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Digimon Season 2.5 "Digimon Adventure 03!"

Episode 1: "A Dream Come True"

.:Native Forest, Digital World:.

The Digital World was usually a happy and bright place where Digimon lived with no fear and roamed around the beautiful lands. But today would mark the day the world would change. 25 years of peace was about to be disturbed…

The day that had started out as a bright and warm sunny morning, had changed into a dull, cloudy and cold afternoon. The sun had disappeared from high in the sky, substituted by grey clouds that would burst with rain at any moment.

No sign of life were anywhere. Usually in the Native Forest you could hear the bird Digimon singing or the bug Digimon moving in between the plants and trees.

But today it was so quiet you could probably hear a pin drop. The only sign of life was coming from the clearing situated in the middle of the forest. It was dull. Not as dark as in the depths of the forest but the large branches and leaves blocked the light from hitting the grass and plants on the ground.

Stood in the middle of the clearing, surrounded by a gang of Gazimon, was a young girl with her partner Digimon.

She was dressed in a typical t-shirt and shorts. Her t-shirt was red with a single yellow stripe going down each sleeve. In the middle on the front was a big yellow number one. Her shorts were a denim blue colour which turned up a little at the bottom. On each wrist were dark red wristbands.

The girl, ten years old, stood perfectly still, her messy brown hair blowing slightly in the cold breeze. Any sudden movement could spark the Gazimon to attack. And she wanted the first move.

Her chocolate brown eyes, that matched her hair, moved from the left to the right then back to the left, keeping her attention on all of the Gazimon circled around her and her partner.

The small rookie beside her, an Agumon narrowed his eyes. He slowly moved his claws, preparing to attack whenever his human partner commanded.

"Okay Agumon." The girl finally spoke, shifting her feet a little. "Give them your claw uppercut!" she commanded, stretching her arm out and pointing her index finger at the enemies in front.

Agumon leaped forward pulling his arm back before releasing a lethal claw attack against the Gazimon.

Each strike sent each Gazimon it hit crashing to the ground. Swipe after swipe, Agumon moved around the circle, taking them all out until there was only one left standing.

The brown haired girl flashed a familiar grin. "Just one more left Agumon." She crossed her arms, still grinning as she stepped aside.

Agumon also smiled. Taking this last Gazimon out would be a piece of cake. Mimicking what he did before, he charged towards the last remaining foe with his claws at the ready…..

"Dawn!" a voice echoed from somewhere.

After hearing her name, the girl glanced around trying to identify which direction the person was calling from.

But the scene in front of her began to fade…. The Gazimon disappeared into nothing and everything around was engulfed in darkness….

The girl's eyes snapped open and she sat up groggily letting out a long yawn before stretching her arms as far as they would go. Looking around it finally dawned upon her that she was not in the Digital World but now back in Odaiba Park underneath the tree she had fallen asleep under.

It was just a dream.

But the ten year old girl had wished those dreams would become reality. All the stories her mother and father had told her ever since she could remember sounded so adventurous she always hoped that one day she could live a life like that.

She had her own Digimon partner. An Agumon, just like her father. This was predictable as she is so much like him when he was her age. She had received Agumon on her fifth birthday, along with her own digivice.

She wasn't alone either. Her cousin and friends had also got their own digivices and Digimon when they were younger too. Just the same as their parents. The only thing they lacked was the adventures in the Digital World.

"Dreaming about the Digital World again?"

Dawn titled her head upwards and noticed her Digimon partner sat on one of the branches in the tree she was under. "I've been dreaming about it more lately. Maybe that's trying to tell me something." She replied.

Agumon jumped down from the tree and landed on the grass beside his best friend. "Yeah. It's telling you that you think about it way too much."

