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Digimon 2.5 "Adventure 03"

Episode 42: "A Rock and a Hard Place"

.:Odaiba Elementary, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

Stacey watched on as their maths teacher Mrs Sato droned on about fractions and other mathematical terms as the clock on the wall slowly began to reach half past three. When the middle aged woman turned her back on the class to write on the board, Stacey took the opportunity to glance discretely behind her in the direction of Dawn who was sat a few desks to her left on the row behind.

The Kamiya girl was looking her usual bored-uninterested self, something that always got her into trouble when Mrs Sato would catch her. But that wasn't what Stacey was looking at. She was looking at the grazes and the obvious scratch above Dawn's right eye.

Since hearing about the battle that had happened during the night, Stacey had felt somewhat uneasy. Myotismon, for the first time since returning, had entered their world. Stacey had always thought that whilst she was at home, she would be safe… safer than she would be if she was in the Digital World that is. She knew it was bound to happen at some point… but now it had happened, it was the confirmation she had dreaded that Myotismon could get her wherever she was.

But she couldn't let that get to her. She needed to be ready. She knew she would have to face Myotismon again sooner or later, and she couldn't let him win… not again.

.:Odaiba Mansion, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

Behind the Odaiba Mansion apartment building in a darkened corner where the dumpsters were kept, a Digital Split appeared.

It opened up, and in a flash it disappeared just as Labramon fell from within it.

The rookie Digimon collapsed in a heap on the ground, worn out from his encounter with the two Goblimon X back in the Digital World. He briefly lifted his head up off the ground and glanced up at the tall buildings that towered over him before his head flopped back down and he passed out from exhaustion…

.:Odaiba Elementary, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

School had now finished and the last remaining students were leaving and heading home.

Stacey walked out of the gates and onto the sidewalk carrying her school bag in her right hand casually. In no particular rush to get home she began to slowly make her way down the street. She stopped for a brief moment and looked up to see a faint mist was starting to set in across the bay.

It had set in fast, as the city buildings across the water had been clearly visible from the school windows earlier. The forecast had predicted clear skies for the afternoon… perhaps it was just the forecast getting it wrong… again. Or maybe it was just the effects from the imbalance of the Spirit Stones.

Stacey continued on her way down the street, somewhat cautiously. She looked around at every rustle from the bushes or sound from the nearby park as she approached the Odaiba Mansion apartment complex.

But something caught her eye though as she saw something moving in the sky. She looked up to see what looked like three bats fluttering towards her. She gasped, keeping her eyes fixed on them as they flew up overhead. She manoeuvred her body as not to lose sight of them and watched as they flew into the foliage of a nearby tree and perched themselves on the top branches.

Stacey began to step back, keeping her eyes fixed firmly on the tree. She stepped back three more paces before she stopped; sensing someone was now behind her. Breathing a little heavier she took a sharp intake of breath before she spun round… only to see Dawn stood there with her soccer ball under her left arm. She sighed in relief before frowning at the Kamiya girl. "Do you like sneaking up on people and scaring them half to death?"

"I wasn't sneaking. You're the one acting weird." Dawn replied motioning to the tree she had been staring at.

"I was not." Stacey retorted before she walked past the brown haired girl and continued on her journey home.

"Yes you were. You've been acting weirder all day. What gives?" Dawn said as she began to follow her.

Stacey slowed her pace down, glancing behind her and past Dawn to look back at the tree. She couldn't see the bats anymore… maybe she was just seeing things…? "Did you see…. Never mind, forget it." She huffed, walking away once again.

"Huh?" Dawn looked behind her, but saw nothing. "See what?" she questioned still following the blonde haired girl.

Stacey didn't answer. She just kept walking, gripping her school bag tightly. Perhaps her mind was just playing tricks on her. After all Mrs Sato had been overloading them with complicated math problems…

Just then Stacey's digivice bleeped, closely followed by Dawn's. The two girls stopped in front of the Odaiba Mansion and unclipped their digivices from their belts.

"Hey my digivice is picking up a Digimon signal," Dawn said looking at the screen. "And it's close by."

"Mine too…" Stacey said. She looked at the map before glancing up at the Odaiba Mansion. "It's coming from behind that building."

The two girls ran a few hundred yards down the sidewalk and cut up the pathway that led up to the back of the apartment building, passing a couple of people on the way. Dawn, being the more athletic one, began to break ahead but as she turned the corner she came to a stop when she saw the place to be empty except for a man stood at the opposite end of the apartment building, leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette.

The man glanced over at the two ten year olds before he dropped his cigarette onto the ground and stomping on it with his foot before walking away disappearing around the corner of the building.

"Hey there's no one here." The Kamiya girl commented, a little disappointed.

Stacey glanced at her, somewhat rolling her eyes a little before walking ahead, observing her surroundings as she did. She looked down at her D-Power and saw they were almost on top of the Digimon's signal.

