This is a fanfic based on the events of Dark Horizons I & II.


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So, keeping with promises, here is the recently re-worked 1st chapter of "Getting Warmer"

SUMMARY: AU to Dark Horizons. Instead of walking away and vanishing to Egypt, Apocalypse has a different agenda for world domination and the key to all of his potential power (and destruction) is Rogue.

PAIRINGS: Dude, it's ROMY!! Duh?? And Kitty/Peter/Lance (and maybe Kurt) triangle. If you have any suggestions as to how these two/three dashing men can vie for Kitty's affections, please email me. I've never had men fight over me before, and I hate Desperate Housewives, so yeah. I need help here.

RATING: T for violence, $# blowing up everywhere, language and some minor nudity


Wolverine snarled at the man looming over the X-Men. Leaning over without taking his eyes from Apocalypse, he checked Rogue's breathing and pulse quickly, releasing a sigh of relief when he found a weak but steady rhythm against his gloved fingers.

Snarling, the Canadian unsheathed his claws and lunged at Apocalypse. The rage was rapidly surging through his veins, and he wanted nothing more than to rip the mutant's throat out for hurting his Stripes.

Halfway en route to the man's jugular however, Logan suddenly found himself gripped in the air and held up by an invisible force. He growled viciously at the mutant holding him there and locked the mega-mutant in a death stare. His furious glare was cut short, however, when he was shot up the short stairwell and straight into Blob and Quicksilver.

The X-Men watched from the top of the stairs, stunned as the man grinned at Wolverine's fury and subsequent crash. A soft moan was heard from below Apocalypse's hovering feet and the three teams gazed down at Rogue's semi-unconscious form.

The power hungry mutant began to reach down to collect Rogue when Cyclops belted out to the teams. "Stop him now! He can't get to Rogue!"

The three collective teams rushed down the stairs simultaneously. Those with close range powers sprinted downward, intending to take the fight up close, while Cyclops, Gambit, Pyro, Jean, Bobby, Magneto, and Xavier all used their powers simultaneously from above the others.

Cyclops was the first to fire an attack against the Apocalypse, but his optic blast never connected. Apocalypse haulted the ray mid-shot with his newly gained telekinesis and then in retaliation emitted his own optic blast, knocking the young leader across the stone floor and into a wall.

With a nervous glance towards Scott, Iceman - followed by Pyro - charged forward. Bobby iced up, ejecting a beam of frozen water from his arms as Pyro rocketed up his portable flamethrowers.

The two mutants shot off their opposing elements within rapid succession of each other. As they did though, Apocalypse countered Bobby's icy blasts with his own, and used Pyro's fire manipulation to chase off the rest of the approaching mutants.

Shadowcat was caught off guard by the flames, and barely managed to phase through them. She gasped in pain, however, as her left arm seared from the heat. She looked down to see the left sleeve and shoulder of her uniform melted away and the skin underneath badly burned and blistering.

Gritting her teeth against the pain, she charged forward regardless of her condition. Rogue was her closest friend, and the brainy valley girl was not about to leave her in the clutches of a mad man.

Nightcrawler had also narrowly avoided the hungry flames before he ported away from danger. With a characteristic 'bamf' he reached his self-proclaimed sister's side instantaneously. As he reached down to retrieve her though, spikes shot out from above him, intercepting the furry blue mutant.

Kurt looked up quickly, "Vhat?" but he was thrown away from Rogue and straight into Kitty, who was also attempting to rescue the gothic mutant. Shadowcat was unable to phase quickly enough, being somewhat distracted from her burns, and the two mutants barreled into Hank with the force of a small cannon. The three X-Men were deposited up the stairs along with the heap of other unconscious bodies.

Magneto used his powers of Magnetism to hurtle various metallic objects left and right towards Apocalypse. The more powerful mutant merely cackled as he was barraged with exploding cards, metal bars, and telekinetic blasts.

He stopped laughing maniacally however, when Xavier used his telepathy to try and subdue the madman.

"I grow tired of this." He stated simply, and with a wave of his hand swept all of the mutants up and into the main hall.

The teams recovered quickly enough, but Apocalypse hindered them further by using Avalanche's powers to shake them off their feet. Before they could get up again, he used Xavier's powers to emit a physic blast to all who remained conscious.

Various groans and screams were heard as the mutants fell into darkness one by one.

The only mutant who seemed only slightly affected by the surge however, was a certain red-eyed Cajun. Gambit quickly sighed in relief, confused, yet thankful that his mental shields had protected him whilst the others (including Xavier) lay unconscious.

Apocalypse, certain that all the mutants had been neutralized, reached down for a now fully unconscious Rogue and cradled her in his arms. Using the telekinesis, he levitated up the stairs and towards the ship Xavier and the others had used to get to the temple.

As they reached the top landing though, he stumbled and fell from the air as the last ounce of his acquired telekinetic powers drained from him.

Mesmero quickly rushed up to his master and aided him along.

"Get in the ship, my lord." Mesmero prompted. "It will take us away from here where they will not find us."

With that, Mesmero lifted Rogue away from Apocalypse and placed her over his shoulder, using his other arm to support his weakening master.

Gambit, sensing their intentions, snuck out of sight and headed for his own destination. Since it seemed the others were not going to be of much help, he knew he would have to save the girl on his own.



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