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Digimon 2.5 "Adventure 03"

Episode 40: "The Return of a Hero"

.:Ishida apartment, Odaiba, Tokyo:.


"C'mon Matt, just until Izzy can find them a suitable place in the Digital World where they'll be safe from Myotismon."

Matt looked from his younger brother down to Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon who were stood either side behind him, trying their best to smile innocently. "You've got the bigger apartment. Why can't they stay with you?" he questioned looking back up at TK.

"There is already eight of us… ten might be a little cramped... It'll only be for a couple of days." TK replied.

"Just think it'll be just like old times." Patamon chirped up from TK's shoulder.

Matt sighed, folding his arms. "That's what I'm afraid of…. Alright fine, just for a couple of days though. Otherwise me and Stacey will be moving in with you when this place becomes uninhabitable."

"They are not sleeping in my room." Stacey stated, mimicking her father's pose by crossing her arms. "If they're going to be staying here Dad we should set some ground rules."

"We'll be on our best behaviour!" Pumpkinmon spoke up.

"Yeah you won't even know we're here!" Gotsumon added.

"You promise?" Matt's Gabumon said.

The two mischievous Digimon nodded. "We promise." They said in unison.

TK smiled and patted his older brother on the back. "Thanks Matt, I owe you one."

.:Thunder Mountain, File Island, Digital World:.

Myotismon felt his temper rise as he watched the footage of the final moments of Wizardmon and FlaWizardmon X's battle earlier that day on the bat monitor that was hovering just in front of him. The last image was that of Wizardmon and Gatomon before he let out an angry cry and swatted the monitor away with his hand.

The monitor hit the stone wall on the opposite side of the room and smashed into pieces.

Wisemon appeared in the corner of the darkened room from the pages of his book, levitating in the air. "FlaWizardmon X has failed you, my lord." He spoke softly.

Myotismon clenched his fists as he stared at the broken monitor on the floor. "I should never have trusted that smarmy wizard…. I'm starting to lose my patience… not just with the DigiDestined, but with my own army as well." He turned around and walked across the room to where the four Spirit Stones of Love, Sincerity, Knowledge and Reliability were situated. His eyes shifted across the table from each of the jewels until his attention fell upon the four empty tripods.

Since learning of the eight jewels, over time he had sent out cameras disguised as bats into the Tokyo area, and his worst fears had been confirmed; The DigiDestined had the remaining four.

Above each of the empty tripods there were four photos; each of Margaret, Dawn, MJ and Stacey that were stuck on the stone wall.

Of course he knew Margaret already had one, which is why he had dispatched Okuwamon X and Buraimon X to retrieve it… but both had failed. But he now knew who had the other three… two of them, every time he looked at their photos, made his anger soar.

Stacey. The lonely outcast girl he had predicted many months ago would become useful to him with some training. Believing she was the right child to turn on the rest of them and become one of his strongest henchmen…. But that training had backfired. She had been a lot stronger emotionally than he first anticipated, and she finally saw through his plans and broke free from his clutches to rejoin her friends.

Then there was Dawn. The leader of the children who had the annoying habit of showing up and foiling his plans…. That day in the Native forest and his deal with Starmon from Star City were to name a few…

As he stared up at their photos his impatience, along with his anger, grew. He was growing tired of his X army failing him. No Digimon he had sent had been successful in stealing those emeralds from the DigiDestined, and he couldn't afford to waste anymore time waiting….

Just then, his surroundings began to change, and the room he was in, along with Wisemon began to fade…..

Once he was closer, he saw the castle was situated at the top of a very rocky cliff. It was built like it was apart of the landscape, merging from the rocks themselves into its own brickwork and shape.

He couldn't see the exact detail of the castle, only it's shadowy silhouette… but it looked familiar… he had seen it somewhere before… but this place was nowhere to be found on the islands of the Digital World… this place was somewhere not many Digimon had tread…

"My lord….." A very faint voice echoed from the direction of the castle, seemingly inside…..

"My lord."

Myotismon was brought back into his room by Wisemon's voice. He gasped a little and turned his attention to the mysterious Digimon in the opposite corner, still a little dazed from his vision.

Wisemon remained still, levitating just above his book. He had a glimmer of hope in his eyes, as the vampire Digimon slowly turned around to face him.

"… I need those emeralds Wisemon." Myotismon finally spoke. "My army has failed me too many times. Okuwamon X, Buraimon X… every Digimon I send those brats end up destroying all too easily." He turned back and looked up at the four photos of the girls, before focusing on Dawn.

As much as he wanted vengeance on Stacey, along with Gatomon and Wizardmon, his main focus had to be on the Kamiya girl. He had to eliminate her, along with her father, to stop the prophecy from being fulfilled and threatening his very existence.

Wisemon watched him carefully. "What are you suggesting my lord?"

"I must go Wisemon. I must go myself and retrieve those emeralds." Myotismon replied in a calm tone.

"To earth?"

"I must go before the Digital Splits disappear. You said so yourself the splits have started to decrease. Without them I have no access to the human world and I cannot afford to wait any longer."

Wisemon watched him walk past and towards the door. "Sire, do not forget the prophecy. Please be careful."

Myotismon chuckled as he stopped in the doorway and glanced behind him. "Do not worry Wisemon. I shall attack at night when I am at my strongest. I'll get those last four emeralds as well as dealing with that prophecy before it has any chance of coming true... as those humans say… kill two birds with one stone."

.:Ishida apartment, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

It was now nightfall in Tokyo, and everything was quiet in the Ishida household. In Stacey's room, the young girl and her two Digimon partners were fast asleep in their beds.

