TITLE: There He Goes Again


TIMELINE: season 6, Abyss

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SUMMARY: set very shortly after my fic 'Oh Crap'.


' NO! '

- O'Neill, I ask you to reconsider! Only an hour! -

' No! '

- O'Neill, I am still her mate and have been for over a thousand years. I have also missed her, have not seen her in many years, since the beginning of my last mission. I am not even truly acquainted with the new host she's received since I last saw her. -

' No, Kanaan, it ain't gonna happen! '

- It would be fair to warn you that I can take over your body for the requisite time if you fail to agree to even a compromise. No-one, not even your Tau'ri friends, would blame me, much less be angry with me, once they'd find out why I did it. -

That gave Jack pause. No matter how short it was.

' It's still not gonna happen! '

- Only one hour with my mate, O'Neill, you can rest in the mean time so you do not have to experience and hear anything that will take place. Then after that hour I shall give control back to you. -

' NO! '



Jack was looking into the eyes of one beautiful blonde Tok'ra, whom he suspected was regularly exchanging control of the body with her host in order to let Freya fully exploit the opportunity to kiss Jack O'Neill as much as she wanted. Inside he was fuming at Kanaan taking over and even purposely leaving him awake and aware of what was happening, of what Kanaan had asked to be allowed to do.

The two snakes were exchanging another round of sweet nothings, something they'd been doing for the past 4 minutes since they'd met up in the Tok'ra commissary, sweet nothings so sweet that Jack was slowly going into a sugar shock, when they broke apart again, only for Jack to see the look in the beautiful woman's eyes change, as if someone else was now looking back at him...

In the privacy of their mind he yelled promises at Kanaan that he would get back at him when his lips were suddenly taken in a passionate kiss, involving tongue and roaming hands, all courtesy of a particular host, who was now in control of her own body, in love.

Kanaan, the evil snake that he was, had left Jack's mind and other senses, letting Jack have them back to experience everything Freya was doing, while still keeping Jack paralyzed in order to stop him from doing anything.

It was payback for Jack's refusal to give Kanaan even an hour of getting reacquainted with his mate over the Tok'ra version of a social drink.

Jack just hoped he wouldn't finally leave deeply scarred from the whole experience.

Or in love with a snake's host.

Both being equally bad.