-5. (Salamando) Hawk returns to Bigieu's announcement in early morning. Hawk argues with Jessica in the early evening.

-4. (Undine) At night, Koren attacks Forcena on a scouting mission. Eagle is killed shortly after midnight, and Hawk is taken to jail.

-2. (Jinn) Beastmen plan their attack. Kevin is attacked by Karl.

-1. (Gnome) Duran decides to go to Wendel. Hawk is sentenced. Jessica visits him in jail. Nikita helps him escape and tells him to go to Wendel.

1. (Holy Day) Duran departs Forcena in the morning with Richard's blessing. Angela escapes the Altena castle. Hawk arrives in Sultan.

3. (Salamando) Angela wakes in Elrand.

4. (Undine) Angela leaves for Jad. Duran takes a ship to Jad from Maia in the morning. Beastmen take Jad.

5. (Dryad) Rolante is attacked in the night, and Lise escapes. Heath leaves Wendel to investigate the mysterious light.

6. (Jinn) Lise arrives in Palo in the morning and takes ship for Jad. Duran arrives at Jad in the evening.

7. (Gnome) Hawk arrives in Jad in the evening. Kevin arrives in Jad late at night. Carlie sneaks out of the Temple of Light, searching for Heath.

8. (Holy Day) Angela arrives in Jad in the morning. Lise arrives slightly after noon. Angela catches a few hours of sleep at the inn, and leaves to Astoria in the evening, arriving just short of midnight. Heath meets Deathjester, afternoon.

9. (Luna) Duran leaves Jad about 4am and sees the light, but loses it and heads directly to Cave of Waterfalls. Angela is awoken by a light in the early morning (about 3am). She finds the Fairy and returns to Astoria just after dawn to find the town destroyed. She meets Duran at the entrance to the Cave of Waterfalls. Hawk leaves Jad just after sunset, enters the cave in mid-evening, not stopping to sleep.

10. (Salamando) Carlie reenters the cave that morning, and is found by Angela and Duran at midday. At sunset, Angela and Duran enter the Temple of Light. Lise leaves Jad around 3am and enters the Cave of Waterfalls at dawn, not stopping to sleep. Kevin leaves Jad short of midnight.

11. (Undine) Angela and Duran return to the Cave of Waterfalls. They have just missed both Hawk and Lise, who have arrived (separately) during the night (1am/6am). Lise glimpses Hawk in Wendel, but does not get a close look. Angela and Duran rest at the same Goddess statue as before. Hawk meets the Priest in the morning, and is told Bigieu must remove the curse himself, or he needs the Sword of Mana. Lise meets the Priest in the afternoon, and is told there are survivors, and to seek them out and retake the castle first. Carlie meets Angela and Duran outside the cave; they do not allow her to accompany them.

12. (Dryad) Sometime towards evening, Angela and Duran fight the giant crab. While they are in the other side of the cave, around noon, Kevin enters into Wendel. After Kevin's arrival, Hawk begins the return trip around sunset, and encounters Beastmen, who capture him around midnight. Angela and Duran kiss passionately, and Angela is granted magic. Angela and Duran encounter Beastmen on the way back. Kevin sees the Priest in the evening, who tells him that nothing can be done about Karl, and he swears revenge on Deathjester. Carlie hides in the cave to avoid the Beastmen.

13. (Jinn) After the Beastmen have left with their prisoners, in early morning, Lise returns through the cave. Hawk is taken to the jail in Jad and waits for night. When Hawk sees Angela and Duran dragged in, he recognizes Angela and waits for her to wake up. It is early evening when Angela and Duran wake up in the jail at Jad. Hawk runs away after freeing them, and barely misses the boat, having stopped to free the mayor of Jad. Carlie misses the boat and is stuck in Jad for a while. The Beastmen recognize her as an elf and leave her alone; it is humans they hate. She does not encounter Hawk, however, who is here at the same time.