The window on the opposite wall was open slightly, as it was a rather warm night. The curtains wafted a little as a small breeze blew in from outside.

As the draft reached Stacey, she shivered; waking from her sleep but her eyes remained closed. She grabbed her blanket and pulled it up over the top half of her body.

Another breeze blew in, this time a little stronger. As it did, there was the sound of a sudden thud from somewhere in the room…..

Stacey's eyes shot open and she sat upright in bed. She remained still for a few moments, unsure whether the sound she had heard was real or just her imagination from being half asleep.

Just then she heard another sound. It sounded like a box being pushed along the floor… She squinted through the darkness and looked around her small bedroom.

Something was definitely in the room with her…. With the exception of Gabumon and SnowAgumon who were both asleep on the floor by her bed…

Stacey then noticed her closest door was slightly ajar. She never left her closest door open, not even a little bit. She pulled back her covers and quietly got out of bed, fishing out a small flashlight from the draw in the bedside table.

As she slowly padded across the room to her closet, she grabbed the nearest thing she could as a weapon; a baseball bat. She stopped a few feet from the closet door and listened. There were definitely noises coming from inside…

As quick as a flash, Stacey grabbed the handle and yanked the door open; switching the flashlight on and thrusting it in the direction of the closest, illuminating the confined space and its contents as two yelps sounded out.

Stacey exhaled somewhat annoyingly as she lowered her flashlight a little, but still kept the closet lit. Between falling asleep and now she had almost forgotten about their two guests. "What are you two doing?" she demanded.

Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, both frozen in their positions standing on top of two boxes, blinked innocently at the young Ishida girl. "Looking for ice cream." The latter replied.

"Well I can guarantee you it is not there." Stacey retorted. "Now, get out of my closet, and get outta my room."

The two Digimon trudged out of the closest, their heads hanging low. "Doesn't she remind you of that grumpy teenager we knocked over?" Pumpkinmon whispered.


The champion and ultimate Digimon both yelped and scurried out of the girl's room, but then they started laughing somewhat as they jumped up onto the back of the sofa before bouncing and leaping from furniture to furniture.

Stacey sighed, frowning as she appeared in the doorway of her bedroom, now with Gabumon and SnowAgumon either side her. "Why did Dad agree to babysit these two clowns?" she muttered to herself. "Will you two just go back to sleep already!" she exclaimed.

Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, who were now both bouncing up and down on the sofa, came to a stop and turned to face her. "But we're not tired." Gotsumon replied.

"Yeah, what did you expect? After a thirty year nap we're good for at least a couple of days." Pumpkinmon added before they carried on jumping and laughing.

"I thought they were supposed to be on their best behaviour…" Gabumon commented with a sigh.

"And we wouldn't know they were even here." SnowAgumon added, raising an eyebrow.

Just then, Gotsumon leapt the full length of the sofa, but miss-calculated his jump. He missed the opposite end and landed on the wooden side table, causing it to wobble as well as knock over a lamp and vase that were resting on top.

Stacey, Gabumon and SnowAgumon all flinched as the loud smash sounded throughout the living room.

Not too long afterwards, the living room lights came on, causing Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon to stop jumping just as Matt appeared from his own bedroom in his dressing gown.

"What's going on out here?" the blonde man asked as he walked into the living room, yawning.

"These two jokers are wrecking the place, Dad." His daughter replied, folding her arms across her chest.

Matt sighed, rubbing his temple. "Do you two remember the ground rules we set earlier today? Especially the one where we said you need to keep a low profile?"

The two mischievous Digimon glanced at each other a little uncertain at first before looking back at Matt, nodding and smiling. "Yeah."

"This is not a low profile!" Matt snapped a little. "When we sleep, you sleep. You can't leap around the apartment at two in the morning otherwise you're going to draw attention to yourselves."

"I'm surprised they haven't woken up the entire building yet." Stacey commented sarcastically before she left for her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Matt looked down at the two Digimon. "Can you two please go back to sleep?" He asked, pointing at the sofa where he had made them makeshift beds earlier that night. "I've got an early morning meeting at the station tomorrow so I can't afford to be up all night with you two."

"But we don't feel like sleeping right now." Pumpkinmon said with a pout.

"Yeah, we feel like having fun. We've got a lot of lost time to make up for." Gotsumon added.

Matt groaned helplessly. Giving up, he turned around and headed back to his bedroom. "TK you definitely owe me big after this one."

.:Tokyo Port, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

A lone Digital Split blew across the bay towards the land, specifically Tokyo Port. A slight gust of wind blew it up a little and it floated above a single ship carrier that was docked at the Port's edge.

As it passed above the ship, the split began to open up and within a flash a large purple like spider Digimon appeared through it before the split closed and disappeared.

The Digimon, Parasimon X, fell from above and landed on one of the ship's large metal containers with a loud clanking thud….

.:Kamiya Apartment, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

Dawn yawned loudly as she exited the kitchen holding a glass of orange juice in her right hand. She sluggishly headed through the darkened living room and back to her bedroom.

As she reached her door, the silence in the room was broken by the soft beeping sound of her father's digivice that was lying on the coffee table in between the sofa and the arm chair.

"Huh?" Dawn turned around and saw the faint red glow from the screen pulsating on and off in time with the beeps. She walked over, placing her glass down on the coffee table before picking up the digivice.

On the screen was a small and vague map of the area and in the very bottom right hand corner was the red signal. That's when she heard her own digivice beeping from inside her bedroom.

The young Kamiya girl hurried in and straight over to the bedside table where her digivice, along with her mini telescope and D-Watch lay. She cast a quick glance at Koromon and Cosmo who were sleeping soundly at the foot of her bed.

