Author's note- this chapter will take you very close to the end of the story. Thank Alanna for this chapter. She gave me the idea that helped me move on. I wrote that relatively easily, but didn't know where to go from there. I wanted to have some closure to Jaina/Roald but I didn't want to loose what made their relationship special. Then this morning when I was exercising the idea came to me.  Then I wrote pretty quickly, it is amazing how much you can write when you have the idea. I wrote about wow, 5-6 pages in a little more then 1.5 hours.

"Uncle Luke will hold a 'punishment conference' with them later." Jaina said. "Uncle Luke feels there is no reason to assign punishments in front of everyone."

      "Ah." Neal said, not sure what he felt about that.

        "Do you want to go get some food?" Jaina asked.

        "Do we have a choice?" Neal asked.

        "Uncle Luke keeps a pretty flexible schedule. We can eat anytime as long as it is half an hour after morning classes, and one hour before evening classes. The droids kept track of how long we stay in order to keep track of how much time we spend practicing." Jaina explained.

          "How much time does that give us?" Roald asked.

            "One and a half hours." Jaina said.

         "I am going to eat now." Kel said, eyeing Roald and Jaina.

        She nudged Neal until he said the same.

          "See you guys later then." Jaina said.

      "I want to show you something." Jaina said, tugging on Roald's cloak.     

       Jaina took Roald to her quarters. /?/Door open, Jaina, please. /?/

        Jaina frowned. /?/ Spying, Uncle Luke? /?/

         /?/ No, but what kind of uncle would I be if I didn't sense my only niece taking a boy to her quarters. /?/

         /?/ A non-snoopy one. /?/

      /?/ Or a non force-sensitive. /?/

       Jaina laughed aloud. Roald was startled. "Uncle Luke." Then she went into the explanation.

      "Then maybe this isn't the best place to go."

      "No, Uncle Luke's big thing is trust. He has told us that he expects the door open. So as long as the door is open no problem."

       "You know best." Roald said, following Jaina in.

       "So, did you kids have fun?" Neal drawled when Jaina and Roald came in.

      "Yes, much." Roald said.

       "What are you guys eating?" Jaina asked.

      "Your brother and Tenel Ka recommended the Hapan astap and the Corellian dalas." Kel said.

        "Did you like it?"

        "It was good, a tad mild for my taste." Kel said.

        "So what is the plan for the rest of the day?" Neal asked.

        As if on cue all the Jedi's comm. links tinged. Jaina opened in and heard a recorded message in Master Skywalker's voice. "All level 3 trainees and above are requested to accompany the Tortallan delegation on a Yavin hike that will start at 1500 hours" Then Lord Wyldon's voice came on. "We request that you pass this on to the Tortallan delegation who must all report to the delegation quarters at 1350 hours, which is in 15 minutes."

        The Tortallan delegation looked at the group of people sitting. "Well, Roald finish up then we will go." Jaina said.

           When they got there they saw that Lord Wyldon was dressed up and all ready to go. Once the entire Tortallan delegation got inside their quarters he started a lecture.

          "Ok, remember folks, you are here as representatives of the order of Knights, the crown of tortall, and me. So please act like it." Lord Wyldon said, tersely. "A mark of a good knight is someone who is able to work in all situations."

             "Yes, milord." The group said.        

              They met Luke and the others at the foreyard of the temple. They started a tourist-y hike around Yavin. They stayed out until the Yavin's sun set. "Beautiful." Neal murmured.

         "Isn't it though?" Jaina said, smugly.

         "Not as beautiful as you." Jacen said, in Jaina's ears, mocking Roald.

          Jaina stepped gently on Jacen's foot.

             A week later. "Thank you for a wonderful time." Wyldon said.

         "Our pleasure." Luke said.

        The two Academy Heads bowed two each other as Wyldon and the Tortallan delegation departed for the Portall.

              "Thank you, you all for making this diplomatic endeavor a success." Luke said, addressing the academy.  "In honor of this, classes are cancelled for today."

              A cheer resounded through the academy.

But less then a week later news arrived that made Luke very upset and sad. He called Jaina to his office. "What happened, Uncle Luke." She said, breathlessly. She could feel that whatever had happened was bad, very bad.

