Forget Me Not

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Summary: Their love had just budded. It was close to being turned into an everlasting beautiful flower if Neji hadn't taken a mission where he went under a jutsu where he had forgotten their love. Heartbroken, Sakura must find ways to bring back his memories. However with the Hyuuga clan pushing her away, she is finding it hard to be determined. In her dying moments, can Neji regain his memories? Can their love start to bloom again?

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Chapter 1:

The Planted Seed

Neji awoke in a cave, his mind groggy. His body was stiff and aching and he struggled with his memories for a bit. Why was he here? How did he end up here? He groaned, getting on all fours and slowly getting up.

He almost tripped on some large rock. His eyes wide, he saw the dying body of his medic, Sakura Haruno. And suddenly it rushed back to him, the mission, the predator, how she had taken the full blunt attack for him….

Neji felt sick, he wanted to puke. He tried to keep calm but his heart ached and he could not understand why. Maybe it was because his teammate was dying, his logic reasoned. Yes, he thought, that was it.

Pushing away the feeling of pain, Neji lifted Sakura's bleeding body. The amount of blood loss was great and her heart beat was faint, but the fact of the matter was that it was still beating. The gaping hole in her ribs had closed in a bit, the natural healing of her body. (AN: This is true that when you're body has a cut, the blood starts to close around it and form a solid to stoop the bleeding. Just in case you didn't know.)

The enemy had retreated so he could be safe for the passage back to the village where he could get Sakura help. As he whipped past the forest and could vividly see the village walls in front of him, his mind rewound back to the times he has encountered Sakura.

She was a medic, so he could assume that she may have treated him at some point. How strange, Neji thought. Every time he thought of the hospital, he remembered being treated by only one certain doctor. A faceless doctor who's image he could not conjure him.

It was strange. Neji had never forgotten anything that has happened in his life. He remembered things in full detail and if he had chosen to, bring it back into his mind and replay it like a movie. However, he has come to find large gaps of memory missing.

He had been told it was from a mission when he woke up in the hospital. The Hokage had given him the vague details of what they could discover from any of the injuries he had obtained. He had a very strong memory jutsu tied into his brain, which took his memory and sealed it deep within it's confines. It had taken several things of importance like what had happened during the mission that had changed his life.

He could barely remember that he was part of ANBU now and the countless of missions he had been on until he read all the reports he had written. He also read all the hospital records when he had stayed but none of the injuries and the names seemed familiar to him.

However when coming to talk to Hinata about his life, he could tell she was holding things back. She told him that nothing in his life had changed significantly, it was always about training and working. And Neji took her word for it.

But still, Neji could not help but wonder if there had been anything. It would be logical if his life hadn't changed. He had always been focused on work but he wondered if anything else in his life had been important. He knew his family was a major chunk of his life, but he wondered what of friends? Girlfriends? Had he obtained any girlfriends?

Hinata had only stated she knew little of his love life but as she said this, he couldn't help but wonder why she looked sad. The way she looked at him told him that there was something she was trying to tell him, something he should know, but she could not say it.

So when he wondered if he had gained friends and girlfriends, he went to his teammates. He had obviously made friends because as he walked through the town to meet up with Lee and Tenten, several people greeted him that he recognized.

So he asked them about his love life. They looked at him if he was crazy.

"I would simply like to know information pertaining to my life that I would find significant." He had told them when they asked him why he wanted to know.

Even they seemed to be hiding something from him too. So he thought maybe it was something difficult for them to talk about because they knew how much he hated having his personal life being talked about. Yes that was it.

The rain was light and soothing now. He was getting closer to the village. He felt cold and numb. As he dragged on, his body felt heavy. He knew he was close to collapsing. But one note of remembering the woman in his arms, he tried to push through further.

He rushed up the high concrete wall, his vision fading slowly. His arms numbed, slowly losing their grasp. He stepped in front of the guards who almost attacked him, mistaking him as an enemy.

And Neji collapsed.


The softest laugh rung out in his head, reaching from the deepest corners of his mind and into his ears. It warmed his body and made his head swim in a pleasing dizziness.

"Neji-kun!" The voice shouted, laughing again.

She must've been silk because as his fingers slid down the length of her body, her skin was cool and smooth. His fingers pressed again at her ribs and she giggled this time, trying half heartedly to be released from his grip.

She smelled like jasmines when he buried his face in her neck, covering a smile in her skin and scent.

She tasted heavenly. He just couldn't get enough of her when his lips touched her pulse.

He wondered who this girl was. She seemed so familiar and yet…so unknown to him.

The scene melted away. A face blurred in front of him smiled softly at him. Her hand reached out towards him and touched his arm softly.

"Neji, will you look at me?" She asked.

His eyes moved behind his eyelids, blindly searching for the woman calling him.


He wanted to see her, clear the image, see the details.


Was he getting closer?


And Neji opened his eyes to a bright blinding white light. The glare forced him to close his eyes again to stop the dots forming in his eyes. He blinked rapidly.

"Hinata?" His voice was raspy. How long had he been out?

Neji noted that she looked like she had been crying. Her eyes were rimmed red and her lip trembled. Had Naruto hurt her again?

"How is Sakura?" She asked him. The question surprised him. Why would Hinata ask him this?

"She was severely injured during our mission." He simply stated. He would ponder over these things later. All he wanted was to sleep again, to be with the soft beautiful woman of his dreams who's face he could not see.

"Did…did she say anything?"

His brow furrowed. He was about to say nothing, ignore her question and pretend to have fallen asleep but the words tumbled out of his mouth before he could seal them shut. "She said she loved me."

Hinata was biting her lip now, wringing her hands in front of her. "And…and do you love her?"

"I barely know her, Hinata-sama. I do not understand what significance this would have to anything."

He watched, almost as if in slow motion. Hinata reached into her pocket with trembling hands. She brought forth a thin white gold chain that glistened in the light. She dangled it in front of him.

The ring stared at him quietly, swinging back and forth between his eyes. It was a small ring size, compared to his own hand it looked like it could've been belong to a child's. The diamond set in the center glittered and the light spectrums spread across his chest covered in bandages. It was a generous size. Around the band were series of swirls, set in small pink diamonds that seemed like it could've been a part of lace.

"She's your fiancé."

"Was it an arranged marriage?"

"No. You proposed to her." Hinata answered. She bit her lip nervously. He had to know, she reasoned. She would disobey her family. She had taken all his happiness from him, she could not bear to take another piece away. God how happy he had been with her. "You loved her."

He reached up to take it. The ring fit nicely in his palm. The feeling seemed familiar, as if he had clutched it in his fist at some point in time. He closed his eyes, trying to bring the image of Sakura in his mind. He failed. It was blurred out severely. It was strange considering he had only seen her just moments before.

"I can't remember…."

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