Dawn picked up her orange D-Power and looked at the screen. The same map was displayed with the same location flagging up in the bottom right corner. "Hey Koromon wake up!" she exclaimed before she shot off out of her room with both digivices.

The in training Digimon stirred a little and opened one eye. "Huh? What?" he murmured sleepily.

Dawn ran into the master bedroom and straight over to her father who was fast asleep. Upon reaching the bed she immediately began to shake him. "Dad, Dad wake up!"

Tai groaned and slowly opened his eyes, firstly glancing at the alarm clock next to him on the bedside table. "Dawn its two thirty in the morning." He said sleepily.

"Our digivices are picking up a Digimon signal." His daughter replied, holding up his digivice.

"What?" Now wide awake, Tai sat up in bed and took his digivice from her and looked down at the screen. "Oh great." He moaned before getting out of bed.

As he walked over to the chair in front of the mirror to pick up his jeans, Dawn remained at the side of the bed and pressed the top button on her digivice. "Hey it's a mega level Digimon." She commented.

Tai turned around. "What?" he walked back over, and Dawn held her D-Power up so he could see the screen. On it was a picture of Parasimon X with his basic information next to it.

"It's a parasite type…. Definitely looks like one. That's one really ugly mutated spider."

"Dawn, you stay here."

Dawn immediately looked up at her father. "Whaaat?" she moaned. "Why can't I help?"

"Because he's a mega Digimon. You and Koromon aren't strong enough to take him on, not to mention Koromon is still recovering from that run in with Myotismon. Me and Agumon can handle this just fine." Tai replied.

"But Dad-"

"Don't argue. Now go and wake Agumon up for me whilst I get changed." Tai said motioning to the door.

Dawn pulled another face and huffed before she stormed off out of the bedroom.

.:Ishida Apartment, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

The silence in the Ishida household was broken when the shrill sound of the phone ringing was heard.

Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon were both stood in front of the small table where the phone was resting on top. They both glanced at each other. "I hope we don't get blamed for this noise." Gotsumon commented.

The ultimate Digimon stepped forward and observed the cordless telephone. The screen was lit up blue displaying the caller's ID. "He said he didn't want to be disturbed all night… maybe there's a way to turn this thing off." He looked behind to see a single lead attached to the back of the phone's holder that ran down from the table and into a tiny socket in the wall. Pumpkinmon bent down and yanked it out.

As soon as he did, the ringing stopped as the phone went dead…

.:Tokyo Port, Aomi, Tokyo:.

Tai and Agumon had now arrived at Tokyo Port having followed Parasimon X's signal. They slowly walked further into the large port, turning a corner. They stopped and looked down the vast stretch of rough road with warehouses and pieces of scrap metal dumped everywhere either side.

The place was dark and deserted, as this section of the port had been shut down a few years prior. The sides of the warehouses were filled with graffiti, and even a few were half demolished with just there metal framework still standing.

"Keep your eyes open Agumon… he's in here somewhere." Tai spoke quietly as he looked around.

Agumon firstly responded with a loud yawn. "That's not going to be easy considering I just got dragged outta bed at two thirty in the morning."

Just then, Tai's cellphone began to ring in his pocket. "Don't be falling asleep on the job Agumon." He said as he pulled his cell out. He quickly glanced at the caller ID before answering. "Hey Iz'"

"Tai, My DDS is picking up a Digimon signal in Tokyo Port. It's a mega Digimon."

"Yeah we know. Don't sweat it Izzy. Me and Agumon are already here." Tai replied.

"I've been trying to get hold of Matt, but his cellphone is switched off and his home phone doesn't seem to be working."

"Don't worry about Matt. We can handle this."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. From the looks of it, this Parasimon X doesn't look overly powerful."

"Alright, be careful."

Tai ended the call and shoved his cellphone back in his pocket. He scanned the surrounding area. Everywhere was shrouded in darkness and shadows, making it difficult to see anything. "Man this place is bigger than you think. Parasimon X could be hiding anywhere."

"It's too late to be playing hide and seek." Agumon moaned, yawning again before he followed Tai who had set off walking ahead. "Doesn't he know its rude to disturb a fellow Digimon from his sleep?"

Unknown to them, above on the rooftops of the warehouses Parasimon X was silently scurrying across. He paused once he reached the edge and peered down, watching Tai and Agumon for a moment before jumping across the gap onto another rooftop.

Tai slowly came to a stop and looked around cautiously. "Do you hear something Agumon?" he asked, glancing down at his partner.

Agumon paused for a moment before shaking his head. "No."

Parasimon X appeared at the edge of the roof, looking down on them. He slowly and quietly began to make his way down the wall creeping half way down before he came to a stop again, preparing to pounce…..

"I don't hear…" Agumon trailed off when he turned to look up at his human partner but caught sight of Parasimon X on the side of the building. "There he is Tai!" the rookie suddenly shrieked pointing upwards.

Parasimon X leapt from the side of the warehouse and down towards them. Tai and Agumon leapt out of the way in opposite directions just as Parasimon X hit the ground.

"Looks like he found us first!" the rookie exclaimed, skidding backwards.


Parasimon X scuttled around so he was facing the mega Digimon. He hissed before he lunged forward, his large mouth wide open….

WarGreymon raised his right arm and just as Parasimon X was on top of him, he swatted him away sending the eight legged Digimon flying high up overhead and crash landing into a pile of empty wooden boxes a few hundred yards away. WarGreymon spun round and jumped up before he glided through the air. "Mega Claw!" he drew back his claw and thrust it straight into debris once he reached it.

The pieces from the boxes were blasted everywhere, but there was no sign of Parasimon X.

"Where did he go?" WarGreymon grunted as he landed on his feet.

