Ranma 3030

Author Notes: Yet another fic that popped into my head. A super far future setting filled with tech and science, where a new technology that is somehow linked to both Ranko and Ranma is becoming the leading tool for war. Will contain a lot of conspiracies, action, and relationships.

My spelling and grammar are both poor so please if you notice mistake inform me so I may correct them. No flames please.

- prologue -

It was cold… so cold. It felt as if she would die her limbs and body numb and unmoving. Her fitful mind still locked into the unforgiving embrace of sleep but suddenly and rudely awakened by a slap to her face and forced her heavy eyes wearily open. Before her was a face that's its lips moving without sound thanks to the thick numbness inside her mind. The lips frowned still she could not make sense of anything, it was so cold… so cold. Another sharp slap forced her to close her eyes and suck in a great gasp of air, filling her empty longs and her mind with long delayed thought.

"Hey! Hurry up, your going to miss it!" The girl who owned the face and lips spoke urgently but in a quick excited manner.

"Uh… where am I?" Ranko shook her head banishing the numb coils of sleep from her mind along with any memory of the cold she had just felt and the dream she knew she had. "And why where you slapping me?" She asked the stranger as she slipped out of a simple alcove that was cut in the wall. It was nothing more then a smooth an unattractive box with a less then comfortable surface for a person too rest on.

"Haha very funny" The girl rolled her eyes. "You know perfectly well where you are and you should be thinking me! If I hadn't wandered by you may have slept right thought it! Now are you just going to stand there and complain or come and see?" The voice said hottly and disappeared with its owner who ran down the narrow corridor that was lined with dozens of other alcoves that where just as identical and equally as bland as her own. Ranko stuck her tongue out at the girl rudely as she disappeared before standing and brushing the wrinkles out her cloths that had accumulated from movements in her sleep.

She could feel they where still deep in the hyper passage by the vibration of the floor and had no reason to hurry along after the stranger. It was a 6th sense of sorts all spacers had which gave them the uncanny ability to know things about the ship they where aboard. Right now she could tell they where slowing too collapse the passage and exit hyper-space. The process was relatively simple and could be preformed in seconds on most modern ships however the ship she was on now was all but modern, it was down right antique and if she was right it would take at least another ten minutes to slow to an acceptable speed.

The sudden aroma of food tickled her senses and caused her stomach to rumble and devour her train of thought with such force she could almost believe she hadn't ate in weeks. "I guess there's no helping it." She smiles down at her belly and slipped into her footwear which had been secured in a draw just below her alcove and made her way down the passage letting her nose lead her to the food.

She wore an attractive skintight black bodysuit that accented her athletic body. The suit was covered in sharp red stripes that matched her long crimson hair which she wore down over the back of her suit. The stripes indicated seams in the suit along her arms and legs; the most prominent one was a thick streak that ran from her collar all the way between her thighs which brightly showed of the long zipper like crease that sealed the suit closed around her. The suit was also very form fitting and easily showed off the definition of her muscles and her very athletic and healthy body. She didn't particularly like these skin suits as they made her feel it felt like she was vacuum packed inside a biopolymer bad as well as being practically naked but being the current colonist way of dress she was obligated to conform to it.

Her knees nearly gave out from the overwhelming assault on her scenes as she stepped into the crowed observation room a few minuets later. Dozens of other passengers littered the room sitting on couches and other relaxing furniture while enjoying bland meals that in her surprising state of hunger could have been considered royal rations; their warm tempting aromas causing her stomach to yell with pleading joy as she collected one of the basic travel rations from the generic dispensers along the walls. It was open and entering her mouth before she even reached one of the wall of observation windows.

"Shouldn't we be there by now?" A giddy voice floated over to her, turning she saw a gathering of two girls about her own age and a boy a little older. They where crowed around another window only a few meters away. The girls wore loud pink skin suits and didn't seem athletic at all, and the boy who wore a grey one was so skinny she thought a sneeze would knock him over. It was obvious to her that the three where colonists, they never seemed to care about their physical condition like spacers did. In space a person's physical condition determine life or death on a daily basis unlike it would colonists who lived shelter safe lives on stable ecologically controlled planets. It was that that made colonists considered themselves better then spacers. Too them spacers where trash who chose to breed and bear young anywhere they pleased even in the rusty bowls of a dilapidated cargo ship which hauled fertilizer from planet to planet.

