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Digimon 2.5 "Adventure 03"

Episode 41: "Myotismon's Past"

.:Thunder Mountain, File Island, Digital World:.

Wisemon sighed, looking down at his open book.

The willingness to confront pain, fear, danger, uncertainty and intimidation will be rewarded.

Although apart, they will come together and on the seventh night in the mist of darkness their courage will bind.

And the ancient dragon will be unleashed.

The first part of the prophecy was glowing brightly, telling Wisemon it had started to be fulfilled.

"This is what I feared would happen my lord…."

.:Searea Apartment Complex, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

"BlackWarGreymon…. It's good to see you again my friend."

Agumon and BlackWarGreymon were stood across the road from the apartment complex at the edge of pavement overlooking the beach and Tokyo Bay.

BlackWarGreymon nodded in response as he stared at the calm water. "I hear a lot has changed since the last time I was here."

The rookie nodded. "Twenty five years have passed."

"I must admit… I am slightly confused. I sacrificed myself to stop Myotismon returning to the Digital World… but he is still here after all this time."

Agumon frowned a little. "I know it looks bad on our part, but we did defeat him shortly after you sealed the Highton View Terrace gate. But he managed to return again. This time he's stronger though. He's used the powers from four of the eight Spirit Stones."

"Spirit Stones?"

"Gennai created them not long after MaloMyotismon's defeat. They have been protecting the Digital World and earth. But each stone contains the spirit of a Digimon that died here in this world. Your spirit was inside the Spirit Stone of Courage, and when Dawn unlocked the Spirit Stone's power; you were revived."

"I don't understand…" BlackWarGreymon said somewhat melancholy. "How is it my spirit has been revived if I have no soul? I am merely made up from control spires remember? I am not like the rest of you."

Agumon paused for a while, glancing up at the mega Digimon. "You must have a soul if you were revived. Just because you didn't hatch from a Digi Egg doesn't make you less of a Digimon than I am. I thought we talked about this already? I know it's been twenty five years, but surely you haven't forgotten?"

"Forgive me… I had just found my purpose in my last life but now that seems irrelevant."

"You can still have a purpose now. You can help us in our fight against Myotismon." Agumon proclaimed. "Now that he's stronger we're going to need all the help we can get."

BlackWarGreymon paused for a moment, glancing up at the sky. "I'm not sure if I can…"

"What do you mean? Of course you can. What's stopping you?" Agumon questioned. "You managed to scare Myotismon off and save Dawn and Agumon. He must fear you. If you join us we'll have a much better chance of defeating him once and for all."

BlackWarGreymon lowered his gaze and looked out across the bay once more. No one had ever asked him a question like that before. He had never been part of a team… he had always been alone….

Meanwhile with the others on the other side of the road by the steps of the complex, Tai grabbed Dawn gently by the arm before he knelt down to her height. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he asked, checking her over.

"I'm fine Dad. Just a few grazes… I get more than this during a soccer game." His daughter replied. "Besides, I should be asking you that. You look more beat up than me."

Tai smiled somewhat. "I'm alright, just a little sore… but don't think just because you saved me you're gonna get away with sneaking out when I told you to stay home."

Dawn just gave her father a sheepish smile, but he was smirking so she knew he was only teasing her.

"I can't believe BlackWarGreymon is back after all these years." TK said, as he watched the mega Digimon talk with Agumon across the road.

Kari smiled. "It is good to see him again. It's good to see everyone again who we thought were gone forever."

Gatomon nodded in response. "I only wish Gennai was still here so I could thank him for bringing Wizardmon back to me."

"I'm sure he knows." Patamon added with a smile.

Dawn looked out across the road and watched BlackWarGreymon and Agumon for a moment. "I wonder what they're talking about." She thought aloud.

"Most likely catching up." Izzy told her. "It will be a lot for BlackWarGreymon to take in. We were merely teenagers when he last saw us."

"Boy, that makes us feel old." Joe sighed.

"No kidding." Tai added as he gently rubbed his ribs that were still aching.