Parasimon X immediately reappeared, jumping down from the roof of one of the warehouses. He caught WarGreymon by surprise as he landed on top of him, wrapping his legs tightly around the warrior's body. "Electric Bind!"

WarGreymon wailed as he felt his body being crushed as he struggled to free himself. He then felt Parasimon X attach himself to his back, preparing to leech off of his power. He growled, narrowing his eyes. "I don't think so…." he grunted. Gathering all his strength he flung his arms out either side of his body, throwing Parasimon X off of him.

The parasite Digimon screeched as he was thrown through the air and landed on his back skidding across the ground.

WarGreymon jumped up high into the air. "Terra Force!" he formed his signature attack in both hands before he raised it high above his head and unleashed it down onto Parasimon X.

Parasimon X manoeuvred himself off of his back and back onto his feet. He looked up only to see WarGreymon's Terra Force attack heading straight for him. He didn't have time to react as the attack struck and annihilated him instantly.

WarGreymon descended down landing on the ground. The smoke from the attack soon cleared in between him and Tai.

Tai smiled. "Well that was easier than I thought."

Suddenly there was a strike of lightning and a blast erupted from behind Tai; the force sending him to the ground.

"Tai!" WarGreymon exclaimed. He sprinted forward and prepared to strike through the dust cloud that had formed from the explosion.

Just as he was about to attack, Myotismon emerged from the smoke and from behind his cape. "Crimson Lightning!" he immediately attacked, striking his stream of energy across WarGreymon's chest.

WarGreymon was taken by surprise and was thrown back from the force but he managed to stay on his feet; skidding back so he was next to Tai.

Tai groaned a little dazed. He shifted his body so he could look behind him. "M-Myotismon…" he said, cringing as he pushed himself up a little.

Myotismon chuckled as he remained hovering in the air. "Did you really think Parasimon X was a threat to you? Did you think I would trust such a pathetic excuse for a mega Digimon to carry out my orders? Parasimon X was merely the bait in my trap to lure you to me."

Tai gasped as he got to his feet. "What?"

"I knew only a mega Digimon would bring you two to me." Myotismon said. "Parasimon X is the most powerless mega Digimon there is unless he is feeding off the power of another. All I needed was him to show up to bring you here. He was the perfect Digimon for my plan."

Tai clenched his fists. "You've made a big mistake showing your face again Myotismon! We defeated you before we can do it again!"

Myotismon chuckled under his breath. "Back then I was weaker. Back then I did not have the powers from four of the Digital Emeralds. You may have defeated me all those years ago but I can assure you; you won't find it so easy this time…. Crimson Lightning!"

Without warning Myotismon unleashed his favoured attack, swinging it round like a whip directly towards Tai and WarGreymon…

WarGreymon immediately blocked the oncoming attack by holding his right arm up defensively. He then charged forward. "Mega Claw!" Once he gained enough speed he leapt forward and began to spin round like a tornado gaining more momentum as he did.

Myotismon just smiled and wrapped his cape around himself, concealing his body.

WarGreymon slammed into him at full strength, forcing him backwards. But although the mega Digimon had made contact, the attack didn't even leave a mark.

Myotismon was thrown against the side of a warehouse, denting the metal wall. He grunted a little as WarGreymon continued to press against him with his Mega Claw attack. When the attack finally came to an end, Myotismon threw open his cape and lunged forward. "Blood Punch!" he withdrew his right fist before slamming it straight into WarGreymon's face.

The force from the punch caused WarGreymon to stagger backwards. Another punch was unleashed immediately afterwards, but he quickly blocked it by raising his arm. He continued to block punch after punch and attempted to deal his own blow but Myotismon simply dodged it by shifting to the left.

"Nightmare Wave!" Myotismon raised his right hand and unleashed a shockwave of energy mixed with electricity.

The attack hit WarGreymon like a hurricane and he was blown back by the force, crying out in pain as he hit the ground and sliding backwards on his back.

"WarGreymon!" Tai yelled as he ran over.

WarGreymon cringed as he sluggishly got to his feet. "H-he's strong Tai…. Stronger than I remember."

"It's amazing what the power of four little emeralds can do." Myotismon declared as he dropped down to the ground and began to walk towards them. "Just imagine what my powers will be like once I get my hands on all eight Digital Emeralds…. I'm sure at this very moment your friends will be picking up my signal so it is only a matter of time before they arrive."

"So that's your plan is it?" Tai said glaring at him. "Lure us here in the hope we will simply hand them over to you? Sorry, but that's not going to happen."

Myotismon narrowed his eyes. "We'll just see. I know exactly which of you DigiDestined have the emeralds… one of them being that brat of yours." He formed another stream of energy in his right hand, grasping it tightly. "And it'll only be a matter of time before she comes to Daddy's rescue… Crimson Lightning!"

WarGreymon lunged forward and sliced through the attack with his claws, disabling it as Tai flinched….

Dawn darted out from behind a large metal container and disappeared behind the side of a warehouse with Koromon under her arm. She then peered round the corner and looked to see if she could see any sign of her father or Agumon.

The place was deserted, and big. She had seen her father come in here but where he and Agumon went after that she had no idea.

She stepped out from behind the corner and wandered out into the middle of the pathway. "I don't see anyone Koromon." She commented as she looked around.

"Maybe they left?" the in training Digimon suggested.


Dawn turned around at the sound of her name. "Huh? Biyomon? What are you doing here?" she asked as her mother's Digimon flew towards her.

"I could ask you the same question." Biyomon retorted as she landed on the ground. "I saw you sneak out. What do you think you're doing? Your father told you to stay at home."