Dawn mimicked her; looking down at her own D-power before turning to explore the area in a different direction.

Stacey made her way over to where the large dumpsters were situated against the wall of the building. The sun was currently situated on the other side of the mansion causing its shadow to almost hide the dumpsters in darkness. As she approached them, the signal became stronger.

She stopped for a brief moment and continued to approach them more cautiously, not knowing what was waiting for her behind them. She stepped forward and leaned over to see in between the gap of two of the dumpsters. But she relaxed when she saw Labramon lying there unconscious. "Over here." She called out, glancing over her shoulder.

Dawn soon joined her, noticing Labramon straight away. "What happened to him? Man, he looks exhausted."

Stacey knelt down beside the dog Digimon. She held her digivice up a little and allowed it to scan for the rookie's information. After a couple of seconds her D-Power bleeped and a holographic screen appeared. "His name's Labramon. He's only a rookie level."

"What's he doing here?"

Just then Labramon stirred, a quiet moan escaping his mouth which alerted the two girls. He slowly opened his eyes; his vision blurred at first. Still exhausted he managed to look up at Stacey who was knelt in front of him, and Dawn who was peering over behind her.

"Hey, are you alright?" Stacey asked seeing the rookie was now awake.

Labramon's eyes began to feel heavy again as his tiredness returned. "M-Myotismon…" he gasped out. "He… he has Centarumon…" he managed to say before he passed out once more; his statement causing both girls to gasp in shock.

.:Ishida Apartment, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

"Why would Myotismon kidnap Centarumon?" SnowAgumon asked from his position in the armchair. He watched Stacey pass him, having come from the kitchen, as she walked over to where Labramon lay on the sofa carrying a bowl of water.

"Does it matter?" Dawn spoke up. She was leaning against the wall by the entrance to the living room with her arms folded. "We need to go there and rescue him now."

Stacey paused for a moment as she knelt down and placed the bowl of water beside the sleeping Digimon's form.

"Haven't you had enough of Myotismon for one day?" Gabumon questioned the Kamiya girl; motioning to the injuries she was sporting from the previous night. "It could be a trap. Just like when he sent Parasimon X here last night."

"But we can't just leave him there." Agumon protested.

"Agumon's right," his human partner agreed. "Centarumon's our friend and I'm not about to let him rot in Myotismon's dungeon."

Stacey remained quiet, slowly tracing the rim of the bowl with her index finger. Dawn had a point. Centarumon was their friend; one of their parents' oldest friends. Just like Gennai. Ever since Gennai's death she had felt a sense of guilt having done nothing to prevent it from happening… she couldn't let that happen again…. Their parents couldn't lose another friend.

"I don't know what Myotismon has planned for Centarumon but whatever it is he's not going to get away with it. Labramon has obviously come here wanting our help," Dawn continued, motioning to the dog Digimon. "We can't let him or Centarumon down."

Agumon nodded in agreement.

"But that's not an excuse to go rushing in there." SnowAgumon protested.

"….It's going to take someone who knows that castle inside out to rescue Centarumon…" Stacey spoke up, catching the brown haired girl's attention. She stood up straight, still with her back to Dawn as she looked down at Labramon. "…I'll go." She said, hesitating a little at first. "You two would probably be better off staying here."

"What?" Dawn and Agumon both gasped in unison; with Dawn's sounding snappier. "You wanna run that by me again?" she added.

Stacey turned to face them. "I'm the only one who's been inside that castle. It makes sense I should be the one to rescue Centarumon."

"You can't do it on your own. No matter how well you know that base." Agumon said.

"Yeah, what kind of dumb idea is that?" Dawn added.

The Ishida girl lowered her head. "Look, you wouldn't understand okay? I have to do this."

Dawn took a step forward; her fists raised a little. "Hey just because you have to do something doesn't mean you have to do it alone. We're a team remember? And like my Dad says there is no 'I' in team."

"You don't know anything about Myotismon's base. You two would get yourselves captured before you even entered the castle grounds."

"That's the whole point of teamwork." Dawn shot back. "We work together. You help us navigate through the castle whilst we cover each others backs."

Stacey blinked, a little taken back. Ever since she had returned home Dawn had made it quite clear she wouldn't be welcomed back so trustingly. This was the first time the Kamiya girl had acknowledged her as part of their team.

Just then Labramon regained consciousness again. He opened his eyes and looked up realising he was no longer outside. "Huh? W-where am I?" he spoke up, his voice cracking a little.

This caught Stacey's attention. Breaking her stare from Dawn, she turned around and knelt down in front of him. "Hey it's okay. You're safe now."

"Are you the DigiDestined?" he asked, to which Stacey replied with a nod. "Thank goodness. Centarumon needs your help."

"Yeah, and don't worry. We are going to rescue him." Dawn added, looking at the blonde hair girl.

