"And now ladies and gents it's that time!!" Said The Miz as he held the envelope high over his head, At this point my mind was going a million miles a minute as I stood centre stage next to Bella, I looked to my left at Bella the only thing that was standing between me and the quarter of a million dollars not to mention a contract with the WWE was her, with her black extensions and her snotty demeanour it had been quite a ride from when I was chosen in my home town of Florida to right now being one of the final two it was so overwhelming I could see The Miz saying something but I could not hear a thing.

The Miz glanced at Bella and I giving us a reassuring smile before turning back to the crowd "And the winner of the Quarter of a Million dollar diva search is!" He said turning his attention to the enormous Titantron screen that sat above the entrance to the ramp which led to the ring.

"Sámi Rose!!" I looked up at the huge screen to find my picture staring back at me, at first I was shocked but then it sunk in "Oh my god" I gasped as I covered my mouth and looked around at all the fans cheering my name.

"Congratulations Sámi here is your cheque" The Miz said handing me a ridiculously over sized check, I was shaking as I reached out and took the check from him "Thank you guys so much I don't even know what to say!" I said holding back the tears as The Miz held the microphone out in front of me "This is such an honour" I went on to say as the arena was suddenly filled with an all to Familiar entrance music.

Melina made her way down the ramp with Jillian Hall by her side they were both smiling and clapping as they made their way into the ring "Sámi Jillian and I just wanted to extend to you out sincerest Congratulations" She said as she put her hand out for me to shake, I looked up at the two women slightly intimidated I reached my hand forward smiling back at them, I shook Melina's hand then Jillian stepped forward.

"We really look forward to working alongside you" Jillian said as she stepped forward extending her hand I unwittingly extended my own hand and began to shake her hand, before I knew what was happening Jillian had leapt forward knocking me back onto my butt.

"Oh My what an underhanded attack" J.R said from his seat ringside

As I lay on my back in the centre of the ring I looked up to see the two women standing above me I watched helplessly as Melina raised her right boot and brought it down hard on my stomach, I rolled onto my side and nursed my stomach as I heard both women laugh.

Melina bent down and picked up the Microphone that The Miz had dropped when he made his hasty retreat from the ring "Im sick of Little Bimbo's sleeping their way into this company when they have no real talent" She said as Jillian grabbed hold of my blonde hair and dragged me to my feet "Look at her she is pathetic!" Melina hissed as she slapped me causing me to stumble a little I would have fallen to the ground once more if it had not been for Jillian holding me in place.

At this point I was in so much pain I could no longer fight back the tears as they began to stream down my face, "Please" I pleaded as Melina once again raised her right foot and kicked me hard in the stomach.

"Please?" She shrieked into the microphone as the crowd Booed her "Shut up" She scowled turning her attention to the crowd, "Is this what you people want? A stupid bimbo who can't even defend herself" She questioned as Bella who had stood in the corner silently watching as I was beaten down stepped forward taking the microphone from Melina.

Jillian dropped me to the mat as she stepped over to Melina side as the two watched Bella who raised the Microphone to her mouth "What is wrong with you people" She said looking at Melina and Jillian as she stepped over to my side and helped me to my feet, for a second I thought that I had been wrong about Bella during the competition she came across as a bit of a bitch not that I talked to her much or anyone else for that matter I was pretty shy and kept to myself but now it seemed that I had been wrong about her as she helped me up, "If your going to do something do it right" Bella said shocking everyone especially me as she dropped the microphone and wrapped her arm around my neck as she began to run forward before jumping effectively executing a bulldog, as my head hit the mat my eyes closed and I could no longer feel any pain I couldn't see the three women who had brutally beaten me and I couldn't hear the crowd cheering for me to get to my feet everything was silent.

"Is she okay?" I heard someone say, I couldn't quite place the voice but it did indeed sound familiar, I slowly opened my eyes and had to blink a few times before I could make out the three figures standing above me, "Sámi dear can you hear me?" The voice said again as it became clear who was talking to me "Miz?" I said as I tried to sit up as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach causing me to fall back into the bed, I looked around noticing I was no longer in the ring I was now in a white room standing above me was The Miz beside him were two females who I didn't recognise I assumed they were two of the Diva's I hadn't really watched wrestling before so I didn't know her name.

"What's going on where am i?" I said softly as I managed to sit up, "Your in the Infirmary, you were attacked Maria and Kelly here scared them off" Miz said as he looked to the two women, "Bella" I began to say as Maria cut me off "You don't have to worry about her she's gone" Maria said as she walked around the bed I was laying in and picked up two pieces of cardboard and held them up.

"My Cheque" I whimpered as I looked at the two pieces of cardboard "Im sorry we got their as soon as we could but I was to late" Kelly said as she placed her hand on mine "Thank you" I said sheepishly as I looked her in the eye forcing a smile she looked back at me "Anytime" she said sincerely

Suddenly the door burst open and Stephanie McMahon walked in with a stressed look on her face, "Sámi let me extend to you're my sincerest apologies about what happened earlier that was not scripted" she said standing at the foot of my bed "Not scripted? Can they do that?" The Miz questioned looking confused.