Dawn almost rolled her eyes; Biyomon sounding very much like her mother.

"But then again when do you ever listen to your parents." Biyomon added with a sigh. "Look, why don't we go back home? It's late and your father does know what he's doing. Not to mention you'll be grounded for the rest of the year if he catches you here."

"But what if Dad and Agumon need help? That mutated spider could be more powerful than he looks." Dawn protested.

Just then a shadow passed by high up over head. Instinctively Dawn darted into the shadows pulling Biyomon with her. The Kamiya girl looked up and saw MagnaAngemon flying past.

"Hey that's MagnaAngemon!" Biyomon exclaimed quietly.

Another shadow passed over them, and MagnaAngemon was soon followed by Angewomon. Soon the sound of footsteps could be heard growing louder. Dawn stepped back further into the darkness as TK and Kari ran past, oblivious to her presence.

Dawn watched as they disappeared around a corner before she stepped out from her hiding place. "What are Aunt Kari and Mr Takaishi doing here?" she wondered.

"Grizzly Wing!"

All three gasped as they heard the faint sound of Myotismon's voice. "Does that answer your question?" Koromon replied looking up at his human partner.

"Dad does need help! Come on!" Dawn exclaimed before she shot off in the direction TK and Kari had gone moments before. "You better get ready to digivolve Koromon."

"Dawn, wait!" Biyomon cried out as she flew after the brown haired girl.

"Terra Force!" WarGreymon unleashed his fireball attack, completely obliterating the swarm of bats that were heading straight for him.

Myotismon snarled as he watched his bats crumble into ashes. "Crimson Lightning!" he quickly formed his next attack and flung it at WarGreymon twice.

WarGreymon jumped back dodging the first before leaping up into the air to avoid the second. "Terra Force!"

The attack thundered down and struck Myotismon head on. He cried out in pain as the force from the explosion threw him back. He maintained his balance, skidding backwards along the dusty concrete. Coming to a stop he titled his head upwards and glared at the warrior Digimon. "Why you sneaky-"

"Celestial Arrow!"

"Argh!" Myotismon cringed in pain and clutched his arm with his opposite hand as an arrow sliced through the fabric of his sleeve and pierced his skin. He spun round to see a familiar angel hovering a few hundred yards from him.

Angewomon was glaring at him, and she was soon joined by MagnaAngemon who descended down from above to join her side.


Tai turned around to see his sister and TK running towards him. "Kari! TK! What are you doing here?"

"We got a call from Izzy." Kari replied.

"He's trying to get hold of the others but hasn't had any luck yet." TK added.

MagnaAngemon drew out a purple blade from his right arm. "Excalibur!" he pointed it downwards before he descended down towards the vampire Digimon preparing to impale him.

Myotismon grabbed the Excalibur blade just as it was inches from him. With a swift turn he spun MagnaAngemon around and flung him across and into the side of a warehouse.

"Celestial Arrow!" Angewomon drew back her arrow before firing it downwards from behind him.

Myotismon quickly spun round. He formed two beams of red energy in both of his hands. Using the right one, he sliced it through the arrow breaking it in half. He turned to his right and flung his left whip at WarGreymon who was heading straight for him. The attack struck the mega across the face, halting his charge. Still holding his two streams of red energy, he slowly turned to face the DigiDestined. "This is going to be easier than I thought… Crimson Lightning!" he threw the two streams together merging them. They struck the ground tearing it apart as it raged towards Tai, TK and Kari as one big thunderbolt of red energy…..

"Look out!" Tai shoved his sister and soon to be brother in law out of the way just in time before the attack exploded sending debris showering everywhere.

Kari and TK both landed in a heap on the ground. She flinched as a few pieces of small debris hit her before she glanced up. "Tai!" she cried upon seeing her brother lying face down amongst the rubble as the dust cloud began to fade.

Tai groaned before he slowly pushed himself up off the ground a little dazed and covered in grazes and dirt.

Kari breathed a sigh of relief, but her expression soon changed and she gasped. "Tai look out!"

Myotismon chuckled as he appeared through the still dusty air, right above the bearer of Courage. "Crimson Ligh- Urgh!" He was unable to finish his attack as he was suddenly tackled from the side and thrown against the side of a large ship container, the metal denting from the force.

Tai cringed a little as he pushed himself up into a seated position. He looked across and his eyes immediately fell upon his daughter's Digimon who currently had Myotismon pinned against the container.

"Blood Punch!" Myotismon dealt a powerful blow, punching BurningGreymon clear from himself.

BurningGreymon was thrown backwards and he hit the ground hard landing on his back.

Myotismon jumped forward from the container landing on his feet. "I was beginning to wonder when you would show your face." He said mockingly as he began to head towards the fallen ultimate Digimon. "Soon the emeralds will be mine."

Dawn was crouched down behind a pile of large wooden crates, hiding in the shadows with Biyomon. So that's why he was here… for the Spirit Stones. She should have guessed that. She placed her hand on her jeans pocket and felt the last remaining one inside…

BurningGreymon grunted as he heaved himself up. "Pyro Barrage!" he thrust his gun forward and began to fire a continuous round of bullets.

Myotismon slid back before he jumped up landing on the container, dodging each bullet that came his way. As two bullets struck the container he jumped backwards landing on the roof of one of the warehouses.

TK and Kari rushed over to Tai who was just getting to his feet, and Kari grabbed his arm helping him up. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine." Tai replied in an annoying tone. "What's Dawn doing here? I told her to stay at home."

"She's just like you Tai. You should know the answer to that one." TK said light heartedly.

Angewomon soared up into the air so she was level with the vampire Digimon. "Celestial Arrow!"

