The sun came up high on the eastern side and shined brightly through Gwen's window. She could feel the warmth on her back as she rested upon Colton's chest, slowly moving her long painted fingernail back and forth upon his bare skin, just below his nipple. Colton was leaning back against the wrought iron headboard and stroking her long, red hair.

"How'd you and Jenny get mixed up in all this escorting business anyhow?" questioned Colton. Gwen sighed and smiled a bit. "We were sorta forced into it really. When Ma and Pa were killed, we were forced to live at a Madame's house. Jenny became an instant classic with the fellows down in Dodge; the way she walked and talked was perfect." Gwen sighed, reminiscing.

"What about you? How'd you get all the way here, to Madison City?" Gwen chuckled a bit. "Well Madame took a fine liking to me. Said I wasn't the right material for a shit hole like Dodge so she kept me locked away for her finer clientele. One day a man came from here and offered Madame a hefty payment for me and now I've been here ever since." Gwen sat up and covered her breasts with the sheet as she leaned back on the headboard as well.

"How'd Jenny take you being sold?" asked Colton, looking into Gwen's eyes. "She didn't like it too much. Threw a tantrum about it and Madame punished her good. She beat her raw and then locked her up for a good while. That's when Jenny met Sadie."

"Why don't you just leave? Run away and be free? Maybe find yourself a good man and have a couple of kids?" questioned Colton, sitting up. Gwen stood up and walked to the window, still holding on to her sheets. Colton grabbed his pants and began putting them on.

"Because people like me don't get to be free Cole. The only way we get out of this business is if we get to old or we die. End of story. There ain't no happy endings in this line of work." She sat down on a chair by a desk. "I want to be free Cole. I want to get to experience things I may never get to. I want to have a happy ending with a husband and a couple of kids."

"Then why don't you? Why not just pack up a few things and leave tonight? Leave before anything bad happens." Gwen smirked and went over to her trunk and pulled out some clothes and went behind a changing screen.

"Cause they always find us. Marla down the hall tried runnin' but she didn't get very far. They caught up with her down in Anderson City and beat her ruthlessly and then sold her to some saloon out in the middle of nowhere. I don't want that happening to me." Gwen came out from behind the changing screen and sighed as she glanced at Colton, now fully dressed.

Colton heard her and looked towards her. She was in a short, purple ruffled saloon dress with her hair up in a large bun in the back with pretty barrettes on wither side near er temples to keep any loose hair from falling in her face. She smiled a bit, pleased with the look on Colton's face.

Suddenly there was a knock at her door. "Who is it?" she called out, feeling her heartbeat a little faster. "Why it's you're most favorite customer in all of Madison City my dear!" boasted Mayor Hugh on the other side of her door. He tried opening her door but it was locked.

"Just a minute Mayor" she answered back, widening her eyes at Colton and motioning for him to hide. "Let me just clean up a bit." Gwen began rushing around moving and throwing stuff into her trunk. Colton had nowhere else to hide but underneath her bed. To hide him a bit more, Gwen pushed a few suitcases underneath there too. Finally she made it to the door and unlocked it.

"Sorry about that Hugh. Wasn't expecting company so early in the morning" she admitted truthfully. Normally Mayor Hugh showed up well past eleven to have lunch with her down at a restaurant near the edge of town. "Sorry about that darling. I just came by to see if you wouldn't mind coming with me to the next town over for a little bit of theatre? I'm helping an old friend promote some business of his and I'd love it if you could join me" he said smoothly, running his fingers down her bare arms. "You are my most prized accessory."

She blushed. "I would be honored to join you. Allow me a few minutes to change into something a bit more comfortable to travel in?" she requested. He smiled brightly as he stepped over to her bed and sat down. "Sure thing. You go on ahead and get all gussied up for me."

Gwen smiled and stepped behind her changing screen, smiling instantly disappearing. She bent down and looked underneath the bed to see if he was alright. The mattress where Mayor Hugh was sitting was almost on top of him. She mouthed the word "sorry" as she got up and got dressed. She came out from behind the changing screen in a long, white bustle dress with purple vertical stripes and a little white parasol to go with. Her hair was thrown up in two golden combs that allowed some of her hair to fall down. You'd never have guessed her for a saloon girl.

"This should do nicely?" she questioned, posing for the Mayor. His eyes widened a bit, not expecting her to clean up so nicely. "My my my! You are just full of surprises! You look marvelous!" he said, gently caressing her shoulders and kissing her on the cheek. "Well, let's get going before the traffic gets bad out there. I'd hate to be late." He said, linking arms with Gwen and walking her out of her room.

When the coast was clear, Colton crawled out from underneath Gwen's bed and looked out her window. He saw the stagecoach that was waiting for them outside and he quickly slipped out the window and down to it. Somehow, without being seen, he was able to slip into the little box and hide.