Stacey looked back over at her, and saw she had a determined look in her eyes. Perhaps it was a little foolish to think she could have rescued Centarumon on her own… she knew she couldn't run from Myotismon forever. She had to stand up to him sooner or later…but going at it alone would have definitely been the wrong decision. As it pained her to think this; Dawn was actually right. She didn't have to do it alone. All those months feeling lonely she had almost forgotten how many friends she actually had. "Alright," she finally spoke, standing up. "Let's do it."

The two girls and their Digimon left the living room, heading to Stacey's bedroom to open up a portal to the Digital World. Labramon scrambled to his feet and leapt down from the sofa following them.

The living room was left empty. But then, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon appeared peering out from behind the top of the sofa. They glanced at each other; having heard everything. "We may not be smart Digimon… but that doesn't sound good at all." Pumpkinmon commented to his friend who nodded in agreement.

.:Thunder Mountain, File Island, Digital World:.

Myotismon smiled as he observed the holographic screen Wisemon had produced for him. On the screen was a map of a sector of the Digital World. The map was all ocean; apart from clusters of small unknown islands that were scattered across the water. These islands were many, many miles away from the main lands of File Island, Folder Continent and the Continent of Server, and not many known Digimon lived on them.

But his attention was focused on the one island that was slightly bigger than the others. It had been circled in red. It was surrounded by a few of the smaller islands roughly a few miles apart from each other.

He grinned, chuckling under his breath to himself as he continued to stare at the island. "So this is where the final piece of my jigsaw is located?"

Wisemon appeared behind him, levitating in the air. "I am not a hundred percent certain my lord. But there is something heavily guarded there .Put there by Azulongmon himself."

Myotismon grin widened. "Azulongmon thought he could beat me…" he said to himself humorously. He then turned to face Wisemon. "I am going to get some rest. As soon as the sun has set and I have the power from the darkness I will make my journey to that island to regain what is rightfully mine." He said before he began to make his way over to his coffin. "Make sure my army is ready by then." He added.

"Yes, my lord." Wisemon bowed.

.:Great Canyon, File Island, Digital World:.

Dawn, Stacey, their Digimon and Labramon stood at the edge of the Great Canyon, which was on the outskirts of the Native Forest. The canyon was very deep and wide. The only way across was a wooden bridge that was directly in front of them.

Stacey was about to step onto the bridge, but she paused for a moment, staring straight ahead to the other side and beyond where the vast stretch of wastelands lay, as well as Thunder Mountain. This was the first time she had been back to this part of the Digital World since she escaped Myotismon's clutches…

"What're you waiting for? Let's go." Dawn said, a little impatient.

Stacey sighed as she grabbed the ropes and stepped onto the bridge. "Nothing." She murmured. But she then stopped again, turning back to face the Kamiya girl. "You do realise once we get to Myotismon's base you're going to have to follow my orders?"

Dawn shrugged her shoulders as she stepped onto the bridge. "Fair enough… but just remember who's the leader." She said with a smirk before she shoved past Stacey and began to cross the bridge.

Stacey clenched her fists, glaring at the brown haired girl. She huffed before turning back to Labramon who was still stood on the grass. "Labramon, it might be best if you stay here where it's safe. No doubt after you escaped from his base they'll be on the look out for you coming back." She said.

Labramon nodded as SnowAgumon, Gabumon and Agumon followed Stacey and Dawn. "Good luck DigiDestined!" he called, watching them leave across the bridge. "Don't worry Centarumon, help is on the way."

.:Thunder Mountain, File Island, Digital World:.

Wisemon was sat cross legged hovering above his open book with his hands resting in his lap. He gasped under his breath, opening his eyes. "My lord, sorry to disturb your rest but I am sensing the DigiDestined are approaching."

Myotismon, who was lying inside his coffin, chuckled somewhat amused before opening his eyes. "Venturing towards my layer hmm? They must be coming to rescue their friend Centarumon. News certainly travels fast."

"What are your orders my lord?"

The vampire Digimon slowly sat up right. He glanced out of the nearby window where he could just make out the sun slowly setting behind the mountain through the fog that had begun to set in. "Let them come." He finally said.

Wisemon looked over to him, a little stunned by his answer. "Sire?"

"Let them come. They can have Centarumon…" a devilish smile then started to appear on his face. "I have been working on a little something lately… perhaps now is the time to test it out." He added, chuckling once more.

The silence in the dungeon was soon broken when the doors creaked open and Orgemon X walked in, swiftly followed by Gazimon X who had one hand behind his back…

Centarumon lifted his head up off the ground and looked up to see the two X Digimon had come to a stop in front of his cell door. The horse Digimon staggered to his feet, still very weak from his beating earlier. "What do you want now?" he demanded. "You've learned everything you could possibly know regarding the Spirit Stones. There is nothing more I know."

Orgemon X didn't answer. Instead he unlocked the door and slid it open. "We're letting you go." He simply said.