Myotismon threw his cape across his body shielding him. The arrow struck but simply fell limp at his feet.

"Gate of Destiny!" MagnaAngemon formed his large golden gate and once it opened up it unleashed a blinding blast of light.

Myotismon jumped up high into the air just as the blast struck the roof completely destroying it.

"Mega Claw!" WarGreymon flew up directly beneath drawing back his claws….

Myotismon quickly manoeuvred his body so he was facing downwards before he slammed his fist hard upon the mega Digimon's head, sending him hurtling back down and hitting the ground hard, and disappearing in a thick cloud of dust.

"This is getting annoying…." TK commented as he watched Myotismon dodge another attack. "His reflexes are too quick. We can't hit him and when we do it's hardly making a mark."

"It's those Spirit Stones..." Tai muttered under his breath as he glared up at the vampire Digimon.

Myotismon descended down a little, his eyes falling upon the three adults below. Seeing no sign of the Kamiya girl he chuckled to himself. "I see your daughter has chosen to remain in the shadows." He said as he floated down further and landed on the ground. "No problem… I'm sure I will be able to tempt her out…. Let's see how long she can withstand this…. Crimson Lightning!"

In the blink of an eye he attacked again. He flung his attack straight at Tai and before anyone could react it struck the bearer of Courage and he was thrown back from in between TK and Kari.

"Tai!" Kari screamed in horror.

Myotismon flew forward, and still holding his Crimson Lightning he struck again.

Tai slowly got to his feet only to be knocked to the ground once more. He looked up and gasped, throwing himself out of the way moments before another bolt of energy struck, blasting the concrete as TK and Kari watched on helplessly.

Dawn gasped flinching herself and ducking down a little as she watched her father take another blow.

WarGreymon suddenly appeared, dropping down from above and landing in between his partner and Myotismon. "Mega Claw!"

"Blood Punch!" Myotismon's reflexes were quick, dealing a powerful blow to the mega Digimon's torso before punching him in the face sending him to the ground just in front of Tai.

Behind him Angewomon, MagnaAngemon and BurningGreymon charged forward at once, flying at top speed across the yard….

Myotismon glanced over his shoulder and chuckled. He spun round to face them. "Nightmare Wave!" he spread his arms out wide and unleashed a powerful shockwave that engulfed the entire area. Wooden crates were blown to bits and windows were shattered from the force.

Everyone screamed as they were thrown back a good distance in different directions, all hitting the ground.

"Look out!" Biyomon cried. She grabbed Dawn and pushed her down against the ground, protecting the young girl with her own body as the crates were blasted to pieces by the shockwave and they were showered in bits of wood.

After everything subsided Dawn slowly lifted her head up, pushing a large piece of wood off herself before she looked across to everyone else.

The Digimon were all down, the attack having taken a lot out of them. TK was crouched down beside Kari who was just getting to her knees, and Tai and WarGreymon had both been thrown against the side of a warehouse.

Tai pushed himself up, cringing as a sharp pain shot through his upper arm and shoulder after having landed awkwardly. He had a nasty cut on his forehead from being showered with glass to add to his other cuts and grazes he already had. "WarGreymon…" he said to his partner, who only groaned in response. Tai glared up at Myotismon before he staggered to his feet.

Myotismon turned around to face Tai and WarGreymon. "I must admit I am a little disappointed. I was hoping to get all four emeralds tonight… but I can easily take the other three once I eliminate you two..." he formed his Crimson Lightning attack and unleashed it on the bearer of Courage once more.

Tai cried out in pain as he was thrown against the side of the building before slumping down.

Myotismon floated down until his feet touched the ground. "Crimson Lightning." He spoke calmly. He formed a smaller stream of energy that morphed into a sharp blade that almost represented a sword before he slowly began to make his way towards Tai.

"No, Tai!" Kari cried. She attempted to run but TK held her back.

Dawn's brown eyes widened in horror as she realised what he was about to do. She couldn't remain hidden much longer. She quickly scrambled to her feet and ran out into the yard.

"No! Dawn!" Biyomon lunged forward in an attempt to grab her, but she just missed.

Dawn ran out and straight towards the vampire Digimon. "Myotismon!" she hollered as she came to a stop a few hundred yards from him.

Myotismon stopped, and smiled to himself at the sound of her voice. He lowered his blade before he slowly turned around to face her. "I must say you lasted longer than I thought."

Dawn continued to glare at him, not moving an inch. With her eyes locked on him, she placed her hand into her jeans pocket and pulled out the Spirit Stone of Courage and held it up. "Is this what you're after?!"

Myotismon's smile grew slightly as his eyes fell upon the orange jewel that shimmered a little. "Perfect… now, be a good girl and hand it over."

Dawn didn't move or speak. She lowered her arm so she was holding the Spirit Stone by her waist, grasping it even tighter before she slowly pulled her goggles up onto her head with her free hand. "If you want it…" she finally spoke. "Then you're gonna have to come and get it."

Myotismon was somewhat taken back, and before he knew it Dawn turned and ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction. He growled, narrowing his eyes. "I'm in no mood for games." He muttered before he flew after her.

BurningGreymon groaned as he pushed himself up out of the rubble that had fallen on him earlier. He looked ahead to see Dawn running with Myotismon gaining on her fast. "Dawn!" he leapt to his feet and soared towards her.

Just as Myotismon was on top of her, BurningGreymon flew past in a flash, scooping her up in his arms as he did. Myotismon went to grab her but he was a second too late. He came to a stop and looked up to see BurningGreymon flying high up into the air.

Dawn climbed up onto her partner's back. "Let's go." She said, glancing down below them. "We need to get Myotismon away from here."

