags, sweetheart."

"'Kay," Lilly said happily as she skipped across the living room to the closet and took one of the bags of presents. "I hope I remembered everybody."

"Well, I hope you did too," added Miley. "Wouldn't be much fun to get over there and turn up a present short."

Lilly gave her a dismissive wave. "Got it covered, girlfriend," she said cheerfully. "I have couple of extra gift cards, just in case we left someone out."

"Nice thinking," Miley said. "That's my woman!" she added, causing Lilly to positively beam. Oh Lilly, you are so amazingly beautiful when you smile like that. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you.

"Ready?" Lilly asked.

"Ready," Miley replied. "Let's go see your family."

The walk to the Truscott house went quickly, even with each of the girls carrying a bag of presents. As they stepped up onto the porch, Miley began to feel nervous. "Lilly, how many people are going to be here again?" she asked.

Lilly turned to look at Miley and saw how nervous her fiancée was. "Oh, Miles, it's okay. I promise." She set her bag down and hugged Miley, which usually did wonders to relax her. This time it seemed to work only slightly, so Lilly decided stronger medicine was required. She leaned forward and kissed Miley hotly, causing Miley to nearly gasp at the passion of their contact. As Lilly ran her hands over Miley's back, she heard a thump indicating Miley had dropped her bag, then she felt Miley's hands roaming across her back as well. As both sets of hands settled, Lilly's were joined at the back of Miley's neck, while Miley's were clasped in the small of Lilly's back. Throughout the kiss, Lilly felt the tension drain out of Miley. Once she felt her lover was sufficiently relaxed, Lilly pulled away, leaving Miley's lips twitching for more. "Feel more relaxed now?" Lilly said with a smirk.

"Oh. Yeah." It took Miley a few seconds to open her eyes, and when she did the color of her irises was nearly glowing an intense blue. "Wow."

"Yeah, it was pretty good for me too," Lilly added, still smiling. "Now, we're going to go inside. There aren't going to be that many people—I hope—and even if there are, we're going to be fine. If things get overwhelming, we'll just go up to our room and chill out, okay?"

Miley smiled at Lilly. "As long as you're with me, I'll be fine."

"Then everything's going to be just smooth as silk, because I'm not going anywhere." She picked up the bags of presents and handed Miley hers, which hadn't tipped over. "Let's go, hon," Lilly said, opening the door for Miley to step inside.

As they went in, Lilly quickly steered Miley to the kitchen, where she expected her mother would be. Sure enough, her mother and her aunt Dana were fixing Christmas brunch. "Hi Mom!" Lilly said happily as she and Miley stepped over and gave Mrs. Truscott a group hug.

"Merry Christmas, Mrs. Truscott!" Miley said cheerily. "We brought presents!"

"Oh, Miley, Lilly, just having you two back safely is enough for me," Lilly's mother said. "Did you enjoy Tennessee?"

"Oh Mom, it was so cool! It snowed, and we got to go sledding and have a snowball fight! And Miley took me on a horseback ride up into the mountains, and I got to meet her family and--" Lilly rush of words was stemmed by Miley clamping her hand over Lilly's mouth from behind.

"Later, Lil," Miley said sweetly. "We've got plenty of time, hon." She took her hand off Lilly's mouth, but Lilly captured Miley's hand before it was completely gone, kissing the palm before releasing it.

Lilly spied her aunt giving her and Miley a very confused look. "Aunt Dana, this my fiancée, Miley Stewart. Miley, this is my aunt Dana from Miami."

Miley extended her hand and shook Dana's hand politely. "Nice to meet you," Miley said. "I've heard Lilly talk about you some, but I haven't met much of her family at all besides her parents and brother."

Dana seemed to have recovered her wits by then, as she said, "Well, Miley, there aren't that many of us left. Meredith and I are the only old ones left from our family. My sons Adam and Patrick came with me this year, finally. We'd been meaning to come up here for some time, but things have just been so busy back home for a long time."

Lilly's mother smiled as she said, "Dana works for the Coast Guard. She's one of the civilian analysts on Cuba."

"That's neat," Miley said sincerely. "So you speak Spanish?"

Dana smiled. "Do you even have to ask? I do live in Miami."

"Point taken," Miley said. "Mind if I go set these presents under the tree?" she asked Lilly.

