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Digimon 2.5 "Digimon Adventure 03"

Episode 35: "Pirates of the Net Ocean Part 1"

.:Net Ocean, File Island, Digital World:.

It was nightfall, the moon reflected in the still waters of the net ocean below although there was a slight hint of daylight in the distance as the sun was beginning to rise, signalling morning would soon be here.

The net ocean was calm, but the subtle waves were soon disturbed as a large wooden ship tore through them as it sailed on its journey heading east.

The ship was being steered by a Shamanmon as the rest of the crew slept on deck.

But there sleeping peacefully amongst the crew was Fernanda…

The previous morning…..

.:Old Harbour, Continent of Server, Digital World:.

Katie emerged from a small wooden hut at the top of the beach. She stepped out into the morning sunlight rubbing her eyes before placing her glasses on her face. She yawned loudly and looked out at the clear blue sea in front of her once her vision had focused. "Hey guys, wake up!" she called back into the hut. "It's morning!"

A few moments later, the rest of the group; James, Wormmon, Fernanda, Armadillomon and Hawkmon emerged from the hut also stretching and yawning.

Armadillomon yawned loudly, scratching his side. "What time is it?"

"No idea, but c'mon! It's a beautiful day!" Katie replied giggling. She jumped down from the wooden step and onto the sandy beach.

"Katie, don't run off too far." James warned his little sister as he pulled out his D-Terminal from his back pack.

"Any messages from the others?" Fernanda asked.

James shook his head. "No." he put his D-Terminal back in his bag before glancing around. "Where are we anyway?"

"Old Harbour." Wormmon replied from his position on his partner's shoulders. "It's a small village on the south east coast."

James stepped down from the hut and onto the beach. He checked on his sister who was playing on the sand with Hawkmon before he looked to his left to observe the village. On each side it was surrounded by rocky cliffs and greenery. It had a small harbour, which consisted of two long jetties, a couple of shops and home to a few Digimon. All the buildings were old fashioned and built from wood.

On the beach Syakomon were playing whilst a group of Swimmon were jumping between the waves that crashed against the shore.

"It's really peaceful here." Fernanda said, closing her eyes and allowing the sea air to breeze against her face.

"Yeah…. You think they do a decent breakfast?" Armadillomon wondered.

"Is that all you think about?" Wormmon sighed.

"Actually, we could do with finding some food." James said. "We haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon and my Mom will kill me if I don't make sure Katie gets three square meals a day."

"There's bound to be a café or somewhere that sells food in the village." Wormmon said, motioning to his left.

Fernanda smiled. "Yeah. It will also give us a chance to take a look around."

.:Coela Beach, File Island, Digital World:.

Tylomon X burst out from underneath the water and swam to the shore. Once the water got too shallow, he leapt up into the air and landed on the sand in front of a lone Gazimon X who had been waiting for him.

Gazimon X was sat cross legged on the sand. When Tylomon X appeared, he stood up straight. "Do you have it?" he asked.

Tylomon X opened his mouth and spat out the Spirit Stone of Reliability. It landed on the sand by Gazimon X's feet.

The rookie Digimon bent down and picked it up, cringing a little as it was covered in drool. He quickly wiped it before placing it in the small bag he had attached to his waist.

"Well?" Tylomon X spoke, rather impatiently.

"Well what?"

"When do I get my reward?" the sea Digimon demanded. "The boss promised the team who brought him the next emerald would be rewarded greatly."

Gazimon X smirked as he closed the bag, making sure it was safely zipped. "The boss said whoever brings him the fourth and final emerald would be rewarded greatly."

"What?" Tylomon X growled, narrowing his eyes.

"That's right. Buraimon X hasn't delivered that emerald yet so really the boss still needs two emeralds. Now if you can find another emerald before Buraimon X returns then you will get your reward." Gazimon X explained. He chuckled spitefully before hopping off towards the inland.

Tylomon X snarled, showing his teeth before he manoeuvred himself on the sand and jumped back into the water, disappearing underneath.

.:Old Harbour, Continent of Server, Digital World:.

The children and Digimon had found a small café in the village run by a Vegiemon. It was a traditional seaside café with wicker chairs and tables and sun umbrellas.

The DigiDestined were seated outside on a wooden deck that led down to the sand. They were enjoying a breakfast of croissants, fresh fruit and bagels.

As the others ate, James had his D-Terminal open checking through his messages. He had one from Jonathon explaining their ordeal at the church as well as MJ finding her crest but still no luck with the Spirit Stones, as well as his daily message from his mother asking if he and Katie were alright and if they were eating enough.

James sighed and sent a message to his mother first, knowing that she would be sat there at home eagerly waiting for his reply.