Tai watched helplessly as BurningGreymon and Myotismon disappeared in to the night sky. "Dawn!" he took one step forward but flinched in pain holding his left shoulder.

WarGreymon also staggered to his feet. "We have to go after them." He grunted as the others hurried towards them.

"Are you crazy? You're in no fit state to fight anymore." TK protested.

"I'm not going to leave Dawn to fight off Myotismon alone! She shouldn't even be out here." Tai shot back.

"Tai, you're hurt. We need to get you to Joe's." Biyomon pleaded.

"Biyomon's right." Angewomon spoke up. "You need to get medical attention. You both do." She added, also glancing at WarGreymon.

.:Shibuya, Tokyo:.

Dawn glanced over her shoulder as BurningGreymon flew over the city's buildings. Myotismon was still chasing them, his dark figure barely visible against the night sky.

"So, what's the plan?" her partner asked, breaking the silence.

Dawn turned to face front, biting her bottom lip. "Um….well…"

"Wait, you don't have a plan?"

"Hey the plan was to get Myotismon away from my Dad. Now that's been done I'm open to suggestions right now."

BurningGreymon descended down so he was flying just in level with the buildings. As he did, a red bolt struck the side of an apartment complex missing him by inches. "Ah!" he and Dawn yelped in fright as he jerked to the right. Another blast soon followed striking another building.

Dawn regained her balance, holding onto her partner a little tighter before she looked behind. "He's gaining on us BurningGreymon!" she exclaimed.

"Hold on…" BurningGreymon instructed. He quickly spun round and aimed his Rudori Tarpana. "Pyro Barrage!"

Myotismon swooped to the left and right, dodging each bullet that was fired at him before he began to gain a bit more speed. A few small blasts were heard behind him as some of the bullets struck buildings. "You can run all you want, but you won't get away… Crimson Lightning!"

BurningGreymon swiftly turned and flew off, just missing the attack by inches. He increased his speed, passing over into the Nerima district. "He's right Dawn I'm afraid. We can't run forever." he said. "We'll have to turn and fight him. I don't think he's going to give up."

Dawn sighed. "I know…" she murmured. "It seemed like a good idea at the time… Dad was in trouble and- hey!" she suddenly stopped mid sentence when she looked behind to see Myotismon had vanished. "Where did he go?"

Her question was soon answered when Myotismon reappeared right in front of them. "Grizzly Wing!" he threw open his cape and unleashed his army of bats.

The bats slammed into BurningGreymon head on and he was thrown back off balance.

"Ahhhh!" Dawn screamed as she was thrown from the back of her partner. She fell, the ground getting nearer before she grabbed hold of a street light stopping her fall. "Whoa…" she then looked up above her. "BurningGreymon!"

"Crimson Lightning!" Myotismon struck BurningGreymon twice with his attack, sending the ultimate Digimon plummeting to the ground before he spun round and aimed his attack at Dawn.

The stream of energy struck the street light just above the ground and it slowly began to topple over.

"Yahh!" Dawn let go as she fell to the ground, landing in the middle of the deserted street. As she did the Spirit Stone fell from her pocket and tumbled away from her. "Oh no!"

Myotismon saw it, and immediately dived down to retrieve it but he was tackled from behind by BurningGreymon who pushed him far away from Dawn and the Spirit Stone.

BurningGreymon jumped back. "Pyro Barrage!"

Myotismon stood up straight and thrust his hand forward, emitting a hurricane strength gust of wind from his palm.

The bullets from BurningGreymon's attack were blown back and struck him as he tried to withstand the wind, along with Dawn who was still on the ground keeping her head down.

The force of the wind blew the Spirit Stone across the street. Dawn gasped and scrambled to her feet and chased after it.

"No!" Myotismon ended his wind attack before he lunged forward and punched BurningGreymon to the ground.

Dawn bent down and picked up the Spirit Stone, but she was suddenly thrown to the ground by a mini blast that exploded close to her feet. She looked up to see Myotismon approaching her.

"Your bravery is noble, but also foolish." He said.

Dawn glared up at him as she got to her feet. "There's nothing foolish about standing up to a bully like you. I wasn't going to stand back and watch you hurt everyone." She shot back.

Myotismon chuckled. "All part of my plan. I'm afraid your courage has been wasted. This is not a fight you are going to win. I will have that emerald."

As he approached, Dawn took a few steps back her eyes fixed on him. As she did, the Spirit Stone began to glow before it suddenly burst into a strong orange light glowing brightly just as Myotismon was about to strike the Kamiya girl….

"Ah!" Dawn stumbled back dropping the stone and shielding her eyes as the beam of orange light shot up high into the sky.

"Argh! What's going on?!" Myotismon exclaimed as he too shielded his eyes. The blinding light was painful to him and he could feel his strength leaving his body….

The orange beam began to expand before twisting into a tornado, engulfing Dawn and forcing Myotismon to step even further back…

The Spirit Stone floated upwards just above Dawn. She watched as it shone even brighter and sparks began to fly off from it….

"There is still something I have to do."

"Save your strength."

"No… my strength is my final gift to you my friends… I will seal the Highton View Terrace gate with my own body…"


Dawn gasped as she heard WarGreymon's voice, lowering her hand a little as the light began to fade. But the Spirit Stone exploded, the light intensifying once more. Dawn squinted as she saw the stone expand and take on a different and much larger shape.

Myotismon continued to cringe and grunt in pain until the light began to fade. Once it had dimmed enough he stood up straight and looked over to where the Kamiya girl was stood. "You!" he gasped.

When the light had completely gone, Dawn slowly lowered her arms to see a large shadow was now cast over her. She looked up to see a Digimon, strikingly similar to WarGreymon looking down at her. "Whoa… A-are you….?"