"Any second now." The boy replied as the two girls glued their faces to the windows. Currently the only thing to see was the hyper channel; a tube of pure light that fluctuated endlessly through a spectrum of colors ranging from blues to reds.

Ranko bristled and turned away from the three planet spawned passengers. The pregidous between colonists and spacers was as old as space flight itself and has only grown worse in recent decades with the development of exo-frame armor the new preferred system for space combat. It wasn't a new idea. The frames where simply bio metallic exoskeleton with direct neural links for instantaneous control and command. What made them special however was the evolve ability of the frame which would over time customize itself to its user and even change its appearance and functionality to best match their needs. Simply put it was a living weapon system with endless potential to become more effective and deadly.

The reason for the new stress between colonists and Spacers was that the technology was developed by a spacer scientist who died suddenly from a lab accident. Their assistant who was a colonist and having worked so closely with the technologies and helped develop it inherited all rights and deeds related to them. This act of thief and the laws and regulations the colonists quickly enforced limiting spacer access and use of theses new systems has only widened the gap between them and colonists. She wouldn't be surprised if a war where to break out in the coming years giving the increased tension and hostility that keeps cropping up.

The ship gave a sudden sluggish lurch which tugged at the space behind her naval while her body remained still. In the instant the ship had finally reached collapse speed a great beam of light shot forth form it piercing into the infinite depths of the channel before her. Only moments later a blinding light filled the channel and quickly exploded towards them out of the depths an expanding glowing cloud of pure energy.

The method of exiting a hyper-channel was pretty simple all you had to do was destroy it and in the exact moment before you and the ship where too be engulfed and torn apart atom by atom by its explosive death; you surround the ship with a frequency bubble. The bubble being slightly different frequency or phase then the rest of the matter or anti matter in the channel, acts as a plug. Due to the absent of physical laws of the hyper channel the explosion dose not have physical mass and can not force the ship backwards in the channel so as the pressure from the collapse builds the ship is literally forced out of hyper-space time and pushed violently into normal space. It wasn't a pretty or an entirely appealing method of travel but it was the cheapest and most effective way to travel a strait line between two predetermined locations.

The blinding flash of the collapse lasted only a millisecond and as she blinked the windows where filled with countless stars, a planet and… she gasped. There it was the Advanced School of Terrain Research and Advancement. A.S.T.R.A. The most advanced and prestigious human school in or out of space. The sight before her was not awe inspiring in its smooth utilitarian architectural design which was dotted with countless sparkling windows, domes, and curved snaking walkways that attached themselves to other sections of the school that drifted around it like satellites. No, it was the sheer size of it. Astra was the largest structure ever built in space by mankind. Within it, it held several million people at any one time along with countless labs and research departments which studied everything from ship construction the environmental simulation or even weapon testing vaults as well as houses and entertainment facilities and much more.

She placed her hand on the glass as her eyes teared up a bit the others around her gasping and awing at the sight themselves. She made it… she actually made it. Closing her eyes the image of Astra remained in her mind. A spacer attending Astra… for a colonist it was some sort of sick joke, colonists who thought of the school as a place for nobles and high born and not a place for space trash. But she had over come the trials, over come the tests. She had risen above a billion applications to the school and stood out, even above countless colonists. The predidous did not stop with common people, it fully extended itself into business and culture and even the entrance application to Astra. To have been chosen from among the billion or more applicants, 90 of which where promising colonists was nothing short of a miracle. In fact she would be the first spacer in nearly 20 years to be attending Astra was poof enough of that fact.

"Oh wow! I can't believe it so big!" One of the girls's squealed whiles the other began to hop up and down excitedly. The boy laughed a bit and began to tell them all about it, it was obvious he was a past or current student at Astra but even so most of what he said didn't interest Ranko in the least having already thourly researched the school beforehand. With a growl of annoyance from all the noise they where making she walked away feeling somewhat pleased as the three cast her confuse glances. To think that such people could so easily gain entrance to Astra was sickening, no doubt they sent an unimpressive application and where accepted solely on the fact that they where a colonist.