"This food is really good." Katie grinned as she munched on a piece of watermelon.

James glanced up from his D-Terminal. "You used to hate watermelon. You do know Mom is going to except you to eat that now when we get home." He said with a small smirk.

Katie took another bite, talking with her mouth full. "But it tastes so much nicer here. If Mom buys her fruit from the Digital World I will."

Her older brother sighed, still smiling before he returned to his message.

As Fernanda ate her bagel with cream cheese, she continued to watch the villagers go about their daily lives in front of her. She had her chair on a slight angle so she was facing the street.

She was still amazed at how human some places of the Digital World were. Hearing the term 'monsters', images of wild Digimon roaming through the forests and mountains came to mind, just like wild animals back home. But never would she be able to picture Digimon fishing, or doing their grocery shopping if she wasn't witnessing it for herself right here.

"You okay Fernanda?"

The young girl was broken from her thoughts and looked down to her Digimon partner beside her. "Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine."

"You're not eating much." Armadillomon stated, motioning to her full plate.

"Oh I'm not that hungry…" Fernanda replied. She placed her half eaten bagel down and stood up. "I think I'm going to take a look around. This place is really beautiful."

James looked up from his D-Terminal. "By yourself?"

"Armadillomon will be with me."

Armadillomon looked up, a half-eaten croissants in his mouth. "But I haven't finished my breakfast."

Fernanda smiled. "C'mon Armadillomon. It's a really pretty village, and we could ask some of the locals if they know anything about any Spirit Stones around the area."

"Alright." Armadillomon sighed. He shoved the rest of the croissants in his mouth before jumping down from his chair.

"We won't be long." Fernanda said to James and Katie before she left the table.

"We'll wait here until you get back!" James called after her.

Away from the café, Fernanda and Armadillomon walked up the main street. It had a few market stalls either side where Digimon were buying fresh fish, fruit and other things.

Fernanda smiled and watched as they walked past a small group of in-training Digimon jumping up and down excitedly in front of a stall that was selling toys similar to the ones that grew on the tress of Primary Village.

"This place reminds me of a small village back in Italy near to where I was born." Fernanda said looking around. "You know the one I showed you photos of when I went to visit my grandparents. It's right next to the coast, just like this one."

Armadillomon nodded. "It does rather… now that you mention it you haven't been there in a while."

Fernanda sighed, a little sad. "I know. Dad's been busy the past couple of years with some big cases. But he promised in summer if all this business with the Digital World is over he'll let me travel on my own to Italy. He said as long as my grandparents meet me at the airport it shouldn't be a problem."

As the two friends continued walking up the street, above them perched on top of one of the roofs was a tiny fairy Digimon. The little creature was watching them curiously, more so Fernanda as she hadn't seen a human before. But she was more so attracted to Fernanda's digivice. The screen was shining when it caught the sunlight, which had the little fairy hooked on it.

The fairy, Tinkermon had a mischievous grin on her face before she disappeared down behind the roof….

"So who do you want to ask?" Armadillomon asked, glancing at every Digimon that passed him.

Fernanda looked as a Toucanmon waddled passed her. "I'm not sure…. Maybe someone who looks like they might know the village the best."

Armadillomon chuckled. "Sorry Fernanda but I don't think we're going to find a 'wise old man' here to ask."

"I didn't mean like that Armadillomon." His human partner retorted, giving him a quick look. "I meant a Digimon who owns a stall or a shop who-Hey!" the young girl stopped in mid-sentence and shrieked when she felt her digivice being yanked from her belt. "My digivice!" she exclaimed, looking down.

Armadillomon looked to see Fernanda's D-Power had indeed vanished. He looked down on the ground before looking up to see the Tinkermon hovering just ahead of them with Fernanda's digivice in her hands. "There!" he shouted, pointing up.

Tinkermon held the device at arm's length staring at it before bringing it close to her ear before shaking it to see if anything rattled.

"Hey that's not yours!" Fernanda cried, running up to her. "Give it back!"

Tinkermon stopped shaking the digivice and looked down at the human directly beneath her. She giggled naughtily before clutching the digivice close to her body and took off down a small side street.

Armadillomon growled as he joined Fernanda's side. "I hate those Tinkermon."

"Tinkermon?" Fernanda questioned.

"Yes. They are annoying little Digimon who love collecting shiny objects. Even going as far as steeling, as we have just witnessed here." Her Digimon partner explained with a sigh at the end of the sentence.

Fernanda groaned before she began to run in the direction Tinkermon had gone. "We can't lose her Armadillomon. Do you know where she lives?"

"They live anywhere." Armadillomon said, panting a little as he tried to keep up. "Usually secret places where they can hide their junk."

