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It was early morning on normal school days. I was eating my breakfast alone thinking peculiar thing. These days are so boring.
I'm sick of it. It's making me so fed up. The sky was blue as usual and reminded me of other reasons of my madness. It's that silly girl.

Few days were passed from my confession to Hino. From the next days, she disappeared from my sight. Wherever I look for her, she is never there.
She is definitely hiding herself to escape from me. At first, her reactions made me laugh but I got bored soon. Not seeing her face just fed me up.
We're not playing hide and seek but I tried to look and catch her. But she is never there. That damn Hino Kahoko, you seriously want a punishment from me.
If Hino has any plan on me then fine. I have my plan as well. I couldn't stop laughing for thinking the time meeting up with Hino.

After eating the breakfast, I packed everything in the car and driver sent me until the school. I looked for Hino from the car but there was no girl running towards the school.
Somehow, I sighed and that made me feel bad. In the school when I get off from the car, those all idiots and no brain girls come around me as usual.

"Good morning, Yunoki-sama!"

"Today has a brilliant weather Yunoki-sama."

"Good day Yunoki-sama, should we accompany you to the class?"

"Thank you all everyone. But I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry today so bye and have a nice day." All the girls scream or blush whenever I smile at them.

I was still keep on looking around to look for someone. Not that silly girl but a girl who likes that silly girl.
Then I found that girl talking to Hihara on the way to the school campus. They also found me and said hi.

"Uaah!! Yunoki, good morning! How is your starting day?" Hihara shouted out loud so that I can hear.

They waited me and I run to them, "Good morning Hihara. So nice to see that Hihara is hyper as usual."

Hihara smiled big and answered, "Hehe, that's the only thing I'm good at it."

"Good morning too Fuyuumi-san." I smiled at Fuyuumi who was talking to Hihara while ago.

She vowed a little and smiled pretty not like a silly girl, "Good morning Yunoki-senpai."

"Fuyuumi-san, may I have a time to talk?"

"Ah… yes, Yunoki-senpai." "Fuyuumi wondered but she nodded.

"I'm sorry Hihara but I have to talk to Fuyuumi-san for a while."

"Yeah sure, take time. I'll go ahead and practice trumpet." Hihara waved his hand and run into the campus.

After Hihara is gone, I asked something to Fuyuumi and she agreed to me. After the talk, Fuyuumi is now on my side.
Silly girl has nowhere to escape from me anymore. Today had the most beautiful starting of the day I experienced. I couldn't wait for the time until I see her.

The time was passing fast and it was already lunch time. All the students were running and walking towards cafeteria or bringing out their lunch box.
But in the hallway of normal class, everyone was staring at one girl from music class. She was looking for someone. Then the girl with camera found her and patted her shoulder.

"Hey girl! What are you doing here Fuyuumi-chan?"

"Ah! Amou-senpai!?" Fuyuumi surprised.

"Hey don't get surprised! I'm the one supposed to be surprise you know. This place is normal class where second graders are."

"Ah, yes… I know… I had something to talk to Kaho-senpai… But she wasn't in her class so…" Fuyuumi blushed and looked down.

Amou wondered, "Hino-chan? Your looking for Hino-chan? I saw her while ago. Maybe I can bring you to her so come after me Fuyuumi-chan"

"Thank you so much, Amou-senpai." Fuyuumi vowed politely and followed after her.

"Hey what are you doing you guys?" Tsuchiura popped out from their behind with his smile.

"Hello Tsuchiura-senpai." Fuyuumi smiled.

"Tsuchiura-kun, do you know where Hino-chan is?" Amou asked to Tsuchiura.

"Hino? Yeah, I guess she's coming here since she has my study notebook."

"Wait for me Tsuchiura-kun!!" Someone shouted out loud from the back. Everyone looked at back and there was Hino gasping.

"Hey Hino, where were you?" Tsuchiura asked.

Hino answered with breathing rapidly, "Huh, I was behind you all the time until now! Tsuchiura-kun walks fast so I was chasing you! Anyways, thank you for your notebook." Hino gave the notebook to him which she was holding.

"Oops, sorry for that Hino. Oh yeah, I heard these girls were looking for you also. Then I'm going now." Tsuchiura said bye and went away to his classroom.

"Are you ok, Hino-chan?"

"Yes, I am. Ah, but why were you looking for me?"

"Oh, I'm not the person actually looking for you. So I guess I'll be going now too. Bye-bye!" Amou went away with her camera.

Hino looked at Fuyuumi and decided to bring her to the school garden.

Hino and Fuyuumi brought their lunch box to the garden. They start eating their lunch and talk.

"Fuyuumi-san, what did you want to tell me?" Hino asked.

"Umm, Kaho-senpai. Do you have vacant time after the school is over?"

"Ah yes, I'm free today."

"Then can you come at meeting room of the music class? Kanazawa-senpai told me that I have to write essays about my selections but I needed help. Kaho-senpai is only the person I can ask for help so…"

"Oh sure, no problem Fuyuumi-san! I will definitely going to the meeting room this afternoon for you!" Hino smiled.

"Thank you Kaho-senpai!" Fuyuumi smiled also.

After eating their lunch Hino had to do her make-up works in her class so she was not able to send Fuyuumi to her class. So she apologized to her.

"I'm sorry Fuyuumi-chan. I'm the one who said let's eat lunch here but…"

"No don't worry Kaho-senpai. I'm alright."

"Ok, then I'll be going first. Good-bye and see you later!" Hino waved her hand and rushed into her classroom.

Fuyuumi just stood there. She didn't try to go to her class. She was filled with her guiltiness to Hino. She put her hand on her chest and closed her eyes.

"I'm sorry Kaho-senpai…… it's a lie… I have told you a lie t you… But please don't hate me……"

His long hair was waving. He had watched them all along through the window. He whispered sorry to Fuyuumi for hurting her pure heart towards the silly girl……

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