"That's fine, hon, and thanks," Lilly said as she handed Miley her bag and moved to help her mother and aunt fix brunch. Lilly started slicing cheeses and arranging pepperoni on a snack tray for the table as she said, "I really had a great time, Mom. And Miley got to relax, finally."

Meredith gave her daughter a hug. "Good. You girls deserved some special time together. So you got to play in the snow?"

Lilly nodded. "It was really neat! Miley said this snow was a bit fluffy, but it didn't feel as wet as I'd expected. But oh my gosh, was it cold while we were there!" Suddenly Lilly remembered something she had to tell her mother. "Mom, I need to tell you something."

Meredith stopped cutting vegetables as she looked at Lilly. "Good or bad?" she asked.

"Good, of course!" Lilly said, laughing. "We set a date!"

Lilly's mother set the knife down quickly and turned to look at Lilly, her face elated. "You did?" she asked.

Lilly nodded vigorously. "November 29th, 2008! It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so it's a long weekend, and it's after our seventeenth birthdays!"

Meredith stepped over and hugged Lilly, tears in her eyes. "My little girl's all grown up, almost," she said, her tone bittersweet. "Where is it going to be, Lilly?"

Dana interrupted, asking, "I'm sorry, but what on earth are you two talking about?"

Meredith looked at her older sister and said, "Lilly and Miley have picked the date for their wedding!" She turned back to Lilly and said, "Don't you think you should ask your father and me first if we'll sign for you to get married?"

Lilly smiled as she held her mother. "Already talked to Dad about it two weeks ago. I asked him to keep it a secret so you'd be surprised." Lilly smirked at her mother, but in a nice way. "He told me you'd already convinced him to let us get married whenever we got around to asking."

"Hmph," Meredith said. "He ratted on me, I see."

"Yup." Lilly saw that her aunt had a rather odd look on her face. "You okay, Dana?"

Dana stammered for just a minute before she could form coherent words. "Yeah, I guess so. Wow! Lilly, you and this Miley girl are really serious, aren't you?"

Lilly's smile paled just slightly but it was only noticeable to someone who knew her very well. "Yes, we certainly are. We've been best friends for almost four years, and we've been engaged for almost six months. We're very serious about each other."

Meredith interjected, "Miley and Lilly have been very, very good for each other, Dana. Since they started dating, their grades have shot up. Did you know that both of them were on the 'A' Honor Roll this semester?"

"Really?" Dana's surprise registered on her face. "Since they started dating? Isn't that the opposite of how romance typically affects teenagers? I mean, Lord only knows that's how it was with my two..."

"We help each other out, and keeping our grades up is one way we can demonstrate that we're mature enough to get married before we're eighteen."

"And the girls are a tremendous help with housework both here and at Miley's house," Meredith said.

"Mom..." Lilly moaned at she cut a look at her mother.

"Oh, sorry, dear," her mother said. "I meant, at Miley's father's house. I know you two think of both houses as belonging to both of you."

"Thank you," Lilly said sweetly.

Dana didn't get the distinction. "Doesn't Miley live with her family?"

"During the week, yes. On weekends, we stay together," Lilly clarified. "One weekend here, the next weekend at her dad's."

Dana looked at her younger sister with a look of concern. "Oh no, don't even think about saying anything, Dana!" Meredith said. "Phil and I have already been though all the doubts and worries. Lilly and Miley have already come out here and at school, and they've both been superb at handling anything that came up regarding that." Meredith sighed as she looked at her daughter, no longer a child in any way. "The truth is that they really are meant to be together," she said, meaning every word of that statement. "And they're proving that they're almost mature enough to deal with marriage."

Lilly gave her mother a firm hug. "You really do understand," she said, her voice heavy with emotion.

"Yes, Lilly," Meredith said, enjoying the hug of her youngest child, now nearly as tall as she was. "You and Miley made me understand."

Miley bursting into the kitchen interrupted the tender moment. "Okay Lilly, we have a problem!" she said hurriedly. Before she could elaborate, a blonde teenager roughly the girls' age followed her into the kitchen.

"Come on, at least give me your phone number!" he said. "I'm here for a few days, maybe we can go to a movie or something!"

Miley looked at Lilly at she interposed the island between herself and the young man. "He won't believe that we're engaged," she said. "And he's really getting on my nerves with these come-ons!"

Lilly raced around the island and slowly but firmly pushed her cousin Adam back towards the living room. "No way, Adam!" she said loudly. "Miley is mine, and you better stop right now before I throw you out of this house!"

