I hope you all enjoy this, it's a simple two shot but it has some pretty dramatic parts, i think. I don't own Danny Phantom!

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He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. Everything looked so fuzzy. He shook his head trying to remember what happened.


It was his sons sixteenth birthday and he heard an evil laugh. He saw Vlad Plasmious floating above the ceiling laughing evilly before everything went black.


Jack blinked as he heard some evil chuckling.

He closed his eyes to clear his vision.

When he opened them he saw he was in a large bar cage and watching him through the bars was Plasmious. Jack growled at him "oh good, the oaf is finally up" he said.

Jack looked around, he saw two cages next to him, on one side was his eighteen year old daughter Jazz and she was out cold.

On his other side his wonderful wife was just beginning to stir.

Jack suddenly perked up, someone was missing "where's Danny" he growled at the ghostly specter.

At his voice Jazz stirred and Maddie opened her eyes "finally the whole family is up" Plasmious taunted.

Maddie growled and looked around "where is my son" she asked "where's Danny" Jazz shouted five seconds later.

Plasmious chuckled darkly "I have your son but you can't help him, and you can't help yourselves" he said.

Jazz glared at him "what's that supposed to mean" she asked in a brave voice.

Maddie and Jack turned to look at her in surprise, they had never seen her this brave.

Plasmious floated to in front of her cage "what I mean Jasmine" he started.

Jazz lunged at the bars "don't you dare call me that you fruit loop" she yelled.

Plasmious smiled darkly "as I was saying, I have decided to show your parents what their bumbling created, what they destroyed and how they ruined their own son's life" he spat.

Jazz looked fearfully at her parents "what's he talking about Jazz" Jack asked.

Jazz glared at Plasmious "if you tell them then I will expose your secret to mom and she will never love you" Jazz muttered in a quiet voice only Plasmious could hear.

Plasmious burst out laughing which startled jazz "my dear girl do you honestly think I care anymore" he asked.

Jazz cast another fearful look at her parents "well newsflash Jasmine, I don't care if that scum you call mom lives or dies and as for your brother…" he stopped.

Plasmious turned around and floated a few feet.

He snapped his fingers and a the lab lit up to reveal a cage surrounded by a ghost shield and in the middle Danny Phantom was dangling about five feet above the ground with his hands tied above his head.

Plasmious pushed a button and Phantom groaned as he was shocked.

Jazz gasped when he opened his eyes and winced. Slowly Plasmious turned off the machine "ah young Daniel, now that your up how about you explain to the young Fenton girl how you feel" he asked.

Phantoms eyes snapped open and he looked at the three Fenton's.

desperately Phantom turned his head to Plasmious "let them go Plasmious, this is between you and me" he said.

Jack looked confused when Plasmious chuckled "that's where your wrong, you see I intend to show them what their stupidity created, the only two halfa's in the world" he said.

This time even Maddie looked confused as Phantoms eyes widened "y-y-you wouldn't" he stuttered.

Maddie stood up and went to the bars "what is a halfa" she asked curiously.

Plasmious turned and glared darkly at her "someone like me, shall I show you" he asked.

Maddie stepped back and Jack gasped as two black rings appeared around Plasmious's waist.

Jazz continued glaring at the man standing before them now "Vlad? You're a ghost" Maddie asked.

Vlad chuckled darkly "yes because of that accident in college when you two ruined my life" he said darkly.

Jack struggled to his feet "but that's what it was, an accident! I would never harm anyone on purpose" Jack pleaded.

Vlad shot him a dark glare and walked over to the cage holding Phantom "Jack would you like to know what the worst part of this is" he asked.

Jack shot a look at Maddie while Jazz turned away "the worst part is that I am not the only half ghost half human hybrid" he said.

Jack's eyes shot to a very worried Phantom who was now struggling.

Phantom shot Vlad a worried look "please don't" he muttered.

Vlad smiled darkly once more "why would I let you be, but don't worry it will stop hurting after you turned back into your human form" Vlad said.

Maddie gasped at the word human.

Then Vlad flicked the switch and phantom screams rent through the air and seemed to cut the three Fenton's through to the heart.

Jack winced as he was forced to watch Phantom hang there and be continuously shocked.

Finally after about five minutes a white ring appeared around his waist but disappeared.

Vlad turned up a knob and Jack and Maddie winced as Phantoms screaming increased.

Jazz was on the floor crying "just change and it will be over" Vlad shouted over Phantoms screams.

Jack looked over and saw Maddie crying as the rings appeared around his waist once more and moved about two inches before vanishing again.

Vlad frowned and turned the dial higher.

This time Phantom opened his mouth in a soundless scream and the two rings appeared and moved along his body.

When they were done jack gasped as he saw his son hanging limply, no longer being shocked, but no longer moving.