"What?" Centarumon gasped under his breath.

Gazimon X then stepped forward, revealing a syringe he had been hiding behind his back. "But not before we give you your leaving present…" he added with a sly grin.

Centarumon's eye widened as his attention fell upon the syringe that was filled with the familiar black liquid. "No…" he staggered back, until his body was pressed against the wall of his cell just as Gazimon flung the syringe like a dart, striking the champion Digimon in the left shoulder. "NO!"

Outside shortly afterwards, the main gates jolted before slowly creaking open. A dark shadow appeared from within the base, its identity still masked by the thick fog.

The two Orgemon X stepped aside, allowing the beast Digimon by. He took a couple of steps forward before coming to a stop, stomping his black hoof down on the dry ground.

Wisemon appeared behind him, floating into view through the fog. "You know what it is lord Myotismon has asked of you. Do not let him down."

The Digimon snorted, withdrawing both of his swords that hung down either side of his two front legs. He unleashed an almighty roar before galloping off, disappearing into the fog…..

.:Wastelands, File Island, Digital World:.

"Man where did this fog come from? It's getting quite thick now." Dawn commented as she squinted to see ahead of her. "Are you sure we're still going in the right direction?"

Stacey lifted her head a little and looked ahead. She watched for a moment before she saw a very faint flash through the fog, soon followed by a faint rumble; indicating Thunder Mountain was ahead. "Positive." She simply replied.

Silence fell amongst the group as they continued their journey across the wastelands. Stacey looked around at the fog surrounding them, wondering if it was the same fog that had started to set in back home…

Dawn glanced at the Ishida girl beside her not liking the uncomfortable silence. "Hey, so how come you wanted to rescue Centarumon on your own anyway?" She suddenly asked, but she didn't get an answer. "C'mon, stop being such a loner and open up for once." she added a little forcefully.

Stacey still remained silent as they continued to walk.

Gabumon looked up at his human partner with a worrying glance. He had a feeling what it was about, but he had never brought it up. "Is it Gennai?" he spoke up.

That caused Stacey to come to a stop. She sighed before she slowly nodded.

"Huh? What's Gennai got to do with this?" Dawn wondered.

"Don't you get it?" Stacey finally spoke, turning to face the Kamiya girl. "I knew what Myotismon was going to do and I did nothing to stop it, and I've been ridden with guilt ever since." she admitted. "Just like Gennai, Centarumon is one of our parents' oldest friends….. I know it can never make up for what happened to Gennai… but I have to at least try to save Centarumon. I can't let it happen again."

Dawn blinked, a little surprised at first. "What could you have done anyway? If Gennai was no match for Myotismon then you certainly wouldn't have been."

"I still should have at least done something." Stacey muttered before she turned and carried on walking.

Dawn hesitated for a second before quickly jogging to catch up with her. "You can't keep beating yourself up over something that can't be changed. It happened. We're just gonna have to deal with it and defeat Myotismon once and for all to avenge the friends we've lost."

"That's easy for you to say." Stacey grunted. "I don't think you realise how powerful Myotismon actually is." She said more clearly.

"I know exactly how powerful Myotismon is." Dawn shot back, pointing to the cut above her eye.

"No you don't." Stacey said. "You almost got killed by Myotismon because you and Agumon aren't strong enough. You have no idea how much power he has… and by that I don't mean just his physical power. I'm talking about his armies, the X Antibody and everything else he has hidden away in that castle."

"And yet you still thought you could handle this rescue mission alone?" Dawn said, a little mockingly.

Stacey scowled a little. "Hey I'd last a lot longer inside that base than you would by yourself." She retorted.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Dawn demanded.

"Are they always like this?" SnowAgumon wondered, watching the two humans as they continued to argue.

"Always." Agumon and Gabumon replied in unison. "Ever since they could talk." The latter added.

"Why don't you just admit it? The only reason you're here is because you don't trust me." Stacey said.

"What? I'm here because we're a team." Dawn responded, heavily emphasising the word 'team'.

"Ah c'mon. Ever since I returned home you've made it clear that I wasn't to be trusted. It's just as well not everyone else felt the same way you did."

"Well what did you expect?" Dawn half snapped. "You spent six months working for Myotismon, and then all of a sudden you just show up back home. What was I supposed to do? It wasn't the first time you had returned." She said, referring to that night at Zepp Tokyo. "As leader I had to look out for the rest of the team in case it was just another of Myotismon's traps."

Stacey stopped walking and slowly turned to face her after she had made that comment about Zepp Tokyo. "…Yeah well, you can be real lousy at it sometimes." She finally said a little quieter before she turned and continued on her way, but Dawn had heard what she had said.

"Hey, you take that back!" Dawn shouted angrily but Stacey continued to walk away. "Don't you walk away from me!" she exclaimed before running to tackle her.

"Guys! This is no time to start fighting!" Gabumon warned as he, SnowAgumon and Agumon hurried after them.