The human and Digimon reached a cross section in the small street. "Now which way?" Fernanda murmured.

Armadillomon glanced to his left and caught a glimpse of the little fairy Digimon down another street. "There she is!" he exclaimed. "It looks like she's heading to the beach!"

Tinkermon fluttered down the small side street, dodging a Mushroomon and a Spadamon as she did. She reached the end of the street and flew out onto the beach.

She dropped to the ground, resting on the top step that led down to the beach before she began to examine the digivice again. She pressed a couple of the buttons resulting in the digivice to bleep loudly. Tinkermon yelped in surprise and dropped it as a small map of the island appeared on the screen.

"There she is!"

Tinkermon spun her head to the right to see Fernanda and Armadillomon running towards her. She giggled and scooped the D-Power up in her hands once more and flew up high into the air, just out of reach of Fernanda who made an attempt to grab her. "You're gonna have to do better than that." She sniggered.

"Give it back!" Fernanda shouted. "I need that!"

Tinkermon just continued to giggle and flew off again, this time down onto the sand. She glanced over her shoulder and frowned when she saw they were still following her. She flapped her tiny wings faster and looked for anywhere she could hide. Her attention soon fell to the wooden pier she was approaching and a large ship that was currently docked there. She grinned and swooped down to her right heading straight for it.

Fernanda and Armadillomon saw Tinkermon flying along the pier. "Oh no she's not flying out to open sea is she?" The Hida girl gasped.

They ran up onto the pier and came to a sudden stop when they saw there was no sign of Tinkermon. "Where did she go?" Fernanda mumbled.

Armadillomon walked forward slowly, carefully scanning the surroundings. He looked down between the gaps in the wooden planks to see if Tinkermon was hiding underneath.

Fernanda followed cautiously behind, occasionally looking over her shoulder in case Tinkermon made a break back to the village.

Armadillomon came to a stop next to the ship. He gave it a once over before his eyes fell upon an open hatch on the side of the ship right next to the pier. "I think she's gone in there." He whispered once his human partner appeared beside him.

Fernanda gazed up at the huge wooden ship before her. It towered over her and rocked slightly to and throw in the water. She stepped back a little and tried to get a peak on deck. It was quiet and it seemed like there was nobody on board. "Now what do we do?" she mumbled.

"We need to get your digivice back, Fernanda." Armadillomon said looking up at her. "Besides, it shouldn't be too hard to corner that little pest inside."

"I hope you're right." Fernanda nodded, feeling a little uneasy as she made her way closer to the ship. She stepped to the very edge of the pier and peered down. There was a large gap between the pier and ship. It didn't help matters that the ship was rocking making the gap occasionally wider.

Armadillomon peered up towards the deck of the ship before looking down either end of the pier. "Quick Fernanda whilst there's no one about."

Fernanda nodded again. She gulped and stretched her right leg out a little and placed it firmly on the foot of the door before she heaved herself forward and jumped down landing inside the storage compartment of the ship.

Armadillomon soon followed, landing in a heap on the floor next to her. He got to his feet and looked around. "Can you see her?" he asked.

"No…" Fernanda replied quietly. "All I see is boxes."

The room was stacked full of boxes, sacks and crates which contained food, weapons and other supplies. The only light was the daylight coming through the small hatch the two friends had entered through. To the right was a flight of wooden stairs that led up to another door that assumingly led up onto the deck of the ship.

Fernanda squinted as she peered around the room for any sign of Tinkermon. "She must be here somewhere…. Wait, what's that in the corner?" she asked, pointing to her right to a faint glow coming from behind a crate.

Armadillomon crept forward ever so slowly whilst Fernanda waited where she was stood. The rookie Digimon tip-toed towards the crate and paused for a moment before he violently pushed the crate away with both paws.

Tinkermon, who had her back to him, jumped clutching Fernanda's digivice to her chest. She leapt up as Armadillomon took a swipe at her and began to fly across the room…

Armadillomon charged across the room and leapt up, swiping his paw again at Tinkermon. He struck her from behind and the sudden jolt caused her to let go of Fernanda's digivice before falling to the ground. Armadillomon pounced on her, pinning her down with his paw.

The brown D-Power was thrown a few feet and bounced on the floor before disappearing behind a stack of boxes.

Fernanda ran after it, crouching behind the boxes. She smiled at seeing her digivice and scooped it up in her hand sighing in relief. "I got it!" she called.

Whilst Fernanda was collecting her digivice, Tinkermon managed squeezed out from underneath Armadillomon's paw and quickly fluttered out of the storage room. Armadillomon growled and was about to give chase when he decided she wasn't worth it.

Fernanda emerged from behind the stack of boxes, clipping her digivice safely back on her belt. "There, safe and sound." She smiled, patting it.