The look of amusement on Adam's face only pushed Lilly's buttons even more effectively. "You?" he said. "Flower Girl, I'm at least five inches taller than you and I outweigh you by about sixty, seventy pounds. Do you really think you can push me around?"

Lilly stood her ground as Adam set his feet and resisted her attempt to push him further away. "Miley's dad once said, 'It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog'," she said with a low voice. "Now, Miley is my girlfriend and my fiancée. She is off-limits to you or anyone else, you got me?" Not giving him a chance to answer, she continued, "I love her with all my heart, and she is not going to be made uncomfortable here in our house by you or by anyone else. So BACK OFF!"

Miley was struck by how surreal the scene was. Lilly had warned her that her family tended to be a bit "fiery," as she had put it last month, but Miley hadn't been expecting this. Watching her girlfriend stand up to her much larger cousin made Miley feel... Well, it made her feel protected and cherished, even more so than usual. Lilly, you are getting a real treat tonight.

For long seconds Lilly and Adam glared at each other. Then as suddenly as the conflict had escalated, Adam relented and said, "Damn, if you really love her that much, I'll leave her alone."

"Adam!" Dana said. "Watch your language! It's Christmas!"

Adam smiled down at Lilly and said, "So you're getting married?"

Lilly nodded her head. "Yeah, next November. And I won't be sending you an invitation, you big doofus."

"Well, that saves me the trouble of turning you down."

"Doubt you could find your way there anyway." As Lilly finished speaking, she held her position until Adam held out his hands and gave her a quick hug.

"Congrats, Flower Girl," he said.

"Shut up," Lilly said playfully. "And don't call me that. You know I hate it." As she turned around and walked back to Miley, she put her arms around Miley, then she turned her head to look at her cousin. "I mean it, Adam! Miles is off limits! No teasing, no flirting, no sneaking peeks at her butt, nothing! You got me?"

"Yeah, I got you, Lil." He started back into the living room, then he turned around. "Can I at least tell Patrick that I got her phone number?" As both girls gave him withering Looks, he said, "Okay, okay! I get the point. I'll make sure Loverboy leaves your woman alone too."

"Thank you," Lilly said.

As Adam left the room, everyone held their composure for a few seconds, then Dana and Meredith both sputtered as they began laughing. "Oh, Merry, that was just too funny!" Dana said, laughing vigorously.

Lilly's mother was likewise laughing loudly. "Oh Lilly, I feel so bad for the poor college boys when you and Miley go off to school!"

Without the slightest inflection of humor in her voice, Lilly replied, "Well, I don't. If they hit on my girlfriend, they need to be straightened out."

Miley walked over to Lilly and hugged her from behind, resting her chin on Lilly's left shoulder. "I for one enjoy being defended by my own personal knight." She placed a light kiss on Lilly's ear. "Thank you, sweetheart."

"You're welcome, Miles." Lilly turned her head and kissed Miley on the lips, then she looked at her aunt. "I see Adam's still the charmer."

Dana tried hard to stifle any further laughter as she said, "He thinks himself quite the ladies' man, especially since he turned sixteen. But it appears he knows that your girlfriend is off limits now."

"Good thing for him," Lilly muttered.

"Lilly, you need to tell your dad Merry Christmas," Miley said softly, still holding Lilly securely.

"Okay," Lilly said cheerfully. Miley obligingly shifted her hold on Lilly from an embrace to holding Lilly's left hand as they walked into the living room. Inside were Lilly's father, her cousins Adam and Patrick, Lilly's paternal uncles Greg and Harrison, their wives Joanne and Kendra, and several assorted children of various ages, all younger than Lilly and Miley. In contrast to Lilly's mother, who was the younger of sisters, Lilly's father was the oldest of three brothers and one sister. Not seeing her aunt Shirley, Lilly said, "Is Shirley not here?"

Her father looked at the girls and said, "No, Shirley had to work today. Hospitals don't take Christmas off, and it was her year to work."

"Yuck for her," said Lilly. "She coming by later today when she gets off?"

"Probably so," her father replied. He turned to look at the children, all busy playing with a legion of toys. "Boys and girls, here's your cousin Lilly and her girlfriend Miley. Tell them Merry Christmas, please."

Dutifully, the children paused long enough to say, "Merry Christmas!" more or less in unison. Then the girls were forgotten as the kids resumed their play.