Biyomon cast a concerned glance up at him. "What are you going to say to Sora when you tell her?"

"…I wasn't planning on telling her…." Tai admitted hesitantly.

"What?" Mimi placed her hands on her hips. "You're going to keep this a secret from her?"

"Don't you think she'll know something's up when she sees you beaten and bruised?" Joe added. "She'll know something happened. Either that or she'll think you and Matt got into another fight again."

"Sora's not going to be back until the end of next week. I'm not gonna look like this by then am I?" Tai said. "She's been looking forward to this trip for weeks. She even doubted whether she should have gone in the first place. If I call her up and say 'Hey honey how's New York? Oh by the way me and Agumon almost got beaten to death by Myotismon' she'll insist on jumping on the next plane home."

Mimi just gave Tai a piercing look and folded her arms across her chest, not appreciating his sarcasm.

"Don't look at me like that…." Tai said, taking a step back from her. "I'll tell her okay?" he held his free arm up defensively. "Just not right now."

"Dad, Mom always knows when you're hiding something from her." Dawn warned.

"Yes and when she does find out; you'll most likely end up sleeping on the sofa." Mimi added in a 'matter of fact' tone.

.:Thunder Mountain, File Island, Digital World:.

Dawn took a few steps back. As she did, the Spirit Stone began to glow before it suddenly burst into a strong orange light glowing brightly just as Myotismon was about to strike….

"Ah!" Dawn stumbled back dropping the stone and shielding her eyes as the beam of orange light shot up high into the sky.

"Argh! What's going on?!" Myotismon exclaimed as he too shielded his eyes.


Once the light had dimmed enough Myotismon stood up straight and looked over to where the Kamiya girl was stood. "You!" he gasped upon seeing BlackWarGreymon.

Myotismon remained still, lying inside his coffin with his eyes closed in deep thought; replaying the events from earlier over in his mind.

How was it BlackWarGreymon was able to return? And at the precise moment? First Wizardmon had returned from the dead, and now BlackWarGreymon. Surely the two were connected in someway… there was no way it could be barely a coincidence.…. He had a feeling the DigiDestined were up to something but he couldn't think what….

If BlackWarGreymon had not appeared then he would have got his hands on the emerald and stopped the prophecy from being fulfilled…. They were gathering an army of sorts of their own, and he did not like it.

At that moment, Wisemon quietly emerged from his book in a puff of smoke.

"Those DigiDestined are up to something Wisemon." Myotismon snarled still with his eyes closed as he sensed the Digimon's presence. "They're reviving the Digimon that perished in their world… the Digimon I destroyed." He then opened his eyes and sat up right in his coffin. "I've had to recuperate here since my return after that fool BlackWarGreymon attacked me. Despite the power from the emeralds he was still able to leave a mark."

Wisemon listened silently from across the room.

"I've been able to think of nothing else since… something happened with that Digital Emerald. They know something about those emeralds that I don't." he continued before he sighed. "I was so sure my plan would have worked, and now I am nowhere nearer to collecting all eight than I was before I left."

"My lord, if I may suggest; if there is more to these emeralds than meets the eye, perhaps the Digimon that worked very closely with Gennai will know their secrets." Wisemon spoke up.

Myotismon thought for a moment. "You may be right Wisemon. If I'm going to succeed in stopping those DigiDestined once and for all I will need to know what these Digital Emeralds truly are… And there are only two Digimon who will be able to fill me in on their secrets."

.:Izumi Apartment, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

It was now almost seven thirty in the morning, and Izzy was still up sat at the dining table with his laptop open with a map of Tokyo on the screen.

Jonathon wandered into living area, already dressed for school, and saw his father at the table. "Morning Dad."

"Morning son." Izzy replied, not taking his eyes off the screen.

Jonathon walked around the table to collect his school books he had left there from yesterday evening. He was about to pick them up when he paused, looking across to his father. "Have you been up all this time?"

Izzy nodded. "Yeah. I got in just after four. I don't have work today so I'll catch up on my sleep later." He replied.

