As I lay in bed that night, I pondered the events of the past week. Ray and Rachael were both alive and well. I was alive and well. I had a new dog. I had met and lost some amazing people.

The Tripods had been defeated. Somewhere, deep down, I think I knew that they didn't belong in this world, on our Earth. But I don't think anyone could have predicted the way they would be defeated. The smallest particle on our planet, the most overlooked, was the most powerful. The most likely to survive in a changing world.

The human race had proved its dominance, but perhaps had we not been assisted, we may not have lived to see our loved ones another day. Had we been guided by some unseen force? Or had it been a coincidence? Or simply luck, pure and simple? We will never know. I was content not to know, and for now, I was glad just to be alive and loved amidst an ever-flourishing population. Surviving.

Ultimately, that was what this had been about. Survival. Survival is what has shaped our world for many years, and will continue to do so forevermore.

I smiled as I sat up and looked out the window into the starry sky. We never know what will come next. But as long as we have each other, we'll be ready for anything.