             "Jaina," Luke said putting his hand on her shoulder. "The castle at Corus is under siege. The Republican council just got word, through an S.O.S., they have requested that we send a Jedi contingent. I will be informing the academy before I leave with a team. I just wanted to tell you first. Are you okay?"

           Jaina was in shock.

            "Your mom is going to call soon. She just had to coordinate some things first."

            Luke guided Jaina to a chair. "Do-do they know casualty lists?" Jaina asked.

        "No." Luke said. "There has been no time. But remember, Jaina, if someone had died that you knew well you would know it."

         She knew he meant if Roald had died she would've known it. "Come, I need to tell everyone else. I have already told those who are coming with me."

        "I am coming." Jaina said.

         "No." Luke said, simply.

      "Yes! Uncle Luke, those are my friends!"

         "Jaina, you will not be able to help there. The way you can help is by coming quickly so the team can go."

         Jaina could see from the set of her Uncle's face that it was futile to argue. Defeated, she moved aside. She went to her secret spot to brood.

        "-The elder students will aid Tionne in running the academy while we are gone." Jaina caught the last sentence of Luke's speech.

          She smiled grimly. So this was why Luke didn't let her go.

          "May the Force be with all of us." She chorused with the rest of the academy.

     Then the team, which consisted of Kyp Durron, Streen, Luke, Cilghal, and a few others ran to the portal.

          They ran straight to Corus.  "Okay, we need to appraise the situation." Luke whispered. "Cilghal, you are good at appraising the situation. Will you come with me?"

            They determined that a periphery attack needed to be conducted on both sides, along with one stream in the middle.  This would divide the attackers for the Tortallans to take care of.

            "Three teams of three quickly, please." Luke said.

            Luke gave each a flare. 'This signals to the Tortallans that we are friends."

            Luke sent his attack in just in time. The new fighters boosted the morale of the Tortallans. In a little over five hours they broke the enemy siege.

             King Jonathan and Queen Thayet thanked the Jedi contingent personally. "You saved the Crown."

            "Forgive me, but I sense that the danger isn't yet passed. Something foul is afoot." Luke said.

            "Now it is nothing us Tortallans can't handle." General Ha' Minch said.

            Just then a messenger came running in. "We have been attacked, and forgive me, but some weird evil seems to be a foot. When they attacked many of the soldiers were lifted into the air. Then they seemed to freeze water."

            "Darksiders." Kyp whispered to Luke.

            Luke nodded. "Your majesty, it seems some in our galaxy don't like the alliance between the two… realms either because what the messenger describes seems to describe a darksider."

            "Do you and your squad know how to defeat this darksider?" Queen Thayet asked.

            "Yes." Luke said.

            "Would you mind going with a team of our best mages and a company of the King's Own?" King Jonathan asked.

            "Not at all, that is why we are here your majesties." Luke said, bowing. "Yet I must impress upon you, we must go quickly. The darksiders must not be allowed to advance far."

            Luke was amazed how quickly the King got a company ready to accompany them.  "You are under the command of Masters Skywalker and Salimalin." Jonathan told them.

            As they got close to the spot the messenger had told them about, Luke pulled out his lightsaber. He saw the levitated soldiers. He gestured to Kyp and they both put the soldiers down. "There." Streen pointed to a group of black-cloaked individuals.

          "Skywalker." The man in the middle said. "I am so glad you are here."

            "That is why you reacted with fear."

            "Afraid, of you." He scoffed. "You don't even know who you are talking to."

            "A darksider, that is all we need to know." Kyp interjected.

           The man's face darkened and he gestured to his friends who all charged the Jedi. There were 8 Jedi and 8 darksiders, so the Tortallans were left just to watch. Luke killed the leader quickly. Then he went to help the other Jedi. "Fight with me, not him." Luke said to one darksider who was defeating his Jedi opponent.

            "With pleasure." The darksider sneered turning to him.

            He went down much quicker then the leader. "Well, looks like you took care of it for us." Numair said.

            Luke shrugged self-consciously.

          "Your majesties, the darksiders are now dead." Luke said, four days after the contest, bowing to the monarchs.

            "So the threat to our realm is gone?" King Jonathan asked.

            Luke let Numair answer this one. "As best we can tell."

            "Then it truly is gone."

            "Then with your permission, my team and I will return to our galaxy. Many of us have classes to teach." Luke said.