Dawn shot him a glare as she got to her feet, stretching again. "Hey I can dream about adventures can't I? All those stories Mom and Dad told me just sound so cool! I'd do anything to have adventures like that. Never knowing what's around the corner, saving the Digital World from destruction, leaping into battle…"

"Hey slow down!" Agumon exclaimed. "Don't get carried away here. If you let those dreams of yours overcome reality you could find yourself in some serious trouble."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "How can I get into trouble if something interesting doesn't happen around here!" she cried out in frustration. She took her orange digivice off her belt and looked at it. "Is there any point in me having this?" she muttered under her breath.

.:Kimura apartment, Odaiba:.

It was late evening, and the Odaiba city life had died down a little as people were heading home from work to join their families for dinner. The sun had set and a couple of stars were about to appear in the clear sky.

In one part of the city, near the DaikanranshaFerris wheel were a number of apartment complexes. Some small, and some big. Up on one of the balconies on the 5th floor stood an eleven year old girl.

She had brown eyes and brown thick hair, a few features that had a similar resemblance to her mother. On top of her head was a large grey hat that was on a slight tilt. Her outfit consisted of a blue jumper, with black colours and turn ups and the end of the sleeves. In the middle was a yellow smiley face. Her three quarter pants were a sky blue with a small yellow bag hanging from the belt.

Margaret Kimura sighed and lifted her hand up to look at the object she held. It was a photo. But more importantly it was a family photo. She lost count of how many times she wished time would go back six years.

Six years ago, on a tragic summer day Margaret lost her father. He was killed in a car accident when returning late from work one night. Her mother's face when receiving that fateful phone call haunts her almost every night.

"You shouldn't look at that photo as much as you do." A voice purred from below near her feet.

The owner of the voice jumped up onto the balcony rail. It was her partner Gatomon, her closest friend. "I know how much you miss your father. I only knew him a year before… well you know. But-"

"I know Gatomon." Margaret interrupted, a small unnoticeable tear falling from her eye. "I've moved on. And I know my Mom has too. But there are times when I just miss him so much. And I know she does too."

Gatomon's ears drooped a little and her tail fell limp from her body. She had been sent to protect her partner and be there for her whenever she needed it but when it came to the loss of Tenchi, the feline had no idea what to do. Death was not a problem that Digimon had to come across. They were always reborn.

Margaret sighed yet again and took one last look at the photo before placing it back in her yellow bag. Her eyes glanced down to the ground below when something caught her eye. She spotted her cousin running across the courtyard closely followed by Agumon. She checked her watch and a small smile appeared on her face.

It was 5:45pm. She knew her uncle, aunt and cousin always had dinner at 5:30pm and by the looks of things Dawn was late. This was one of the things she loved about her cousin. Without knowing it, Dawn could always cheer her up even the slightest bit by the silliest little thing.

.:Odaiba Elementary, Odaiba:.

The next day was a bright but chilly January morning. The time was 11am and the children were in the middle of their second class at school.

Dawn was sat at the back of her Math class, her chin resting in the palm of her hand and staring off in to space thinking about the Digital World as usual, not paying the slightest bit of attention to what the teacher at the front was saying.

Sat next to her was her best friend Daniel "Dan" Motomiya. A spitting image of his father apart from the blue eyes he got from his mother. His messy maroon hair was being held up by the goggles his father used to wear. He was wearing his usual blue jumper with yellow stripes and black shorts.

"Stop daydreaming and play attention." He whispered to his fellow soccer-team mate. "Otherwise Mrs Sato is gonna have you in detention again."

Dawn wasn't paying attention. She didn't even hear him talk. She was daydreaming what it would be like, roaming the Digital World with Agumon, fighting any Digimon who attacked them and saving Digimon and….

"Miss Kamiya!" the teacher's voice suddenly broke the young girl out of her day dream. "Care to repeat what I just said?" Mrs Sato asked, crossing her arms.

Dawn gulped and stuttered. "Uhh… something about Math?" she grinned sheepishly and resulting in the whole class breaking out into laughter.