14. (Gnome) Angela and Duran land in Maia, and decide to travel to Forcena to seek King Richard. They encounter Altenan soldiers, who destroy the bridge to Forcena, and they return to Maia to plan the next step. Angela seduces Duran. Lise returns to Jad slightly before noon, and finds she missed the escape boat. She stocks up to take an overland route. After Lise makes it back, the Priest puts up the new barrier. Kevin arrives afterward, and finding he cannot get through, backtracks.

15. (Holy Day) Angela and Duran seek out the Dwarf village. The Dwarves send them to talk to Watts, who can create the passage to Forcena. They enter the caves of the Cleft of the Earth.

16. (Luna) Angela and Duran find Watts, who is quickly chased away by the arrival of Jewel Eater. After the monster is destroyed, Gnome gives them his blessing, and Watts agrees to blow a passage through to Forcena. Kevin begins the swim to Mintos. He will be there for a while, hunting for Deathjester.

17. (Salamando) Angela and Duran return to the Dwarf Village, spending a few days there while the dwarves complete the passage.

20. (Jinn) Angela and Duran exit the newly completed passage to Forcena.

22. (Holy Day) Angela and Duran reach King Richard, and Koren leaves of his own volition. Richard welcomes them, and tells them to seek out Jinn next. Duran confesses feelings for Angela. Hawk has been hiding out for a few days and, hearing the rumors of Rolante, catches illicit passage there.

23. (Luna) Angela and Duran backtrack through the highlands and caves.

25. (Undine) Exiting the Cleft of the Earth, Angela and Duran turn west towards Byzel rather than returning to Maia. Around now, the Beastmen voluntarily leave, and Carlie can leave Jad as well. She wanders around for a while and at some point hears about the Priest; she tries to find her way to Diorre and her Faerie Grampa.

26. (Dryad) Angela and Duran leave by ship for Palo.

27. (Jinn) Lise arrives in Palo by the overland route.

28. (Gnome) Angela and Duran arrive in Palo, mid-evening, and see Lise talking to Eliza.

29. (Holy Day) Beginning the climb through the mountains, Angela and Duran find the meadow of sleeping flowers Eliza mentioned. Hawk arrives in Palo and scouts the town and Rolante castle.

30. (Luna) Angela and Duran wake up in the Amazon hideout and meet Lise. She joins them, and they trek up to the Corridor of Wind.

31. (Salamando) The trio reaches the top of the Corridor and stays by the Goddess statue.

32. (Undine) They find the Mana Stone and rescue Jinn. A one-way passage lets them leave the Corridor quickly, but they camp at the entrance.

33. (Dryad) They return to the hideout and prepare for assault the next day. Hawk sneaks somewhere in the Rolante castle at this point.

34. (Jinn) Rolante assault. Hawk joins.

35. (Gnome) Lise speaks to her people.

36. (Holy Day) While in Rolante, Angela turns her attention to Hawk.

38. (Salamando) The group has a private dinner in Rolante.

39. (Undine) The foursome travels down to Palo. Nikita is rescued, and stays in Rolante to recover. Angela tries to seduce Hawk.

40. (Jinn) They hop on the free ship.

43. (Holy Day) Concerned they have not arrived yet, they discover this is the Ghost Ship. After defeating Gorva, they plunge into the ocean. Hawk flags a fisherman and finds Lise. Booskaboo rescues Angela and Duran.

45. (Luna) Angela and Lise swindle a "ransom" for Hawk out of the Black Market.

46. (Salamando) They walk to Maia and take a room there. Hawk is able to get Lise to laugh. Angela and Duran resolve their stalemate.

45. (Undine) The trip back to Forcena begins. Hawk and Lise converse.

48. (Gnome) Richard welcomes the now-foursome back. Hawk yells at Lise.

50. (Holy Day) Lise takes Hawk into the forest for the day. She cries on his shoulder, and they share their first real kiss. Angela prods Hawk to seduce Lise.

51. (Luna) Travel back to Maia begins.

54. (Dryad) Angela introduces them to their new turtle transportation.

55. (Jinn) Angela arrives fearfully in Elrand. Hawk searches out news of the Princess. They purchase supplies and meet Rosa, the healer.