"As of last night yes its my dads new way of making Wrestling a little more real and "entertaining as he calls it" She said "Entertaining?" Maria question annoyed "You mean unscripted no holds barred?" She said as she placed my Cheque under the bed I was in "Exactly" Stephanie replied "And im sorry to say Sámi the news only gets worse for you my father gave Bella a development deal" She said as she everyone in the room looked to me.

"I don't know what that means" I replied somewhat embarrassed about how clueless I was to the wrestling world "It means that she like you is now and official Diva of the WWE" Stephanie said "And she has requested a match for tomorrow night against you" As I heard the words leave Stephanie's lips all I wanted to do was get out of that bed and run for the hills but I knew that wasn't an option the fans had voted me into the WWE and I was determined not to let them down "Im not ready for a match" I said softly as I looked down at my feet "I cant wrestle" I said as I looked back up at the friendly faces surrounding me "But I am willing to try" I said as I threw back the blanket and got out of the bed once again I felt the sharp pain in my stomach "Your clearly not ready for this" Maria said as she helped me stand "But we will be in your corner" She said smiling as she and Kelly nodded.


As I entered the Divas locker room for the first time I was expecting everyone to look at me with disgust the way Melina and Jillian had I had anticipated a bunch of glaring eyes and crude comments but when I opened the door I was shocked that all the girls were smiling at me, I felt stupid walking into a room of my new co workers and not knowing a single one of their names apart from Kelly and Maria but neither of them had arrived yet "Hello Sámi is it? Im Candice" said one of the Women as she approached me extending her hand at first I was a little wary of shaking her hand after my last experience but she seemed nice enough and so I shook her hand "I saw what happened last night" She said as she showed me to me new locker "That was uncalled for but you will get used to it Melina and Jillian aren't really the welcoming type" Candice said laughing as the Locker room door opened and Melina and Jillian stepped inside, my first reaction was to jump into my locker and hide as they both smirked and made their way toward me yet I stood my ground "Well well well look what we have here" Melina said laughing "I though you would have run home to mummy" she said as she raised her first threateningly causing me to jump backwards which in turn made the two laugh even harder "Oh lord what are you doing here you cant handle this business sweetie run on home" Jillian said between laughs "She is new give her time and I guarantee that she will have the two of you shaking in you ugly boots" another of the Divas said stepping forward "Mind your own business Mickie!" Melina snapped as the locker room door opened once again as Maria and Kelly Stepped through "I think the two of you should just go to your corner and be quite" Candice said stepping forward as the four divas all stared down at Jillian and Melina.

"Whatever" Melina snapped back at them as she and Jillian walked over to their lockers in the corner of the room, "Don't let them get to you" the one called Mickie said stepping forward "I see you met the other cool chicks on RAW" Maria said as she and Kelly sat down on the bench next to me "Yeah this is a little overwhelming" I said as I was still trying to imagine myself in an actual wrestling match not to mention one that was unscripted it would be just like a real fight except millions of people would be watching "Don't sweat it" Candice said as she reached into her locker "Everyone is nervous their first time out but just think of it like sex the more you do it the better you get" She said laughing "Iv never … I mean im" I said as they all looked at me "You're a virgin?" Maria asked as I nodded my head "How old are you?" Mickie said as she began to jump up and down on the spot "Im Nineteen" I replied nervously "Wow your like the youngest superstar here" She replied as Candice closed her locker after taking out her women's championship belt "What's that?" I asked as they all laughed "Wow you really are new aren't you" Candice said as she put the belt over her shoulder and headed for the door, as she opened the door and left Stephanie McMahon entered and made her way straight over to me.

"Sámi I have good news" She said smiling as she stopped in front of me "I managed to convince my father to make your match against Bella a Three way Tag Team Bra and Panties match!" She said excitedly as I sat there confused and lost "a what?" I replied as she smiled and began to explain what it was, "Oh so I wouldn't be alone?" I asked concerned "No Maria and Kelly would be by your side the entire time" She said reassuring me "And all I have to do is take off her clothes to win"

"Yes!" Stephanie replied as she looked at her watch "Okay so get dressed and your match starts in Ten minute ok" She said as she turned and left the room"

"Oh no" I said as I opened my locker "What's the problem?" Kelly asked looking over to me from her locker "I have nothing to wear" I said feeling like the biggest moron in the world "It ok you can wear one of mine she said taking out a pair of Black and Pink Pants and a matching top "we can be matching" she said as she threw the same outfit to Maria and then put it on herself "Ok ladies" Maria said standing next to the door "Lets do this" She said as she and Kelly walked out of the locker room as I followed them as we made our way to the ring….