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She really is a silly girl.

Every morning, I see a silly girl running towards school not to be late while I'm riding a car. She's so silly but makes me laugh for some reason. I wonder why.

Then I arrived at school. When I get off the car, those idiots and no brain girls come around me just to say hi.

"Good morning, Yunoki-sama."

"Good day, Yunoki-sama. Today has a nice weather."

"Yunoki-sama, Yunoki-sama. We will accompany you to the class."

"Thank you everyone."

There were more people coming to me as the time pass. I couldn't move anywhere. When I was in trouble, someone pulled my uniform from the back.
I turned around with fixing my uniform. There was a face who I really know well.

"Yunoki, good morning!" Hihara Kazuki said it happily.

"Oh, morning Hihara. Your early today"

"Hehehe… I have something to do this morning so I came early."

"Oh, I see."

"But she's so late. I thought she's coming early." Hihara looked at his watch.


I got curious with Hihara's words. But I pretended to not care about it. But I was only able to pretend only for a while since that silly girl came to school and broke my mood.

"Ahh… I finally arrived." She said it with rapid breathing and wiping her sweat.


"Ah, Kaho-chan! You finally came!? I waited for you so long!" Hihara said it with waving his hands.

Hino noticed at Hihara and came to us. Then she suddenly apologized.

"I'm sorry, Hihara-senpai! I forgot to set up my alarm clock last night so I couldn't wake up early today."

"Oh, it's ok. It happens to me often also." Hihara laughed happily.

Hihara was laughing but I felt strange about that. She is actually late always since I see her everyday running. How can she say Hihara that she forgot to set up an alarm?
Well, I can conclude that she forgets to set up an alarm every night. But I didn't say that because I felt pity on her.

"So let's go practice?"

"Yes, Hihara-senpai." Hino replied.

Oh, this was what Hihara was saying to me. When I saw them smiling, I felt weird.
I couldn't tell what is but they gave me some uncomfortable feelings which I disliked most.

"Good morning, Yunoki-senpai. Why are you giving us that terrified face?"

"Ah… Eh…?"

"Where you spacing out or something senpai?"

I turned where the voice came from and there was Tsuchiura Ryotaro. Tsuchiura was looking at me with strangely.
Was I thinking that deep? I'm not acting normal today as usual. What is wrong with me? I immediately smiled at Tsuchiura.

"Sorry, I was just thinking hard, Tsuchiura-kun."

"Oh, I see…"

"But you don't look well today, Yunoki…" Hihara said.

"It's ok, I'm just tired. I guess it's because I practiced my flute too much last night."

I didn't want to stay here so long anymore. I felt really uncomfortable especially when Hino smiles happily to them. It really gave me unusual feelings and made me feel bad.
She never smiled like that in front of me even once. When I think about that, my heart pained like hell. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

"Yunoki-senpai, should I bring you to the clinic…? Your face looks really bad…"

Hino touched my hand. At that moment, something snapped in my head and I pushed her down.

"Don't…… touch me!!" Yunoki said it angrily.

"Kaho-chan!? Are you ok?" Hihara worried and asked.

"…Yes… I'm ok." Hino answered.

"You look unusual today, Yunoki-senpai. Is there anything wrong with you?" Tsuchiura asked.

"Yeah, Yunoki!! What's wrong with you pushing down Kaho-chan? She was just worrying about you." Hihara said it angrily.

"I'm sorry Hihara, Tsuchiura-kun. I don't really feel well now." Yunoki answered it back with holding his head.

Everyone was looking at me with strange looks. All the students were looking at me even the girls who greet me everyday.
They seemed like they were looking something strange. But I didn't care about the others. The only I care was that silly girl.
She was also giving me a strange look. When I saw that, my head, heart, everywhere hurt. I couldn't stop the pain. Please, don't look at me like that.

I turned back and went towards somewhere so I can go away from this place.I wanted to relax my head because if this continues then I'll go crazy for sure.
Then the school bell had ringed. Everyone started go inside the school campus.

"Hey, Yunoki! Where you going?"

I waved my hand and said it without looking him, "I'll be back soon. I'm just going to relax my head."

"Be sure to come back ok?!"

"Yeah, I'll try."


Someone shouted at me from the back. I looked back and it was Hino.

"I'm… so sorry, Yunoki-senpai."

Then Hino, Tsuchiura and Hihara also went into the campus. They were the last ones to go inside.
I stood there and the sudden breeze blew. The wind streamed my long hair silently.

Why do you say sorry to me Hino…? I was the one who was supposed to say sorry.

I leaned on the tree nearby. The wind was still breezing. But the breezing wind relaxed me a lot and gave me smile. Why was I thinking too hard?

That silly girl surely brought some suffers to me. But no one in this entire world can do that except her. She really irritates me but at the same time, she gives me thrilling.

Remember Hino. I will make you addicted and drown by me. No any other guys shall ever appear in your eyes. Look at only me and smile only for me.

Don't ever make me jealous again.

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It's about what Yunoki feels about Hino. I'll continue next chapter if people likes this.