"You know Mom hates it when you do this."

Izzy chuckled a little. "She'll forgive me. Besides, I think I may have found out how the Spirit Stones are activated."

"Really?" Jonathon picked up his books before he walked round the table to stand by his father. "What is it?"

"Each Digimon has been revived in the very spot they died." Izzy replied, pointing to the three locations on the map. "Wizardmon sacrificed himself on top of the TV Station, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon were killed by Myotismon in Shibuya and BlackWarGreymon sealed the Highton View Terrace gate. It never crossed my mind when the Spirit Stone of Light was activated. But when the stones of Friendship and Hope were it sort of got me thinking, and when BlackWarGreymon was revived in the very place he sacrificed himself it confirmed my theory. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner."

"Wow… now that we think about it… it was a pretty simply explanation all along." Jonathon commented.

"Yeah… now all we have to think about is the four other Spirit Stones. Which Digimon are inside them, and if they will be affected now Myotismon has used some of their powers?"

"Well, I'm sure you'll think of something Dad. You always do." Jonathon said. "Anyway, I better go now otherwise I'll be late for school. I'll be sure to share your breakthrough with the others!" he added with a smile before he left.

.:Tropical Jungle, File Island, Digital World:.

Leomon slashed his small sword through the thick vines that blocked his path before stepping out of the darkness and into a small clearing.

He had been scouring the Tropical Jungle all night after receiving word that a few of Myotismon's old followers were in the area looking for Digimon to join them. Knowing the 'tactics' that the followers would probably use he wanted to dispose of them as quickly as possible.

Leomon wandered into the middle of the clearing before he came to a stop and looked up at the sky. It was early morning and the sun was just beginning to rise with its orange rays shining through the gaps in the trees.

The lion Digimon sighed and placed his sword back in its case that was strapped to the back of his belt. "I must find those Digimon before they get too far ahead." He muttered to himself. "I dread to think how many innocent Digimon have been bullied into joining their army."

Just then, the short silence was broken as a twig snapped behind him. Instinctively, Leomon withdrew his sword once more and spun round in the direction the sound had come from. "Who's there?" he demanded threateningly. "Show yourself!"

There was a moment's pause before the sound of rustling was heard and a shadow appeared in the darkness. Leomon squinted as the shadow moved out from behind a large tree and stepped into view.

"BlackWarGreymon…" Leomon said, somewhat relived.

"You were expecting someone else?" BlackWarGreymon replied as he stood at the opposite end of the clearing to the champion Digimon.

"Some of Myotismon's old followers have been moving through the jungle. I thought you were one of them."

"Sorry to disappoint you…. but I have some questions I think you can answer."

"It depends what you want to know." Leomon replied casually as he put his sword away.

"Myotismon…. How is it he has returned?" BlackWarGreymon questioned getting straight to the point.

Leomon sighed. "That is a question we are still trying to find the answer to." he began. "Very little is known about his return. Only he returned months before revealing himself once he had the power to. He spent months under the name of the Undead King."

"And you had no idea it was him?"

Leomon shook his head. "Gennai was keeping a careful eye on the activity from his base weeks before he began to unleash his army across the Digital World… My guess is Gennai had his suspicions about who he really was but could not say until he was absolutely positive."

"Gennai…" BlackWarGreymon muttered, lowering his gaze a little. "He is the creator of the Spirit Stones, am I right?"

"Yes." The lion Digimon replied. "I'm assuming the DigiDestined told you that?"

BlackWarGreymon nodded. "I have also been asked to join their fight against Myotismon… I… I don't know if I can." He admitted hesitantly.

"What? Are you waiting for a formal invitation?" Leomon said humorously.

BlackWarGreymon looked across to the champion Digimon with an unsure expression on his face. "I have never been part of a team before." He said. "Since I was created I have been alone. Travelled alone…. Fought on my own… I would not know the first thing about teamwork."

