Rise of the Nightlords I. End of the Vatican

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Prelude: A Cardinal Mistake

At first all seemed well, at first anyways. The silver haired priest was escorted by the leader of the Inquisition squad, Brother Petros. He said not a word as Abel followed him to Cardinal Medici's office, there was no way for him to know what fate had in store for the Ax Deputy Enforcer. He would have nightmares, he was sure of it, Cardinal Medici was not some one he wanted to talk to alone. Especially without Caterena nearby, she might be only fifty or so yards away… but Abel was slightly afraid.

Petros had collected him at the gate after Caterena called him in for a new assignment. It had to do with the empire and the peace negotiations between the Vatican and Augusta Varadica of the New Human Empire. Augusta really was Seth, Abel's sister, so naturally she always requested that Abel be the link. Cardinal Caterena Sforza however didn't know this tiny detail. Abel was not about to tell her about it either, it would cause more strain then good feelings between the Pope, and his siblings. Caterena never inquired why things went so easy. She was just interested in not fighting or getting into another war with the Empire. Seth was quite happy to except the treaty and sent back a reply to Caterena through the Head of her Secret Council's grandson, Ion Fortuna. Ion was visiting with another message from Seth, so Caterena had called Abel. Then Cardinal Medici 'borrowed' Abel for something. Caterena hesitantly let him go to her brother, she knew she would regret it…

As Abel walked through the doors to Medici's office, his eyes narrowed in suspicion as he noticed Francesco's smug expression. Petros bowed and left, shutting the door leaving Abel alone with his boss. Abel sunk into the chair in front of Medici cautiously, this was not the time to make a mistake. Not now… Not when he and Caterena were so close to attaining the peace that Lilith had dreamed of. Abel bowed his head and waited for Francesco to speak so that he could reply to Seth.

"Sources tell me that you Father Nightroad and my heretic sister Caterena have been communicating with the empire," Francesco said bluntly, his face contorted, "if you give yourself up and speak against Caterena I will have Petros go easy on you." Abel scowled, he had never liked Caterena's brother, he was always an ass to everyone.

"I'm sorry Cardinal Medici, but I have nothing to tell you. Now if you'll excuse me I have an assignment to follow up on," Abel replied kindly. He left the office with a feeling of dread, he was going to have to fight his way to Caterena's office at this rate. Then he noticed Father Tres coming towards him, the mechanized man nodded and beckoned him to follow. Brother Petros appeared with Sister Paula, they muttered some prayers and that was the last thing Abel heard. Petros and Paula incapacitated him and Tres. All Tres had time to do was tap on his earpiece.