Armadillomon smiled. "Great. Now let's get back to the others before anything else happens."

Fernanda nodded and took a step forward when suddenly the room went dark. There was a slamming sound as the small hatch door was shut from the outside.

Fernanda and Armadillomon both jumped and gasped as they turned their attention to what was their only way out.

Voices could then be heard outside on the pier as well as above them on deck. Fernanda flinched as she heard heavy footsteps walk directly above her. They heard commands such as 'Set the sails' and 'Weigh anchor'.

"This is bad…" Fernanda whispered wide eyed.

Armadillomon scurried across the storage room and pushed his weight against the door, but it didn't budge. He tried again, this time shoulder barging into it. He tried it three times before stepping back. "It must have been locked from the outside." He sighed.

"What do we do now?" Fernanda murmured.

Suddenly the door at the top of the stairs swung open and a Digimon appeared from on deck, unsteadily walking down the stairs carrying three large wooden boxes.

Fernanda and Armadillomon gasped and quickly scurried behind a stack of large crates, hiding behind them.

The Digimon, a Goblimon, hadn't seen them due to his vision being blocked from the boxes he was carrying. He dropped them rather carelessly down on the floor at the foot of the stairs before heading back up onto deck, slamming the door shut behind him.

.:Old Harbour, Continent of Server, Digital World:.

James stood at the edge of the café's deck, looking out across the beach, half watching the ship that had just set sail from the pier and was now heading away from the harbour.

He sighed and glanced at his watch. It was almost noon and they hadn't even started looking for the Spirit Stones yet.

Katie walked up to her brother. "James?" she asked, tugging on his jeans a little. "Fernanda's been gone an awful while."

"I know." James sighed again. "We should really be beginning our search for the Spirit Stones. She said she wasn't going to be long."

Hawkmon and Wormmon joined their human partners at the edge of the deck. "The village isn't all that big. They couldn't have got lost." Wormmon stated.

James looked at his watch again, even though he had already done so just a couple of minutes ago. "We can't waste any more time but we can't leave here in case Fernanda and Armadillomon come back."

"I say give them another half hour before we go look for them." Hawkmon suggested. "Like Wormmon said the village isn't big so if we ask around I'm sure someone would have seen where they went."

.:Net Ocean, Digital World:.

Fernanda and Armadillomon emerged from their hiding places once they deemed it safe to do so. They walked into the middle of the storage room. "How are we gonna get out of here?" Fernanda questioned, a little frightened. "I think the ship has set sail…"

Armadillomon didn't answer her question. He scurried up the stairs and stood up on his hind legs and peered through the keyhole of the door.

"Armadillomon what are you doing?!" Fernanda demanded in a hushed tone.

Armadillomon squinted as he looked through the small gap. There were Digimon all over deck doing regular chores such as scrubbing the deck whilst others were just lounging around. The rookie Digimon sighed. "You're right. It has set sail." He said.

"Will we have to swim back to shore?"

Armadillomon walked back down the stairs. "How? There's no way of getting out of here without being seen."

"Well maybe if we go up there and explain to them?" Fernanda suggested.

Armadillomon shook his head. "I don't think that's such a good idea Fern'. Pirates aren't usually known for their hospitality."

"Pirates?!" Fernanda almost shrieked. "This is a Pirate ship?!"

Armadillomon nodded. "Yes. I'm almost positive this is a pirate ship. Now if you try sending a message to the others to let them know where we are then we might be able to come up with some sort of plan."

Fernanda nodded and was about to place her hand in her pocket when her eyes widened. "Oh no…." she murmured. "My D-Terminal is in my backpack. I left it at the café with the others…"

.:Old Harbour, Continent of Server, Digital World:.

"Fernanda?!" Katie called, cupping her hands around her mouth to try and increase the volume of her voice. "Armadillomon?!"

James followed closely behind carrying Fernanda's backpack with Wormmon and Hawkmon either side of him. "They're not here." He said, a little irritable.

"That Tsukaimon we asked definitely said Fernanda and Armadillomon were heading for the beach." Hawkmon chirped up. "The last time he saw them they were running onto the sand."

"Well as far as I can see there are only Digimon on this beach."

"They've got to be here somewhere." Katie spoke from the front of the small group frowning a little. "Fernanda wouldn't just run off without telling us."

James sighed. "I know. Don't get me wrong I am worried about her… It's just-"

"Looking for a human and an Armadillomon?" a croaky and ancient sounding voice spoke up.

The group stopped and turned around in the direction of the voice. They had unknowingly reached the pier and there was an old looking Digimon sitting on the edge with a fishing rod in his hands.