"It's not like they are asking you to become a partner Digimon. They are asking for your help." Leomon responded. "Myotismon is stronger now, and has access to even more power and armies than he ever did before. I know the DigiDestined won't let us down, but they could still use your help. In fact, we all should be helping them… I know I have never met you before, but I have heard a lot about you…. You're a powerful Digimon BlackWarGreymon, and we could really use your help in this fight."

.:Thunder Mountain, File Island, Digital World:.

Outside in the back courtyard of Myotismon's base, the sound of someone being tortured filled the air as four Dobermon X slashed and bit away at their victim. Three Orgemon X stood and watched just in front of the back entrance to the castle.

One Dobermon X backed up before launching himself at the captive Digimon, sinking his teeth deep into his shoulder causing him to wail in agony.

"Okay, that's enough. Let's see if he's ready to talk now." The head Orgemon X announced.

The Dobermon X ceased their attacks and slowly stepped back but still surrounded the Digimon they had been torturing; Centarumon.

He was badly beaten. His arms were tied behind his back and he had collapsed onto his knees from exhaustion. He slowly lifted his head up slightly as the head Orgemon X approached him.

"You're harder to crack than I originally thought." The X Digimon said gruffly. "But the boss is not a patient Digimon. He's gonna want to know what the Digital Emeralds are, and if you value your life at all; you'll tell us."

Centarumon glared up at him, still breathing a little heavy. "I told you… I'm not telling you anything. It's no secret Myotismon was the one who killed Gennai. Do you really think I would betray his memory by telling you something he trusted me with?"

"You're willing to suffer immense pain than tell me one little secret?" Orgemon X asked, scratching his head. "Wow, you're even dumber than I thought."

Centarumon gritted his teeth. "It's a small price to pay." He simply replied.

One of the other Orgemon X stepped up, just behind the first one. "Maybe another round with the Dobermon X will change your mind." He threatened as the Dobermon X growled preparing to strike once more.

"Or how about a few whacks with our bone club?" the third added raising his club.

But Centarumon didn't respond. He just continued to glare up at them, his breathing laboured.

"This is turning out to be tougher than I thought." The first Orgemon X grumbled as he turned to face the other two. "By the looks of it it's going to take a lot more to get this overgrown pony to talk."

Just then the large metal doors behind them opened creaking loudly, and two Gazimon X appeared from inside carrying Wisemon's large book.

The three Orgemon X, and Centarumon, watched as the two small Digimon waddled towards them under the strain of what they were carrying. "What do you want?" the head Orgemon X demanded.

"Lord Myotismon was getting impatient. He thought you could use some help." One of the Gazimon X replied before they both dropped the book onto the ground just in front of the Orgemon X's feet.

The book then opened on its own and the pages began to turn until they came to a stop at the centre. A misty puff of smoke protruded from the pages and Wisemon appeared before them.

"Wisemon?" Orgemon X spat before he scoffed a laugh. "How are you going to be of any help? You don't know the first thing about integrating a prisoner."

Wisemon cast a simple stare over to the X Digimon. "Watch and you will see, Orgemon X." he spoke softly. He left his book and gently floated towards Centarumon who was watching him closely.

He came to a stop about a foot away from the horse Digimon. He slowly raised his hands and a soft glowing light began to appear in both of his palms.

Centarumon gasped under his breath, his eyes widening as Wisemon began to move closer…..

"My lord…."

That voice… it was coming from the castle once more. He was outside the large doors, which slowly began to open…..

Myotismon awoke with a gasp, sitting up right in his coffin. Looking around he found himself alone in the darkness of his room once more; the vision of the mysterious castle still fresh in his mind.

"That castle… why does it keep haunting me?" he muttered to himself.

Ever since he had absorbed the power from four of the emeralds he had been plagued with visions. Visions he felt were trying to tell him something. Some were blurry and some were as clear as day. He knew somewhere in the back of his mind he knew exactly what these visions were; he just had to remember.

Just then, the silence in the room was soon broken as the sound of grunting and shuffling could be heard from the other side of the closed door. Myotismon, still sat in his coffin, turned his head in the direction of the door just as it was kicked opened.

