Coffee break

"HAKKAI…STOP…NOW" Sanzo yelled. The man behind the wheel stomped on the brake.

"Heavens Sanzo, what's wrong?" He turned to the left to stare at the blond priest. "I thought you didn't want to stop in this town." He said with a hand on his chest over his heart.

"I changed my mind okay."

"Yahoo." Crowed Goku from the back of the jeep. "I'm starvin', let's get something to eat."

Sanzo glared crossly at all of them. "I just wanted to stop is that alright with you assholes?"

Hakuryu chirped and landed on Hakkai's shoulder. "Sanzo perhaps we ought to just stay the night."

"We barely got started this morning." Irritation rang clear in Sanzo's voice.

"I think I may have hurt Hakuryu when I hit the break so hard."

"Fine. But I want a separate room. I can't handle being with any of you one minute more."

"Even me?" Gojyo whispered in the blondes' ear. "I thought we might get a little alone time tonight." Sanzo elbowed him back.

"Yes even you."

"Hey that's not fair. I've been waiting for days to be with you."

"Then one more won't kill you." Answered Sanzo sourly. "I don't want to be near any of you, period." Gojyo stood in place shocked deeply.

"But...but...but…Sanzzzzzzooooooooooo" he whined.

"Fuck off cockroach." Sanzo stormed away. All he wanted was some quiet and one small thing that he had missed. And he was mad at himself because it was his own fault for forgetting it, well not really forgetting it just not getting it period. He had woken up late and the one thing he wanted was gone. That put him in an even worse mood than he was from having to camp out yet again.

He followed his nose to the scent that had caused him to yell at Hakkai. It smelled heavenly and welcoming. He sat at one of the small café tables and ordered a cup. Sighing blissfully with each sip of the aromatic brew he felt the tension draining from his body.

After the second cup he decided that he would now be able to relax and have a more pleasant day. He entered the room that Hakkai had procured and stripped out of the robe. It felt so comfortable in the room that he kicked off his boots and stretched out on the bed to relax even further.

Quiet knocking on the door alerted him to the fact that he had fallen asleep. Rubbing at bleary eyes he opened the door to find a pitiful looking kappa.

"What the hell's wrong with you?" he ground out.

"I…well...dammit Sanzo quit being such a prick."

Grabbing the red head's wrist Sanzo yanked him into the room and threw his arms around the broad shoulders. At first Gojyo was stunned senseless but recovered quickly.

"That's more like it." He slid his arms around the slim waist in front of him. "So what the fuck was all that pissy mood about this morning?"

Sanzo grinned sheepishly. "I didn't get any coffee this morning." He said as he pressed himself tighter to the body of a very happy Gojyo.