Axel stared moodily out into space. It was winter, and boring. The weather was cold, not good for the fire element. Roxas was out on a mission. Xemnas and Saix were having some sort of meeting.

The pyromaniac (although he preferred the term "fire enthusiast") cast his eyes around the room for a likely candidate for some fun. All right, number I was out. He began to wander through the castle.

First, he peeked into a room nearby. Xigbar was practicing his aim, and Axel cringed. "Definitely not," he muttered under his breath, walking on forward. Number II was out.

He found Xaldin and Lexaeus in a room nearby, talking nostalgically about their days when they had hearts. Axel shook his head and walked on.

Vexen was in the lab, he knew, so that was one through five taken care of. The next room was the library, and he looked inside to find Zexion curled up in an armchair, reading. How does he read with his hair in his face? wondered Axel, mentally crossing number six off his list. That meant that next was...Demyx.

He strained his ears and heard the distant, tell-tale signs of the Melodious Nocturne composing a new song. He shook his head. From the sound of it, Luxord was there, too, who was sometimes up for some fun - if there was munny involved. So that left Marluxia and Larxene.

A familiar voice sounded. "Hah," Marluxia sneered. "Luxord, I told you it would be another mournful song. You owe me a hundred munny."

Axel groaned. That meant that the Savage Nymph was his only choice. He knew Larxene would as soon electrocute him as say hello, but he was bored, and besides...he grinned was always fun to make her angry.

He found the Nymph in her room, reading Marquis de Sade for about the millionth time. Her eyes narrowed as he entered the room.

"You're bored, aren't you?" she demanded in her high-pitched tone.

Axel stared. "How did you-?"

Larxene heaved a sigh and set her precious book down. "Roxas isn't here," she answered. With a wary look, Axel noted that her kunai had just lodged themselves between her fingers dangerously. He was treading on thin ice here.

Axel laughed. "Yeah, he's probably enjoying himself on some cool world," he replied. "So, what do you want to do?"

"I am reading Marquis de Sade," the Savage Nymph informed him regally, and propped herself up on the pillows and set her eyes on the page again, but he could tell she wasn't really reading it.

"Come on," he begged. "I'm bored."

She merely lifted her fingers, summoning her kunai again. Axel laughed. "You think you're going to fight me?"

Then he did something really rash.

He set her book on fire.

Very, very slowly, her eyes narrowed. She raised her hands high in the air and laughed, her cold laugh, just before...

Nothing. He frowned. "Why-"

"That idiot Zexion!" Larxene muttered in disgust. "He replaced my book!" She shoved the book back and pointed at where the words abruptly stopped, and were replaced by little animated Larxenes being set on fire, drowned, hanging from a noose... The book, though apparently burning, didn't seem to be disappearing at all.

"Want some revenge?" Axel offered, his eyes sparkling.


And the Savage Nymph and the Flurry of Dancing Flames set off, and everyone lived happily every after, except poor burned Zexion, and Roxas, who came home wondering what was going on when he'd only gone to the store for some sea-salt ice cream.