"We got it lord Myotismon!" the two Gazimon X announced in unison as they stumbled into the darkened room carrying Wisemon's book.

Myotismon sighed somewhat annoyed as he stood up in his coffin. "Did that fool Elecmon not teach you any manners during your time in Primary Village?" he said sarcastically, referring to the door.

The two rabbit Digimon came to a stop in the middle of the room and dropped the heavy book onto the floor. "Sorry boss, but it was a little tricky to knock whilst carrying that." One of them replied, motioning to the book.

At that moment, the book opened on its own and the pages turned until they came to a stop in the centre. A misty puff of smoke protruded out from the paper and Wisemon appeared before them. "We have it, my lord."

Myotismon smiled. "Perfect. I knew I could trust you Wisemon."

Wisemon floated up before he backed up a little away from his open book. "Centarumon refused to tell us himself… but I managed to extract the precise bit of information you required from his mind. The secrets of the emeralds are here on page 546." He explained. He waved his hand gently over the book causing the pages to turn until them came to page 546.

The two Gazimon X watched in amazement for a moment before one chirped up. "What do you want us to do with Centarumon, lord Myotismon?"

"Lock him in the dungeon for now." Myotismon ordered. "Now that I have what I want I will decide what to do with him later."

The two Gazimon X both nodded before they scurried out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Once the room fell silent again, Myotismon turned to Wisemon. "Now, tell me what secrets do these Digital Emeralds hold?" He demanded.

Wisemon traced his hand over the page as he began to read the Digi Code that filled the paper. "They are Spirit Stones…" he said after a brief pause. "They harvest a lot more power than we originally thought and each one contains the Spirit of a Digimon that perished on earth."

Myotismon clenched his fists. "So that is why Wizardmon and BlackWarGreymon have returned… but what good has it done them preserving the spirits of pathetic Digimon for all these years?"

Wisemon continued reading. "The spirits, as well as the power within the stones have been protecting both the Digital World and earth since their creation…. But when the Digimon inside the stone has been revived, the stone's full power is also released strengthening the defences of both worlds."

The vampire Digimon smirked. "So these 'Spirit Stones' harvest a lot more power than we originally thought?" he chuckled as he turned to face the four had had in his possession. "I can become even stronger." He thought aloud to himself as he walked over to the table where the Spirit Stones were. He picked the Spirit Stone of Sincerity up. "With the added power I will be a hundred times more powerful than any mega level Digimon… all I need to do now is find the secret to unlock the remainder of their powers…"

"I'm afraid my lord that is one secret even Centarumon did not know." Wisemon said, looking up from his book. "And with Wizardmon and BlackWarGreymon revived their Spirit Stones now cease to exist, and the barrier between the two worlds will be harder to penetrate."

Myotismon froze and turned to look back at him. "What?"

"The power from those two Spirit Stones will now be impossible to retrieve…. The eight you so desperately desired is now, my lord… down to six."

Myotismon stood there for a moment staring at Wisemon. He could feel his temper rising. His fists slowly began to shake as he tried to control his anger, and his grip on the Spirit Stone tightened; threatening to break it…. "Those DigiDestined…" he muttered darkly. "Those medalling humans…"

"My lord?" Wisemon cast a glance over to the vampire Digimon who had now turned his back on him.

Myotismon was stood in front of the table, staring down at the two Spirit Stones resting in their tripods, and the one in his hand. "I thought this time I would not fail… I thought the added power of these Spirit Stones would be the final piece in my jigsaw in destroying those DigiDestined!" he spat, his voice growing louder. "Every plan I have they end up foiling it somehow!" he raged slamming his fist down onto the table, causing its contents to shudder, and Wisemon to flinch.

As he remained there, hunched over and resting his hands on the table trying to contain his anger, he felt another vision appearing before him…

Flashes of light mixed with images appeared before his eyes. Images of a forest, deserted wastelands and mountains….. The castle appeared again… he was getting nearer to it…. Crossing the old wooden drawbridge before he found himself in front of the large doors once again…. His current surroundings then began to fade away into darkness….