            "Of course, master jedi, we won't stop you." Thayet said. "We would like words with Chief of State Leia, though, when she has a moment."

            Luke bowed. "Of course. We take your leave then."

            The entire team bowed/curtsied their way out. "Are you feeling better?" Luke asked, K'ran, who had undergone a healing in Tortall.

            "Much, thank you Master Skywalker."

          Luke patted his shoulder. "Get some sleep once we get back to Yavin."

            "Yes, Master Skywalker."               Luke called Leia right as he exited the Portal. "Luke." She said, relief seeping through her tension-filled voice.

            "Yes, everything is fine, Leia. We took care of it. Darksiders had staged an alliance with Tortall's enemies. The darksiders are dead, and we helped in the major battles."

            "How is the team?"

            "K'ran has a broken rib, other then that we came out with only scratches."


            "Yes, the force was truly with us."

            "Jaina is very worried."

            "Yes, I will go allay her fears at once. None of her friends were killed."

            "The affects of being a diplomat's brother are finally showing through, allay, huh."

            "Stop it, Lei." Luke bantered back.

            "Okay, I have to go. I will talk to you later."

           Luke stopped at Jaina's quarters. She was waiting with red-eyes. "Everything is fine." He said, gently. "None of your friends died."

            Jaina launched herself into her Uncles' arms. "Everything is okay." He said, letting her release her fear caused tears.

            Jacen came it a bit later carrying some hot drinks. When he saw his Uncle there he paused. "Come on in." Luke gestured.

           Jacen put down the drinks and made to go to the kitchen droids for more. Luke waved it away. "No, you guys drink your drinks. I will go to the kitchen droids and get something for myself."

            "I will see you later." Luke said, after deciding that everything would be okay, that Jacen could better get her mind off of what had happened.

            A few hours later Luke got a call from Leia. "Luke, get ready for more visitors. Apparently, you guys impressed the Tortallans so much that they are willing to concede on a few more points, so they want to re-negotiate our treaty."

            Luke was in shock, they had decided this so quickly, and then he remembered that time passed a lot more quickly in Tortall.

"Awesome." Luke said. "So what do you need the Jedi Academy, I, and/or your children to do?"

            "Since it was the Jedi who convinced the Torallans to re-negotiate we will definitely be coming there. Also, you, the kids, and the rest of the team you had taken, will need to be available for all of the state events. I will call you again when the Inner council finalizes the schedule, but I just wanted to give you a heads up."

            "Thanks." Luke said. "I will hold off telling anyone until you give me more definitive information, but I will start sprucing up the place."

            "As you wish."

            As soon as Luke got off the phone he did just that. He started programming the droids to polish all the rooms, and trim the garden. The that night when Luke went to bed he kept a comm. Link by his side because he knew that Leia wouldn't take all that long to finalize the plans. Sure enough, the comm. Link tinged early the next morning. "Okay, Luke, the delegation will of course come in at Yavin. The Inner council and a few others will already be there. We will have a state welcome dinner, then the next afternoon we will go to Coruscant. The signing of the treaty will be on Yavin though. They will be arriving in 5 days RST."

            "Five days!" Luke yelped. "Leia…." Luke took a deep breath. " Okay, what food should I be getting ready, and what other preparations?"

            "Han and I are already on our way. I am speaking from The Falcon. Until we get there just start super-cleaning. Inform every one of the plans. Tell them if they do not have fancy clothing for state events they need to place an order by 1200 hours, I will give you the number to call. If you feel that someone can't afford the proper clothing, the inner council has approved some funds. You will be responsible for deciding who needs how much." Luke could hear a ruffling of papers and she gave him the number

            "Okay, but Leia, we still need to keep classes going."

            "Done. All your teachers should be there anyways, so you can help organize this on the side. This is getting expensive. I will talk to you once I arrive. Oh, tell Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin I am bringing their stuff."

            "I am sure they will be thrilled." Luke muttered. "See you soon."

            Luke called a meeting and relayed the message. "Your first responsibility is to check for this stuff so that the material can be ordered. Classes will be delayed half a standard hour to coordinate this. If you do not have the credits for ordering clothes and have nothing suitable to wear please come see me. Also, if you have clothes at home feel free to go call your parents/guardians to bring it for you. The communications center will be open. If getting your sizes together takes time, be late to your class, but don't miss the 1200-hour deadline. This includes calling the order in, so be at the communications center 1130 latest. Also, please assist in keeping the temple clean, or cleaning it. If anyone is willing to help clean, talk to me after 1200 hours please."