56. (Gnome) They enter the snowfields. Travel is slow.

60. (Undine) They reach the Mana Stone, and undergo their first class change.

64. (Holy Day) They return to Elrand. Hawk and Lise spend the night together.

65. (Luna) Lise tells Hawk she can't let the last night repeat itself. Angela picks up quickly what happened between the two. They begin the journey to Sultan, stopping the night in Palo.

66. (Salamando) Arrival in Sultan in the early evening.

67. (Undine) Travel to Deen.

68. (Dryad) They arrive in the Valley of Flames. Bill and Ben are killed, but Jessica is rescued; Nikita takes her to Deen. Bigieu unseals the Stone and escapes. They hurry back to Deen; Lise brings Jessica back to health.

69. (Jinn) Hawk watches over Jessica.

71. (Holy Day) The party convinces Hawk he can do no more, and they return to Sultan.

73. (Salamando) At daybreak, they begin the trip to Mintos, arriving just short of midnight. They head directly into the forest.

74. (Undine) They meet Lugar, Kevin, and Luna. Kevin had returned to the Moonlight Forest, though not the palace, to hunt for Deathjester. Kevin is led to his class change. They return to Mintos about midnight.

75. (Dryad) The party sleeps into the afternoon, departing for Diorre a couple hours before sunset.

76. (Jinn) They land in the Lampflower Forest in the early afternoon, and find Carlie a couple hours after sunset. They arrive in the elf village around midnight.

77. (Gnome) They sleep all day and leave for the Gildervine in the evening.

78. (Holy Day) They hurry out of the forest, now knowing the way, and arrive at the Island of Oblivion as the dawn breaks. Rapid travel to and from Rolante. Angela pulls the sword; the Fairy is captured. They stop in Elrand for the night.

79. (Luna) They confront Koren in Altena, and give away the Sword. Lise sends a note to Hawk at night.

80. (Salamando) With her mother gone, Angela, as the acting Queen, delegates responsibility to her mother's advisors.

81. (Undine) They enter Navarre and confront Jagan.

82. (Dryad) The rescued Navarrians send messengers out to bring back the scattered people.

88. (Undine) Jessica and Nikita arrives. Her reunion with Hawk is strained.

91. (Gnome) Jessica and Hawk part ways. Angela sends Lise to Hawk's room.

94. (Salamando) At the Fairy's insistence, the party plans to fight the God-Beasts.

97. (Jinn) They leave Navarre for the Gemstone Valley, and fight Land Umber.

98. (Gnome) They stay in Forcena.

102. (Undine) They leave for the Moonlit Forest in the late evening.

103. (Dryad) Dolan is defeated in the Moonlight Tower. They head for Wendel.

104. (Jinn) Carlie visits her sick grandfather. They decide to advance to Rolante.

106. (Holy Day) The party enters the Ancient Ruins of Light in the afternoon and fights Lightgazer at night. They return to Rolante.

107. (Luna) In the early morning, they arrive in Rolante.

111. (Jinn) They reenter the Corridor of wind, retracing their route.

112. (Gnome) Dangaard is defeated. Angela is critically injured.

113. (Holy Day) Angela swims in and out of consciousness, finally awakening briefly in mid-evening.

114. (Luna) Duran is allowed back in to see Angela.

116. (Undine) Angela refuses to take no for an answer, and they go to the Valley of Flames to fight Xan Bie.

117. (Dryad) The party stays in Sultan rather than Navarre. Hawk takes first Carlie to the beach, then Lise. Angela and Duran are fighting.

120. (Holy Day) They travel to Diorre for the night.

121. (Luna) They leave early to fight Mispolm, then return late to Altena. Angela and Duran make up.

122. (Salamando) They defeat Fiegmund in the Labyrinth of Ice Walls.

124. (Dryad) Angela meets with Archmages, who name her the "Fire Princess".

125. (Jinn) Stopping the night in Forcena, Richard convinces the Fairy to take them for their second class change.