He was now stood in the middle of a large darkened room, presumably now inside the castle itself. The room was empty except for a number of stone pillars that surrounded him around the edge of the room in a large square shape.

He had a strange feeling… like he had been here before… it felt like home….

Across the way on the wall was a large mirror, shimmering as if saying for him to come closer.

In a flash he found himself stood in front of it. He took a step forward, and his reflection appeared in the glass staring back at him.

But it wasn't his reflection… looking back at him was not the face of Myotismon… but the face of another Digimon. A more powerful and ruthless Digimon….

He knew this Digimon, and as the reflection smirked back at him; the vision abruptly ended.

Myotismon gasped, wide eyed and still hunched over leaning on the table as his surroundings returned to normal. He was breathing heavily as his mind registered what he had just seen.

He now remembered. All the previous visions all clicked into place and made sense, and he knew exactly who that Digimon was who had been staring back at him.

He slowly stood up straight, and slowly turned around to face Wisemon at the other side of the room.

Wisemon bowed slightly, seeing the look in the vampire Digimon's eyes. "I was wondering how long it would take you to finally remember, my lord…. Grandracmon."

Centarumon was roughly thrown into one of the cells. Losing his balance he collapsed to the floor. He lifted his head up to see Orgemon X slam the metal door shut behind him.

"Don't get too comfortable. Lord Myotismon hasn't finished with you yet." The other Orgemon X threatened before both of them turned and left.

Centarumon rose to his feet, a little shakily. What Wisemon had done had taken a lot out of him. He limped across to the bars of the cell and watched them leave, disappearing in the darkness. He then took a moment to look around his surroundings.

Through the dark he could make out shadows of Digimon who occupied the other cells. Some were staring back at him with their red eyes, growling. Luckily the two cells either side of him were empty.

Sighing, he lowered his head in shame. He felt he had let everyone down… Gennai, Leomon, the DigiDestined…


Centarumon turned his head at the sound of his name and looked up and behind him to see a small dog like Digimon peering through the bars of the small window high up close to the ceiling of the dungeon, which was the ground level outside. "Labramon? What are you doing here? Quick, leave now before you are caught."

"I saw your capture. I managed to follow your scent." The rookie Digimon replied. "Don't worry, I'll go get help."

"You must leave before they find you." Centarumon warned once more. "Do not worry about me. You must find Leomon and tell him Myotismon now knows about the Spirit Stones."

"But what about you? We must rescue you." Labramon said.


Labramon suddenly froze and looked to his left to see two Goblimon X's had appeared from around the corner. Gasping, he quickly turned and ran.

"Hey, get back here ya mongrel!" one of the Goblimon X's yelled as they began to give chase.

Labramon ran as fast as he could towards the large stone wall that surrounded the castle grounds, heading for the small gap he had squeezed through to gain entry. He leapt forward and forced himself through the hole coming out of the other side. He scrambled back to his feet and continued running out into the vast wasteland.

The two Goblimon simply smashed their way through the wall with their wooden clubs, debris flying everywhere. As they continued to give chase, they began to gain on the little rookie Digimon.

"Oh no…." Labramon gasped, panting as he glanced behind him. He ran, pushing himself to the limit as he tried to out run them, but they still grew closer.

One of the Goblimon chuckled. "I'm sure Myotismon has always wanted a pet dog." He joked, holding his club up high.

The two X Digimon were almost on top of him. He couldn't out run them forever, and there was certainly nowhere for him to hide.

But up ahead something caught his eye. A Digital Split drifted out from behind a large boulder and the slight breeze carried it into his path.

Labramon quickly glanced behind him and gasped when he saw how close the Goblimon X were. One of them swung their wooden clubs down, forcing him to swerve to the right to dodge it. Once he was close enough, he literally threw himself forward; and as soon as his paw touched the Digital Split he was sucked in, and in a flash he, along with the split, disappeared.

The two Goblimon X came skidding to a halt, stopping in the spot where Labramon had disappeared. They both glanced at each other, lowering their clubs. "The boss is not going to like this." One of them commented.

