Birth, and Rebirth 01: Will I?

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This is the tale of two individuals: how their lives unwind as they wind together, and how they intertwine with the lives of others.

A Will Du tale...


Chapter 1: Find seed


"Dr. Possible?"

Anne looked up as Global Justice Supervising Agent Will Du stood at her door, holding a dozen long-stemmed white roses in a box.

"Will, they're beautiful!" Anne exclaimed, still seated behind her desk.

"Thank you, Dr. Possible: they're for an equally beautiful and brilliant woman," Will replied with a small smile.

"Who's the lucky girl?"

"She's a redhead, and you know her," Will teased.

"Not Kimmie?" Anne was worried: she knew that Kimmie wanted to kill (well, maybe not kill, but, at least maim severely) the lean, lithe Agent Du on more than one occasion.

"Please, no, Dr. Possible," Will replied, almost insulted. "She does, however, work here at the hospital," he continued.

"Do I know her?" Anne smiled, thinking about Dr. Meghan Baxter and Nurse Susan Chaplin, both redheads and single.

'They both would be interested in some romantic gymnastics with this young man,' she grinned inside. 'Either one of them would love to spend some time with him,' she thought.

"I believe so." Will stood silently and smiled.

Anne's curiosity got the better of her, so she stood and came around her desk to face Will, leaning back slightly against her desk.

'Oh, my, goodness,' was one of Will's thoughts.

Anne's hospital coat was open, and he could see her beautiful lime-green silk blouse, filled to perfection and overflowing. He stared for an instant at the contrasting dark-brown above-the-knee skirt, but his eyes went to her gorgeous legs, presented for admiration in sheer hose and 2-inch heels.

'She is a goddess, truly worthy of worship from afar and near,' was his next thought, but then one more entered his mind, and he grinned excitedly inside, and his body began to respond.

"Actually, Anne, they're for you," and he placed the box in the hands of the now-totally-shocked Dr. Possible.

"T-t-t-thank you?" she stammered, and Will took advantage of her surprise to lean forward and kiss her cheek and then step back to see the surprised look in Anne Possible's face. She reached up and touched her cheek where he kissed it, a smile sneaking onto her face.

"Anne, you are a vision, a goddess. I have a small place in Bermuda: come and spend the weekend with me, and I will make you smile beyond your wildest dreams," and Anne thought about Bermuda and a certain swimsuit…

"Will, I'm truly flattered, but I am a married woman, you know." She replied, turning slightly and placing the roses on the desk. That turn did Will no good, for he saw an even-more-enticing profile of the good Doctor.

'The Doctor is definitely not IN; she's out, delightfully OUT,' and his body continued to respond

"Besides, wouldn't Kim be more your type? I'm not that adventurous," Anne added, and Will smiled, knowingly.

"Anne, your daughter is a cute young girl with delusions of grandeur. You, on the other hand, are exquisitely beautiful: roses everywhere want to come and be with you, just so they can learn how to be beautiful," Will continued, stepping a bit closer.

"But, Will," and she was silenced as his mouth met hers, and he kissed her hungrily.

For a few seconds, she dreamt and responded, but then she realized what had happened and what she felt….




"TAKE YOUR ROSES," Anne screamed into his face, "AND GET THE HECK OUT OF MY OFFICE NOW, BEFORE I CALL DR. DIRECTOR AND TELL HER WHAT YOU JUST DID!" as she pushed Will away, and Will, not the sharpest tack in the box, responded how he thought he should:

He came in for another kiss…

And doubled over, groaning and in agony as Dr. Anne Possible administered every woman's dream kick: a perfect connection, with a perfectly constructed Prada pump, into Will's 'parts'.



"NOW!" She screamed again, grabbing the box from the desk and throwing it at him, hitting him in the head with it and showering the floor with roses.

Will reached down (not a long reach, in his current condition), picked up the box and collected the roses, and tried to make it out of the office before Anne prepared to administer a second kick.

He was, however, too late: Anne's other Prada pump embedded itself perfectly into his rear, propelling him much faster from her office than he had entered.

