"The following match is a Six women Tag Bra & Panties, Making their way to The ring the team of Melina, Jillian Hall & Bella " I heard Lillian Announce as I stood backstage with Maria & Kelly by my side, my palms were all sweaty and I was beginning to get even more nervous as I waited to hear the music.

"Okay Sámi once we get out there play it up" Kelly said as she fixed her hair, "Play it up got you" I said as I though about it in my head once I got out their I would act confident and hopefully it will be believable I said as Maria and Kelly stepped forward onto the ramp as their music started playing, "Wait for me" I said quickly running after them.

"And now making their way to the ring the team of Maria Kelly Kelly & your Diva search winner Sámi" Lillian cheered in her sing-song voice as the arena erupted with applause "Wow" I said quietly as I put on my best happy face and waved to the crowd even hi fiving a few of the fans in the front row, Maria and Kelly then both went to either side of the ring and climbed in, This is it I thought to myself as I climbed the stairs and waved to the crowd once again with my cheerful smile before entering the ring once I was in the ring everything was different all I could hear were the menacing laughs of Jillian and Melina I shook my head trying to not let it get to me as I felt a hand grab my shoulder It was Maria.

"Im going to go in first okay you and Kelly wait til I tag you" She said as I nodded in agreement and followed Kelly to our ring corner, first up against Maria was Melina they stared each other down until the bell rang and Melina charged at Maria who extending her right arm connected with a devastating clothesline knocking Melina onto her back, Maria quickly took the opportunity and grabbed hold of Melina's top and tried to remove it but just when she was almost successful Jillian came out of nowhere and kneed Maria in the side of the face, both Melina and Maria now climbed to their feet and went at it Melina managed to get Maria into a chokehold but Maria counted flipping Melina over her back sending the diva down onto the mat Melina quickly recovered and send Maria hurdling into the turnbuckle, She then tagged out sending Jillian in who tried to hit Maria with a handspring elbow attack but Maria got out of the way causing Jillian to hit the Turnbuckle, Maria hit Jillian with a Missile Dropkick then picked her up and hit a bulldog on the blonde, Maria quickly tagged in Kelly then the two divas went to work on removing Jillian's top, once the top was off the referee made sure that Maria was out of the ring.

The match went back and forth between Kelly and Jillian neither was able to remove a piece of the others clothing, Jillian managed to hit an inverted DDT on Kelly leaving her laid out on the mat Jillian headed back over to her corner and tagged in Bella, I watched from my safe zone in the corner as Bella took advantage of the fact Kelly was injured she hit Kelly with multiple kicks before grabbing the blondes hair and pulling her to her feet only to hit her with another inverted DDT, I had to admit that I was impressed by Bella's wrestling I mean sure once we entered the WWE diva search we all had trained with the superstars but i was no where near as good as she had become and we had both had the same amount of time training, As Kelly lay face down on the mat Bella was able to remove her pants without and hesitation leaving Kelly in her underwear and top Bella then moved in to remove her top as well but Kelly managed to garner the strength to kick her away and Kelly began to slowly crawl towards our corner, Kelly was almost to our corner when Jillian jumped into he ring and headed straight at her fortunately Maria saw it coming and she to was now in the ring beating back Jillian as Kelly made it to the corner she reached her hand up for the tag and my stomach jumped as I realised that I was the only one here, I nervously reached out and touched her hand I looked to the referee who was sending the others out of the ring he then nodded as if he knew I had made the tag, I lifted my right leg and climbed into the ring as the crowd erupted in applause, I was taken aback by the support I was receiving but then again it only made sense seeing as how it was me that they had voted the new diva so of course I had fans, this knowledge fuelled me with a new found confidence as I stepped into the ring facing Bella I found was not as scary as I had imagined yet at the same time it was still pretty scary even with my new found confidence.

"Bitch" She shouted as she pushed me "You cheated me out of my Victory" She said slapping me hard "Your nothing but a lying cheating little SLUT!" She shouted as it echoed through the arena, I wasn't much of a fighter but that moment all I wanted to do was cause her pain no one called me that, I raised my hand and slapped her hard I heard a few gasps from the crowd and to tell you the truth I was quite surprised as well I never had hit anyone in my life but right now it seemed like the only option, I threw my entire body weight at Bella sending un both to the ground with me on top I was able to grab her head which I then proceeded to pound continuously into the mat before hitting her with a few more slaps, I stood up and looked down at her as she rolled onto her side and covered her face "Get her top off" I heard Maria say as I quickly reached forward and ripped her shirt away but no I wast done yet I then turned my attention to her bottoms tearing away the white pants she had been wearing, the crowd erupted into applause as Bella was eliminated from the match and forced to head back to the locker room, I began jumping up and down with excitement as I picked up Bella's clothes and threw them to the fans, but my excitement was short lived as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach followed by several more sharp pains all over before I knew what was going on I looked back to find Melina and Jillian standing over me beating me an to my surprise they had somehow managed to remove my clothes leaving me in my bra and panties, I rolled out of the ring and shoot an apologetic stare to Maria and Kelly as I headed back to the locker room.