She tossed her empty food package in a disposal bin and took another ration before vanishing into the depths of the ship. While theses earthiers where busy staring at the sight she would gather her things and prepare to disembark. Now that they where in normal space it wouldn't take long at all to dock and she didn't want to be stuck behind a mass of cheerful giggling colonists the wound of which would undoubtedly drive her mad before long. She entered the corridor of alcoves and made sure she hadn't forgotten anything from her bunk before passing to the back of the ship where a bored looking crew member sat behind a dirty counter. The doors to the cargo hold sitting ajar behind him possible never having been sealed the whole trip.

"I'd like my things." Ranko said as she stepped up to the man who favored her with an indifferent stare, his broken cracked face a true sign of an aged spacer. Spacers rarely afforded or cared for the rejuvenation technologies that allowed one to look young and beautiful up till the day they died. Spacers considered age a sign of respect, the older a spacer was the more he had seen and done and thought it a badge of honor to display it freely no matter ho ugly the sight.

"Arm please." He said dryly and Ranko extended her arm the man taking it by the wrist and turning it over palm up before bringing a hand held scanner over her arm below where he held. The distortion from the bream made her suit shift as if melting and grow translucent, followed by her skin and tissue as it faded into a translucent state till the scanner found the bio chip that grew between her bones and verified her identity. It was never fun to watch seeing your arm apparently disintegrated but in reality the beam only cascaded special light partials into the cells and material of her suit. Their half-life only a few seconds so as the man nodded satisfied with her identity he pulled the scanner away allowing her arm to fade quickly back into existence.

"Spacer ehe?" He said now favoring her with a wide ugly grin, several of his teeth missing as his cracked winked face becoming more so in his happiness. She smiled back at the man warmly as he turned and entered the cargo hold, limping from some old injury. Spacers where a very close nit bunch it didn't matter where you where from or what you did as long as you had spacer blood other spacers would welcome you with a hearty pat on the back and an offer of friendship. Of course there where always black sheep's and the les desirable sort like smugglers and pirates that weren't so open but over all everyone got along like family.

The man returned shortly with small box in his hand which eh sat before her and unlocked with a master key, inside was all everything she owned in this world. A holo disk that when activated would fill a room with whatever images she had saved inside it, a colonist credit card that held all her wealth however merger it was, the last object a lock of hair tied together in a loop by some spare piece of wire upon seeing it the mans eyes saddened and he bowed to her.

"Sorry for your loss lass, may they breathe forever." He said.

Ranko smiles warmly again and shook her head. "They still breathe but they are elsewhere in the sea." May they breathe forever was a prayer spacers use for toughs who had died from decompression and loss of amphorae in the early years of space travel when decompression was a serous danger. Now centuries later where decompression was the least of spacer's worries it was still the most common prayer for toughs who met their untimely end. Since it was nearly impossible to keep a corpse in space It had become tradition to take a lock of hair from deceased and dispose of the body. The heirloom serving as your final connection to their passing.

"Aw… still lass you have my sympathy. Some of us swim in different channels." The man replied before retrieving the now empty box and setting it aside. Ranko took the opportunity to walk away after attaching her credit card to her wrist and the holo disk to her left hip and no longer feeling as hungry as she did a few moments ago she left the ration she had taken from the observation deck for the man who seeing this gave her another wide grin and a thankful nod.

The sea was what spacers called space and to say someone was elsewhere meant they where out of reach or lost among the stares where one could not easily find them. This was especially true in her case as the hair she carried was her brothers. Ranma's. He was somewhere out there among the starts doing what he did… she hoped one day to see him again and ask him why… why he chose the path he did.