In anger Dawn shoved Stacey back, just as she had turned to face her, but either girl failed to notice the ground sloped down just ahead of them.

Stacey stumbled back and lost her footing. "W-whoa!" as she felt herself falling she instinctively stretched her arm out and grabbed hold of Dawn by her t-shirt, dragging her down with her.

"Dawn!" "Stacey!" their Digimon cried out together.

The two girls tumbled down the slope before landing in a heap at the bottom with Dawn pinning the blonde haired girl down. She clenched her fist and was about to draw her arm back when a shadow loomed over them, followed by a low growling noise. Dawn froze, staring up in awe at the two red eyes looking down at them…

Stacey also froze, slowly tilting her head back as she looked up at the upside down face of an ox like Digimon.

Their Digimon partners hurried down the small slope. "Stacey, Dawn watch out!" Gabumon exclaimed.

The Digimon raised one of his swords and took no hesitation in swinging it down at the two girls.

Stacey and Dawn screamed, the latter throwing herself off the Ishida girl and onto the ground, just missing the blade as it came down.

"Get out of there!" Agumon shouted.

The ox like Digimon drew back his left sword, preparing to thrust it down at Stacey….

"Blue Blaster!" Gabumon ran forward and fired his ice attack, striking the Digimon on his wrist, causing him to drop his sword.

Stacey scrambled to her feet and bolted across the wasteland to where her two partners were. She quickly unclipped her silver D-Power and brought up the Digimon's information in a hologram from the screen. "He's Vajramon X…. one of Myotismon's henchmen by the looks of it."

Dawn ran as fast as she could until she was a clear distance away before she skidded to a stop and turned around to look back at the beast Digimon. She swiftly pulled her goggles up onto her head. "Looks like Myotismon may have known we were coming…. You ready Agumon?" After receiving the nod from her Digimon partner, she released her digital ring and placed it inside her crest…


Vajramon X caught a glimpse of the light that had surrounded Agumon. He turned his head to see BurningGreymon flying out from the light and straight for him. He swiftly turned his body around so he was fully facing the oncoming Digimon before holding both his swords up defensively in an 'X' shape.

BurningGreymon slammed straight into the X Digimon and despite the defence from the swords he managed to push Vajramon X back slamming him straight into a rock tower, leaving a dust trail behind them from Vajramon X's feet.

"They're going to need some help." Stacey said to her two partners as she released her own digital ring and placed it inside her crest of Friendship…


IceLeomon charged across the wasteland. He pulled his own smaller sword out from its casing at the back of his belt as he grew closer….

The dust cloud was now clearing as Vajramon X swung his left sword at BurningGreymon who leapt backwards to avoid it. He then spotted IceLeomon just in time to raise his other sword, blocking IceLeomon's.

The two swords clashed and Vajramon X managed to overpower IceLeomon and throw him backwards to the ground. "Deva Blade!" the X Digimon then crossed his swords into an 'X' shape and unleashed an energy beam from them.

IceLeomon jumped to his feet and leaped to the side just missing the attack, which struck the ground seconds later. It blew a large hole sending rocks flying up into the air.

"Pyro Barrage!" BurningGreymon fired his Rudori Tarpana guns, unleashing a stream of solar head-wave energy bullets.

Vajramon X spun round and blocked every single bullet that came his way with his two swords, much to BurningGreymon's surprise.

"Wow… he's good…" Dawn commented.

IceLeomon leaped up from rock to rock until he reached the top of one of the tallest rock towers. He picked up one of the large slabs before spinning around and releasing it.

"Deva Blade!" Vajramon X saw the in-coming rock and immediately crossed his swords together firing his energy beam.

The beam smashed through the rock, blowing it into hundreds of pieces, and took IceLeomon by surprise; blasting him and causing him to plummet down from the rock tower and hit the ground below disappearing in a cloud of dust.

"IceLeomon!" Stacey cried.

BurningGreymon swooped down and flew just above ground level preparing his guns to fire another Pyro Barrage attack. But Vajramon X sensed him approaching and at the right moment he lifted his two back legs up and kicked BurningGreymon as hard as he could.

The dragon Digimon was thrown backwards, colliding with the small rocky cliff side. He moaned as the impact winded him and he fell forward collapsing face down.

"Get up BurningGreymon!" Dawn shouted.

With the two ultimate Digimon down, Vajramon X took his opportunity to turn his attention to the two girls. He slowly turned around until he was facing them. He snorted before he charged; galloping across the wasteland to where Dawn and Stacey were stood by a small cluster of rock towers with both his swords ready….

"D-Dawn… Stacey…" BurningGreymon grunted. He pushed himself up, a little shakily at first before he leapt into the air, soaring after Vajramon X. He flew off to the side, taking a wide turn before suddenly changing direction so he was heading straight for the X Digimon from the left side…

Dawn and Stacey gasped as the beast Digimon grew closer, the ground trembling under his stampede. Just as he was almost on top of them, they flinched waiting for the impact. But BurningGreymon arrived just in time, tackling Vajramon X from the side and crashing into another cluster of rock towers, which then collapsed burying both the Digimon underneath….