She slammed the door to her office and locked it


"Dude, what happened to you?" US Navy NCIS Agent Lara asked the moaning, groaning, and (now) only semi-vertical Agent Du. Brady had a suspicion: the flowers about which Will had bragged so much were now totally crushed, the box was a wreck, and Will looked like he had gone three full rounds with a thoroughly angry Shego.

"She…didn't…like them," Will whispered and let out a loud moan, and Brady chuckled inside.



'Du, you're an idiot," Brady stated, and Will pulled his head up slowly to stare, shocked, and the man who had just insulted him.

"Aside for the fact she's waaaaay out of your league, you never, I repeat, NEVER, go after a happily married woman. She is the happiest married woman on the planet, and you made a pass at her?

"You got what you deserved," Brady added, and he slapped Will on the back, causing another groan of pain to come from Will's mouth.

"Brady, what am I supposed to do?" Will asked, still in pain but now able to stand without groaning.

"I'm 26, unmarried, and I haven't found another woman, since her, that I want to marry or that would marry me. Kim is way too young, and besides, she is too much of an amateur for me. Anne's perfect, but she's already kicked me in my b-"

"That's usually a good indication that the answer is likely a 'no,' Will," Brady smirked, and Will nodded.

"Where is the one for me, that one woman, my 'soul mate?'" Will cried out, and Brady smiled sadly at him.

The two people that witnessed Will exiting Dr. Possible's office in an obviously pain-filled state and heard his conversation with Brady smiled at each other, and then headed towards the lounge for their break.

"He's such an ass," Dr. Meghan Baxter noted, and Nurse Susan Chaplin agreed.

"'Power,' he wants," Meghan held her hands out in front of her and grinned. "Well, he'll never get these," she laughed.

"Or these, Doctor," and Susan held her hands further out, and the ladies laughed at Will's plight as they headed for coffee.

"What do you think about…" and the lounge door closed.

"Let's go, Will; you've got an appointment down the street," Brady pulled Will vertical and headed him out the door towards Brady's car: they were heading to Brady's favorite watering hole in Middleton: the One True Thing. He figured that about 10 beers would get Will to a point that he would almost be human….

"And, Du? You gotta lay off the redheads: they'll be the death of you, seriously," Brady added as he shoved Will into his car and slammed the door on him, heading around to drive Will to drown his sorrows.


"What am I going to do, Brady?" Will Du was totally, stink-faced, pure-d-drunk, and his voice showed it: he was obnoxious, loud and slurred, over the bar noise and music and clicks of the balls on the pool tables.

"About what, Will?" Brady was enjoying this: Will was such a cheap drunk: four beers, and he was way far gone down the road. Of course, those 20 chips he'd had for dinner didn't help.

"Finding the perfect 'Mrs. Du,' Brady-Wadie," and Will giggled. "I made a funny," and the lady at the bar next to him slid down a seat away from him.

"Why are you avoiding Kim, Will?"

"Kim Possible? She's got no 'power,'" and he held his hands up to his chest and cupped them. "That's all that that idiot Stinkable…Stupable…Stompable…Stoppable: that's it, Stoppable! That's all Stoppable deserves," and the lady made a face and gave Will a 'We're Number 1" sign.

Will, not surprisingly, missed the sign and ran for home, way behind the throw to the catcher.

"They're not at all like her mother: now, there's a woman with 'power!'" and he held his hands a good foot in front of his chest, and the lady that moved snarled at him, threw her drink in his face, and stormed away from the bar.

Out, by 10 feet.

"What'd I do?" Will whined as the bartender handed him a towel, saving his laugh until he turned away from Will.

"You need a servicewoman, some one who'll take your crap and dish it back to you, Will. You need someone like this," and Brady pulled out a picture from his jacket inner pocket and showed it to Will.

"WOW!" Will yelled, and the patrons all yelled


"I'm in wuv, Brady: who is she?" Will was smiling; even though he was blotto'ed, he could tell that she was a lovely young woman.

