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Chapter 5

"If you're an alien, how come you sound like you're from the North?"

"Lot's of planets have a North."

Jack knew this was the time around which he had to be the most careful of not being spotted by Rose, or particularly the Doctor, but he couldn't help the desire to watch their meeting as it happened. He grinned when he heard the Doctor's response to Rose's questions; how many times had he heard it during his own time with the Time Lord?

Rose had recounted hers and the Doctor's first adventure with the Autons and the Nestene Consciousness to Jack during their time on the TARDIS together, so he knew exactly where the events took place. Though it was highly tempting, he knew he couldn't follow them any further than the Millienium Eye… It was too risky to get any closer. Instead he watched from the street as Autons terrorised the general population, once or twice helping people get to safety. He knew he really should be letting that take precidence over his secret watch on the Doctor and Rose, but this was the last time he was ever likely to see her, and hence he only waited around for what he deemed to be roughly the right amount of time before he made his way to the alley where he knew he would soon see the Doctor, Rose and Mickey emerge from the TARDIS. As he walked, he watched the Autons freeze in their tracks, some just becoming still and lifeless, but most toppling over where they had been standing.

He arrived in the alley just in time to find himself a hiding spot before he heard the familiar whirring of the TARDIS. He heard Mickey's whimpering soon afterward, and Rose telling him he was a fat lot of good during their whole ideal, then going on to inform the Doctor that he had been useless and that he'd be dead if it weren't for her. While the Doctor admitted this at the time, and thanked her, Jack recalled the many times they had argued this point in front of him, both trying to come out superior. He knew enough of the story to know that what Rose said was true enough, but he still liked to humour the Doctor every now and then.

Jack risked being seen as he heard the Doctor give his initial invitation to Rose. She sounded very unconvinced as she turned him down, and Jack heard the great disappointment in the Doctor's farewell. He watched as the TARDIS dematerialised and as Rose dragged Mickey to his feet and lead him on his way, mentally counting down the seconds until the sound of the TARDIS again filled the air as the Doctor rematerialised.

He grinned as he heard the "Did I mention it also travels in time?" quip and even allowed himself a small chuckle at Rose's short conversation with Mickey before she sprinted towards the TARDIS and through the door. He started to walk away from the alley with the sounds of the TARDIS' machinery ringing in his ears, a sound he missed all too much. He cheered himself by thinking of the moments of Rose's life he had witnessed, and the time his past self would spend with her future self while they both travelled with the Doctor. He was incredibly proud of her, and would never cease to be.