Author's Note: A story written for my friend TitanKardinal using her character Micha!

Pintel found Ragetti standing with his back up against a barrel, a frown on his face as he stared off at something with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Rags? Wot ar' ye doin'?" he asked, walking over and resting his hands on his hips as he turned to try and see what Ragetti was looking at.

"Why don' 'e eva talk?"

"Why don' who eva talk? Cotton? Cotton 'ad 'is tongue cut ou' rememba?"

"No, no' Cotton!" Ragetti sighed, rolling his one eye. "Why would I fink abou' tha' if'n we been wi' 'im afore?!"

"Well who ar' yer talkin' abou' then?" Pintel demanded.

"Micha! 'e don' eva talk really an' I've been wonderin' abou' tha'!"

"Aye, 'e is always quiet aint 'e?"

"We should try an' git 'im ta talk more!"

Smiling, Pintel nodded and rubbed his hands together for a moment.

"Wot ar' we waitin' fer then?" he asked. "Come on!"

Giggling, Ragetti covered his mouth with one hand and nodded.

Micha was busy knotting ropes when the two arrived and he noted with a cocked eyebrow that they looked excited about something.

Probably up to no good again.

"Oy, Micha? Kin we ask yer somefing?" Ragetti asked.

You just did. Micha thought, but he nodded anyway.

"'ow come ye don' talk?" Pintel demanded. "We 'ardly 'ear yer!"

Micha shrugged and went back to making knots.

"Aint ye goin' ta say somefing?" Ragetti demanded.

He shook his head.

"Awww! Why no'?!"

He shrugged once more, shaking his head.

With a huff, Pintel looked to Ragetti and shrugged.

"Micha don' wan' ta talk ta us." He said.

"An' we ar' is bes' mates!" Ragetti added, rolling up his sleeves slowly.

"Shame really."

"Damn shame, Pint."

Micha ignored the two easily enough.

If I wait long enough, they'll have to go away.

"Ye know wot I fink, Rags?"

"Wot is tha', Pintel me ol' matelot?"

"I fink Micha needs a bath!"

Micha froze and looked up with raised eyebrows.

What did he just say?!

The two grabbed his arms and started to drag him to the side of the ship.

"Toime fer a dip in the ocean!" Ragetti laughed.


"Let me go!" Micha cried out, kicking and struggling in their arms.

"Well look a' tha'! 'e kin talk, Pint!"

"Well wot do ye know?" Pintel laughed. "Satan mus' be freezin' in 'ell!"

"Yes, I'm talking!" Micha cried out. "Now let me go!"

"I don' know…" Ragetti said. "I mean…we're all ready 'ere!"

"I swear to God if you…"

"Don' use the Lor's Name in vain!" Ragetti scolded him.

"On the coun' o' three!" Pintel said with a nod.

Micha was picked up despite his struggling and slowly swung back and forth over the railing.




"I really don't want to do this!!"


"You sons of bi..!"

He landed in the ocean with a splash as the entire crew of the Black Pearl burst into laughter.

Spitting out water; Micha glared at the smiling friends.

"Very funny! Now help me get back up!"