.:TV Station, Odaiba, Tokyo:.

Matt said goodbye to the secretary behind the main desk before he exited the TV Station. Walking through the revolving doors and outside he paused for a moment to glance at his watch, which read just after six o'clock.

He should have finished work over an hour ago. But after sleeping in and missing his morning meeting thanks to the antics of two Digimon the previous night he had been behind in his work all day.

He headed down the street, beginning the short journey home. As he approached the corner, he pulled his cell phone out from his leather jacket side pocket and began to dial his home number. After a long day he was in no mood to cook and would leave it up to Stacey to decide what takeout to order.

But as he reached the end of the street and was about to press the call button he failed to notice two figures heading straight for him…

In their rush they failed to notice Matt and ran straight into him, knocking him clean off his feet.

"Whoa!" Matt was taken by surprise and fell over backwards, landing on his back, his briefcase and cell phone flying out of his hands and landing a few feet away from him. "Hey, watch where you're-" he began but stopped when he looked around and saw who had taken him out. "You two!" he exclaimed.

Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, who had stopped after realising they had bumped into someone, both grinned. "Hey, we were just looking for you!" the latter said.

Matt got to his feet, brushing his clothes down. "What are you two doing out here?" he demanded before he bent down and picked up his cell phone, quickly checking it over. "We told you to keep a low profile and stay inside the apartment."

"We know but there's something you need to know. It's important." Pumpkinmon explained.

Matt was about to pick up his briefcase when he stopped and eyed the two Digimon suspiciously. "The apartment better not be on fire..." He warned.

"No, worse." Gotsumon replied. "Stacey's gone to the Digital World and is heading to Myotismon's base to rescue Centarumon!" he exclaimed quickly.

"And the brown haired goggle girl has gone with her!" Pumpkinmon added just as fast.

Matt gasped. "What?!" he almost screeched in horror.

.:Wastelands, File Island, Digital World:.

"BurningGreymon!" Dawn shouted as she ran over to the pile of large rocks where her partner was somewhere underneath. As she approached the rocks began to shudder causing her to stop and back up a few steps…

BurningGreymon burst out from underneath and soared high up into the air, much to Dawn's relief. He came to a stop in the air and aimed his guns downwards, unleashing another stream of bullets. "Pyro Barrage!" The bullets struck the pile of rocks, exploding upon impact and shattering some of the rocks into smaller pieces.

Stacey and IceLeomon ran up, coming to a stop just behind Dawn. "Did that do it?" she asked.

When BurningGreymon ceased his attack, and the dust cloud began to fade there was a brief moment of silence before the rocks began to move and Vajramon X soon emerged, still clutching both his swords.

The two girls gasped. "That hardly made a mark on him!" Dawn exclaimed as BurningGreymon dropped down to the ground beside her.

Vajramon X grunted and snorted air through his nostrils as he began to slice his sword through the rocks that stood in his way as he made his way out of them.

Stacey gulped, taking a few steps back. "He looks mad…" she commented.

Vajramon X came to a stop at the edge of the pile of rocks, clutching his swords tightly. His breathing grew stronger before he let out a thunderous roar that echoed across the wasteland. "Terra Blade!" he pounded the ground with his forefeet repeatedly whilst also striking it with his swords. He unleashed a shockwave from underground that tore up the ground heading straight for the DigiDestined. It split the ground open hurling out chunks of rock.

Dawn, Stacey and their Digimon all screamed as the shockwave and rocks hit them; throwing them high up into the air before crashing back down onto the ground. "Is everyone okay?" the Kamiya girl asked after she pushed herself up off the ground.

"Yeah…" Stacey replied getting to her feet. "We need to get this over with. We've already wasted enough time fighting this goon."

Dawn nodded. "Maybe if we combine our attacks together it'll be more effective."

"It's worth a try."

Their two Digimon charged; BurningGreymon in the air and IceLeomon on the ground.

Vajramon X gripped his swords before he flung them, one after the other, at the oncoming ultimate Digimon forcing them in different directions.

The sword aimed at IceLeomon wedged itself in the ground after missing its target whilst the other aimed at BurningGreymon lodged in between a crack in one of the rock towers.

Vajramon X huffed and galloped forward. Without stopping he picked up his first sword from the ground before charging over to retrieve his second. Upon reaching the rock tower he leapt up, propping his two front legs up on the rocks before pulling his sword out. He pushed away from the rock tower with his feet as he turned around, the force sending the rocks tumbling down. When he turned, he saw BurningGreymon and IceLeomon stood beside each other directly in front of him.

"Surprise." IceLeomon commented sarcastically.

