It All Started On A Rainy Night
part 26
by Yuukiyanagi

Disclaimer: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi. But Takara and other OCs are mine.

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"What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see my daughter."

Like a whirlwind Inuyasha walked right in without waiting for an invitation. Kara had to step aside before he bulldozed into her. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Where's Yuki?"

Kara's heart began to pick up pace as she watched Inuyasha walk further into the house and seem to head towards the living room.

Exactly where Yuki was.

"Yuki is taking a nap so feel free to leave."

Inuyasha stopped. He turned his head over his shoulder and looked at her. Kara prayed her voice didn't sound as panicked as she felt. He shrugged and started walking again. "No worries. I'll wait." Kara held her breath. Inuyasha was only few steps away from entering the living room when he did a sudden turn and headed towards the kitchen.

Away from Yuki.

Kara sighed in relief. She didn't want Yuki meeting Inuyasha so soon after the discovering of the paternity. Not yet. Not when she was still coming to terms with things.

But Yuki waking up and meeting Inuyasha wasn't Kara's only problem.

Sesshoumaru could walk through the front door any second and Kara knew there would be hell if Sesshoumaru found Inuyasha in his home.

He would kill Inuyasha for sure.

"Kuso!" Kara cursed and nearly slammed the front door. She quickly went after Inuyasha while her mind raced. She needed to make Inuyasha leave as soon as possible but Kara feared it wouldn't be that easy. She saw the resolve in Inuyasha's eyes. He wasn't going to back down.

And Inuyasha proved her right the moment she entered the kitchen. "I want to see Yuki."

Kara threw Inuyasha an annoyed look. He was leaning leisurely back against the kitchen island with his arms folded across his chest. "I told you she's taking a nap."

"How do I know you aren't lying?"

"I don't care if you believe me or not. Yuki got up early when Sesshoumaru left this morning and got tired."

"Where is that teme anyway? Who in their right mind would be out in this weather?" Kara stared at Inuyasha deadpanned. Really? Did the idiot just hear himself?

Inuyasha blinked and blushed when he realized just what he said. Kara shook her head and headed toward the kitchen table. She took a seat and looked up at Inuyasha. "He's at the office."

"Keh! The office, huh? It's nearly Christmas. There's nothing to do. Don't tell me he's running away from your trifling ass," Inuyasha spat out, snorting a laugh. Kara tried not to flinch but wasn't fast enough to hide the hurt.

Realizing his blunder Inuyasha cringed a bit and ducked his head when he muttered. "Sorry. That was uncalled for."

"It's alright, Yasha. It's what you do. You hurt people."

"Listen, I didn't come here to fight."

"Really now..."

"Yeah," Inuyasha said softly. He pushed off from the kitchen island and walked over to Kara. He took a seat in the chair opposite her and scooted closer. "Look, my offer still stands. Now that the truth is out I want you, me and Yuki to be a real family."


"We can do this, Kara. I promise you we would be happy," Inuyasha smiled timidly and reached across the table. Kara's heart did a jolt when Inuyasha placed his large hands over hers. She tried to pull her hands away but Inuyasha only tightened his hold. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for you or Yuki."

Kara closed her eyes and inhaled deeply when a familiar ire began to stir. She couldn't believe that they were going to do this again...!

"Clearly you weren't listening the last time. I've told you time and time again I don't love you, Inuyasha! I'm in love with Sesshoumaru!"


"Yes!" Kara hissed.

"Could've fooled me,"


"Remember our last kiss, Kara?" Inuyasha smirked when Kara visibly stiffened. "You kissed me back."

Kara forcedly pulled her hands back and glared at Inuyasha. "No, I didn't."

"Yes, you did," Inuyasha paused with a sneer. The sneer didn't suit him. It marred his normally handsome face and made him look cruel especially when his golden eyes darkened with cruel intent. "Does Sesshoumaru know?"