"Her name's Lindsey, but you'll never get even close to her: her boss will have you for lunch and leave no crumbs.

"Lindsey's boss makes Dr. Possible look like a saint by comparison," Brady added, but Will was still drooling over the picture.

"Forget it, sport," and Brady took the picture back.

"You need some sleep," and Brady helped him to his feet.

Brady managed to get him to the car with Will falling only two times, and back to his apartment and into bed without him making enough noise to get both of them arrested.

"Good night, sport," but Will was already snoring when his head hit the bed.

Brady closed the bedroom door, found a beer in Will's fridge, and sat on the couch, flicked on the television, popped the top, and pulled the picture out of his pocket.

"Lindsey, I really wish we could have made it: I really enjoyed your company, above everything else, even though the Admiral scared the bejesus out of me," Brady grinned.

"I hope you find what you're looking for: you really deserve the best, dear lady," and he kissed her picture and took a big drink.

Only the television set saw his tears as he placed the picture back into his pocket.


Will woke up to the sound of dishes clattering in the kitchen, and his head was throbbing.

'How many beers did I have?' he thought, then his stomach gave him another priority, and he managed to get out of bed and to the toilet before he lost all of the beer.

"You ok in there, Will?"

"I'm-" and more came out.

"You sound like hell," Brady came into the room, and he grimaced.

"Whoa, man, you reek!"

"How much did I drink?" Will asked as he sat, leaning his head against the cool toilet bowl.

"Four at the bar, but you had no dinner, so it was on an empty stomach.

"Here," Brady handed him a glass.

"What's this?" Will sniffed and wrinkled his nose in disgust at the foul-smelling concoction.

"What you need, since you have a meeting in 45 minutes with Dr. Director and Admiral English, guy," and Brady took the glass from Will and dumped it into Will's open mouth, holding his nose to get him to open up.

The contents hit Will's stomach with a vengeance, made him stand up, head straight up about 20,000 feet, and return with no discernable time lapse. He felt energized, not hung over at all.

"Thanks, Brady," Will shook his hand. "You're a true friend, and I don't have many of those."

"Why is that, Will?" Brady shot back as he threw the clean jumpsuit at Will. "You've got to get your own act together before you can ever let someone else in," he stood as Will got dressed, slipped his boots on, and grabbed his beret from his desk and his tablet computer from the bedside table.

"What about you?" Will asked, and Brady slipped on his tie and jacket.

"Ready before you woke up, Will. Want some eggs?" he laughed as Will went green.

'Guess not,' Brady thought. "I've been called into the meeting, as well."

"Oh, crap: Dr. Possible called my boss, and I'm about to get mine handed to me again," Will hit the light switch on the way out and turned off the lights as they walked out of the apartment, Will locking the door behind him.


"Good Morning, Admiral," Dr. Elizabeth Director, head of Global Justice, stood as Admiral Claudia Rose English stepped into the room. Will and Brady stood, Brady at attention, but neither had their full attention on the Admiral, but rather on her Aide:

Lieutenant Commander Lindsey Peterson stepped crisply behind her boss, her mentor, and she shot Brady a quick smile as she entered, pulling the door closed behind her as everyone took their seats.

Admiral English took a sip from her coffee cup, waiting for her on the table, then set it down and smiled.

"Now, that's Navy coffee," she announced with a chuckle, and Lindsey suppressed a chuckle.

"Well, Betty, have you given it any more thought?"

"I like the idea of liaisons between the services and Global Justice, Claudia Rose. I think that it will further the inter-agency relations as well as provide additional clarity in both organizations of the strengths and limitations of our respective charters," Betty began, and Claudia Rose nodded her agreement.

"The balancing act, of course, will be the international issues, but I believe that the arrangement that we've discussed is in conformance with the UN charter," Betty continued. "Additionally, we've already approached other entities; the initial responses have been very positive, especially after the Diablos and the efforts of Team Possible," and Will winced internally.