Mrs Sato sighed annoyed. This was so typical of Dawn Kamiya. Just like her father. The teacher had taught Tai Kamiya when she had first started out as a teacher at the young age of nineteen and he was her worst nightmare. And now it was happening all over again with his daughter.

"Dawn your math grades are very disappointing. You fail each test I set and if you don't start paying attention in class soon you are going to fail this entire year and have to take the 5th grade again." She explained sternly.

Dawn slumped down in her chair, a little embarrassed as the class was still sniggering at her. "I'd kill for an adventure to happen soon!" she thought glancing out of the window.

.:Thunder Mountain, Digital World:.

An old man, accompanied by a Centarumon were both stood on one of the ledges on Thunder Mountain. The place was dark and flashes of lightning were followed by rumbles of thunder making the area quite fearful. But that didn't bother the two the slightest bit.

"Is it time Gennai?" Centarumon spoke, breaking the long silence.

Gennai took one more glance at the building he had been keeping an eye on for the last few months.

In front of them, on ground level was a huge stone building. It looked like a huge mansion. It was surrounded by a large brick wall with two Ogremon guarding the main gate. The place had been abandoned for years but just recently someone had occupied it and that was who Gennai was keeping a close watch on.

The small old man looked up at the dark sky and watched a flash of fork lightning in the sky. "It is time." He finally replied.

"Are you positive?" Centarumon asked a little uncertainty in his voice. "Those children are quite young and not experienced as their parents. They might not be ready for what they are about to face."

"Nonsense." The old man chuckled. "Their parents were around this age when they first entered the Digital World."

Centarumon sighed. "But-"

"Their parents are too busy with their jobs to protect the Digital World. And I understand that." Gennai interrupted. "It's time to pass the baton on to the children. They have the same qualities as their parents. One of the reasons why I chose them to follow in their parents footsteps."

Centarumon nodded. "I understand Gennai but is having the same qualities as their parents going to help them to protect both worlds?" he questioned.

"Their parents were the best DigiDestined I have seen. And I believe their children have the ability to become as powerful maybe even stronger as them… especially young Kamiya." Gennai replied, smiling to himself.

Centarumon looked out at the building that they had been watching for the past ten minutes. "I just hope you're right Gennai… I just hope you're right."

.:Izzy's research lab, Odaiba:.

Izzy Izumi was now a top researcher of the Digital World along with Sora's father Haruhiko and Joe's older brother Jim. Of course their lab had to be secret as the Digital World was still unknown to the rest of the world.

Shortly after the events 25 years ago, Izzy had teamed up with Gennai along with Haruhiko and Jim to create a way of erasing the memories of Digimon from the non DigiDestined of the world.

There had been talks around the world about the Digital World and ways to access it. But Gennai refused to let this happen as a human invasion of the Digital World would ruin the beauties of the land and upset the life of the Digimon.

So currently 25 years later everyone apart from the small group of DigiDestined around the world didn't know about Digimon or the Digital World. All the DigiDestined had been sworn to secrecy and keep it that way for the rest of time.

Stood next to Izzy as he typed away on his computer, was his eleven year old son Jonathon.

Jonathon looked like his mother with her black hair and green eyes. Both his parents were very intelligent, which made him one of the smartest children at school. He was a wiz at computers like his father and loved to hang around the research lab learning more about the Digital World and his father's adventures.

Ever since he received his partner Tentomon, Jonathon had been intrigued by the Digital World and Digimon. He wanted to learn more about how they lived and what the world was made up of. And the only way to do that would be to actually travel there.

But for many years now the Digital World was inaccessible. The portals had been locked by Gennai in order to keep humans out, even at the expense of the DigiDestined not being allowed into the Digital World.

Jonathon glanced around the laboratory. Photos of the Digital World, some with his father and his friends in, were all on the walls. These were the only times he could see the Digital World. Sometimes Jonathon would spend hours looking at the photos, thinking maybe one day he could experience that world.