Vajramon X growled and held his swords up defensively, as Dawn and Stacey watched on.

Just then someone chuckled from above, their laugh echoing slightly "Are you guys having fun down there?"

Dawn and Stacey both turned around and looked up to see a Gazimon X perched on top of one of the rock towers. "Gazimon X!" Stacey exclaimed. "Myotismon sent another one of his henchmen to fight us?" she then scoffed a laugh. "If you're the best he has after Vajramon X we're not impressed."

Gazimon X snarled a little narrowing his eyes. "Joke all you want DigiDestined. You won't be laughing for long."

Dawn clenched her fists. "Hey! You better go warn your 'Lord Myotismon' that he's not gonna get away with kidnapping Centarumon! Once we're through with Vajramon X we're coming to get him!"

Gazimon X just chuckled, causing the two girls to scowl at him more.

"What's so funny?" Stacey demanded. "What have you done to him?"

"I'm going to let you two in on a little secret…" Gazimon X began. "We already let Centarumon go."

"What?" The two DigiDestined eyed the rabbit Digimon suspiciously, glancing at each other for a brief second. "You expect us to believe that?" Dawn questioned.

Gazimon X nodded in the direction of Vajramon X. "And as luck would have it, you're fighting him right now."

Both girls gasped, and Dawn spun around to look over at the X Digimon. "No way…. It… it can't be…"

"I'm afraid it is." Gazimon X chuckled humorously. "Lord Myotismon has been working on a new type of X Antibody. Not only does it turn them into X Digimon it also gives them the power to digivolve to the next level making them even stronger. Centarumon was the perfect Digimon to test it out on."

Dawn looked over and saw her Digimon partner preparing his Wildfire Tsunami attack as his body began to glow… "BurningGreymon stop! It's Centarumon!"

BurningGreymon stopped just as he was about to unleash his attack, glancing behind to his human partner as the fire disappeared from around his body. "What?" he gasped.

As soon as his head was turned, Vajramon X took the opportunity to attack. He charged before spinning around and kicking BurningGreymon with his back legs sending the dragon Digimon flying backwards and skidding across the ground on his back.

Gazimon X continued to laugh from his position at the top of the rock tower. "Good luck getting yourselves out of this predicament." He teased as the girls glared up at him. "Lord Myotismon sure knows how to play games with you DigiDestined."

IceLeomon appeared behind his human partner. He growled and drew back his fist. "Frozen Fury!" he punched his fist upwards, firing a cold energy blast.

As Gazimon X carried on laughing, he failed to notice the attack heading straight for him. It struck, instantly obliterating him.

"Well this just complicated things… what do we do now?" IceLeomon questioned.

Stacey looked from her partner over to Vajramon X, her worst fears confirmed. "He's an X Digimon now… there's nothing much we can do…"

.:Fossil Canyon, File Island, Digital World:.

MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon soared high above the canyon carrying their human partners and heading for the miles of wasteland that waited for them on the other side.

"Why would they even think about going to rescue Centarumon on their own?" Matt exclaimed.

"Don't worry we'll find them." Tai reassured him. "They couldn't have gotten too far."

"I thought Myotismon's base would have been the last place Stacey would want to return to." MetalGarurumon commented as he and WarGreymon flew over a cluster of tall rock towers.

Matt sighed and looked down at his digivice, keeping his eyes fixed on his daughter's faint signal. "Especially since Myotismon has now been to our world. I could tell Stacey was worried when she found out."

Tai looked over to his best friend and saw the worried look in his eyes. "Hey don't sweat it Matt. Dawn and Stacey can take care of themselves."

"I know…" Matt admitted with another sigh. "I just hope we reach them before something bad happens."

BurningGreymon leapt forward, blocking the attack by grabbing each sword with his hands. "Stop Centarumon, it's us!" he could feel Vajramon X struggling against him, so he let go of the swords and immediately jumped back out of the way.

"It's no use BurningGreymon. He won't recognise us." IceLeomon said as BurningGreymon skidded just in front of him.

"Then what do we do?" BurningGreymon replied.

Both Digimon then jumped out of the way; IceLeomon to the left and BurningGreymon to right as Vajramon X charged at them. IceLeomon landed on the ground, skidding backwards a little. "We can not carry on defending ourselves like this. We need to make a decision, and fast."

"Deva Blade!" Vajramon X fired another energy beam from his two swords.

IceLeomon raised his sword in an attempt to block the beam but it was too powerful and blasted him back.

Stacey watched on as her partner fell to the ground. They had definitely been put in between a rock and a hard place with Myotismon's latest antics. This was their friend they were fighting and they couldn't do anything. "IceLeomon's right." She finally said, glancing at Dawn. "We need to make a decision on what to do. This fight can't go on forever. Our Digimon will tire themselves out and lose to him."