"You're correct, of course, Betty," Admiral English smiled. "Wade's intelligence information has been invaluable to us on some 'sitches;'" and the room chuckled, "I just wish I could win one chess match from him," she continued, and Will's surprise was not disguised.

"You're playing chess with Dr. Load?" He blurted out, and Betty shot him a quick glare.

Claudia laughed. "Yes, Special Agent Du, I am, and I haven't won a game, yet; I've had one draw, and that happened when the Diablos blew his roof away, and he was distracted," she added.

"Do you have any suggestions for liaison to GJ, Claudia Rose?" Betty asked, and Lindsey grinned.

"I'd like to volunteer, Admiral," she spoke up, and Brady's heart sank as Will's heart jumped.

"I'd have to think about that, Lindsey; I did have someone else in mind," and she looked at Brady Lara.

"I was thinking of NCIS Agent Lara, actually," and Brady's jaw dropped.

"Me, ma'am?" he stammered, and the Admiral nodded.

"Your intelligence expertise would be invaluable to Dr. Director, and the opportunity to work with Dr. Load would do wonders for enhancing your skills, as well. I believe that it would be a win-win for everyone," the Admiral turned to look at Brady. "Are you up to it, Agent Lara?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" he almost shouted her response, and Will chuckled silently.

"Good. Betty, I believe we have the first inter-agency liaison," and Admiral English stood, followed by the rest of the room.

"Good luck, Brady," Admiral stuck out her hand, and Brady shook it, then saluted. Claudia Rose returned his salute and left the room, followed by everyone except Betty and Lindsey.

"Dr. Director?" Lindsey asked, and Betty looked up at the young woman.

"Yes, Lt. Commander?" Betty's voice was crisp but calming at the same.

"Ma'am, I believe you need two liaisons," Lindsey announced.

"And, I need two, why?" Betty sat back down and smiled up to Lindsey.

"Well, ma'am, Agent Lara has NCIS experience, but he doesn't have the command background."

"And, you know someone who does?" Betty could see this trail being laid.

"Yes, ma'am: me," Lindsey smiled.

"And, besides, who better to ensure, from both sides, that the plan succeeds than its creator?" and Betty looked up with an inquisitive eye.

"Yes, ma'am, the liaison program was my idea," Lindsey spoke…

"And, a damn fine one, indeed, Lindsey," Admiral English stepped back into the room, and Betty chuckled to herself as Lindsey blushed.

"Well, Betty, are you going to take my aide, too?" Claudia Rose asked.

"Can you survive without the Lieutenant Commander?" Betty asked, and Lindsey looked in anticipation at the answer.

"No, I'm sorry, I can't," Claudia Rose acknowledged as Lindsey's countenance fell, but then Claudia Rose smiled, "but, I can survive without Commander Peterson," she smiled as she turned and faced a very-surprised Lindsey Peterson, shocked at the revelation all the way to her toes.

"Congratulations, Commander Peterson," the Admiral smiled. "I've submitted the final paperwork, and you should have your promotion before your report to Global Justice."

"You've earned the promotion, Lindsey, if for no other reason than putting up with me for 18 months," Claudia Rose laughed. "Don's let me down."

"I won't, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am," and she nodded her head towards the door. Claudia Rose nodded, and Lindsey withdrew out of the room.

Betty and Claudia Rose both laughed as they heard a cheer come from down the hall.

"Heading back, Betty?" Claudia Rose asked as they left the room.

"Yes," Betty smiled. "I came out to see some friends off, so I'm heading to Reagan National first to take them to their flight to Florida.

'I wonder when Wade's coming in,' Claudia thought as they left the Pentagon's E-Ring.


"Dr Director," Supervising Agent Will Du came walking into Dr. Director's office uninvited, and Rebecca Jane Casey hit him.

"OW! What was that for?" he rubbed his arm that held the folder.

"Not knocking," Betty replied, then pointed to the folder. "What is it, Will?"

"We just received an inquiry from a USN officer, Dr. Director," and, was that Will Du smiling? Rebecca Jane asked herself.