"I do wish I could learn more about the Digital World." He murmured under his breath. But his father heard him.

Izzy smiled. "It's not that different from our own world in a way. It's parallel with earth. Anything that happens there will have an effect here."

"Also any rift in the barrier that separates the two worlds could result in Digimon appearing here." Jim joined in. "That's happened quite a number of times." He added with a chuckle.

"So I've been told." Jonathon laughed a little. "Still, as dangerous as it sounds. I would like to know what it was like to live like you did and learn so much more." He added. "As long as it doesn't interfere with my school work of course."

Izzy chuckled at his son's comment. He was always putting his school work at the top of his priorities whatever was happening in his life. Some saw Jonathon as a nerd whilst others saw him as an intelligent and sweet boy. Just like his father in some ways.

.:Kamiya apartment, Odaiba:.

It was nearing midnight in Odaiba. And Dawn couldn't sleep. She had gone to bed at her usual time of 9pm but another dream about the Digital World had woken her up and since she couldn't get back to sleep.

Agumon was in a deep slumber, sprawled out on the young girl's bed with her pet kitten Cosmo also asleep next to him.

Dawn was lying on her back in bed. Her eyes wandered around her room, which the walls were covered with posters of her favourite soccer stars. She had tried everything to get back to sleep but it was just like her body wanted to stay awake.

She sighed and got out of bed. Walking across her room towards the balcony, she quietly slid the door open so not to disturb the Digimon and cat on her bed. The young girl stepped out onto the balcony and the cold night air hit her fast.

Dawn shivered a little. Heading over to the edge she rested her arms on the balcony rail and gazed up at the night sky glittered with stars. Her parents were still up. She could see the lights shining through the living room balcony door.

Glancing up at sky once more, she knew somewhere up there was the Digital World. A huge world waiting to be explored. She sighed again and turned around walking back into her bedroom, closing the balcony door behind her.

Her room was a little chilly now and the cold must have reached Agumon as he shivered a little in his sleep and grabbed the duvet, pulling it over himself.

Dawn's orange digivice lay on the chest of drawers that was on the opposite side of the room, next to the bedroom door. She had received that when she had befriended Agumon and so far it had done nothing expect tell the time, date and supply her with data of her partner. But tonight, it would do something completely new…

As Dawn walked past it, the digivice gave out two quick beeps and a beam of light shot out of the screen startling the young brown haired girl.

Dawn jumped backed and stared at her digivice. The light soon faded a little until it looked like a small hologram projection playing out from the screen.

Dawn glanced around to see if it had woken Agumon and Cosmo up. It hadn't. They were still asleep. She stepped forward and stretched out her arm. Her hand moved forward to touch the light but as her fingertips were inches away, a figure appeared in the middle of the projection.

She stepped back, studying the man in the projection. He was small with hardly any grey hair on his head. He looked familiar but she couldn't place him in her mind.

"Greetings." The old man spoke, arms behind his back and standing completely still. "I am Gennai. An old friend of your parents."

"Gennai…?" Dawn whispered under her breath. She remembered now. This old man was the same person in the photo her parents had on the wall of them just after they had defeated Apocalymon all those years ago.

Gennai continued. "The Digital World has been at peace for many years. You're parents did a fine job protecting our lands. But I'm afraid evil has made its way into the world once more. It's not up to your parents this time to save our world… it's up to you… It's time to call upon the new DigiDestined, good luck."

And with that, the old man disappeared and the projection ended abruptly leaving the room in darkness once again.

Dawn stood frozen on the spot, taking in what had just happened over the past half a minute. Was that real? Or was it just a hallucination due to her lack of sleep this night….

.:Next morning:.

Dawn had just finished getting dressed for school. She clipped her belt in place, slipped her father's old mini telescope into her back pocket and strapped on her two red wristbands on each wrist. The last thing to do was clip her digivice on her green belt.

