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Japanese translations are at the bottom.


"Everything feels so perfect," Usagi sighed happily.

Beside her, on Hikawa Jinja's back steps, Rei smiled. Her eyes left the starry night sky and instead rested on Usagi's face.

"What?" Usagi prompted when she didn't speak.

"Nothing, really," Rei said. She leaned forward until scarcely an inch separated the two girls. "I was just thinking that you're right."

Usagi closed the distance between their lips. Her right hand started to weave through Rei's dark hair, while the fingers of her left hand laced with Rei's own as the miko's arm wrapped tightly around her shoulders.

Rei's eyes opened as Usagi pulled back.

"Even our hands fit together perfectly," Usagi answered Rei's silent question.

Rei grinned, "Yeah, they do."

"Rei, we'll be together forever, right?"

"Even longer, Usagi."

The End

Japanese Translations:

Baka- stupid

Koibito- sweetheart

Aishiteru- I love you

Mo Aishiteru- I love you, too

Koneko- kitten

Minna- everyone

-chan- honorific for a close friend

-san- honorific for someone older or respected

Miko- priestess

Odango- dumpling

Atama- head

Ginzuishou- silver crystal

Jinja- temple

-kun- honorific for a male

Doujinshi- fan comic

Manga- comic