"Yes, Lt. Commander Lindsey Peterson," and Will looked downcast. "I told her to contact you, Will, because you could give her the best view of the information she was looking for," Betty added, and Will's face actually cracked a smile! It was only for a moment, but it was too shocking for Rebecca Jane to catch a shot of it on her camera-phone; she hoped that the surveillance videos had caught it.

"Very well, Dr. Director, I'll get right in it."

"After Christmas, Will," Betty admonished.

"Yes, ma'am," he smiled again, turned, and left the room.

"Wow," was Rebecca Jane's only response.

"Oh, she's a wow, all right, and she's good, too: she's currently personal aide to the DNS.

"Admiral English?"

"Yes; do you know her?"

"Only by reputation."

"Well, it seems that she plays chess," Betty smirked.

"With who – NO! Not Wade?"

"The one and only, Rebecca Jane. He told her that Slim and Jocelyn were coming to DC to visit Sheri Nicole's gravesite in Arlington, and she arranged everything, including tours of the White House and actually coming to the gravesite with them."

"That matches what I've heard about her: she's on your side, and there's nothing she won't do for you; you're against her, and Heaven help you.

"So, when are you leaving?"

"I'm going home to pack, and then I'm outta here for two days, then the whole group of us are coming back to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Load's."

"I want to see the ring, Betty, when you get it at Christmas."

"Rebecca Jane!" Betty grinned, then converted it to a smile. "We agreed that we were going to go slow; I'm not sure if he's really ready, and I'm not sure what I'd do if he did offer me a ring."

"As Jocelyn would say, Betty: 'Snake Muffins!' The man loves you, and you know that, if he asked you, you'd say 'yes,'" and Betty smiled inside.

"Let me get back to this last case, and then I'm taking the tube to my apartment, packing, and taking the tube to the airport. I told Slim I'd fly up to meet him there and fly back commercial with him from Montana," and Betty went back to her desk and sat down to wrap up her work.

"Oh, My God, 'It Must Be Love,' if she's taking commercial," Rebecca Jane swooned, and headed out the door laughing, then stopped and turned around.

"Boss?" she said, and Betty looked up.

"Thanks for everything this year, and especially for having faith in me. Merry Christmas; I really do hope your dreams come true," and she turned and left the office.

"If I only knew," 'what my dreams were,' Betty finished her statement with a thought, then turned back and started her laptop shutdown.


"Brady, looks like you have a stalker," Will announced with a smirk as he entered Brady's new and unfurnished office, unannounced. The office had a fold-out banquet table, two chairs, a filing cabinet, a computer, and a network node for the jamming devices and wireless network interface.


"Yea, Lindsey. She's gathering some information about some joint exercises, and they're the ones we talked about for the liaison role."

"Lindsey?" Brady perked up, then he grinned.

"She's not stalking me, Will," and Brady pointed at Will.


"You, Du-Dah. Didn't you see the way she glanced at you in DC?"

"No," Will sounded tentative, but then he smiled.

"Well, at least she recognizes quality talent when she see it," and Brady threw a book at him.

"You idiot! Do you want her to 'Anne' you?" Dr. Possible's 'punt' of Will from her office had become the subject of several of Brady's barbs, much to Will's displeasure.

"What should I do, then, Brady-man?"

"Be human, for a change: smile, laugh, and tell a decent, funny joke for once; not those stale wafers you tell me."

"Be... 'human?'" Will was perplexed.

Brady sighed. This was going to take longer than he had thought.


Author's afterward:


Will Du is an interesting person to continue the Birth, and Rebirth Arc.

(Will) So, now I'm forced to follow a stuffed animal in the storytelling; and, on top of that, the stuffed animal belongs to Kimberly Ann! I can't catch a break!

There will be more background material on Will, as well, to help explain why Will Du is…well, Will Du, as well as the tale, itself. And, we couldn't have Will without his 'unique' relationship with Kim, so she and Ron will appear, as will many of the JadeKimVerse cast members.



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