But today she hesitated a little in doing that final thing that completed her outfit. Her chocolate brown eyes drifted over to the chest of drawers where the digivice still lay. She had managed to get to sleep afterwards that night and when she was woken up by her alarm she wasn't quite sure if that had really happened or it was simply one of her dreams about the Digital World.

The young girl sighed. "Maybe I shouldn't have had that cheese and pineapple pizza before going to bed." She said to herself.

Dawn glanced at the clock that hung on the wall and realised she was going to be late if she didn't get a move on. She quickly grabbed her digivice and clipped it on her belt before picking up her school bag and heading out of her room.

.:Odaiba Elementary, Odaiba:.

Today wasn't right. The day had started off as a bright, cold winter January morning. The sun was out but a bitter breeze still blew through the air. But that did not last for long.

As the day progressed, thick dark clouds bullied their way across the sky and blocked out the sun's rays. For most of the late morning and early afternoon the clouds just lingered above, threatening to spill rain onto the ground below at any moment.

But now, at 3pm, the air had turned muggy and warm. A sign that a thunderstorm was about to erupt in the sky. And at 3:05pm the first strike of lightning flashed in the sky lighting it up for a millisecond before disappearing again.

Dawn's head jerked up and turned her full attention to the window. "I don't remember the forecast predicting a thunderstorm." She thought, abandoning her history test that was in front of her.

Dawn could see the small beach that was situated across the road from the school. The water was usually calm but today the waves were rather rough and the water crashed against the sand in an aggressive manor.

More lightning lit up the sky shortly followed by a loud clap of thunder that roared across the Odaiba city. Dawn glanced beside her to see if Dan had looked up from his test. He hadn't.

The history teacher, Mr Koga, was casting a watchful eye over his class. All the children had their heads down working hard on their test. But his eyes soon fell upon the young Kamiya girl who had her eyes fixated on what was happening outside. He gave a fake cough to alert her.

Dawn snapped her attention away from the window and looked to see Mr Koga looking at her. She smiled sheepishly before lowering her head and looking at the next question on her paper. "When was Odaiba originally constructed? …. How am I supposed to know that?" She thought before sneaking another quick glance out of the window.

.:Kamiya apartment, Odaiba:.

Another flash of lightning was seen, followed by a thunderous roar that sounded like it was right above the apartment building. It had grown extremely dark over Odaiba now that the sun was denied it's light from shining through.

Dawn's Agumon was stood by the living room balcony door watching the storm grow fiercer. "Something's not right here." He spoke, turning and looking at the other two Digimon in the room.

"It's just a little storm." Biyomon commented before her next comment was drowned out by the deafening thunder.

"Call that little?" Tai's Agumon mocked. "This is one of the worst storms I've ever seen."

The front door of the apartment opened and Sora stepped inside home from work, shaking her umbrella dry from the rain before folding it up and placing it beside the coat rack. "Hey you three." She called to the Digimon as she removed her coat and hung it up before slipping off her shoes.

She walked into the living room and glanced around. "Where's Tai?" she asked noticing he wasn't in his usual place in front of the television.

"He went to pick up Dawn from school." Biyomon answered. "How was your day? You're home early."

"It's this storm." Sora replied before heading into the kitchen to get a warm drink. "There's been a power cut at work so without the computers we couldn't continue with our work so we decided to finish for the day." She continued to explain as she got the coco out of the cupboard.

The front door opened once more and in walked Tai and Dawn. Tai took off his jacket whilst Dawn just kicked off her shoes and headed into the apartment, her clothes and hair dripping wet.

Sora stood at the edge of the kitchen and spotted her walk in. "Get out of those wet clothes young lady. I told you to take your jacket this morning." She told her daughter firmly as she held her cup of coco in her hands.

"I didn't know it was gonna turn nasty and rain did I?" Dawn complained as she began to head to her bedroom.