"Grandracmon…" Myotismon uttered barely above a whisper. "That was my name…"

"Yes, my lord." Wisemon nodded slowly. "Forgive me for keeping this from you. But I had to allow you to remember who you were yourself. I could not take any chances."

"But… but I don't understand." Myotismon began. "Why after all this time am I starting to remember this now?"

"As you already know, the power you consumed from the Spirit Stones increased your strength. You are at the strongest you have ever been. That, as well as your anger towards the DigiDestined somehow managed to trigger those memories locked deep in your mind. Even as VenomMyotismon and MaloMyotismon it was still not enough to unlock them."

Myotismon scoffed a laugh. "So all this time I have been even more powerful and I wasn't even aware of it."

Wisemon nodded. "Azulongmon imprisoned you in the form you are in now after you escaped from the Dark Area, which you ruled. He did not have enough power to destroy you, but he did have enough power to trap you in this form knowing as Myotismon you would not harvest anywhere near the power you had when you were Grandracmon. It was the only they way he could stop you."

"I remember now…." Myotismon said. "I wanted more power, and land to rule over. Once I escaped from the Dark Area I set my sights on conquering the entire Digital World…."


File Island was left destroyed. Forests and jungles had been set alight and the towns and city had been flattened. It was a similar sight on the Folder Continent as well as the other islands that lay in the unfortunate path of Grandracmon…

On top of one of the tall cliffs a battle commenced. Only the dark silhouette of Grandracmon could be seen against the night sky as he fought the Digimon Sovereign, Azulongmon.

Azulongmon summoned a thunderstorm and unleashed bolts of lightning that struck the ground.

Grandracmon dodged each bolt with ease before he released a blast of energy from the palm of his hand that countered a bolt of lightning back at Azulongmon.

"You must stop this Grandracmon!" Azulongmon demanded, after he dodged his own attack.. "You will not get away with what you have done!"

Grandracmon chuckled, still concealed in the darkness with only his red eyes glowing. "I am too strong for even the likes of you; one of the four great Digimon Sovereigns!" he declared with a hint of sarcasm.

Azulongmon flew higher up from the cliff top. "He is right. He is too powerful to destroy on my own…. But there is a way I can stop him." he thought to himself.

"After I dispose of you and the rest of the Sovereigns the Digital World will be mine for the taking." Grandracmon said smugly as he prepared to unleash an attack.

"I do not think so… Lightning Whip!" Azulongmon cut in before he released an intense lightning bolt. The bolt thundered down and struck the demon Digimon head on.

Grandracmon gasped as he felt his body freeze and a bright yellow aura surrounded him. The aura was disabling him and he could slowly feel his power dropping. He grunted as he struggled to move. "W-what did you do to me?!"

Azulongmon curled his body up into a circle. He generated a burst of lightning, more intense than the previous one. "Aurora Force!"

The stream of lightning split upon its release and bolts of energy struck Grandracmon from all directions. He screamed as they ripped through his body. He felt his strength drop even further and a strange feeling overcame him.

His body began to change. He felt himself shrinking… his back legs completely disappeared whilst his front legs transformed into a pair of long gangly limbs.

His wings on his back merged together before expanding into a long flowing cape…

His hair became shorter, still remaining blonde whilst the mask on his face changed to one shaped almost like a set of bat wings…

Once the transformation was complete, the yellow aura faded from around his new body and he collapsed to the ground on his knees.

Breathing heavily, he opened his eyes and looked down at his now gloved hands. "No…."

"This is your punishment for unleashing such devastation upon the Digital World!" Azulongmon declared. "Never again will you be Grandracmon and threaten the lives of innocent Digimon!"

Still kneeling on one knee, he slowly lifted his head up and glared up at the holy Digimon that towered over him.

"Now to send you back to the Dark Area where you belong…Myotismon!"

The sky above the Sovereign began to morph and a small portal formed. From inside the portal Anudismon appeared and began to descend down to the ground.

Myotismon gasped under his breath, his eyes widening a little.