"Uhhh…. Yeah. Have you seen them?" James asked, standing at the water's edge.

The Digimon, Jijimon smiled, although the DigiDestined could not see through his long beard. "Yeah… I've seen them." He replied slowly still staring at the water.

Katie grinned, almost jumping up and down. "Great! Where are they?" she asked excitedly.

Jijimon took his left hand off his fishing rod and extended his arm pointing behind him.

James looked past the old Digimon and raised an eyebrow a little dubiously. All he saw was an empty pier and water. He sighed, thinking Jijimon was just wasting their time. "C'mon. Let's carry on looking." He said.

Katie frowned before the group turned to walk away.

Jijimon chuckled. "Well obviously they are not there now. They left."

"Yeah… thanks. We gathered that." James called back, a little sarcastically.

"On the ship."

The group came to a stop and turned back around to face him. "Huh? What ship?" Hawkmon questioned.

"The ship that was docked here half an hour ago…. They climbed on board." Jijimon said as they walked closer to him.

"Why would Fernanda and Armadillomon do that?" Katie wondered before looking up at her brother.

"Wait a minute…" James muttered under his breath. "I saw a ship leaving the harbour earlier… it was when we were back at the café….." He ran up the steps and onto the wooden pier.

"Wait James!" Katie called after him as she and their two Digimon followed him.

James arrived at the edge and looked out into the open sea, squinting for any sign of that ship he had seen earlier. "Ah great…" he grunted.

"Did you really see a ship?" Katie asked, standing beside him.

James gently pushed his little sister away from the edge, sighing. "Yes. It was before we left the café. It had just set sail. Now there's no sign of it." He turned around and staggered back in surprise as Jijimon was now stood directly behind them.

"Your friends didn't climb on board voluntarily you know." He spoke, his voice cracking a little.

"What do you mean?" Wormmon asked, now perched on his partner's shoulder.

"Come, I have a small shop in the village. We can go back there and I'll explain what happened."

"We haven't got time for that. I need to help Fernanda. Wormmon, digivolve!" James commanded as he whipped his digivice off his belt.

"That's not such a good idea boy." Jijimon said, a little sternly.

"And why not?" James challenged him, lowering his digivice.

Jijimon raised his fishing rod and pointed it out towards the ocean before tilting it a little upwards towards the sky.

James and the others followed the old Digimon's rod and saw there were thick black storm clouds emerging from the west in the distance…

"If you go out there into the open sea and you hit that storm you will not survive." Jijimon warned them.

"But what about Fernanda and Armadillomon?" Katie pouted.

"As long as they stay hidden where they are they should be fine. Now come." Jijimon commanded, waving his rod towards the harbour. "The storm may look far away but it will soon be here. You can keep sheltered at my shop until it passes."

He began to walk slowly back along the pier, and Katie and Hawkmon followed him.

James paused for a moment, looking back out at the vast calm ocean in front of him.

"You think they'll be okay for now?" Wormmon asked.

James just continued to stare at the horizon. "I hope so….." he murmured.

.:Net Ocean, Digital World:.

Fernanda and Armadillomon were sat slouched against one of the boxes in silence. They had tried to make themselves comfortable as they were going to be stuck there for a while.

All they could hear was the waves crashing against the ship and the footsteps of the crew above them.

Just then the door at the top of the stairs swung open. Fernanda and Armadillomon leapt to their feet and scampered as quickly as they could back behind the crates.

RedVegiemon bounced down the stairs and over to a stack of open boxes that were bursting with vegetables. He hummed a tune as he grabbed a few turnips, carrots and potatoes.

Armadillomon carefully peeked out from behind the crate and watched the ship's cook grab what he needed.

Fernanda looked out from behind the crate but quickly retreated when RedVegiemon turned in her direction. She shuffled back a little and accidently bumped into the box behind her, sending it toppling over.

RedVegiemon spun round after hearing the box fall. He dropped his vegetables and bounced over to the crates….

Fernanda and Armadillomon both held their breath as they heard him approach. Everything seemed to go quiet for a second before suddenly the crate they were behind was lifted up by RedVegiemon.

The two friends both shrieked and Fernanda grabbed onto Armadillomon tightly.

"Well, well what do we have here?" RedVegiemon spoke with a smirk on his face as he held the crate above his head….

Up on deck the crew were all relaxing spread out across the ship.

Just then, the door to the storage room burst open and RedVegiemon emerged holding Fernanda and Armadillomon up in the air, who were wrapped in his vine arms.

"Look what we have here boys! Stowaways!" he announced before he threw the human and rookie to the deck forcefully.