Unexpectedly, after a huge flash of two of three forks or lightning, all three digivices bleeped and their screens flashed like crazy. Tai took his off his belt and looked at it. "What the heck's going on here?"

And then, to add to the situation the lights flickered before going off along with the television. The Kamiya family watched as the whole of Odaiba was engulfed in more darkness as every light and electrical piece of technology shut off almost simultaneously.

.:Izzy's research lab, Odaiba:.

All the lights, computer equipment, everything shut down in a matter of seconds leaving Izzy and his team baffled at what just happened.

"It can't be the storm can it?" Jim asked as he tried numerous times to turn one of the main computers back on. "The lab has an emergency generator for this type of situation."

Haruhiko unlocked the electrical cupboard and checked over everything quickly. "Even that has shut down." He glanced out of the small window that looked out over the dark city. "And by the looks of things every single thing run off electricity has also shut down."

"What could cause such a thing?" Tentomon asked, hovering beside his partner.

Izzy sat there in silence before answering. "There's only one explanation that could cause this. I did some research on this a few years back. The only thing to cause a whole city power cut with bolts of lightning is if… there has been a huge digital rift in the barrier that separates both worlds..."

.:Kamiya apartment, Odaiba:.

Sora had fished out a torch from one of the cupboards. The apartment was in almost pitch black with only the slightest bit of light coming from outside. "What's going on?" she asked as she shone the torch around the living room. "I've got a feeling this is no regular storm.

But due to the booming thunder overhead, the bleeps of the DigiDestineds' three digivices could be heard once more.

Tai picked his up off the coffee table where he had left it and took a look. On the screen there was a small map of the area and in the middle was a small red dot indicating one thing. "Hey my digivice is picking up a Digimon reading near by."

"Does that mean a Digimon is in Odaiba?" Sora gasped looking at her own digivice, which was reacting similar.

Tai nodded before looking at his Digimon partner. "Ready for a little battle Agumon?" he smiled, flashing his Kamiya grin.

"You bet!" the overgrown lizard replied flashing a grin. "It's about time I got some practicing. After 25 years I was starting to get a little bored." He added as he hurried over to the coat rack and grabbed his jacket he used as a disguise.

"Be careful." Sora pleaded placing a hand on her husband's shoulder. "Don't be reckless hun. It's dangerous out there with the weather."

Tai smiled and gave his wife a quick peck on the lips. "Don't worry. We'll be fine. This shouldn't take long." He clipped his digivice on his belt.

"I wanna come too!" Dawn grinned about to bolt for the front door.

"Hold it right there kiddo." Tai said holding her back. "You're staying here with your mother."

"What? Why?" Dawn pouted. "I can help fight!" she exclaimed.

"Not today." Tai replied as he headed to the front door with his Agumon. He put his shoes and jacket back on before opening the door allowing the sounds of the storm to grow louder.

"But Dad…" Dawn began to complain.

"No buts. You're staying." Her father said firmly before glancing at his Digimon. "C'mon Agumon. Let's go." And with that he and Agumon left closing the front door behind them.

Dawn clenched her fists a little in frustration. This was her chance to have a real battle with a real Digimon. There was no way this was another one of her dreams. She was a DigiDestined now. Gennai had told her so. So why wasn't her father letting her go and help?

Dawn glanced to her right and saw her mother was now in the kitchen washing dishes. Probably keeping herself occupied during the power cut. Biyomon was watching the storm from the balcony door. No one would notice if she slipped out right?

Dawn tapped her Digimon partner on the shoulder and signalled him to follow her. She tiptoed down the hall and quietly slipped on her trainers before grabbing her dark red jacket. Placing her hand on the door handle she ever so slightly pulled it down and opened the door just enough for her and Agumon to squeeze out.

Once they were out of the apartment, Dawn closed the door quietly and zipped up her jacket and putting the hood over her head. Checking she had her digivice, she bolted for the lift with Agumon at her heels…

Zepp Tokyo, Odaiba:.

