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She was sitting on the end of the bed when he came in rubbing her right foot along the calf of left leg.

"Did I ever tell you I like you in red?"

She bit her lip grinning, loving how husky, how rough his voice was. She was doing that to him, she was making him want. She liked that.

"I only wear it when I think of you."

"Is that so?" he closed the door behind him approaching slowly, trying to minimize his limp.

"Yeah," she replied lifting her foot from her leg to his, to tease along his calf.

"You never wear red," he stepped closer, stopping her skimming, scheming foot.

She tipped her head back leaning on elbows to see him, "That you see…I like keep you close."

He tried not to smirk as he reached down grabbing her arm and pulling her up against him. "I think we can get you out of that dress now. "

He never took his eyes off hers as he reached behind to slowly lower the zipper. There was such havoc and glee playing in the sea colored depths, it was next to intoxicating.

The zipper was down and the bodice of the dress was sagging, she purred nudging under his chin to gain access to his neck where she lavishly kissed and tasted.

His large hands were inside her dress, roaming her slender back, toying with the band of her thong.

She pulled away smiling coyly letting the dress fall then stepped from the ring flinging it away with her foot. She stood in a scarlet strapless bra and matching lace thong. "I like it when you don't wear a t-shirt." She was all grin as she ran the pad of one finger along the V of his black shirt, playing with the buttons. She replaced her touch with her lips. His skin was warm, his chest hair tickled. She smiled against him feeling powerful, in control and wicked when she heard the slightest hitch in his breathing.

"Did you know I think you're the sexiest man I've ever met?" she worked the buttons of the shirt slowly.

With every button she released she placed another kiss traveling downward. She'd never grow tired of the taste of him. It was salt, something virile and completely male…and tantalizing sin. With the buttons freed she pushed the cotton material off his shoulders and off his arms.

"Look at me Allison," he ordered as she focused on undoing his belt, undoing the button of his jeans…sliding down the zipper.

She felt obliging so she met his heavy vivid blue stare.

"I'm going to make you scream," he simply vowed hands moving fast and with surprising strength threw onto the bed where she lay dazed for a moment while he finished ridding himself of his jeans.

He came down on her, his length covering her entirely, one knee between her legs, hands above her head where he captured hers also. His mouth, wide, hot and hungry touched everywhere.

"Greg…" she whispered as her body began the scintillating road toward oblivion with his deft touch as guide. She wanted his mouth on hers--she wanted him to kiss her. Wiggling her hands free of his grip she circled his neck, twined her fingers into his hair to get his attention to where she desperately wanted it.

Knowing what she wanted, he willing gave it. His kissed her hard and quick then trapped her bottom lip between his teeth, biting down till she whimpered just slightly with pain—and pleasure. He wanted to possess her, he conquered her mouth with his tongue; his and hers—they battled, dueled and mated. The kiss was drowning, she gasped for air only to have him fill her.

She rocked up, struggling with a depth of need so profound, so consuming, so maddening she thought she might burst with it. The whole of her vibrated and hummed.

"I…I…need you…" she tore her mouth away increasing her hold on his neck pulling him down on her, needing to be close, needing him to be with her, of her…needing him so that she shook almost uncontrollably.

"Almost…" he soothed, dealing with her bra before pulling away from her vice hold. He watched her face as he ran his touch along on her side making small gooseflesh rise as he traced a circle around her bellybutton and continued down over the tops of her thighs, pausing at the back of her knee where he tickled it, bent it and kissed it before starting the tour all over again.

"All mine…all for me…" he was pleased and showed it, he curled a finger around the band of her panties pulling them off.

"House…" she pled and the coil inside of her tightened so that she couldn't hardly breathe. Her skin burned like the fires in deepest rings of hell.

He teased her, stroked her, she gasped. He caressed and she anchored her hands in the sheets as her body bucked.

She squeezed her eyes shut, slashes of blue and silver painted the insides of her eyelids. She swallowed a scream—she was close, she was on the edge.

"Almost…" House purred kissing the bones of her hips but stilling his strokes. He wanted to be inside her when she came, when she dived off that ledge. He wanted to fall with her.

Her breathing become a little more normal and she started to reach for his boxers but he thwarted her, brushing her hands away, "Later…now it's about you…now is about making you remember only me…" he returned to assaulting her mouth, her neck, her collar bone, to suckling her breasts.

She couldn't wait any longer, she couldn't breathe, it was unbearable, and she needed, now. "Greg…" his name was a plea she would have screamed against his neck but she didn't have the air. She kissed behind his ear, bit the lobe making him know she meant what she said.

He had rid himself of his boxers at some point and his need was stoked and as ready as hers. It was time to jump.

It started slow, he started easy, intending to slowly drive her insane, to make her as mad as she made him—but she wasn't willing to go slow. She accepted him, she demanded more, he answered, and he gave. He set a pace, she wanted faster, harder. He continued to answer, to exceed and their bodies soared together.

She was almost lost completely. Both were sticky with sweat, hearts pounding like they could jump out of their chests.

"More!" she moaned frantic.

He lifted, she followed, he thrust and she bit back a gasp. He knew she was holding back…he would not have that. He pushed harder, he wanted everything.

She gasped and stars burst, angels wept, light flooded and it felt like Creation and the end of the world. She screamed as she came. She felt like she died and yet was finally alive at the same moment. She'd been holding back for so long, holding that small bit in a grip so tight she didn't know how to let go—but he demanded everything and for the first time she willing gave it all.

House felt her shatter, saw her eyes blaze, he taken everything. He made her scream his name. He had never seen anything like it; it was innocent and in the way she gave it was pure and whole, and amazing. He finally let his control go, finally letting himself pour into her, and as he did he realized that no woman had ever or would ever fill him like she did. She took everything of his and gave everything more in return. He was hers completely…they toppled over the edge together. They fell hard and the fall was beautiful.

He buried his face into hollow of her neck, collapsing onto her and she accepted his weight without protest. If he would but lift his head and look to her face he would find tears slowly falling down her cheeks. He had made her scream, cry—and whole.

So still joined they lay finally feeling complete for the first times in their lives.


Chase saw him come in, saw him possess her with a single look. She responded in kind.

Why! Why had he ever thought he could have her? How had ever convinced himself that she could learn to love him? And why, Chase asked himself desperately, had he ever wanted her in red?