Fernanda and Armadillomon landed with a grunt in a heap on the hard surface and were immediately surrounded by the crew members; Falcomon, Goblimon, Neemon and Gotsumon. They all had swords and pistols strapped to their belts and a few were wearing bandanas.

"What business have ye got being on our ship?" Gotsumon demanded.

"The Cap'ain doesn't like stowaways." Goblimon snarled as he patted his club in the palm of his hand.

Fernanda gulped as she pushed herself up. "W-we uhhh… I-it was-" she stuttered.

The crew began to close in on the two friends and Armadillomon stood protectively in front of Fernanda, glaring at each of them.

"Avast mates!"

Fernanda and Armadillomon both looked up at the sound of the voice to see a small demon man Digimon hanging from the rope ladder that led up the sails. He jumped down and landed in between the two friends and the crew.

"Let's just see what the captain has to say first alright mates before you send them down to the locker." Flamemon said turning to face the crew.

Fernanda and Armadillomon both glanced at each other a little confused by the term 'locker'.

"What's going on here?!" a roaring voice echoed across the deck of the ship.

The crew jumped at the sound of their captain's voice and all scrambled into formation and stood in a line. "Captain Gokuwmon!" they announced.

Fernanda and Armadillomon slowly turned around to see a large beast like Digimon make his way down from the upper part of the ship.

He was a tall Digimon that half resembled a beast man and half monkey. He was dressed in thick armour and a large sword was strapped to his belt.

His eyes soon fell upon the new arrivals on his ship. He made his way towards them, his black clunky boots causing the planks of the deck to tremble under his weight.

Gokuwmon stopped in front of them, before slamming the sharp end of his sword into the deck, inches away from Fernanda and Armadillomon. "And who might you be?" he demanded with a slight hint of a pirate accent as he leaned over his sword and glared down at them.

Fernanda gulped, trembling as she stared up at the beast towering over her.

"We found them hiding away in the storage room Captain!" Gotsumon spoke up. "They must have snuck aboard whilst we were at port."

Gokuwmon's eyes were more so fixed on Fernanda than Armadillomon as he continued to glare down at them. He had seen plenty of Armadillomon on his travels around the Digital World but never anything like the girl in front of him. "What are you?" he asked darkly. "I don't think I've seen anything like you before."

"I…. I'm a h-human…" Fernanda stuttered quietly.

"A human?!" RedVegiemon exclaimed causing the young girl to jump.

"She must be one of those DigiDestined we've heard about. So the rumours were true." Goblimon added.

"Of course they exist. Who do you think saved all of you from all those evil Digimon throughout the years?" Armadillomon scoffed. "If it wasn't for the humans you wouldn't have any oceans to sail on."

"Silence!" Gokuwmon snapped, slamming his sword against the deck. "DigiDestined or not, you have no right to be on me ship. What were you doing sneaking aboard? You got word of our voyage and wanted us to lead you straight to the island so you could steal the treasure for yourselves?!" he spat, his voice growing louder.

"N-no…" Fernanda quivered.

Neemon jumped up. "Good! Because Cap'ain Gokuwmon has been looking for years for the hidden jewel! Word has it that the jewel possesses immense power which will give the Cap'ain all the power he needs to rule the seas of the Digital World and-"

"Will someone shut him up!" Gokuwmon roared, thrusting his sword in Neemon's direction.

Falcomon removed his pistol from its holder and whacked Neemon over the head, causing him to fall over in a daze.

Fernanda watched, a little wide eyed at first but then her mind drifted to what Neemon had said….. Jewel? Immense power? Surely they couldn't be searching for a Spirit Stone…..

"Look!" Armadillomon spoke up, breaking Fernanda from her thoughts. "We accidently got trapped in your storage room. We don't want any trouble so if you'll just let us go and we'll head back to shore." He motioned to Fernanda to release her Digital Ring.

Fernanda placed her hand over her D-Power and was about to release the ring when the crew began to snigger amongst themselves.

Goblimon scoffed a laugh. "Ye think it's going to be that easy? We're just going to let ye go?" as he spoke, the rest of the crew, minus Flamemon and Gokuwmon laughed harder. "Ye really don't know pirates do you?"

Armadillomon narrowed his eyes and stepped forward offensively. "And ye really don't know what I'm capable of." he snarled back.

Gokuwmon had been keeping his focus on Fernanda for the past few minutes. After hearing she was a human, and more importantly, a DigiDestined he began to think. He had heard stories of how Digimon partnered with humans could be transformed into more powerful monsters….. A small smile began to appear across his lips.

"Waiting orders Captain." Flamemon, who was his first mate, spoke from beside him. "What'll it be? Throw them in the brig? Prepare the plank?"

Gokuwmon was broken from his thoughts but he continued to smile, still staring at Fernanda. "No….I'm thinking we need a little extra help on board…."

