It's been a long time since I worked on this, but this is how I wanted this to end. Well I had hoped that Abel wouldn't do what he did, but he did what he did... So therefore Caterena, Seth, and myself got revenge on him for dying too early. You'll see. :)


Point of View one- the Otherside

There was no way not to be aware of the easy calm that washed over him as he passed through the gates. Lilith smiled up at him from the bow of the small craft with a finger to her lips. Abel paddled ever onward as the gates closed behind him, Lilith's eyes wavered slightly and then she leaned forward into a sitting position. Practically frowning she looked around, and endless sea of blues and greens surrounded them.

"It's rather empty, I wonder where the shore is?" Lilith wondered aloud. A small native smile pranced across the weary man's face.

"Why the other side of course…" Abel heard her chuckle softly, "No, in all seriousness, the other side of the river Styx that divides the living and the dead. Though it seems rather cheery to be the river Styx." Again Lilith chuckled at him, shaking a knowing finger in his direction.

"Since when does death have to be sad? You of all people you know this, what awaits us on that shore is not what most expect…" Lilith giggled at the little secret she was keeping, Abel shrugged his shoulders continuing to row towards the other shore. Well at least he thought so, Lilith smiled pointing off to the side a little shrine gate. "That's the opposing gate there Abel, head there. Then I will show you why death is not a teary tale and why ghost stories are quite inaccurate."

Abel sensing he had no choice followed Lilith's instructions. As the craft glided through the small shrine they were greeted by the sun's warm light. Tugged by something the small boat floated to the beach staring them in the face. Lilith stole his hand tugging him out with a smile. Her red locks almost pulsing with energy, she lead him up the path to very familiar surroundings.

Point of view Two- Lives of Jade and Crimson

After the first few years everyone settled down into some sort of pattern. Seth had set up a memorial statue of Lilith in front of the palace of Jade. Made of Granite it was truly a sight to behold in the evening sun, her arms wide open for all to be embraced by. Caterena set out to put the world's worries at rest by a new method, a new ideal to embraced by most all.

Those who did not appreciate what she had done did strike against her, only to be foiled by the recently reformed Ax Agency. Seth set aside her concerns and let Caterena rebuild the church in Byzantium. The goal of unity with the races was far from settled, but it seemed every time it got to hard someone bent to welcome the idea. The changes were so un-noteworthy at first that Caterena was forced to have guards with her at all times. After Kain made his membership in the Ax Agency known the threats died instantly.

There were numerous reminders of Abel throughout the church and palace. Small pieces of silver trims impossibly blue marbles that shown brighter than any in the sunlight, and a stained glass window facing the Palace of Jade. Seth almost giggled when she saw the gody thing. Abel would choke if he ever saw it, but Kain stared at it sadly. He looked forlorn when watching it, but he would turn and smile occasionally now. Alessandro the XVIII was often seen in the Emperess' Gardens, with one Ion Fortuna not long behind.

Ion had finally managed to grow into a suitable height for a gentleman, asking Albion's Queen Esther on random occasions to dances, and parties. It seemed she had taken Abel's decision rather well, especially since she started her Ghetto project in Londondium with Virgil and Vanessa Walsh. Glancing at the nearing blossoms of spring collective sighs could be heard over the sneezes. Some random tripping over seemingly nothing later and they adorned a foolish grin.

Some say that to this day they still see the strands of random silver hair leaving the room. Seeing images of Abel and Lilith watching over them from the other side, the other side of …

-Back to the other side again-

"What?" Abel just about lurched in place, he was staring at a stained glass image of himself. Lilith held him in place from trying to bolt. Sister Kate, no longer in a intangible form, stood laughing at his expression. Sister Noelle was laughing as well, she sat on the edge of a stone wall merrily.

"Welcome to the 'Mirror', more commonly known as the other side. It's been a while Abel," Noelle smiled, "your friends have been busy. Yet they do not weep, do you know why?" Abel cocked his head sideways, then shook it to mean no. "Because they know that you would not want them to cry, Kain is the closest one to it, but he will not. In honor of your memory they will not."

"Holy sugar highs that's no reason to make that deplorable piece of rubbish!" Abel said pointing at the stained glass window. Lilith laughed, the undeniable reference to the old children's book reminding her just how innocent Abel had once been. It was Kate who made the witty comeback of the day.

"Well don't go destroying the world like some godlike figure then," she snickered, "something tells me Caterena put that up just to spite you." Noelle sat at the edge of the fountain sitting outside the church, her charcoal curls falling in every direction that they could.

"Remind me not to die next time, that way I can pretend to trip and break the windows…" Abel muttered shaking his head at the image immortalized in glass before him, "I did not want to be remembered like that…"

"You'd prefer the statue with open arms?" Lilith asked pointing a bit in the distance, "I'll trade you in the future Abel, you make a bad window and a better fountain." The girls started laughing at him again, all of them had seen Abel spew his tea. It actually looked more like a snow maker because of the amount of sugar. Abel pouted indignantly, he looked in the fountain looking for Kain's face to cross the surface.

"That's not funny," Abel whined softly, flicking his hair away from his face. He smiled looking towards the other window across from him. While they could not interact with their living counterparts they could still see them. Ghosting past, going through their daily lives, following their ambitions and dreams… Caterena had taken refuge in Seth's palace, and anytime she was endangered Kain acted in his place.

Abel truly felt happier than he had in years, even if he was by all reasons dead. He was no longer alone, and he no longer had to act the light hearted fool for all. But above all else, he could watch every smile that counted. He finally felt that the world could handle itself, and a huge burden was off his shoulders. He had finally forgave himself after so many centuries of self hate and pity. Not only forgiving himself, but Kain as well…

Abel smiled, and for old time's sake, he fell into the fountain one last time like a clumsy idiot.