"Docking will complete in a few moments please collect your belongings and prepare to disembark to customs and registration." A soft synthesized female voice filtered though the ship just as she reached the airlock and took a seat on the nearest waiting bench that lined the walls around it. Despite all her excitement her insides clenched painful knowing that once she exited this ship and entered Astra her true trial would begin. A trial to prove too theses high born colonists that she was just as good as them and too endure all the hate and abuse they would reward her for doing so. Then again the truth was she would have to work three times as hard as any of them too catch up… colonists with their fancy schools where taught so much about everything as they grew up. She hated to admit it but compared to an average colonist she was under educated, it was her specialties that allowed her the scholarship, her mastery of physical martial arts combat and her knowledge of mechanics and space technologies inside and out that gained her favor.

With a hiss the airlock cycled and opened blasting her with a wall of icy air that she was all to accustomed too before she stood and exited into the mammoth docking bay. Its size made her feel so inferior so extensive was the bay that the whole of her home station could have easily fit inside of it with room to spare. Over head automated drones carried cargo across the great expanse trailing trains of crates behind them while others flew back and forth with blinking lights guiding smaller ships and shuttles to exits and docking berths. Every inch of the dock was alive with activity and she was momentarily stunned before a beep brought her attention before her where a metal cylinder raised from the smooth metallic floor unfolding a small data screen on top of it with instructions to follow the yellow line. No sooner had she read it then bright yellow line was drawn along the floor and zigzagged its way around lose cargo towards a hallway some distance away.

"With all theses things flying about you think they could at least send a tram…" Ranko growled and began to follow the line. She noted with distaste that the gravity was that of earth standard which was half of what she had been used to in her home which circled a heavy gravity world. It was a comfortable change but she found the higher gravity helpful to her training, she would have to look into a gravity module for her room and locate gravity controlled gym areas to continue her daily training properly.

By the time she reached the large open passageway the yellow stripe had lead her too, people had finally begun to disembark from the ship and make their way along the line. She smirked too herself at their slowness but stopped suddenly as she noticed the two girls and the boy exiting the ship. The girls where pointing across at the line that circled around a large pile of cargo and where dragging the boy off the line to take the shortcut and skip having to walk around it, her blood ran cold they couldn't be that stupid could they? Her eyes widened as the boy sighed and finely gave in letting the girls lead him across the open dock between piles of cargo.

Without thinking she bolted towards them in angry panic, how can they be so stupid!? Many passengers who also noticed the three looked up in alarm and shouted at them but the three apparently weren't listening. Damn it… Ranko growled as her fear was confirmed, a large cargo drone train suddenly slid overhead of the three who took no notice and began releasing its clamps on cargo which fell guided to the floor by the gravity plates in the floor. The movements of the crates where fast only slightly slower then if they where in a free fall. With the system unable to see humans outside the safe areas it didn't matter if the crate fell on someone at a slower speed, if it weighed a ton they would be crushed regardless.

"Look out!' She screamed as she tore towards the three who stopped startled at her speedy approach right below a falling crate. Confused the looked at each other then one of the girls screamed noticing the massive crate descending atop them but it was too late and none of them had time to move. It was over in an instant as the crate crashed solidly with the floor.

"God damn it!" Ranko screamed as she panted, not in exertion but in panic and fright. Before her where sprawled the two girls and boys she just narrowly pushed out from under the crate and almost getting herself crushed in the process. She looked up quickly to make sure there was no more danger for the moment before glaring at them.

"What kind of dumbass's are you?" She screamed at them with fury in her eyes as she grabbed both the girls by an arm and harshly dragged them too their feet and towards the yellow line that indicated the safe zone. Once there she pushed them forward causing them to trip and fall painfully to the floor and turned to see the boy who was thankful smart enough to get his ass over there as well.

"You stupid dumbass's. What kind of back water in-breed planet where you born on to do something to utterly stupid!" She screamed at the girls throwing and arm wide causing the girls to scream and withdraw as if she where going to hit them, both quickly tearing up and beginning to cry hysterically at the event that just happened. The boy quickly kneeled beside them to comfort them along with many of the passengers who where now crowding around.

"Did you want to get yourself killed?" She screamed harsher and louder causing the girls to cry even louder.