The rest of the crew looked up at their captain, a little shocked. "Let them stay?!" Falcomon gawped. "But Captain! They're stowaways!"

Gokuwmon turned his back on them and slowly strode over to the side of the ship, looking out over the vast clear ocean and still sporting his cunning smile.

Flamemon followed him. "Captain?"

"Flamemon, this human is a DigiDestined." Gokuwmon said. "From what I've heard they have the power to allow Digimon to digivolve into higher and stronger forms. She will become quite useful in our voyage to Volcano Island."

"What use could she possibly be to us?" his first mate asked, tilting his head a little curiously.

Gokuwmon chuckled. "When that scurvy rat CaptainHookmon and his crew show up I'll have that human make her Armadillomon digivolve and sink that rotting piece of junk he calls a ship. That'll teach him to mess with Captain Gokuwmon. If the DigiDestined have destroyed the likes of the Dark Masters then CaptainHookmon is no match for their power."

"It sounds like a good plan Captain but suppose they try and escape?" Flamemon said, motioning to Fernanda and Armadillomon behind them.

"Keep her on deck at all times where you can keep an eye on her, and lock that pet of hers in the brig. If anything he looks as if he'll be the one more likely to try something." Gokuwmon commanded. He turned away and strode back over to the others. He walked past most of his crew to where Fernanda was stood with Armadillomon. "Count yourselves lucky. You may stay aboard me ship."

"Umm… t-thanks…" Fernanda said quietly, a little unsure what to say although Armadillomon narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

Flamemon walked up behind Gokuwmon. "Gotsumon, Falcomon; lock him in the brig." He commanded thrusting his finger at Armadillomon.

Gotsumon and Falcomon both nodded and walked over to Armadillomon grabbing him by his arms.

"Hey let go!"

"No, wait!" Fernanda cried stretching her arm out in a hopeless attempt to reach her partner as she watched him being dragged away below deck.

"Don't worry it's merely a precaution my dear." Gokuwmon spoke, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder, making her flinch. "I may have allowed you to stay aboard but that doesn't mean I trust you…... Alright you scurvy crew!" he suddenly bellowed causing Fernanda to jump. "Get back to work!" he ordered before he stormed off to his cabin.

As the crew scurried to their posts, Fernanda looked around nervously frozen on the spot.

"Looks like we set sail from Old Harbour just in time." She heard Neemon say behind her.

Fernanda turned around and stepped back out of their way.

"Aye we just missed that storm that's coming in land now." Goblimon replied as he and Neemon walked past carrying a large bucket of water.

Fernanda glanced to her right and saw the black storm clouds they were leaving behind in the distance. Her mind then drifted to James and Katie. She had no idea how she was going to get a message back to them at the harbour.

.:Old Harbour, Continent of Server, Digital World:.

Katie was stood up on a stool, her hands and face pressed up against the window. It was now late evening and outside was getting dark as the clouds moved in and it was starting to rain a little as well as the wind picking up. "It's getting windy out there now." She said, still staring through the glass.

Jijimon nodded as he poured them all cups of tea. They were sat around a table in the back room of his shop. "Yes the storm is coming in quite fast now."

James sighed slouching back in his chair. "So, are you telling me Fernanda and Armadillomon were chasing a Tinkermon into a pirate ship? A pirate ship?"

"Yes." Jijimon replied as he sat down opposite the blue haired boy. "They followed her inside. Tinkermon came out shortly after but the ship's crew returned and locked your friends inside before they had chance to get out."

"I didn't even know there were such things as Digimon pirates here." The Ichijouji boy admitted.

"They must have had a very good reason for chasing a Tinkermon in that ship." Wormmon commented.

Katie jumped down from the stool and walked over to the table. "Tinkermon sounds cute. I like fairies." She said with a giggle as she climbed up into the spare chair beside her brother.

Jijimon chuckled light heartedly. "They may look cute but Tinkermon are very mischievous little Digimon. They like playing tricks and collecting anything shiny, even if that means stealing." He explained.

James sighed once more and stood up from the table. He wandered over to the window and stuffed his hands inside his pockets as he looked outside.

"Are you okay?" Wormmon asked from his position on the table top.

"We're wasting time just sitting here doing nothing." His human partner replied.

Jijimon took a sip of his tea. "You won't do your friends any favours by going out in that storm." He warned. "If you try to cross the ocean now you will never reach them. It's best to wait until it has passed."

"But by that time it might be too late!" James almost snapped, spinning round to face the old Digimon. "The more time we stay here the further away that ship sails."

"Trust me boy, you are better off waiting till the skies clear. I have known many Digimon set sail in weathers like this and they have never returned."