            /?/ Your mother is bringing your stuff. /?/ Luke sent to Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin

            The next few hours were very hectic for Luke, because there were a substantial number of people who couldn't afford the prices. Also, he had many people come up to him and ask if what they had was suitable. He had to ask Tionne and Kyp to help him for the latter.

            "Someone is looking happy." Luke commented to Jaina after their afternoon class together.

            Jaina blushed. Luke looked at his chronometer, "The cleaning droids should be cleaning the great hall right now, let me go check and help."

            "I will come." Jaina said. "I don't have another class."

            "Okay." Luke said. "I would appreciate the help."

            They picked up a few others on the way, when they got there they noticed grease stains. "Oh no." Luke said, panic seeping through his voice.

            Three of the cleaning droids had malfunctioned. "Jaina, I should've listened to you." Luke said, referring to Jaina's comment that the Academy should buy new cleaning droids.

            "We have been having a lot of state events here." Jaina shrugged. "Overwork."

            "We can do it, Uncle Luke." Jacen said. "You have an Academy of students here."

            "But we shouldn't cancel classes."

            "Jedi compassion, skill, practical application." Lowie growled.

            Luke sighed, there was no other way. There were only 4 cleaning droids left, and after examining them, 2 of them were on the verge of collapse. "Okay, Lowie," Luke said, referring to the fastest runner. "Please go tell Kyp what happened and ask him to bring his class here, and to delegate someone to run and tell Tionne who should come here after asking someone to tell Streen and so on. Jacen could you call Garm and ask him, when he is coming and if he is coming pretty soon ask him to bring some droids with him. Rowie," Luke said referring to another Wookie trainee "could you run and grab as many cleaning supplies as you can, get help if you can find it."

            "The rest of should take the cleaning supplies from the droids and clean and polish the floor." Luke said.

            Everyone got to work. The droids had left big grease stains. "At least they didn't explode." Jaina muttered.

            Kyp came in and moaned. "Oh no."  A moment later. "Instructions, Master Skywalker." Kyp said, seeing that Luke had enough people cleaning the Great Hall. "Could you clean the entrance arch and hallway."

            "Of course." Kyp led his class.

            They worked throughout the night, the teachers had held a quick conference and decided that whomever needed to sleep could go. But it would be better for the vast majority if they did as much cleaning as they could in a day, then sleep, because they would be more rested as the state event came closer. Plus, that would mean the Academy was cleaner when the Republic arrived since they wouldn't be here early enough to really help. Even Leia wouldn't be here until two days before the state event.

            So exactly one day later Luke called a halt. "All right, all students go eat a meal properly" they had all, except for Luke and a few of the teachers, been taking rushed food breaks" and then sleep. No student should be back working for another 5 hours at least."

            The teachers kept working. 5 hours later the vast majority of students were back. "All right, teachers, your turn. 3 hours."

            "But who will help lead the students." Kyp asked. "I will take care of that."

            "Master Skywalker, you haven't taken one break yet." K'ran protested.

            "Don't worry about that. Hurry, you are loosing precious time." Luke waved them on.

             When the teachers came back, though, they forced Luke to take a break. He was back in an hour and a half. "Wow." He said, astonished. "It looks to me as if we are done [for now]."

            "But what about setting up and everything."

            "We have to wait for Leia for that. It would take more then 6 or 7 hours, Leia already had droids aboard to help with that."

            "I am so proud of everyone at the Academy. We saw the problem, and we solved it, together, as a team. That is what Jedi should be, a team. Classes are cancelled for the rest of the day and only afternoon classes will occur tomorrow. Sleep, eat, and relax." Luke said.

            Streen, who was manning the control desk came running to Luke the next day. "The Falcon arrived in system." Luke frowned. "But they shouldn't have been here until tomorrow. Thanks, Streen."

            Leia exited hurriedly. "Okay, let's finish the work."

            She stopped seeing a sparkling Temple. Luke grinned widely. "I have wonderful students, and awesome teachers."

            Leia put her hand on her heart. "You all managed this really without cleaning droids."

            Luke nodded. "Great job kid." Han said.