"That's enough!" The boy stammered as he stood before her obviously about to say more, most likely that it was a mistake but everything was ok now. Ranko's eyes narrowed and she punched him violently rocketing him to the floor, she knew the boy was weak so she had held back but her anger had seeped though none the less as he lay crumpled there in pain

"That's enough!? They almost got you all killed! Don't you get it killed as in firkin dead you moron! Its enough when they understand that!" Ranko continued the growl before looking down at the whimpering hysterical girls now being comforted by the passengers many of which favored her with scornful looks while the more understanding ones gave her sympathetic glances to ease up on them. Frustrated and pissed off Ranko threw them one last scornful glare before turning and stomping off down the yellow line again.

By the time she reached the end of the line which had snaked around the cargo, down a unsettlingly long hall, and finally opened into a attractive clear domed room which framed the earth and the sea of stars perfectly; she has regained her composure and pushed the recent event aside in her mind. Now she took her place in line behind a column of other travelers who had entered the room though several other passengers and to her misfortune and frustration it wasn't moving at all.

Around her where several hundred colonists, all of them dressed in their favorite skintight ware that easily showed of things she would prefer to stay hidden. As she had assumed most of them where not fit, some even overweight but the majority where average. She almost laughed as she finished scanning the room thinking how strange her muscle defined body must appear to everyone else that was until her eyes landed on a pair of girls who entered from a passageway that had paralleled her own.

Of the two the slightly taller one was fit, her body thin and healthy and shapely yet unrefined. She also had a beautiful face but the cold coy expression on her face made her seem less attractive then she could have been. The shortest of the pair was the complete opposite, in fact looking at her made Ranko's stomach lurch with unease. Her entire body was nothing but refined and built up muscle. It wasn't an unattractive look more along the lines of shocking, it wasn't a body you would expect to see on a female especially with her face. Her face was bright and happy talking about something amusing from the reaction from her partner who laughed; she has a very cute face that didn't match the body she wore. Ranko shook her head and turned away at the odd confusing feelings she had experienced from looking that them. It was something midway between recognition and complete confusion and it distracted her enough to not have noticed them enter the column behind her.

"Come off it Akane, you know daddy isn't going to allow that." Ranko could tell it was the taller one speaking and despite herself she listened into the conversation.

"He said if I finish the top of the class again this quarter he would Nabiki." Akane replied in an irritated voice.

"He was drunk. Daddies not going to buy you a ship and let you fly off wherever you want even if you finish top of the year." Nabiki smirked. "Besides why do you want a ship anyway?"

"Everyone has one now even you, I can't be the only one in school without one" Akane stated crossing her arms.

"I only have one because I bought it my self sis, daddy doesn't even know about it." Nabiki smirked. "And unlike you dearest sister I have real uses for it." She continued cutting off a reply her sister was just about to make. Ranko growled internally and shifted her weight arms crossed and glaring strait ahead. At first glance she never would of taken them for spoiled rich girls but after all the where colonists and most where well off compared to spacer standards.

"Hey watch it!" Akane complained as she was bumped into by someone trying to pass her.

"There is a line here if you couldn't tell." Nabiki added with a chill to her voice Ranko didn't like and turned to see what was happening only to frown distastefully as she saw the three she saved crowding around her.

"T..thank you… Thank you for saving us." The two girls bowed deeply while the boy not looking as grateful made a smaller bow his check bright red and darkening from where she had hit him.

"I wouldn't have had to save you if you weren't such dumbass's, you would think even a colonist wouldn't be that stupid now piss off." Ranko glared then turned away but was rudely pulled around by a firm hand on her shoulder. It was Akane glaring angrily at her.

"What?" Ranko narrowed her eyes in challenge, she would have knocked the hand away but she didn't feel like starting a physical fight with this girl just yet. Not till she knew her strengths.

"What the hells your problem." Akane growled.

"You right now." Ranko stated simply looking up at the girl, noticing she was half a head taller then herself and probably twice her body weight.

"Sis knock it off this is none of our business." Nabiki sighed rubbing the back of her head looking entirely bored and exasperated as if this was a common occurrence with her sister.

"It's ok!" The girls gasped quickly trying to placate Akane. "She saved out lives…"

"Saved your lives?" Nabiki perked up her interest in the exchange renewed.