James huffed and turned his attention back to the window, frowning stubbornly. From the looks of it, it was only a little wind and rain. He'd walked home from school in worse weather than this. He just didn't like the idea of sitting around doing nothing whilst Fernanda was most probably in danger and drifting further and further away from them as each minute passed.

.:Net Ocean, Digital World:.

It was now nightfall and the crew were all sprawled across the deck sleeping peacefully. The captain was in his cabin whilst Shamanmon continued to steer the ship through the night.

Fernanda slowly opened one eye, making sure there was no one awake before slowly sitting up in between Neemon and Gotsumon. Where she had been lying was out of view from Shamanmon on the upper part of the deck.

She quietly stood up, tip-toeing between the crew members before pressing her body up against the side of the ship next to the captain's cabin's window. She crouched down and quickly darted past his window and door until she was in front of the door that led down to the brig.

Underneath the deck Armadillomon was confined to a small but smelly cell in the corner of the brig. He was still awake as he couldn't clear his mind enough to sleep. He was so deep in thought he didn't hear the door open and footsteps coming down the stairs.


The rookie Digimon looked up at the sound of his name to see Fernanda tip-toeing towards his cell. "Fernanda!" he hissed. "What are you doing down here?"

"Don't worry, they're all asleep." Fernanda whispered. She then kneeled down in front of his cell. "I'm sorry Armadillomon. This is all my fault."

"Don't worry about it. It could have been worse. At least we've got some extra time to come up with a plan. You can try and find out as much information as you can about where we are going. Neemon seems to a simple Digimon and spills information quite easily."

Fernanda nodded. "The jewel Captain Gokuwmon is looking for sounds like a Spirit Stone."

"That's what I thought." Armadillomon agreed. "I also think there must be a reason why he's keeping us on board. It surely can't be a good will gesture. I think he's got something planned for when we arrive where ever that may be, so keep your wits about you."

"Yeah. I'll see what I can find out." Fernanda whispered before she stood up. She said goodnight to her Digimon partner before leaving the brig.

When she reached the deck she carefully made her way back to where she had been before between Neemon and Gotsumon. She slowly laid back down on her back and stared up at the clear sky above watching the stars.

Fernanda remained in that position for a good few minutes before she sighed and turned over on her side closing her eyes. She needed to get some rest. Her and Armadillomon had a big day tomorrow and he was relying on her to find out as much information from these pirates as possible. She couldn't let him down, and more importantly with a potential Spirit Stone on the line she couldn't let the others down either.

.:Old Harbour, Continent of Server, Digital World:.

Katie stirred from her sleep after hearing a noise in the other room. She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes before placing her glasses on her head. She looked around and realised her brother and Wormmon weren't next to her. "James?" she called in a hushed tone. She stood up and walked across the room. "Big brother where are you?"

The seven year old wandered out of the back room and into the main part of Jijimon's small shop. Katie peered through the darkness and found her brother and Wormmon by the front door. "James!" she cried out in a quiet tone.

James jumped and spun round at the sound of his sister's voice. He was wearing his coat with his backpack swung over his shoulder. "Katie what are you doing up?"

"Where are you going?" she asked innocently, looking up at him.

The older boy sighed, placing a hand on the door handle. "I'm going after that ship. We've already wasted a day and I can't wait any longer for this storm to pass. If we wait any longer we may never catch up with it."

"But you heard what Jijimon said!" Katie exclaimed, grabbing hold of his free arm. "He said it was too dangerous. You'll get hurt."

"We'll be fine. The storm isn't even that bad." James replied before he opened the door.

The sound of the storm outside grew louder and a gust of wind blew through the open door. It was raining rather heavily and the waves were crashing violently against the shore.

"James…." Katie murmured, hugging his arm as she watched the storm outside.

James shut the door before kneeling down in front of her. "Katie, I need to rescue Fernanda. She could be in trouble and the longer we leave it the harder it is going to be to find her. I can't stay here all night doing nothing. We don't know how long this storm is going to last so I need to go now. Just promise me you will stay here with Hawkmon and Jijimon until I return okay?"

Katie nodded slowly, still pouting. "Okay. I promise."

"Good girl." Her brother smiled before he stood back up. He pulled his hood over his head and checked to make sure his digivice was safely on his belt. He opened the door once more and stepped outside. "I'll be back with Fernanda and Armadillomon, don't worry." He added with a smile before he left, closing the door behind him.

Katie ran to the window and scrambled up on top of a box and peered outside. Through the rain she could make out Wormmon digivolving to Kuwagamon. James climbed up onto the back of his head before the insectoid Digimon spread his wings and soared up into the night sky disappearing completely from sight.

To be continued…