It All Started On A Rainy Night
by Yuukiyanagi

The frigid rain was falling much faster, harder now. Causing my hair to stick onto my face and back, drenching my top and jeans as I ran...ran away.

How could he?!
How could he say I love you, only to stab me in the back by sleeping with another woman - in our bed?!!

I cursed his name - his being, hoping the gods would send him to hell where he would burn for his betrayal!

For the moment I was just running, having no idea where I was going. It hurt to breathe, to think. I just wanted to lie down and drown, not give a damn if anyone would care - simply wishing for the pain to be taken away.

Just the fact, he didnt follow me when I ran out, shows how much he regrets it...

I suddenly stopped in my tracks, my legs ready to give in. I leaned onto a wall, panting, shaking and crying while clenching my heaving chest. After a moment of catching my breath, I straightened myself up and tilted my head back, letting the cold rain hide my tears from the world as they passed me by, minding their own business.

'What to do...'
I asked myself when a pair of eyes flashed in my mind and my own eyes shoot open.

"Of course..."

I looked around and realised I wasn't very far from his home. I just hoped he was there and without company...

I began walking again, wrapping my arms around me, trying to bring some warmth and security to the harsh reality I found myself trapped in. The looming building where his two-stored apartment was located appeared and I walked faster. The doorman recognised me, though I probably looked like shit (not mention felt like it!) and let me through, a worried look filling his old eyes.
I walked up to the elevator and pressed the button. The rain dripping from my hair and clothes had formed a pool around my feet when the ding-sound was heard and the elevator's steel doors opened. I entered and pressed the number to his floor. My eyes followed the light lightening up the numbers as I waited, fidgeting on my feet - if only I knew what would follow the moment I stepped out the elevator and walked up to his door...

The door-bell rang once again, lasting longer than the previous one. Sesshoumaru cursed underneath his breath and walked up to the front-door, he hoped whoever it was had a really good reason for disturbing him in this late hour. He had gotten home after a long day of work and wanted nothing more than go to bed after a quick shower.

Obviously, there was a flaw in his plans...

He made sure the towel sat secured around his waist before opening the door.
"Kara..." He uttered softly, chocked to see his childhood friend cowering by his doorstep.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, opening the door wider and stepped aside to let her in.

Kara looked up, her brown eyes holding his gaze for a moment before looking away. She walked pass him, entering the apartment. Sesshoumaru followed her with his eyes, knowing instantly something was wrong when she slumped heavily in the sofa and buried her face in her hands, sighing. Sesshoumaru closed the door behind him then walked over to her.

"Kara...what's wrong?" He asked, patting her back slightly awkwardly. Comforting wasn't Sesshoumaru's strongest side.

Kara shook her head, not wanting to talk or think about what had just happened. For the moment she just wanted to be near him, providing her with the warmth and comfort she had sought out this rainy night. Sesshoumaru sat quietly beside her and waited when Kara after a little while sniffed and rubbed her eyes, inhaling deeply then exhaling shakily.

"Sorry..." She whispered, glancing quickly his way then looked down at her twined hands.

Silence built up and Sesshoumaru caught a tear roll down her chin before it dropped onto her lap. Sesshoumaru turned her chin towards him and wiped the trail away from her wet cheek. His golden eyes gazed down at her plump lips - so close he could feel her breath just faintly brush his skin whenever she exhaled and gradually, getting closer.

His consciousness screamed, pounded at him to stop her before she got any closer or he wouldn't be able to restrain himself.

But his consciousness became a dull reminder when their lips met...

Did I fail to mention I have desired Sesshoumaru for the longest time but always held back out of fear?

That's why I didn't stop him when he pushed me onto my back, kissing me passionately.

Did I fail to mention I have imagined what his lips would feel against mine a million times as his hands roamed my body and I pressed against him, running my hands through his hair?

The kiss grew deeper and hotter, and soon enough my clothes were shattered onto the floor, along with my underwear and his towel. My warmth hot and dripping for him, and I only got wetter when he stroked and teased it with his fingers, his tongue flickering over a nipple.
"Please..." I begged, rocking my hips against his fingers, sensations after sensations building onto another.

He withdrew his fingers, licking off the juices. He kneeled in front of me, grasping and lifting my leg so he could move forward and bury his member within me. I groaned and arched - my imagination had been unfair those times I fantasized about him. He was much bigger than I anticipated and filled me to an extent I thought I would cum right there.

Forceful, he plunged.

My body tingled after the love-making and at some point he carried me into the bedroom only to start all over again - not knowing the consequences our unity that rainy night would bring...

I don't know how long we went on but when we stopped, both lying in a sweaty, panting heap, I remembered forcing myself to stay awake. And when I was certain he was asleep, I pulled away, my mind memorizing the way he looked naked beside me before I left never to return.

Never to see his face again.

Well, that was the plan...only I couldn't have been more wrong...

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. But Takara and other OCs are mine

That's all - hoped you enjoyed the Prologue!