Tai and Agumon were stood outside one of Tokyo's largest performance halls/nightclubs. "Where is this Digimon?" Tai looked at his digivice.

According to the signal they were almost on top of the Digimon but they couldn't see it anywhere. Usually Zepp Tokyo was packed with people out nightclubbing but tonight because of the storm it was unusually quiet, which made it that little bit easier to pick out the Digimon.

Unknown to the two friends two pairs of eyes were watching them from on the roof of the nightclub. There were two figures looking down on them. And because of the lack of light the features could not be seen, just the silhouettes. One was a young girl, the other a four legged Digimon.

As another flash of lightning lit the sky, their features were briefly seen. The girl whose eyes were covered by a pair of shades stood with her hands in her black jeans pockets. Her blonde hair was mostly covered by a dark grey woolly hat but a few spiky strands managed to escape with a chunk falling over her right eye. Her white shirt, with a black stripe running horizontally across the chest, was tucked into her jeans and her long night sky blue jacket blew in the strong wind.

The Digimon, who happened to be her partner, was a large wolf at the champion stage. He had light blue thick fur all over his body with blue markings on the front of his face. He had metal spikes sticking out of his back and his long tail swished behind him.

As they watched Tai and Agumon the girl huffed in an assumed manor and stretched her arm out, signalling for her Digimon partner to attack.

Her partner grunted before leaping off the roof down towards the two unsuspecting friends below…

Agumon glanced up at just the right time. "Look out!" he cried out, pushing Tai and himself to the ground just as the Digimon landed on the ground.

Tai landed with splash in a puddle. "Aw man, thanks a lot Agumon." He groaned, sitting up with water dripping off his body.

"Thank me later." Agumon replied, standing protectively in front of his friend. "Right now we've got a situation on our hands."

Dawn had followed her father and was now peering out behind a wall with her own Agumon. Getting out her digivice she pointed it at the mysterious Digimon and pressed the top button. The digivice scanned the Digimon before supplying the data on the screen.

"Garurumon X." the young girl whispered. "He's a champion Digimon that's been infected with an antivirus. Part of the anti Digimon." She looked up to observe what was happening with her father.

"I've never seen an X Antibody Digimon before." Her partner whispered.

"Pepper Breath!" Agumon spat out his small ball of fire, which simply brushed off on the champion's body.

Garurumon X growled under his breath, his long pink tongue hanging out of his mouth. He was going to enjoy destroying these two. He took a few steps back, allowing himself to get a good run and jump at them.

But just as he ran and leapt, someone tackled him in midair. The two crashed against the ground and rolled over at least five times before the mysterious figure jumped off.

The young girl on the roof the nightclub noticed the new addition to the battle and took a few steps back, blending into the darkness.

"Hey Tai!"

Tai, still sat in the puddle, turned his head to the right and saw a familiar figure running towards him dressed in a black rain coat. "Hey Matt. What took you so long?" he mocked, finally getting to his feet.

Dawn and Agumon leaped back into the shadows as Matt Ishida ran past them but he didn't seem to notice they were there.

"Got the alert from my digivice. Looks like you and Agumon could use some help." Matt replied, stopping beside his friend.

Tai grinned. "Me and Agumon are just warming up." He stated grasping his digivice in his hand. "Ready Agumon?" he turned to his partner, holding out his digivice that lit up.


Dawn peeked back out just in time to see her father's Digimon change from the small but overgrown lizard to the huge dinosaur Greymon. "Wow…" she smiled, still not believing what she was witnessing.

Garurumon, who was the one who had tackled his X antibody foe, stood on the opposite side so he and Greymon were surrounding Garurumon X.

Garurumon X had a sly grin on his face. He knew exactly what they were going to do and prepared for their predictable move. His eyes moved from Greymon to Garurumon then back to Greymon.