"Like dumbass's they decided to run across the dock instead of following the safety line and nearly got themselves killed. If I hadn't pushed them out of the way the janitors would be complaining about the mess about now." Ranko explained switching her withering gaze to the trio before knock Akane's grip of her and turning back towards the front of the line as if nothing had happened. If the spoiled princess wanted to start something, let her.

"Thank you, Thank you." The girls continued to bow and from the sound of it where starting to cry again as well. Thankfully though it seemed the boy got the hint and dragged the two of with him to the end of the line which had begun to grow considerably longer since they had arrived.

Apparently with the trio disappearing and her turning her back on the pair no one decided to continue the conversation but Ranko could feel Akane's hot glare on her back as well as Nabiki's coy one. Slowly the line began to advance, one after another people where led though the custom and registration booths until finely she beckoned forward to one of the booths.

"Name?" A bi-oid asked emotionlessly clearly identified by the symbol on its forehead that represented the company that had grown it. A bi-oid was artificial being grown in a vat and programmed for a specific task. It was simply a biological computer. Bi-oid however where not very strong so they failed in labor applications where traditional droids and robots still dominated the market thought them seem to have found a niche in much more social aspects as clerks, pets, and for the people that could afford it even sexual partners.

"Ranko Saotome" Ranko sighed seeing that this bi-oid was completely without emotion.




"Labor class."


"Spacer." The bi-oid looked up suddenly its dead eyes staring before it began to speak.

"All spacers being admitted to Astra are required to undertake a full biological scan. Please step back into the center of the glowing ring." Ranko gritted her teeth but complied having expected this sort of treatment from the start and made a show of stepping into the ring as if she could care less.

"Thank you." The bi-iod stated then activated the scanner; in a moment the overhang above her which was attached to the line of booths opened and extended a framework of menacing mechanical arms which placed themselves around her stiffly before beams of light began to be admitted. Slowly they began to circle her moving up and down and side to side as a dozen different beams of light scanned differently layers of her body. Just like an id scanner its beams cut though her suit giving everyone who was looked and from the icky feeling on the back of her neck she suspected everyone, a full nude view of her body. Thankfully the scanners quickly moved deeper and rewarded anyone still staring with images of her skin being striped away revealing her muscles then organs and bones. The scan continued for several minuets before it was finally shut off.


"The scan was completed successful." Was the only reply she received before a card materialized from the desk in front of her.

"This is your Astra student card. It will direct you to your residence, classes, and other important facilities as you are required to attend them. Thank you." The floor she was standing on gave a jolt then descended quickly lowering her into another room but to her surprise it continued lower floor after floor till finely coming to rest in a tram room. She felt unease seeing as she was the only one waiting for the tram. She had seen most of thoughts that where before her walking along though the first several floors she past and wondered why she was sent all the way down here.

Not long after as she took a seat on a bench near the tram entrance platform that another section of the ceiling descended and to her misfortune it was Akane who was lowered to the floor. Akane looked surprised to find her but she paid it no mind and turned away waiting for the tram.

"You're a spacer aren't you?" Akane said high handedly in a tone that made Ranko grind her teeth in irritation and chose to ignore her.

"Hey I'm talking to you!" Akane growled and stormed up in front of her, towering over her with angry eyes.

"Really? Never would've guessed. I mean us being the only ones here and all, baka." Ranko replied smartly before another lift lowered revealing Nabiki who also looked surprised to see her here. Akane suddenly grabbed her by the collar and pulled her to her feet growling and only to have Ranko smirk and making a note at how easy it was to push this princess's buttons.

"Sis lay off it." Nabiki walked over and put a hand on her sister's arm and too Ranko's surprise Akane listened pushing her back and releasing her. "Why do you always have too fight?" Nabiki sounded tired and walked a little ways away to take seat on the bench opposite Ranko's, Akane joining her.

"She's just a spacer." Akane explained glaring. "What's she doing here anyways."

"Sis…" Nabiki sighed and Akane didn't continue.

"Your just a mutant, shouldn't you be in a test tube somewhere? I mean just look at you, you can possible be human." Ranko shot back and seeing the sudden flare of anger in Akane's eye she knew it wasn't the first time hearing something similar. Akane looked as if she was going to attack her for a moment before suddenly smiling cruelly.