Kara blew out an exasperated breath. Unbelievable. Just few minutes had passed and already Inuyasha was ticking her off. "Yes, Sesshoumaru knows about the kiss and it was a mistake. It should've never happened but it helped me realize something,"


Kara looked Inuyasha square in the eye. "That I love Sesshoumaru."

"Keh! Could you please stop saying that?"

"I mean it Inuyasha, I'm not saying this to hurt you-"

"-Then stop saying it!" Inuyasha snapped.

Kara jumped startled. The ex-couple stared at each other before both looked away in the opposite direction. A moment of silence stretched out between them when Kara sighed. "Look Inuyasha, I understand you want to meet Yuki,"

"I told you I'm not going anywhere."

"I know...but this isn't the right time." Kara looked up and met his gaze. Her plea was clear in her eyes. "Please, Inuyasha..."

Inuyasha shook his head. "No, Kara. I want to see her."

Kara covered her face with her hands. She didn't want to do this but didn't see any other no choice and dreaded the aftermath of her words. "Inuyasha...she doesn't know."

Kara's words hung heavily in the air. Kara's hands slid from her face and she saw the look on Inuyasha's face. He looked confused, a bit lost, not sure he heard her right. "What did you just say?" Kara tried to speak but couldn't and only shook her head. Inuyasha's eyes narrowed. His hands curled into tight fists when his entire body began to shake and suddenly he shoot out of his seat, the chair falling backwards against the floor. "You haven't told her!?"


"Shinjirarenai! She still thinks that teme is her father!?"

"Look, I didn't get the chance to tell her. It was already late and...and today I'm still trying to get over the chock-"

"-I don't care!" Inuyasha yelled. His eyes shined with anger and hurt. Kara averted her gaze. She couldn't stomach seeing the raw hurt in Inuyasha's eyes. "I know I fucked up, Kara. Big time! But don't you think you have kept us apart long enough!?"

"Inuyasha, keep your voice down!" Kara threw a look towards the kitchen entrance. Her heart thumped nervously in her chest. God, she hoped Yuki slept throughout this ordeal. Kara didn't Yuki waking up and walking into a shouting match but it seemed as of late whenever Kara was around Inuyasha things always spiralled out of control.

Within seconds a calm conversation had turned into World War three and Kara hadn't even notice that she had gotten up from her chair. "I don't understand why you are doing this! You have Kagome. Why can't you just leave us alone!?"

"Fuck Kagome. I told you I don't love her – I love you!"

Kara's mouth dropped at Inuyasha's declaration. She stared at him and saw that he was serious. "Are you even listening to yourself?"

"All I ask for is another chance!"

Kara threw up her hands in the air. "That's not going to happen, Inuyasha. Too much has happened. It's too late!"

"Don't say that! It's never too late," Inuyasha pleaded. Kara opened her mouth to interrupt but Inuyasha didn't give her a chance and kept going. "I know I should've told you everyday how much I loved you, how happy you made me - how fucking lucky I was to have you in my life!"

"Inuyasha, this fantasy you've built up in your head where we live happily ever after isn't going to happen! I don't know what I need to tell you before you get this through your thick skull but I love Sesshoumaru!"

"I refuse to believe that!"

"Why is it so hard for you to believe that?"

"How could you love that teme? Do you remember what he put me through? What he put my mother through!?" Inuyasha exclaimed. He raked his hands through his hair. "He's a fucking monster! How could you let that man raise our daughter!? Much less near her!?"

"Sesshoumaru isn't like that anymore. He loves Yuki!"

"Then you leave me with no choice. Now that the truth is out you can't stop me, Kara. You have two choices – either you come with me or I take Yuki away from you!"


Both Kara and Inuyasha's head whipped around. Kara gasped loudly and stumbled backwards when she saw Yuki standing in the kitchen. "Y-you...!" Yuki growled and pointed at Inuyasha. Her golden eyes had never burned so brightly and with so much anger. Her tiny frame shook from it. "M-my daddy will never let you! H-he's big! A-and stronger then you!" She choked on a sob and pressed her bundled up hands against her eyes. She took a step backwards and then took off, crying.

