Berry Juice


Sasuke x Hinata

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Anime: Naruto

Story by: AQ


Hinata was walking down the street eating from a little box of Black Berries. She saw Naruto and Sasuke over by an ice-cream shop and was curious. She walked over to them.

"Hi N-Naruto, Sasuke." She nodded to each of them as they turned around to face her. "Hey Hinata!" Naruto smiled a huge toothy grin. Sasuke nodded to her. "Oh sorry guys I just remembered I need to go to Tsunade's office!" He said waving goodbye as he jogged away.

"O-Okay goodbye!" Hinata said. "God, He's such a loser…" Sasuke muttered and started to walk away. " Um…He has his own way of doing things, that is what makes him Naruto." She walked after him. He stopped, and to stop from gasping, she popped a berry in her mouth. "True…What are you eating anyways?" He turned toward back toward her, eying the little box in her hands. " Oh..Um…Black Berries…You want one?"

He nodded and held out his hand. She took one of the Black Berries out of the box and set it on Sasuke's palm. He looked at it for a awhile, and then slowly put it in his mouth, chewed and then swallowed. He looked up at her. "Thanks Hinata." 'Your welcome, Sasuke." She popped another berry into her mouth. He glanced at her face. "You have juice on your lip." He said. She lifted her hand to wipe it off.

He caught her hand in midair. "No. Let me get it." He leaned in and kissed her. Her heart almost stopped beating. His tongue brushed her lower lip, licking off the juice. He pulled back. She was probably blushing a deep crimson color. He smiled. "Thanks again for the treat." And he walked off. Hinata just stood there, stunned and blushing. She licked her lips. She touched her lips and smiled. Man, maybe the next time, She should smear ice-cream all over her face. With that thought still in mind, she walked home home eating the rest of the berries, still smiling.