"I saw that tattoo of yours. It's quite interestingly, especially where it's placed." Ranko's tempter grew as rage filled her; it was obvious what Akane was talking about. Along her inner thighs was a tattoo she had had since she was a child with absolutely no knowledge of how she acquired it and thinking of what it depicted she wasn't sure she wanted the gaps in her memory back. It was a depiction of a nude succubus laying in a seductive manner with her tail curled between her legs and the tip resting on her belly, arms crossed over her head with her back arched into the air. Ranko trembled fighting back her rage before she finely spoke with a smirk.

"Wow you noticed it all the way from the line? I'm flattered it's not often I get checked out by girls and I mean it's not exactly easy to notice it from that angle. You must have been really staring but sorry to break it too you, your not my type." It had the desired effect as Akane sprung from her seat and threw a punch at her with a cry of rage, it was much slower then she had expected and dodged it effortlessly and jumped to the side so not to be blocked by the bench.

"Come on don't take it so hard, I'm sure there's other girls looking for a muscle bound mutant." Ranko laughed as it only made Akane angrier

"Akane!" Nabiki shouted but this time Akane didn't listen and only continued to attack. She threw punches like a mass drive but unfortunately for her she was just as slow as one. In space it where gravity was easily controlled strength was not a deciding factor, it was speed. You had to be agile and dexterous to move around in zero gravity and it was clear Akane never spent a day in it. It quickly became apparent to Akane that she couldn't hit her and the battle ended as she finally stopped her attack and stood with a deadly look across her face. Before she could goad Akane anymore Nabiki had strode up and grabbed her sister by the arm and lead her back to the bench, Akane not looking to happy about it. Ranko followed suit by once more taking her seat leaned leaning back comfortable. When Akane's gaze turned her way she hurriedly crossed her legs to purposely give Akane the impression she felt like she was once again being checked out. Akane turning away suddenly made her smile.

"Nabiki right?" Ranko asked looking at the taller sister.

"Oh you know my name?" Nabiki smiled and spoke flattered but it wasn't fooling either of them, she was sure Nabiki knew she overhead their conversation. "And yours would be?"


"Please don't mind my sister Ranko. She has a bit of a temper." Nabiki explained and was rewarded by a glare from Akane.

"Don't need to tell me twice."

"So it's true you're a spacer then?" Although Nabiki asked politely it still riled Ranko's anger.

"As if it isn't obvious." Ranko growled and crossed her arms under her average breasts.

"Wow, so its true." Nabiki passively accepted the hostility and smiled in a way that made Ranko uneasy. "It's been 20 years since the last spacer was accepted, you must be someone special or someone higher up has their eye on you."

Ranko snorted. "You nailed it; the truth is that Astra's head director has a thing for me. He's letting me in so he can try and get into my panties." She rolled her eyes as Nabiki only smiled.

"So tell me, why the hell did they send us down here only to wait for some tram that's never coming?" Ranko sighed growing tired of waiting.

"You mean you don't know?" Akane smirked before Nabiki answered her.

"The frame complex is a high security section of the school. The only way into it directly from docking is though this secure tram."

"Frame complex?" Ranko boggled.

"Only students who have been selected for frame training are sent down here, that's why it's surprising to find a spacer here giving the current laws about their use." Nabiki's coy smile deepened into something sly as Ranko's head spun in circles. "Maybe you are sleeping with the director." Nabiki added amused.

"Heck no! If some wrinkling old bastard tries to lay and finger on me I'll castrate his ass." Ranko spat then frowned and just then the tram arrived.

"See you on the other side sis." Nabiki said before standing and starting towards the tram which was divided up into individual compartments. It was clear only one passenger was allowed per compartment perhaps part of the security measures. Grudgingly she passed Akane who was still glaring and watched Nabiki enter a compartment before choosing her own. As the thick door slid down into place she heard a hiss as it sealed. The cabin flickering to life with light and she sat in the single chair that was the only detail in the cabin and closed her eyes with a sigh. She had a feeling the tram wasn't built for speed and decided to take a nap as she wasn't going to reach her destination any time soon.


End Prologue