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Human Devil Emergence

The night was quiet and seemed rather peaceful at first but the peacefulness was soon broken by the arrival of dark clouds overhead and the screams of a young boy. The noise awoke the sleeping devil that had taken hold of his body and he appeared in front of him and looked over him. The red head devil narrowed his eyes as he tried to figure out what was going on with his host Takurou. His hand reached over and touched his forehead and saw into his thoughts.

Takurou was the boy that almost everyone looked down upon even when he was growing up. The gray haired young man was wandering around near the water way that was in him home town but suddenly a strange feeling overcame him and the screams came again. He was forced to his knees from the sudden pain and shouted out for someone to help him. Igneous had seen enough and started to shake the boy, waking him from his slumber. The young man woke up startled and looked up to see the familiar face of the one he had a contract with. "Igneous? What's going on?"

"That was just what I was going to ask you Takurou." His face showed some concern for the boy as he pulled back and waited for an explanation. The human boy reached over to his table and picked up his glasses and sat up looking at his hands, his eyes still not calm from his experiences from his dreams. "I'm not sure, this is the third time this week I've had these dreams and I'm not sure what they mean." His vision looked to the clock and his eyes widened as he noticed he had woken up late. "Ahh not again! I'm going to be late!"

Takurou jumped up from his bed and began to run over to his closet nearly knocking his concerned partner to the ground. He then pulled out his school clothes and quickly changed nearly tripping as he tried to put his socks on. He grabbed his school books and headed out the door rushing down the street. The school bells were ringing just as he got to the classroom door. When the door opened everyone turned to see Takurou and he laughed nervously as he took his seat.

The teacher walked in a few moments later with a young girl by his side. She stood in front of everyone in school uniform with a bright smile on her face. Her black hair was had a few bangs coming in front of her face her eyes were a coal color. Takurou's gaze was focused on her and he had a strange feeling that he knew her from somewhere but he just couldn't figure out where. "Good morning everyone. Today we have a new student joining us. I would like to introduce you all to Miss Kioko Nakamura."

The young woman bowed responding in the usual sense and waited for the teacher to tell her where she would be sitting and it so happened that it was next to Takurou. The boy's face flushed slightly but he quickly turned his attention back at his book. Most of the day went by rather quickly and it was normal routine. Takurou found a nice play to relax under the trees and began to have his lunch when he was interrupted by Igneous. "Takurou don't forget our contract, you must fine the love angels." The young boy sighed as he fixed his glasses and muttered, "I know already. You tell me this every day but right now I have other things to think about aside looking for the stupid love angels."

He quietly picked up his things and began to walk away again only to be spotted by Momoko and her two friends Yuri and Hinagiku. "Takurou seems a bit down, what you think is wrong with him?" Yuri questioned.

"Now that you mention it he has been a bit strange lately." Hinagiku added as she looked over at her childhood friend. Momoko nodded in agreement as she thought back to all the weird things he has done in the past few days, including his enhanced abilities in gym class. "And if that wasn't enough now there is this new girl, there is just something strange about her."

One of the gym classes was taking place around the same time and the new student known as Kioko was taking part. She looked up at the bars and smiled when she knew it was her turn to try to flip. A strong feeling surrounded the area and the feeling reached Igneous who came out from Takurou when there was no one around. The young boy looked up at him with a questioned expression. "What is it?"

The devil of fire didn't say anything at first but he felt something strong through his body. It was as though his blood was boiling by the feeling coming from the new arrival. He watched as she easy did the flip around the bars as he allowed Takurou to do several times before. The devils eyes narrowed and his mind began to race. 'What exactly is this girl and why does she make me feel so strangely?' His eyes widened as she looked over in his direction and he felt what appeared to be a similar wave of evil as his own.

Takurou looked over at the girl and was rather confused about Igneous's reaction to her. He then turned his attention to the devil and waved his hand in front of his face. "Igneous? Hello… earth to Igneous…" When he finally snapped out of his thoughts Kioko was gone and looked down to find a confused Takurou. "What is the matter with you today Igneous?"

"Looks like both of us have these puzzles to solve. There is something extraordinary about that girl and for some reason it makes me feel strange." Without much warning Igneous turned back into the dark energy and entered Takurou's body falling back into a deep slumber.

The young gray haired boy sighed as he once again went on the move spotting Momoko and her friends. He slightly blushed as he approached and tried to keep calm. The pink haired girl approached first with a big smile on her face. "Hello Takurou.." The young man didn't respond right away and broke a small smile on his face. "Hello Momoko, sorry I can't stick around and talk today." He then took off toward the school building trying to fight back his bad feeling of brushing her off like that. Hinagiku still felt that there was something strange going on with him and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Later that day Takurou was on the computer as usual doing some research and of course staring at pictures of his crush Momoko. 'Oh Momoko, what am I going to do?' He thought to himself. In that instant a circle of flames appeared in his bedroom and Igneous appeared looking right at him. "What are you doing?"

"You told me earlier that you were curious about that new girl from school and you said that she made you feel strange. In fact when I first met eyes with her it gave me an eerie feeling as well so I decided to look into it and I think I found something that might explain some of this." He turned around and clicked on a few links on a news page he had come across in his research. "This girl is practically unknown but she has been acknowledged for her great physical ability but that's not the surprising part." He pointed to screen and continued to read. "It seems that investigators believe that she might be linked with some strange incidents from her old home town and this is what struck me the most, the ones who are attacked fall into a coma."

Igneous narrowed his eyes as he let the information sink in and then something came to him, "No, it just can't be possible. Could this girl be one of the legendary Akuma?"

Takurou blinked a few times and spun around in his chair to face him. He noticed the change in Igneous's behavior and could tell that this new discovery shocked him. He then looked rather curious and asked, "Legendary Akuma? Who are they?"

"There were rumors that there were a small group of Akuma were born into a human form and contained a great deal of evil energy. I never put much believe into the idea of these legendary Akuma since I thought it impossible for a human to be able to control such powers, however now things are different. These beings were thought to be the strongest among our kind and could kill any devil that stood in their path. However no one has been able to prove the existence of these beings and it's not known how many actually exist or what their goals are."

Takurou looked rather surprised and thought back to his dreams which made him wonder if he was dreaming of one of these strong devils. He shook his head in an effort to shake off the thought and let out a sigh. Igneous turned his attention to the boy and noticed right away that we were fatigued. Despite the fact that he was a devil he had always felt a strong connection with Takurou and wanted to do what he could for him. Takurou looked back at him and bravely smiled standing up. "Don't worry too much about this Igneous, I'm sure it won't be much trouble for us but in the mean while I think I'll get some rest and you should too."

He changed his cloths in the dark and placed them all in a pile by his closet before lying down in bed. His glasses now laid on the nightstand and soon he drifted off to sleep. Igneous looked at him for a quick moment and then went back outside to look up into the sky letting out a sigh. "Everything about this situation makes me feel very uneasy. I have to find the love angels quicker or the appearance of these legendary Akuma could mean my destruction."

To be continued….