Lilly glanced at the clock on the wall, which was squarely at ten o'clock.. She was about to say something to Miley when the door bell rang.

"Who on earth could that be?" Lilly's father said as he stood and walked to the door.

Lilly looked at Miley and grinned, then they hurried to the kitchen. "Mom, someone's at the door," Lilly said. "You better go see who it is." Her mother wiped her hands and then went into the living room.

In moments, a loud whoop was heard from the living room, followed by cheers from the kids. Meredith came bustling into the kitchen, rushing over to Miley and Lilly. "Oh girls, that is way too big a Christmas gift!" she said excitedly.

Lilly said, "No, it's not! Miley and I talked about this, and her dad said it was okay for us to splurge this time, with it being our first Christmas together and all. So we kinda pooled our money and got this for you and Dad."

Miley added, "It's one of the best plasma TVs they make right now, and we paid a little extra for them to deliver and install it for you today. Merry Christmas, Mrs. Truscott!" She and Lilly hugged Meredith tightly, then Miley said softly, "Thank you for being so understanding and supportive of us." She and Lilly pulled their heads back slightly. "Lots of parents would have been angry or upset or frightened, but you and Mr. Truscott were good to us from the very start. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Lilly helpfully added, "Miley said it perfectly. Thanks Mom, for being there for us. Merry Christmas."

Meredith had tears in her eyes as she said, "Well, you two need to open your presents too, I think!"

Lilly looked a bit hesitant as she said, "Uh, Mom?" She glanced back at Miley, then continued. "We're both really tired and pretty jet lagged, so do you mind if we wait to open our presents until later today? We could both stand a nap, I think." Miley nodded her assent.

Meredith's eyes were glistening as she looked at her daughter and future daughter-in-law. Oh, forget that future nonsense, Miley already is my daughter-in-law, we're just waiting on the ceremony to make it official. "Of course, girls. Go get some rest while I try to help them find a good place for the television."

"Thanks Mom," Lilly said with a smile. She gave her mother a kiss on the cheek. "Love you."

Miley likewise kissed Meredith on the same cheek. "Yeah, love you Mom!" she said happily. Together she and Lilly ran up the stairs.

As they reached Lilly's room, they opened the door and went inside. Nothing appeared to be touched, which meant Meredith had done a good job of policing the younger children while they were there. Lilly closed the door as Miley shucked her shirt over her head and took off her shoes and socks. Lilly locked the door as she likewise undressed and climbed into the bed with Miley. As they snuggled together, reveling in each other's warmth, they kissed tenderly as they settled their arms around each other.

"Thank you for my amazing gifts, Miley," Lilly said as they finished their kiss.

"And thank you for mine, Lil," Miley said in return. "But really..." She paused, not wanting to say anything that might be misconstrued.

Lilly looked at her, understanding in her eyes. "I think I know what you're going to say," she said with a devilish grin on her face. "As great as our gifts are, they're nothing compared to having each other."

Miley smiled. "That's exactly what I was going to say. I like this thinking alike stuff."

"Yeah, it has its moments." Lilly looked into Miley's eyes, a deep shade of blue in the current lighting. "When I woke up this morning, I had all the Christmas presents I could ever want, already in my arms."

Miley looked back into Lilly's own tender blue eyes. She sang softly, "You want... Diamonds and a ring of gold..." Her voice was cut off by Lilly pulling her head in and kissing her deeply. After several minutes, they parted, and both girls softly sang, "But all I you," as they closed their eyes and fell asleep, nestled in each other's arms.

You say you want

Diamonds and a ring of gold

You say you want

Your story to remain untold

But all the promises we make

From the cradle to the grave

When all I want

Is you

You say you'll give me

A highway with no one on it

A treasure just to look upon it

All the riches in the night

You say you'll give me

Eyes with no more blindness

A river in a time of dryness

A harbor in the tempest

But all the promises we make

From the cradle to the grave

When all I want

Is you

(U2; "All I Want Is You")

Author's Afterword: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best wishes for whichever holiday you recognize! I hope you've enjoyed this story, because I know I've loved writing it! And as I promised, I will start writing the next story of Miley and Lilly very soon. After looking at everyone's votes, we had a clear winner for the timeframe for our next story. Pick out your dress clothes, because we're going to a wedding next time! Actually, make that two weddings. After all, you didn't think the record company was going to let our girls slide by without a public ceremony for Hannah and Lola as well, did you? See you soon!

-- Jo --