This was the Digimon who supervised the data of Digimon whose lives had ended. He was the one who decided which Digimon returned to Primary Village or deserved to be locked away in the Dark Area.

"Send this demon back into the depths of the Dark Area prison!" Azulongmon commanded.

"Yes Azulongmon….. Pyramid Power!" Anudismon drew a square pyramid with beams of light. The shape formed another portal which opened up; revealing a dark abyss inside. In a flash, the pyramid burst forward and swallowed Myotismon up transporting him straight into the Dark Area prison….

End flashback

"Once you were imprisoned in the Dark Area your memory was erased. That is why all these years you have believed you were ultimate Digimon Myotismon, and had not recollection of your former self."

Myotismon looked down at his hands. "This body…. This body has merely been a prison all these years…. I always had a feeling I was destined for greater and more powerful things…." He then chuckled to himself. "Azulongmon thought he had won; locking me away in that prison. But I still managed to escape."

Wisemon nodded. "Once you escaped you began your quest as Myotismon to take over the Digital World. You found the old castle; home to the Digital Gate where you began your plans until the day came when you would finally meet the DigiDestined for the first time."

Myotismon nodded. "Those DigiDestined thought they had also won…I survived their first attempt by using that human Oikawa as a host to regain my strength, but the second time… against Imperialdramon… I do not know how I managed to survive."

"It was me, my lord." Wisemon said. "Ever since you escaped from the Dark Area prison I began my own quest to find you. It took me many years to find the weak spot in the Dark Area's barrier, and when I did I was able to save you after the battle with Imperialdramon. I managed to gather enough of your data and transport it back to a safe sector of the Dark Area where you were able to slowly rebuild your strength. Once you were strong enough I allowed you to return to the Digital World where you then began your plans to return to power."

"Now I understand why you have been so loyal to me Wisemon. All this time you have been watching over me. It was your voice I heard inside that castle."

Wisemon nodded, bowing down to his lord. "I was your most loyal adviser during your reign in the Dark Area."

"So you were the one who guided me to this castle? And gave me the X Antibody?"

"Yes. As Grandracmon you were a natural carrier of the X Antibody. Before you left the Dark Area you were experimenting with it; so when you arrived here as Myotismon that is how I was able to help you carry on with your experiments as you have been now, even though you were unaware of it's origins."

Myotismon wandered across the room to where a large mirror stood in the opposite corner. "I always wondered where the X Antibody had come from… and why I had never heard of it before…" he said before he looked at his reflection in the mirror. "But now that I know all this, how do I regain my true form? How do I escape from this prison?"

"Part of your soul is split in two my lord." Wisemon replied. "One half is buried deep in the Dark Area guarded by a powerful and loyal Digimon. That part of your soul is the very means to your existence, and why you are known as the Undead Digimon King. Azulongmon was unaware of this when he imprisoned you as Myotismon. That is why the DigiDestined could never succeed in destroying you. That part of your soul has been safely guarded since your creation many years ago. As long as it remains untouched; you can not die."

"And where is the other?" Myotismon asked calmly, still staring at his reflection.

"That, my lord, is the key to your rightful return as Lord Grandracmon. Azulongmon stole a part of your soul when they imprisoned you and sealed it away, which is also being guarded by one of his allies in a secret location. He knew without that part of your soul you could never return as Grandracmon."

"Do you know where this secret location is?" the vampire Digimon demanded.

"I know of a location where something is heavily guarded, but I am not certain that it is your soul, my lord. It is on an island many miles off the coast of the Continent of Server."

Myotismon smiled to himself, still staring at his own reflection. "Then as soon as the sun has set I will leave for that island. I have done my time…. now it is time I got my revenge… not just on those DigiDestined, but to everyone who dared to stand up to me…"

.:Dark Area, Digital World:.

Inside in the large room of the castle, in between the stone pillars that surrounded it; six pairs of red eyes appeared from the darkness.

The owners of the eyes stood there silently and patiently…. waiting for the day when their king would return…..

To be continued…