"Yuki!" Kara shouted after her. She turned towards Inuyasha and threw him an unforgiving gaze. Kara never knew she could hate someone so much as she did in that moment. She could kill Inuyasha with her bare hand.

But now wasn't the time. She needed to find Yuki.

Kara shook her head as tears welled up and left to go after Yuki.

"Kara!" Inuyasha called her name but Kara didn't stop and left the kitchen.

"Yuki! Yuki!" Kara called out but got no answer. She went to Yuki's bedroom upstairs. "Yuki?"

No answer.

Kara went further into the room and checked underneath the bed but Yuki wasn't there. She wasn't hiding in the closet either. "Yuki, can you please come out so can we talk?"

Kara held her breath and listened to the silence.

It was deafening. Yuki wasn't there.

Kara hurriedly left the bedroom.

"Kara," Inuyasha called out from the stairs when he saw her come out of the bedroom. Kara ignored him and continued her search. The next room was the bedroom she shared with Sesshoumaru.

"Yuki!" She called out the moment she rushed in. "Yuki, are you in here? Can you please come out?" Kara searched the room but there were no signs of Yuki. A chill sent down Kara's spine but she shook it off.

She turned to leave but ran smack into Inuyasha. "Move, Inuaysha!"

"Kara listen, I-"

"No!" Kara yelled and bombarded Inuyasha with slaps and curses. She was so angry! "Asshole! Haven't you realized what you have done!? Yuki heard us and is nowhere to be found!" Kara cried, worried sick. She would never forgive Inuyasha for this. Never.

Inuyasha didn't say anything. He couldn't speak. He only stared at Kara breaking down in front of him. He swallowed thickly, his apple bobbing in his throat. He opened his mouth to say something but Kara didn't stay to hear him. He watched her when she flew out the door and down the stairs.

Just when Kara touched the ground floor a strong wind hit her and Kara looked in the direction the wind came.

The sliding door was wide open.

Kara blinked, her heart dropping to her stomach. She closed it...right?

No. No. No.

Kara began shaking her head when realization hit her. Her feet started moving before she knew it.

"Kara!" Inuyasha called out but Kara was already heading outside.

She was instant swallowed by the thick fog that covered the garden with open ponds...

Frustrated like hell Sesshoumaru gripped the stirring wheel harder, his knuckles turning white. This was taking forever!

He should've never left home. The fog forced everyone to drive extremely slow in order to avoid accidents. Normally he would've been at home by now but instead he was stuck in traffic. Sesshoumaru bit down on his jaw and tried to tamper his irritation - he was such a fool!

He thought he could outrun his worries at work but they just followed, proving his attempt to be futile.

In the end nothing was done and Sesshoumaru lost time - precious time he should've spent with Yuki.

He was just about to hit the car horn when his cell phone started ringing. He pulled out his cell and answered. "Sesshoumaru." There was no answer. Sesshoumaru frowned and listened harder. There was noise. It sounded nearly like static but after a moment Sesshoumaru could make out voices and other commotions, like beeping sound in the background. "Moshi-moshi?"

There was a muffled sound "S-sessho,"

"Kara?" She sniffed and sobbed. Sesshoumaru frowned harder as he pressed the cell harder against his ear. "Kara, what's wrong?"

"I-ah..." Kara couldn't continue. She burst out crying.

Sesshoumaru gripped the cell harder, fear taking root and turning into a knot in his gut. "Hello!?"

There was mumbling and more muffling sound. "Sesshoumaru,"

Sesshoumaru went rigid at the sound of the voice. "Chichi-ue,"

"Son, you need to come to the hospital."

Sesshoumaru's mouth went dry. "W-what..."

"There's been an accident," Senior Taishou sighed tiredly. "It's Yuki."

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Japanese Words:

Shinjirarenai - Unbelievable