126. (Gnome) Arrival in the Holyland for the second time.

127. (Holy Day) Second class change begins shortly after midnight. They leave for Pedan, but only find a ruined building.

128. (Luna) Hawk emerges from their shelter to find the city has reappeared. Angela discovers the Stone of Darkness may be in one of three places. Duran sees his father. Carlie leads them through the jungle, and they make camp by the Goddess Statue.

129. (Salamando) They crest the hill to find the Mana Stone of Darkness. A mirror below, blocked by the stone, catches the sun to reveal the Mirage Palace.

130. (Undine) The party makes their way through the illusions of the Mirage palace to find a weakened Heath at the top. Heath tells them to save Elliott first. They pack him up on Flammie, and return to Wendel, where Heath casts the spell that will give part of his own life to the Priest.

131. (Dryad) They begin the journey through the caverns of darkness. At the gates, they overrule Lise, exhausted, and set up watches.

132. (Jinn) Tough climb through the Dark Castle, culminating in the Bigieu fight. The Archdemon awaits at the top; Elliott is rescued. With the Archdemon gone, Flammie can approach the top, and takes them to Altena.

133. (Gnome) They enter the Glass Desert.

136. (Salamando) In the Glass Desert, they stop short of Dragon's Hole.

137. (Undine) Darkshine Knight defeated. A long trip through Dragon's Hole begins.

141. (Holy Day) Koren defeated. Valda rescued and returned to Altena. They find the Dragon Emperor in the Holyland. As he lies near death, the Archdemon emerges to steal the Emperor's life. Archdemon defeated at the tree. When defeated, the Sword falls to the ground, but the tree has died.

Same year. Departures. Angela and Duran separate. Hawk leaves briefly but returns three months later to Rolante. Carlie begins to prepare to take over from the Priest of Light. Kevin returns to the Beast kingdom. Duran joins the Knights of Gold. Angela is formally introduced to her father.

Two years later. Angela is twenty-one; her mother is forty-two. Valda announces her intentions to hand the throne to Angela, and for her and Duran to marry. Three months later, the marriage occurs. A month later, Valda formally leaves for Forcena.

Three years later. Altenan technology proceeds. Lise and Hawk consider their future. Hawk leaves to Forcena for the year.

Four years later. Valda, at forty-four, finds herself pregnant. The wedding is announced to take place in six weeks. Carlie officiates as her first responsibility as High Priestess. Hawk proposes to Lise at the wedding, and returns to Rolante.

Five years later. Hawk and Lise are married; they are age twenty-two and twenty-one.

Seven years later. Hawk and Lise's first daughter is named Aliota.

Eight years later. The Priest states his wish to join Carlie - chronologically twenty-three, but looking more like fourteen - to Heath, thirty-four. To her shocked friends, Carlie insists the Goddess wishes it so. They marry in a quiet ceremony in the Temple of Light.

Nine years later. The Priest of Light dies.

Ten years later. Lise has a second daughter, named Jelissa by Hawk.

Thirteen years later. Heath dies at age thirty-nine. A grieving Carlie leaves for Rolante, and announces to Lise that she is pregnant. Elliott, whose first kiss was with Carlie, is now twenty-one. Though Carlie is twenty-eight, she looks four years younger than Elliott. After baby Heath is born, Elliott tells Lise he will leave with Carlie to Wendel.

Fourteen years later. Angela has been married for twelve years, but she and Duran have no children, even as Hawk and Lise have their third daughter, Alluma. She visits Carlie in Wendel, but misunderstands the Bishop's advice. Returning to Altena, she realizes how much she has held back her feelings from Duran. She tells him one night how much she really needs him, and nine months later, her daughter is born.

Sixty-eight years later. Carlie buries the last of her friends, Hawk, on the mountaintop of Rolante, next to Lise, but facing the desert. Carlie is now eighty-three, but looks barely forty; her fifty-five year old son Heath looks the same age. She had five children with Elliott before he died six years ago, and thinks she may even have a couple more yet. Just before she departs, she sees Flammie at the mountaintop.