And as if on cue, the two charged releasing their famous attacks. Garurumon X paused for one moment before leaping into the air and perching on the nightclub roof once more. Garurumon's Howling Blaster struck Greymon in the face whilst his Nova blast hit Garurumon head on.

Both fell backgrounds landing on the wet ground as the rain continued to pour. And with the rain, that made Greymon's attacks a little less effective.

"Kaiser Nail!" Garurumon X bounded down from the roof, slicing his claws into Greymon's skin with every piece of strength he had.

Greymon let out an agonising roar that echoed across Odaiba bay but was soon drowned out by another boom of thunder in the night sky.

Garurumon sprinted to his friend's aid and jumped up, opening his jaws and sinking his teeth into Garurumon X's skin.

The X antibody Digimon cringed in pain before swiping his claws. Garurumon backed off just in time, resulting in Garurumon X to wound himself with his own paw.

"Howling Blaster!" Garurumon opened his mouth and spurted out his ice beam attack. It hit his foe who was thrown back sliding against the ground.

He soon got to his feet and launched himself at his fellow Garurumon. Both wolves began scratching and biting each other any way possible. Garurumon jumped backwards and waited for Garurumon X to pounce. As he did, Garurumon lifted his two back legs up and kicked his foe square in the stomach.

Dawn had this incredible urge to fight but she knew if she did her father would obviously know she was here and would probably ground her for the foreseeable future for disobeying him. She also knew she should be going back home as her mother would probably have noticed she was missing already.

Garurumon X crashed painfully on the ground and landed in one of the many puddles. Greymon made his move and grasped a hold of the wolf's tail and swung him around twice before slamming him against the wall of the nightclub.

The building shook from the contact and the blonde girl on top almost lost her balance. She stepped towards the edge and looked down. Tutting under her breath she unclipped her silver digivice from her belt.

Garurumon X had fallen limp on the ground, obviously wounded from that last attack. He shakily got to his limping on his left front paw, which had been damaged when Garurumon had bit it earlier.

"Alright, looks like we've got him now." Tai grinned.

"Finish him off Garurumon!" Matt commanded.

The girl tutted at her Digimon's tactics. Unimpressed at his first major battle she decided enough was enough. She was already soaking wet and she wasn't going to stand around getting even more drenched just to see her partner lose. Holding her digivice up, she pressed a couple of buttons and it gave two short bleeps.

Just as Greymon and Garurumon were about to finish their foe off, a thick bolt of lightning struck the ground.

Everyone was thrown backgrounds from the sudden impact of the lightning and Dawn and Agumon quickly ducked behind the wall.

Once the dust had lifted, Tai looked up to see both Greymon and Garurumon had d-digivolved back to their rookie forms and were lying injured on the ground. Looking up further he noticed Garurumon X was now back on top of the nightclub. And that was when he spotted the mysterious girl.

"Hey!" he yelled, jumping to his feet. "Who are you?" he demanded.

The girl ignored his question and pressed another button on her digivice before holding it up at the sky.

Dawn stared up at the sky as the clouds began to split revealing a black dimension behind. A beam of light surged out from the rift and engulfed the girl and Garurumon X. They slowly began to float up into the sky and towards the dimension hidden behind the clouds.

"Come back!" Matt commanded. But his yells were unheard as the two figures disappeared higher and higher.

As they reached the dimension, the light faded and the rift closed up allowing the clouds to reposition themselves in the night sky.

The storm was slowly starting to die down now but the rain still continued to fall heavily. Tai, Matt and their Digimon stared up at where the young girl and Digimon were once stood.

"Who was that?" Gabumon asked.

"I have no idea." Matt replied with a sigh. "But I have a very strange feeling we'll be seeing more of those two."

Back behind the wall, Dawn couldn't believe what she had just seen. One minute that girl and her Digimon partner were on top of the Zepp Tokyo's roof… and now they were gone… Was that the way into the Digital World?

To be continued…