"BlackWarGreymon!" Myotismon spat. "How is it you have returned? I dealt with you twenty five years ago!"

BlackWarGreymon stopped looking down at the girl in front of him, who he thought looked strangely familiar in some way. He slowly turned his head to the left. "So you are still here." He spoke calmly. "In a different form I see."

Myotismon growled as he prepared his Crimson Lightning attack. "I have enough to deal with without your presence adding to my problems… Crimson Lightning!"

BlackWarGreymon lunged forward, and simply sliced his claws through Myotismon's attack, taking the vampire Digimon by surprise. As quick as a flash he dealt three punches, with the last one sending Myotismon to the ground.

Myotismon threw his cape back before he got to his feet. With the light from earlier weakening him, and the surprising strength coming from BlackWarGreymon; for the first time that night he had felt overpowered. "I won't lose to an artificial Digimon like you… Grizzly Wing!"

"Terra Destroyer!" BlackWarGreymon's huge attack thundered down completely obliterating the swarm of bats before exploding upon impact with Myotismon.

He was thrown back by the force, landing a few hundred yards away, slightly stunned by the blast. He soon got to his feet and he caught the sight of a Digital Split blowing along the sidewalk from the corner of his eye. "It is time I took my leave, but this is not over. Don't get too comfortable BlackWarGreymon!" he threatened before he turned and leapt into the Digital Split disappearing in a flash.

"Hey come back!" Dawn shouted. But she came to a stop when he vanished back to the Digital World.

BurningGreymon then landed behind her before de-digivolving back to Agumon. "I think the secret of the Spirit Stone's is out."

Dawn groaned, still staring at the spot where Myotismon vanished. "At least it stopped him getting his hands on it." She said. She was broken from her thoughts when she felt someone behind her. She turned around and saw BlackWarGreymon had approached them.

"I want to thank you." The mega Digimon spoke as he bowed down. "I don't know what happened. But I feel you were the one responsible for my return."

"Uhh... no problem… and thanks for scaring Myotismon off. If it wasn't for you we'd have been toast." Agumon replied.

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

Dawn and Agumon both glanced at each other before the Kamiya girl spoke. "Well there is one thing…" she began laughing a little sheepishly with a hand behind her head. "We are a pretty long way from home…"

.:Kido Apartment, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

Tai flinched, moving his head out of the way as Joe dabbed a damp cloth to the wound on the side of his head. He was sat at the dining table whilst the elder DigiDestined tended to his injuries. Along with his many cuts and scrapes he was also sporting a faint black eye. But his main injuries were the large gash on his head and his injured arm that had been placed in a blue support sling.

Agumon wasn't much better either. He had bandages wrapped around his waist, left arm and right knee along with various scratches that covered his body.

Also gathered in the living room/dining area were Kari, TK, Mimi and their Digimon, as well as Izzy and Tentomon who had just arrived moments earlier.

Mimi stood just behind her husband, shaking her head before she sighed. "What were you thinking taking on Myotismon by yourself like that?" she nagged. "Didn't you listen when Izzy told us he's stronger now?"

Tai shot the younger woman a look. "Hey I didn't know Parasimon X was a trap." he protested. "We didn't know he was going to ambush us like th-Ah! Geez! Joe that hurts!" he suddenly cried out, swiftly moving his head out of the way once again.

Joe just looked at him. "I'm barely touching you." He said holding the damp cloth that he had poured a little disinfectant on to. "Don't be such a baby. I've had two year olds complain less than you are now."

Tai huffed under his breath as he slouched down in his chair. "How long do I have to wear this for?" he asked, motioning to his arm sling.

"I'd say for at least a few days." Joe replied. "It's going to support your arm and shoulder. You're lucky it's not broken."

Izzy, who had been sat on the sofa, smiled slightly to himself before he got to his feet picking up his laptop from the coffee table. "I managed to locate BurningGreymon and Myotismon's signals." He said as he walked towards the others. "They were at Highton View Terrace."

"What?!" everyone exclaimed with Tai about to jump out of his seat but Joe managed to force him back down into the chair so he could finish dressing his head wound.

"What do you mean 'they were'?" Biyomon asked.

Izzy came to a stop at the end of the dining table, still holding his laptop. "Well, Myotismon's signal vanished. I'm assuming he's returned to the Digital World. But Dawn and Agumon are on their way back here by the looks of things… and they're not alone." He placed his laptop on the table and spun it around so the screen was facing everyone.

On the screen was a map of Odaiba with Dawn's moving signal, along with a profile of BlackWarGreymon.

.:Searea Apartment Complexes, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

BlackWarGreymon descended down and landed in the middle of the street that ran along the apartment complexes.

Dawn and Agumon both jumped off from his back and landed beside him. "Thanks for the lift." The Kamiya girl said.

"It was my pleasure." BlackWarGreymon replied. "Now, how do I return to the Digital World?"

"You're leaving?" Agumon asked.

"I must. I sacrificed myself to stop Myotismon returning to the Digital World. But I see that did not work."

"Wait!" Dawn protested. "A lot of time has passed since then and a lot of things have happened. Why don't you stick around then my Dad and the others can explain everything to you."

BlackWarGreymon looked down at the girl in front of him before he looked up, glancing at the sky. "Very well."

"Don't worry everything will become clearer once everything's been explained." Agumon said.

"So, where are the others you speak of?" BlackWarGreymon asked.


Dawn froze and flinched as she heard her name. She turned around and saw her father, along with the others stood at the top of the steps at the edge of the complex. She choked out a laugh as she smiled meekly at him. "Heh…. Hi Dad…."

To be continued…