            Leia hugged her kids who had come to greet them. "Luke, I am going to get the droids started setting up, okay."

            Luke nodded. Luke had to repeat the story every time another Republican delegate came. He became so busy trying to keep up with the Academy, and setting up that he lost track of the time.

            "Hurry." Leia urged Luke. "The Tortallans will be here in two hours."

            Luke, who had been teaching class, dropped his stick. "WHAT?!? I thought they were coming tomorrow." He looked at his chronometer. "Shoot."

            "Don't worry about it. Just get moving." Leia, who was already dressed to greet the delegation said.

            Luke positively ran, as did his students. Luke force sent to all of the teachers, most of whom had remembered and already sent the students to get ready.

            "How do I look?" Jaina asked her mother, twirling.

            "Dazzling." Leia said, knowing for whom Jaina was getting all doled up.

             The entire Academy, and the  Inner council members with their family members, stood ready around the Portall.

            Luke heard Leia murmur. "Five, four, three, two, one."

            As Leia got to three Luke sensed the delegation coming closer, and on one he saw them. "Welcome to Yavin 4." Leia said.

            Thayet and Jonathan inclined their heads back. "Thank you for your gracious welcome."

            Leia and Han engaged Thayet and Jonathan in conversation, Jaina, Roald, Jacen, Kally, and Anakin, the youngest children, Garm Bel Iblis engaged Lord Imrah, Luke engaged Lord Wyldon, and so on. Everyone who wasn't conversing with someone was getting ready for the dinner.

            After about twenty minutes of conversation everyone but Han and Leia, Queen Thayet and Jonathan, and Roald and Jaina had excused themselves to go get ready.

            "Republicans over here." Leia called, and a a recriprocal call of "Tortallans over here." Resounded at the other end of the room.

            "Where is Jaina." Leia said, after taking a count of everyone.

            "I don't know, maybe she is planning to come in with the rest of the academy." Luke muttered.

            "She should be here."

            "We just have to go on without her." Garm Bel Iblis said.

            There wasn't even time to reach for her with the Force.

            When they got into the room they saw that Roald wasn't there either. "Five guesses where she is." Jacen said to his friends.

            "With Roald." Tahiri said.

            Even the elders were discussing this. "I see your daughter isn't here either." Thayet said, amusedly.

            Leia laughed. "Five guesses where they are."

            After dinner Han said."Luke will you do your Jedi stuff and find them for us." 

            "If you want me to."

            "I do."



            "Should I go find Jaina and Roald."

            "Yes, actually, they should be here for the dancing."

            Luke excused himself, but decided to let Jaina come on her own. Leia hadn't wanted to risk doing this inside because she wasn't good at talking while she force sent. /?/ Jaina, dearest, you and Roald are being missed at the state dinner. Your mother thinks it is a good idea if you are here for the dancing. /?/

            /?/ The state dinner started already? /?/

            /?/ Three hours ago. /?/

            /?/ We will be there. /?/

            /?/ Come to the West side entrance. /?/

          True to her word, Jaina brought Roald and they were both there within five minutes. Luke walked in with them. As all faces turned towards them Jaina and Roald turned a deep crimson and muttered an apology. "So, shall we start the dancing." Leia said, to break the tension on the children

            She elegantly reached her hand out to her husband. After the state dinner, Jaina and Roald asked all of their parents, and Luke, to meet in Luke's office. Once they were all there and seated Jaina spoke. "Roald and I don't want to be separated again. We are in love." She said the last part after taking a deep breath.

            "You are too young to be married." Han said.

            "We know." Roald said.

            "Yet, we also know that for us dating like a normal couple won't be possible either because of the fact that we live in different galaxies. That is what we were referring to." Jaina said.

            "So what do you want to do about the separation? You both have obligations in your own galaxies." Leia said.

       "We want to come up with a way in which we could meet very often, yet take our time making the decision to-to marry." Jaina  said.

            "All right, you will need to give us time to come up with this." Thayet said.

            "How much time?" Roald asked.

            "Until the treaty is signed, latest." Jonathan said.

            "That is too long." Roald said.

            "One day after you reach Coruscant." Jaina said.

            The adults exchanged glances. "Deal."

            "What should we do, Han." Leia asked, that night.

            "I was afraid of this." Han said. "The way it stands right now, either we or the Conte's are going to loose a child."