Dawn watched on, her fists clenched as her Digimon partner fired shot after shot at the ground forcing Vajramon X away from them. "You said so yourself there is nothing we can do to free him from the X Antibody…. and we can't allow him to remain a part of Myotismon's army either."

IceLeomon jumped back as Vajramon X lunged at him, dodging and blocking each of the X Digimon's swords with his own smaller one. He ducked as a sword came his way before he curled his fist and unleashed a powerful punch to the X Digimon's face.

Stacey took her eyes away from her Digimon and stared at the Kamiya girl. "What do you mean?"

Dawn's head was down and her eyes were closed. She took a deep breath before opening them and looking up. "It's going to be hard… but it's going to be the only way to free him... I know he's our friend, but I'm not about to let Myotismon use him as a fighting tool against us!"

Unknown to the girls, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon had just arrived a few hundred yards behind them. The two mega Digimon landed on the ground and allowed their partners to jump off. Matt was about to run towards his daughter when Tai held his arm out, stopping him before the both of them watched on.

"I know it's not the way you wanted to free Centarumon," Dawn continued, glancing over to the blonde haired girl. "But we can't leave him like this…. The… the only way is to destroy him..."

"What?" Stacey gasped.

Both BurningGreymon and IceLeomon charged. They tackled Vajramon X at the same time and grabbed him by the arms pinning him against the cliff side.

Dawn turned to face the Ishida girl. "Look, Myotismon has us right where he wants us. He thinks he can beat us this way and we won't be brave enough to defeat one of our friends but he's wrong! You know it's the right decision Stacey."

Stacey just stared at her in somewhat disbelief at what she was saying. But after she took in what the Kamiya girl had said, she knew it was the right thing to do. There was nothing they could do to bring Centarumon back. There was no antidote for Digimon infected with the X Antibody… and as long as Centarumon remained alive, he would be a part of Myotismon's army. Stacey slowly nodded. "As much as it pains me to say this… you're right." She said with a small glimmer of humour.

Dawn nodded in response. "Then let's combine our attacks and hit him with everything we've got." She turned to look over to her Digimon partner and IceLeomon who were currently in a standoff with Vajramon X. "BurningGreymon!" she shouted at the top of her voice. "Attack Vajramon X with everything you've got!"

"Are you sure?" BurningGreymon asked, not taking his eyes off the X Digimon in front of him.

"Yes! It's the only option we have!"

"You too IceLeomon!" Stacey commanded. "Combine your attacks together!"

The two ultimate Digimon glanced at each other before nodding.

"First of all we have to stop him in his tracks…" IceLeomon said. He looked up past Vajramon X and saw a loose large piece of rock at the top of the cliff side. He quickly pulled out his small sword from behind his back and flung it upwards.

The sword struck the cliff, and the force from it dislodged the large chunk of rock. It fell down, crashing to the ground and landing on top of Vajramon X's tail.

The X Digimon wailed in pain. He tried to charge, but the weight from the rock prevented him from freeing his tail.

Dawn gritted her teeth, hesitating at first. "… Do it now BurningGreymon!" she ordered.

BurningGreymon then leapt up into the air; his body beginning to glow. "We're sorry Centarumon but we have to do this…. Wildfire Tsunami!" His body was engulfed in a firery aura before he unleashed it like a tornado.

IceLeomon's fist began to glow as he mustered up all of his strength. "Frozen Fury!" he released a blast of cold ice from his fist.

The ice attack latched onto BurningGreymon's and the two combined into one large fire and ice tornado that ravaged across the ground leaving a trail of destruction behind it heading straight for Vajramon X.

The beast Digimon grunted as he tried free himself as the attack grew closer and closer…. But it was no use. He turned to look and his eyes widened just as the attack slammed into him causing a massive explosion.

Stacey flinched as she heard his screams. She looked ahead as his scream soon echoed into nothing and the smoke from the blast began to fade, revealing the remains of the boulder that was all to be left. Seeing the empty space where he once stood, her face fell; feeling she had somewhat failed.

BurningGreymon landed on the ground next to IceLeomon as everything fell silent.

Dawn let out a loud sigh as she dropped to her knees, hunched over resting her hands on her legs. But unknown to her; her crest was glowing a little.

Tai and Agumon made their way over, stopping a few feet away from her as Matt made his way towards Stacey; placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Tai looked down at his daughter who hadn't moved from her position on the ground. "….You did the right thing kiddo." He said softly, hesitating a little at first.

"Did I?" Dawn murmured with her head still down and not at all surprised at their arrival. "At the time it seemed like the right decision… but now that it's happened I-"

"Centarumon wouldn't have wanted to have any part in Myotismon's army." Her father's Digimon cut in. "He would have understood your decision."

Dawn kept staring down at the ground in front of her. She could feel her anger rising at the mention of Myotismon's name and her hands slowly curled into fists. She thought after last night he couldn't stoop any lower, but this had topped it.

"You better watch out Myotismon… because we'll be coming to get you."

To be continued…