            "Han, that's too melodramatic."

            "That is what's going to happen. One of them is going to move into the other person's galaxy. But I am going to make sure it isn't Jaina."

            Leia sighed. "There has to be a better way."

            "Tell me if you come up with it. Until then, good night."

            Leia knew he was right, and she also fell asleep.

            The next day, on the way to Coruscant the Organa-Solo's  and the Conte's had a conference with Luke on the link. "Here is what I have." Luke said, an hour. "Jaina has stated that she wants to finish her Jedi training. So Roald and Jaina stay in Yavin for the term, going to Corus for 3 out of the 4 breaks, which are pretty often as students are allowed to leave for 'long weekends'. This way they get to see which galaxy is most suited for them if they decide to get married. Both of them will be on call if something in Tortall requires their attention."

            "Let's table that option and come back to it if we can't come up with anything else." Thayet said.

            Yet up until an hour before the deadline they couldn't come up with anything else. "So Luke's suggestion it is." Jonathan said. "We aren't going to come up with anything else, and we need time to fine-tune it."

            They fine-tuned it right up until the minute before the deadline. "Call the children, all of them, will you." Leia said, tiredly, to Luke.

            Leia wanted her other kids to hear it (The conte' kids had stayed back on Yavin.)  at the same time. They told the kids their decision and at the end the condition. "No decision about marriage can be made until one year Republican standard time."

            Jaina and Roald were elated, this decision allowed them both worlds and their parents' blessings.  Jaina called Jacen privately into her quarters. "Are you okay with this?"

            "I guess." Jacen said, reluctantly after thinking for a moment. "I do get to see you for most of the year. You are happy. I guess." Jacen said, brightening at the end. Roald went back with his parents for a few days to pack some stuff after the treaty was signed, but was back within 2 RST hours. "Okay, Roald, you will stay in the rooms right next to mine." Luke said, helping Roald settle in. "Jaina is two floors above, directly above is Jacen." Luke said, smiling slightly slyly.

            He knew that trapdoors would've been all too easy for his mechanically-inclined niece, but that needing to go through Jacen's room would make it more difficult until the problem there got straightened out.

            The one year anniversary of the deal came pretty quickly. On that day, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin's parents came into town. Roald said, swallowing, "may I talk to you two alone please."

            Leia raised one eyebrow but said nothing. Can't back down, can't back down now. Roald chanted to himself.

          Han led them to Luke's office, Luke was tutoring someone. "I was wondering." Roald said, taking a deep breath. "If I may ask for your daughter's hand in marriage."

            Leia's eyes filled up. "Oh Han."

            Han searched Roald's eyes. "Yes, you may." He said at last. "But if you ever hurt her…"

            Leia took a bracelet off of her right hand. "This was my engagement bracelet." She said, smiling warmly at Han for a moment.  "G-give her this as a sign of our blessing as well." 

        Roald was overcome with emotion. "Be sure to ask her brothers as well." Leia said.

       "Thank you." Roald said, eyes brimming with tears.

            He found Jacen, Jaina, Anakin, sitting with Lowie and Tenel Ka. He hid the bracelet. "What is the matter." Jaina asked, concernedly.

            "Nothing." Roald said.

            Jaina frowned. "Roald tell me."

            "Later.  Jacen, Anakin, may I have some words alone please."

            Jacen and Anakin, puzzled, accompanied Roald. "I wanted you permission to ask for Jaina's hand in marriage."

            Both brothers were shocked. /?/ At least he asked us. /?/ Anakin sent to Jacen.

            "Do you love her." Jacen asked, Roald.

            "More then my own life."

            "You have my consent." Anakin said. "But if you ever hurt her…"

            It took Jacen a few more minutes, but at last he said. "You have my consent, but if you ever hurt her…"

            Roald laughed. "If I ever hurt her I will have at least 3 people give me the most horrible death imaginable."

            Roald took out the engagement bracelet and both touched it.

            That night Roald and Jaina went to the river again. When the reached the desert course-"Jaina, will you marry me." Roald blurted, not able to stand it any longer."

            Jaina covered her mouth. "So that's what this secrecy has been about. Of course."

            She hugged Roald, and when they were done she let Roald put the bracelet on her with a shaky hand.

       "I love you." She said, kissing him.